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Testosterone is a hormone that naturally declines with age. For men, the decrease of this hormone in their body can cause major changes in their overall well-being. Typically these levels start to decrease at around the age of 30 and it is a normal part of the biological aging process.

Nugenix is a product that was created to address men’s decreasing testosterone levels. It is a male enhancement ingestible supplement used to form lean muscle mass, increase libido and increase stamina, it should not be taken women. The capsules are composed of a propriety blend of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts; the main ingredient is Testofen which contains 50% Fenuside from the Fenugreek plant.

GNC makes Nugenix so it is sold at their physical locations or online at the GNC website or directly on the Nugenix website. A bottle of Nugenix contains 90 capsules and costs $75.00 for this one month supply. The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee; the even accept empty bottles for a full refund.

If you go through the Nugenix website you may be eligible for a 14 day free sample bottle. If you qualify, you must provide a credit card payment for the $4.95 shipping and handling fee. If you do not cancel the automatic shipment program that begins 18 days after you sign up for the trial, you will be charged $75.00 each month for a new supply.

Some side effects may occur when taking any testosterone boosting supplements, especially if they are taken in excess or if you are already at a healthy level of testosterone. Two side effects that you may not physically feel is the decrease of glucose in the blood stream and change in the production of thyroid hormones. Other side effects physically felt are a racing heartbeat and rapid breathing.

Some men submitted reviews online claiming that Nugenix did not work. These men felt that the supplement was only providing a feeling similar to that of what one would experience with increased testosterone levels. Other men felt the pills were overpriced and were not worth the money for the minimal results they got out of the product.

Since there have been no clinical studies for Nugenix, there are no specified time periods in which one could expect to start seeing results.  Nugenix is a temporary solution to help men with low testosterone levels and the company believes that it will make men feel more confident and full of life.

Always consult a physician before taking supplements that affect hormones. A simple blood test can tell you where your levels are at. A doctor may be able to prescribe something that is less expensive or even covered by insurance. It is also safer for a doctor to regulate your hormones because they can monitor you and keep your levels stable.

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I am in Chronic Pain. Yes, pain! Nugenix helps Chronic Pain!

Reviewed By Josh Kelly on September 2, 2014, Willows, California

I was in an accident in June 1999... I got by with cannabis and PRN break-through opiates.... Over the years, with my 3-trades I excel in #1) Medical field as a male CNA in Hospitals! Nursing homes are cruel and unusual punishment to humans!

#2) CDL Class A with *All endorsements Truck driver.

#3) Warehouseman... Have a gift for old-school manual pallet-jacks, and excel in all power-operated warehouse machines! From fork-lift to scissor-lifts....
So, as a hard-working blue-collar man, I always pushed harder and desired to be the best! Which the pain medications helped me have the stamina to accomplish!
All was well, I was never without work and jobs called me "due to the clean CDL with hazmat, tanker, duals, passenger, and miles and good references from all ex-bosses"...
My passion was for the medical field out of all three, and if I knew math, I would have went full out for an R.N. job.. But being a CNA on a Pediatric and Oncology floor was awesome...
Long story short. I kept seeing (this is 8 years later from accident) which my zeal for being the best began to catch up with me..
I increased my pain-killers to make life doable, and finally ended up in a rut of crippling pain!... So seeing all these adds, and researching what low-testosterone affected in my body..
In desperation I got the free-trial "the prices I read on this page?" Were $20 cheaper from manufacturer if I had a monthly plan!..
It did not do too much for the sex-drive which I was not attempting to get anyway. But the fog from pain-meds, and the immobility brought me to *Anything that may help!
I got these baby's and it was a whole new life (for me).. I was more clear-headed. Being an introvert and a man who avoided confrontation, I was well pleased in less than a week! *(I am a natural-supplement taker through research and trial and error) So, something I did not have to visit a doctor for, was appealing!...
Since the last 3 years of taking this, I have had days to where I did not even need pain meds! Which is HUGE for my circumstance as I am 41 years old now....
(back to introvert/non-social guy) I noticed a very significant change in those areas!.. And had energy to do things and move.
I am a conspiracy theorist, so of course I thought the free bottle had more jazz, to get me to order more... But it was the same strength!.. They have a trippy musky scent, but that scent you know will do your body well!..
So, if you have made it thus far, and you have pain/pains, and are feeling sluggish more often "they MAY help you!... Being a supplement taker, I know every body responds differently to differently to any substance!
*But I became a much more assertive and confident man. The little stuff did not bother me (although it can cause mild rage "easily snuffed out if wise!")... It is and continues to be a nice help... *Oh the prices and conspiracy guy I am, I stocked up!... Now prices are higher, and I am not on the monthly lock! Hope some part of this helped!....

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Not worth trying this Testosterone because of the other ingredients in this supplement!

Reviewed By Joseph Gan on August 19, 2013, Singapore

Isn't silicon dioxide mentioned in this article: 18 Most Sickening Food Ingredients,,20588763_14,00.html ?

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Did not notice any change.

Reviewed By Dana Calvin Craig on August 14, 2013

Complete placebo as for as I'm concerned.

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My result

Reviewed By Fred Chylinski on April 19, 2013

At 64, I had no notable effect.

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June 01, 2013

The free offer is an excuse to get your ATM or credit card number. Then, every month the company mails you a full bottle and takes $55 out of your account. I could never find this agreement in the fine print, but customer service says its there.
"Yes" a simple blood test will tell you about your Testosterone level. Then why has Nugenix not run such tests! Obviously this is a scam or else this company could easily run clinical tests!

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Wanna know what works?

Reviewed By Thomas Amnesia on April 8, 2013, The Universe

I'll tell you what works. GO TO A MEDICAL DOCTOR!! Get your blood work done, including testosterone levels. If it's low your doctor can and will prescribe testosterone replacement patches or gel. They contain the real deal and they WORK. Plain and simple.

Forget about wasting your money on this New-Genie X with fenuside . As with most (if not all) supplements, this too, is a scam. Just because you feel like a loser doesn't mean you have to be one.

I gave this one star only because zero is not acceptable. You'd be better off just eating the bottle the crap comes in.

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