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Those who have been diagnosed with cancer may search far and wide to find a treatment that will cure them of this possibly life threatening disease. A well-known company called Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a place that offers cancer patients various treatment options. Not only do they use conventional ways to fight cancer but they also have naturopathic methods of treatment as well.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has an integrative program that addresses the quality of life of their patients. They offer therapies including emotional support, nutritional recommendations, pain management, and rehabilitation. Personal care for all of their patients starts when they arrive at the facility and continues 24/7 throughout their stay. It even goes beyond that to the time after they have been released to head home.

To become a patient of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the initial step is to submit your insurance information so they can determine if your benefits will cover their services. If your insurance plan will cover the cost then they will set up a consultation and coordinate your plans, starting with scheduling your first appointment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has had some lawsuits filed against them and they have been issued multiple warnings by the FTC for their practices. The FTC had discovered that Cancer Treatment Centers of America was conducting clinical studies that did not follow the proper FDA requirements. They also found that Cancer Treatment Centers of America was making false advertising claims promoting certain cancer treatments that had no statistical substantiation.

The truth of the matter is that not everyone with cancer survives this disease. Although they may do everything in their power to cure the cancer, sometimes it is not enough. Catching the cancer growth at its beginning stages is going to increase your chances of survival. Getting multiple recommendations from different doctors is important to deciding what route you feel the most comfortable with.

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Very Upsetting Experience with CTCA - Philadelphia

Reviewed By Tammy on December 19, 2013

The Philadelphia CTCA’s handling of my mother’s breast cancer case was disgraceful.

A few weeks after my mother passed away, CTCA mailed my mother a customer satisfaction survey! This was consistent with the way my mother and family were treated by doctors Crilley and Topolsky. When I called my mother’s team a few days before her death to let them know about her turn for the worse, they continued to fail to check in with the doctors managing her care at the hospital, or with her or the family, even after I clearly told them she was expected to die at any moment. After her death, many doctors outside of CTCA called or sent a sympathy card, but not a word from her CTCA doctors. Did they wonder what happened when their patent stopped showing up for appointments? Did they write her off as the hospital/hospice’s patient, thereby boosting their own mortality statistics? Are these accusations unfair – if so, I would love to hear the reason.

CTCA has customer service and “quality” teams highly dedicated to the mission; that is, if the mission is to put up a barrier and prevent doctors from having to deal with pesky relatives. Several members of these teams have told me “I’m sorry you feel that way,” the type of standard operating procedure that makes CTCA feel they are covering their bases legally but the type of apology that enrages families. A simple call or letter from a doctor could have provided closure and resolved this customer service complaint. The longer this continues to fester, the more likely it is to turn into a legal battle as we find ourselves questioning all treatment leading up to my mother’s unexpected death. How could CTCA give my mother optimistic test results and hope while at the same time the cancer had spread and her lungs were filling with fluid? It doesn’t make sense, even to my mother’s friends and medical advocates who sat in on her sessions.

I will say I have heard anecdotal rave reviews about other CTCAs, so I wouldn’t want to deter anyone from seeking treatment at the others. However if you are in desperate enough circumstances to seek out CTCA, ensure friends and relatives all have your password and permission to review your treatment, so CTCA cannot hide negligence behind patient privacy laws.

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July 17, 2014

I read about and spoke with a RN friend who works in oncology. she said "Natruopathic Medicine" is "tree leaves and grass'! CTCA strongly promotes "spiritual development" - translation, start praying and reading your Bible b/c u r going to die. I would RUN to MD Anderson f I had cancer. MDA saved a 47 y/o friend w/advanced colon CA. My husband and a friend had to ,literally, carry him down the plane aisle and put him in his seat. I has been over 7 years now! Did not have to pay hospital as he was in a clinical trial. Run, RUN to Texas!! Rebecca, Alabama

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what is your resources?

Reviewed By ann on December 14, 2013

it is easy to make a statement that they have been warned by FDA or have law suits against them, many research centers and hospitals have lawsuits and still give excellent care.

I would prefer to see some scientific statistics backing up this story it is unfinished and not concise at all

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False advertising

Reviewed By Steve on March 27, 2013, Dallas

The advertising methods they use are extreme. Every hospital has a cancer survivor and a story. The problem is theses specialty hospitals specialize in billing for high reimbursement procedures ( as you will notice they advertise for the insurance they want to bill on the commercials and on their site) and this takes away from the general hospital which treats all needs.
The fact is its all rigged and the big players say you pay their toll or you get shut out! You have to use threats to get a cash price and even then you get shut out. It's big money and under the name hospital it makes it OK? Ask any doctor what it's like being a slave to the hospital they will tell you. Cancer center is just centering in on what fear and death pays the best and they do it with aggressive constant marketing. Look at that company The Scooter Store they were defrauding for years going after high reimbursement at whatever the cost.
Don't hate the player ( or do), hate the game.

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December 14, 2013

Were you a patient at the center or know someone personally that was a patient at a center? I know a few from my cancer support group. They are doing amazing...they loved it and never felt that it was a scam or a push for money...

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Reviewed By cachapa urbina on November 28, 2012, milwaukee, wi

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has had some lawsuits filed against them and they have been issued multiple warnings by the FTC for their practices.

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Scared Od ctca
January 21, 2013

I'd like to know what they were sued for. Like malpractice,billing, patient abuse.

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