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About StraighterLine is a website that allows you to earn college credits at thousands of colleges with their online, self-paced college courses, with nearly 40 courses in Sciences, Humanities, English, Math and Business. 

Members must first sign up to take courses from StraighterLine, then apply to a partner college where you will be able to transfer the course/courses for credit.  StraighterLine has a list of partner colleges that will automatically accept transfers for full credit, or you can check into another college of interest to insure that credits will transfer.

The website states that courses are evaluated and recommended by The American Council on Education’s College credit recommendation service (ACE credit).

Membership at StraighterLine has 3 price options: $99/month plus $39 for every course started, $399 per course, or freshman year of college for $999.  This includes free live, on demand instruction but students have to purchase books separately.

If you enroll in StraighterLine for $99/month you can take as many 3-4 credit hour classes that you want.  You will be automatically billed once per month but can cancel at any time.  If you chose the $399 option you will have six months to complete each course.

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1 Review

Total Scam!!!

Reviewed By Mai on December 11, 2016

Stay far away from this company!!! They lie to your face and then after they have your money, they screw you over. They told me that the majority of the content was in video format (Lie #1). They told me that I would get 100% tutoring and accommodations with my learning disability (Lie #2). They told me that the course and membership were fully refundable within 30 days (Lie #3).

Due to the fact that I was required to upload a photo of my lab kit serial number and my order form, they called that "doing work" in the course. The reality is that they do not "unlock" the course until you do this step. Only after that, do you actually see the material. So they found a way to say that they offer a refund and then installed a catch that keeps you from seeing the material until you "do some work" (that work being not the course itself, but only verifying the kit you had purchased).

They told me, a visual learner, that "most of our courses are 50-60% in video format". This is a flat out lie!! 100% of the course was in text that was poorly written and poorly formatted. It looked like they scraped the internet for various texts that do not flow together. The only videos I saw were advertisements for the lab company. Yes, Ads inside the course!

They are required to make a reasonable accommodation to persons with disabilities by federal law, but this is another scam. They did not provide the accommodation that I required and that was provided at every other school I had attended. Their excuse is "This is a self-study course". Well, that is the same as telling a person in a wheelchair that "sorry our building has stairs, deal with it". That is illegal and unethical.

They are only out for one thing, ripping you off! Stay far away from this loser of a company!!!

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1 Review

Good choice for potential WGU students

Reviewed By Robert on October 27, 2015

Straighterline has a partnership with WGU and in fact, is recommended by WGU.

I have an application in at WGU, but it's waiting on FAFSA verification, which should take a good 4 to 5 weeks in my case because of issues with the IRS.

So meanwhile, I decided to enroll at Straighterline because I can knock out a few General Education credits while I'm waiting.

Now that I am reviewing straighterline, I am about 50% done with Business Statistics.

I bought the eTextbook which was a little over $100, I bought the course for $49, and I'll take at least one month at $99, and maybe it'll be two.

Straighterline is for self-learners, there is no way around it. They supply links to textbook reading. They have their own lesson plan as well.

You have to work through all the assignments in the books and the practice. You cannot simply read them. There are a lot of formulas and you need to have practice using them.

Frankly it's a lot of work, but the Straighterline service is great, I can have additional credits already completed before I begin my work at WGU. The more credits I can transfer in, the shorter my time at WGU , since WGU charges per semester, if you can go there one semester less, you've saved a lot of money.

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1 Review

shut me out but never read their emails first.......

Reviewed By Lori Gaffney on May 19, 2015

I was hit in the head with a fan yes a fan but my eyes are so swollen I can not see a thing I had just signed up for two classes with straighterline before this happened... I paid and when I explained my eye sight was messed up they offered a refund for the classes but not the monthly fee... I figured I will just hang in and do the best I can...I emailed them this but I have been locked out of all my classes so I lost big time and am it really hurts...So unfair...

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1 Review

Overcharged with no refund

Reviewed By Shawn on March 3, 2015 is another degree mill in disguise. Their classes do not transfer. Straighterline kept charging my credit card even after I cancelled the classes. The one class that I did take did not transfer. The government should close straighterline down.

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October 27, 2015

Straighterline doesn't offer degrees.

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2 Reviews

Straighterline is a scam

Reviewed By Rocky on February 28, 2015, Baltimore

I took classes here and they never transferred. Wasted my time and money.

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