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Straighterline is Horrible
November 9, 2013

I took Straighterline because i was told it was "a good alternative for my situation." I am deployed, and didn't want to have the schedule of a class. So I started with their self paced history class. No one told me there was a proctored exam at the end, that REQUIRED a web cam. Mind you I am forward deployed and, did not get this information until the day I wanted to take my final. Now I am 8 weeks into the course, at 99/month, plus the initial set up fee, plus the book, plus the time vested in taking the BS class, and now have to set on it until I can get a web cam to take a BS test.

The questions on the test are vague, and misleading, causing major confusion. I understand them wanting to prevent cheating, but some form of direction would be nice.

I have called in many times to get support, but every time I call its like I am calling for the first time. Mind you, I am under the assumption that I am a paying customer, and I would like my records on file so I don't have to answer the same questions over and over again, such as a class schedule.

I am not recommending this to ANYONE. It is a waste of time and money. I might come out a bit better financially on the back side of things, but only by a few hundred dollars. Not worth it.

Ryan November 25, 2013

It says all over their website that a webcam is required for proctored final exams... maybe you should read more thoroughly before you spend your hard earned money.

Sula May 17, 2014

Go with AMU or APU, they are affordable and target to you as a military.

Rocky February 28, 2015

You are right. Straighterline is horrible.

Shawn March 03, 2015

Straighterline is a degree mill. They're being investigated by the Department of Justice.

Not the best
October 14, 2013

I was short 1 credit to graduate from the school I was enrolled in and since they are supposed to be a partner of Straighterline with a guaranteed credit transfer I decided to take the Business Law course as it would be cheaper and quicker than another course at my place of enrollment.

It is accurate to say (as many here have) that there is no correspondence between the course, including the homework and labs, and the actual tests. Though they were open book if I was not a “speed reader” I would never have passed them.

The questions are obscure, and after the first test I took I started printing them out before exiting (once you exit you cannot get back in) and looking up answers that were marked wrong.

I found seven (7) incorrectly marked questions that I had actually gotten right. I had to contact the student adviser who sent my list of questions and answers (complete with page numbers from the textbook) to the “subject matter expert” in order to have it corrected. It took me twice as long to look up and type out my proof than it did to do the original lesson which I did not appreciate. I also felt a like I was doing their job for them because these "subject matter experts" who designed the course and tests clearly did not seek any unbiased feedback or try them out objectively prior to making them available.

Another thing I did not like was that the textbook was not available in an electronic format. I had to order the book, which took several days to arrive, which I felt was unfair as this is a subscription-based service and time dependent.

I was able to complete the course before the 28 days was up and after taking the final immediately cancelled the subscription so I was not charged for the second month.

I also had an issue with the transfer credit because an email from Straighterline was never sent to me informing me that they needed the address of my school (even though it was on their partner list) in order to mail out the transcript. I eventually found out from my school that the transcript had never arrived and was able to correct the matter but it was an annoyance.

Overall, it was okay for a 3-credit course, but I do not know if I would want to deal with the poorly written tests for any length of time. I have never had the experience at any other college of tests so disconnected from the material that it was like they wanted you to fail; and I probably would not take any course here that relied on a professor to grade given the time sensitivity of the subscription plan.

September 12, 2013
Do not take courses from here I took an English course that claimed to be self paced but the graders take long to grade your papers so you have to pay the $99 a month fee over n over again. It is a SCAM do not waste your money especially if you are planning to take a course that requires writing essays.

Sula May 17, 2014

Exactly 99 monthly, they know already you are going to spend three months as a minimum to finish. And they sell themselves as cheaper than the rest, that's the scam. I requested for them to removed my membership, and neither that I can do.

Rocky February 28, 2015

100% SCAM!

I HATE STRAIGHTERLINE!! They stole my money!

A great way to save time and money
March 11, 2013
This is a great thing to use for people who want to save time and money at school. I have successfully transferred 4 Straighterline courses into my University and I am working on 4 others. I have recommended 6 people to take classes with Straighterline and they have all been accepted by their univeristies.

Savannah Mitchum March 17, 2015

what university are u attending i see your from balitmore maryland im hoping you say UMUC?

Straighterline is actually a Transfer Credit opportunity...
December 30, 2012

Straighterline is actually a Transfer Credit opportunity. I strongly advise students to take 30 transfer PROFESSOR DIRECT credits here to reduce college cost.

Straighterline has some partner colleges that accept most courses, but most students will want to transfer these ACE accredited courses to ACE colleges. The professor direct feature makes it more likely that the transfer will be successful and useful. For example if you're taking college algebra you want the college to accept the course in place of college algebra and not just throw it into their elective pile. So, overall, Straighterline is good as a source of inexpensive transfer credits with the proviso that you take the course with a real professor, preferably someone who already has a college affiliation.

Sula May 17, 2014

It wont reduce college cost. I will post my receipt to any one that ask. I pay 165 plus 99 membership, plus 65$ for the eBook I don't get to keep. 329$ to start in a course that I know will take me at least three month to finish. I was thinking that was it, but no, you have to keep paying the 99$, and on top of that you need to process the transfer.. no way! Go an take your classes from an online program that is already recognized, or any online community college classes, they are booming. Online is the future, and I love it, but this program is not cheap.

Efraim February 15, 2017

Great feedback. I thought it looked too good to be true. Thanks!

Most of these reviews are fake
December 18, 2012

It doesn't take much effort to realize that all of the poor reviews on this site are 100% fake.

StraighterLine is legitimate, has 40 regionally accredited college partners, handfuls of corporate partners, and leads to actual college credit.

Fast Company, The Chronicle, and Inside Higher Ed all praised StraighterLine in December, 2012. These are major publications.


Fast Company says StraighterLine is "democratizing higher education." -

The Chronicle says StraighterLine is leading the education revolution

Inside Higher Ed says the cost of college is being lowered by StraighterLine

DocHollywood_2 December 26, 2012

Change is always disruptive.

Looking back over the last 15 years, distance education was not considered valid by mainstream academia, and now is accepted by such universities as Harvard and MIT. Times change, so don't get left behind.

Has anyone seen my typewriter?

Sula May 17, 2014

I like online education, actually is not my first time. It can be rather expensive. The fact that they sell themselves as cheap online option is what is really wrong about them. The program I took was good, but I won't finish it in a month. I was thinking that you pay the program, the membership online and the book and i was good to go. NO! I have to keep paying 99 until i finish. Almost 300 I pay just to start, same as any online program at a community college, already recognize. Go look for a recognize online program, AMU or APU are 800$ per course, or any other one.

Efraim February 16, 2017

I disagree that just because one sees some positive reviews AND because other business websites and news articles recognize a program that makes it valuable to students. The education system in the USA is infamously profit-driven. College is big business in the States and small cost "savings" are regularly touted as massive financial savings-to-families despite the still great burden of tuition and related fees to students.

The overall cost of Straighterline is comparable to or greater than that of most community colleges, but while many programs recognize state community colleges automatically, many similar programs do NOT recognize Straighterline, as I recently found out from EIGHT different programs I'm applying to which have math prerequisites. So the program costs a similar amount (if you can burn through your course, otherwise you'll pay for the extra time, putting you over what you'd have paid at a community college) but isn't nearly as broadly recognized.

Several US states have finally been recognizing that degrees are REQUIRED today just to be considered for even minimum wage service jobs, so it's counterproductive to burden already poor, struggling students with even thousands of dollars in tuition for prerequisite courses that lead into formal degree programs that cost tens of thousands of dollars. It's high time a philanthropic organization like Khan Academy couple with a major university to offer core classes like math and basic science--that don't change from year to year--for free so the population can access the base knowledge to then further our education. Straighterline is a start, but still too expensive for very many of us.

ArronJordan January 05, 2020

This is actually a logical fallacy, no one will ever take the time to write a fake negative review. This is simply because unlike creating fake positive reviews, there is no benefit to writing a negative ones.

People write them because they feel like they have been wronged, and have absolutely no avenue for recourse. They wish to vent those feelings as well as warn others so they do not fall prey to similar circumstances as they did.

Writing fake positive reviews is a whole different story, there is a justifiable and real benefit directly rooted in a pursuit of monetary gain.

Good and really cheap!
November 1, 2012
I took a history course and it was fairly easy. The modules had little to do with the test, but the book followed right along. I finished it pretty quickly and it cost me $140 for 3 credits. It doesn't get any cheaper than that! Just remember, it's not a class at all. Think of it more like an easier way to get CLEP. I filled out an online form, and they sent my transcripts to my school for free.

Sula May 17, 2014

140 plus 99 membership, and the book, you forgot the book. Yeah..and you have to finish within a month if you want to keep that way, otherwise you will pay 99$ again. Is a scam.

Donni Steen September 11, 2014

I could see, if you're not that intelligent, where it would cost more. Maybe you would be better suited at a community college. More expensive, but they will keep you on task.

August 29, 2012

i would not take a class with this low budget (not literally), unknown school. i was told this course was $99 a course. i was not told it was $99 a month. i took one course (college algebra) and it took longer than a month. i ended up paying $200 for the course and when it was time to request an official transcript, i was charged 40 additional dollars to receive my transcript. i have completed a degree at a 4 year university and also taken classes at a junior college and have never been charged for a transcript. i spent a total of $240 for a course with this unheard of school, when it would have cost $139 at a community college.

*************do not put yourself through the headace of dealing with these people**************

oh, and the most important occurance is when i put in a request for my transcript through straighterline, they failed to mention that it was not an official transcript and i would have to go through "ace" to receive an official transcript. i just so happen to received a call (the following semester) from my university stating that i had not graudated because they did not receive an official transcript from ace. so my graduation was postpond the following semester. after calling straighterline, i was told by a supervisor that they have no way of knowing which school requires an official transcript and which schools does not.

*************do not put yourself through the headace of dealing with these people**************

Ellen September 14, 2012

Their website pretty clearly states that their courses are $99 per month and that you should check with the school that you want to attend. Also, they don't charge anything for transcripts. The $40 is charged by the American Council on Education, not StraighterLine. Apparently, you didn't actually pay $40 because your school didn't receive your ACE transcript. Frankly, the inconsistencies in this review make it more than a little suspicious.

Melissa October 01, 2012

agreed....he obviously did not read the details

Melissa October 01, 2012

The whole point of you not taking the course at the community college was because of what? usually its because you need the flexibility of online. So quit crying about how you paid $200 to take it. They are very up front and visible about it being $99/month, not per course..and they do not make any promise that it will only take you a month to complete the will take lazy people like you much longer, although, Im not sure why, because you obviously dont take the time to read things through before you sing the dotted line. You are doing yourself a huge disservice. And I hate to break it to you, but every college and university charges you for official transcripts...EVERY COLLEGE...and if they dont charge it separate from the tuition, then it is charged in the increased graduation fee. Stop complaining and be thankful that such an option exists for your convenience.

Karen October 08, 2012

In addition to Melissa's comment, I highly doubt you paid 139 per course through a community college. You probably paid 139 per credit hour. That would equal 417 for one course. So you paid half and you are whining? It's hard for me to believe that if you did indeed go to college you didn't know the difference. Also, the 40 they charged is to open an account with ACE - which is actually paid to ACE - Straighterline has nothing to do with that - so that you could have your credits transfer. It's a one-time charge so that if you took another course you wouldn't had to pay again. Or if you went to one of their partner schools the credits would have gone straight to the college and you wouldn't have had to pay for the credits to transfer. This information is all on their website. Perhaps a refresher of English 101 would help you.

Bev January 20, 2013

Even if you paid $139 at a community college for the class, think about the gas that it will cost to drive to the college and the time that you have to spend to drive to the college, walk to the classroom, back to your car and then drive home. Straighterline is an accredited college and has flexibility that can save you time and money. When I went through college I had to arrange my job schedule many times to be flecible to the classes that I needed to graduate. Spending the extra money and to be able to stay home to complete the course would have been a great plan for me. Also, when I went to Grad school, I had to pay for my transcripts, so for you to get your transcripts for free is a true blessing. Hopefully people will see your complaints a minor and take advantage of a good program.

Court February 15, 2013

What college are you going to and why are they so cheap, now you stop all that nonsense and check your college and read the information on the site as you should have in the first place!!

Alma March 01, 2013

I agree, you should have read all the information before you pay for something. If the company is new to you, you should have asked all the information before, including about the transcripts.

Zach May 29, 2013

Judging by your post: the university you recieved a four year degree from has failed you miserably.

Susan June 11, 2013

Hey you always get charged for your transcripts if it is over so many. Also CC is $75 $80 an hour so it would have cost you more than $300 plus your book at your CC

Mille July 07, 2013

Every community college has different tuition. Some charge much more than others.

Scott August 20, 2013

How did you get a four year degree from a university without algebra in the first place? After reading your rant I think you missed English too.

Sula May 17, 2014

That is the whole reason I was taking the English composition class in this site. But they sell themselves as cheap, they are not, to start you pay 329$ and keep paying 99$ monthly until you finish. Working people can afford to finish in a month, so yes they are lying when they say they are cheap. don't Get trick into this unless you are ready to pay the tag prices.

Kevin July 11, 2014

I was looking into taking some classes with Straighteline. On the first page in the first sentence it states "Enroll for just $99 a month, with courses starting as low as $49. '

Seems clear to me.

Robert October 27, 2015

I just transferred credits from 3 traditional universities, the cost was $15, $7, and $5.

And I transferred credit from the Army, cost free.

Some institutions charge to transfer credit, some don't.

August 1, 2012
I was unfortunate enough to come across in a search for cheap online courses. Western Civilization I sounds like an easy class to take online right? WRONG! i read the entire book, did all practice exercises, and took notes on the online courses yet when it came time to take the test only 6/25 questions were covered in ALL of the material. Even the ones i could answer were so abstract that they didn't even make it into my notes (ex. Aristotle's family consisted of...). I failed the first test and could only pass the other 5 tests by copying and pasting the question into google. If the quality of online courses was measured in condiments, i would rate it "ketchup packet". I may as well have been reading Dr. Seuss books because then at least i would have studied something almost applicable to my life. Awful program, don't make the same mistake I did

Genevive F August 01, 2012

A pain in the butt - Yes

Awful - Yes

Cheap - Yes

Gives College Credits - Yes

All you need to know

Elaine R August 12, 2012

Oh thank God I thought I was becoming prematurely senile! I consider myself a somewhat intelligent person (the Mensa plaque on my wall attests to this) but after squeaking by the first test in Western Civilization with a 72....well, let's just say life at my house was uncomfortable for a bit! The Learning Presentation for each chapter is trivial at best and the online Study Aids are a waste of time in prepping for the test. The textbook is very well written, and the textbook's (ungraded) online quiz is somewhat helpful. However ALMOST NONE OF IT aligns with the actual test! It's like three completely different -- and strictly incommunicado -- groups of people were involved: one wrote the straighterline lesson presentation and study aids aimed at an audience of 6th graders, the second group wrote the textbook aimed at college freshmen, and the last wrote the graded test, aimed at making you question your sanity and ability to perform the simplest tasks. Aaargh!!!!!

Elaine R September 02, 2012

Okay, now that i have gotten the hang of studying for their exams, I wanted to give an update. I still find their tests enough of a challenge to make me feel the need to study, but not so much that I feel overwhelmed, and certainly not enough to cheat; speaking with the perspective of nearly half a century of living, there ain't enough challenge anywhere to make me take that Loser route. One thing to keep in mind is the proctored Final. Their set-up on this alone is good -- and maybe even more strict than those taken in a classroom setting. You are watched closely. Your computer is watched closely (they remote view your desktop). Your visual and auditory surroundings are watched closely. If you can still find a way to cheat your way past this, then congratulations for being a Loser with a few college credits. I still think the "study aids" provided by SL are a bit of a joke, and stopped wasting my time even looking at them after the first couple of lessons. To summarize: at my own pace and inexpensively, I learned. I passed. I got credits. Yay!

Sarah G April 10, 2013

How long does a typical three credit class take to complete?

May 12, 2012

I just completed Anatomy and Physiology 1 with lab. I found this course very challenging. I am usually an A student, so getting a B was sad, but goes to show that this course is legit. The labs were very time consuming, but enabled me to learn the content much more with the practical components.

The only thing I did not like, is that the exams are suppose to be open book, but since they do not provide enough time for the exams, it's impossible to use the book for more than a few questions. I suppose this is to ensure that you really take time to read the chapters prior to taking the exams.

One thing to change is to extend the time of the exams and the 28 day billing cycle should be 30 days.

DONT W February 08, 2013

All of the positive reviews are from the company itself. Just search the internet. They are not accredited. Ask any college if credits from this company will transfer to their institution and they will tell you no.

Alma March 01, 2013

Where I am transferring to, the enrollment counselor told me yes, as long as the final exam is proctored. So basically you have to ask the university you are transferring to if they accepted it.

Review of
February 26, 2012

This is my review of

At first I was excited to hear about Cheap online classes is exactly what I was looking for. Seven hundred dollars later, I've finally completed my first class and my opinion of the company has deeply soured due to the following issues....

One dimensional:

I took their Economics course (ECON 101 - Macroeconomics). Here's what the course entailed. 1) Read 19 chapters. 2) Take 21 multiple choice tests. I could have received the same education by simply purchasing the textbook for $5 off ebay and answering the multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter.

Easy to cheat:

Eventually I got curious and, after I was finished with a test, I googled some of the questions and nearly every one of the searches ended with a link to the exact question coinciding with the correct answer. And because all you need to do to get an A in a class is to correctly answer multiple choice questions from the comfort of your couch; it's insanely easy to cheat and not get caught.

(For the record: I was taking the class to learn and not for the grade, so I didn't actually cheat.) But I doubt it will take long for people to start taking advantage of this system and straighterline classes will soon be discredited nation wide.

28 day billing cycle:

I found this to be very tricky. The average month has 30.4 days. That's about 2 and a half days every month they jip you of. 2.4 x 12 months = 28.8 days. So over a year, they sneak an extra monthly charge out of you.

If you do decide to take a class...

Prepare to

1) be completely on your own,

2) spend A LOT of time reading. I mean A LOT.

3) pay much more than you expected

4) live with the serious possibility that their classes will be discredited eventually.

Commenter March 13, 2012

It took you several months to complete one course? An Economics course could be knocked out in 1 - 1.5 months if you're saying all you need to do is read 19 chapters and take 21 multiple choice tests.

R. L April 10, 2012

I agree. I look at Straighterline as an efficient CLEP/DSST alternative. I actually completed this same course as well as ECON102-Microeconomics within less than two months without "cheating." So I paid considerably less for two classes than I would have paid for just one in an online format. Bottom line is that you get out what you put in. Straighterline is approved by ACE, so they must be doing something right. I'm serving in the military overseas, with limited college resources other than attending costly online schools, so this really was a blessing for me. If it's not for you, then simply stay away from it. Otherwise, please do not post bad reviews like this that can potentially affect the view of others. Thanks.

C. R August 01, 2012

He Speaks The Truth

JFred September 05, 2012

The history course took me two weeks of actual work, but I paid for 6 because I procrastinated. If it took you that long to do, that's your fault - not SL. As a side note, I wasn't a huge fan because all the online activities won't give you the info you need for the tests.

Sula May 17, 2014

He Speaks the Truth, is not cheap.