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Harry S. Dent Jr. is a well known author and prominent market forecaster.  Over the years he's provided a long track record of hypotheses and predictions, some of which have been extremely accurate while others off the mark, but as the saying goes hindsight is always 20/20.

Born in 1950 in Berkeley, California Harry Dent maintained a stellar scholarly record throughout his life, graduating from USC at the top of his class.  He would then go on to complete his MBA from Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar.

Throughout his career as an economic researcher Harry Dent developed his own system, The Dent Method, for analyzing market directions.  His approach focuses on interpreting consumer spending data collected throughout the maturation period of a family.  This takes into account the spending habits of a person from their youth to retirement factoring in life stages of having children, buying a house, etc.

Using this formula he was able to accurately predict the slowdown in the Japanese economy at the end of the eighties, and the Dow's growth in the early nineties.  He details his use of this method and a combination of other demographic statistics to reach his conclusions in many of his books.

Harry S. Dent's notable titles include "The Roaring 2000s," "The Next Great Bubble Boom," and most recently, "The Great Depression Ahead."  In his latest book Dent explains why we haven't seen the worst yet, and predicts a larger drop in stocks and real estate and even higher unemployment rates up till 2013.

The great thing about Harry Dent's books and method is that he gives you a macro view of the economy and really delves deep into demographics for his supporting evidence.  Thus, even if you don't agree with his predictions you can see the trends that he's using to formulate his argument.

Conversely, as with any other market forecaster his advice should be taken with a grain of salt.  Dent has had his share of missed calls, notably his 2000 prediction of the DOW reaching 40k.  Despite this there is a lot to be learned from his approach and his research into consumer spending habits.

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