Wild Alaskan Company Reviews

Wild Alaskan Company offers a monthly seafood subscription box which it claims is sent directly from sustainably managed fisheries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

The company states its family owned and operated business has three generations of ties to the Alaskan fishing community, which allows you to receive the freshest fish in the shortest amount of time.  

Wild Alaskan Company works on a subscription-plan basis where you can choose to receive their box either monthly or bi-monthly. 

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Customers appreciate that the fish is shipped in an insulated container full of dry ice via express air service or ground, and arrives ready to be thawed and cooked, or put into the freezer.

There are some complaints about Wild Alaskan Company which had to do with the fact that the salmon often arrives bone-in.

While the company has now worked hard to ensure that all of their products are completely boneless, this was a deal-breaker for some people.

Another issue some reviewers have noted has to do Wild Alaskan Company's affiliate program.

There have been complaints regarding the aggressive marketing tactics some of their affiliates may be using, including sending spam e-mails, to promote the company in exchange for commission.

Customer Service

The company website doesn’t currently list a phone number. They can be contacted by email at [email protected], or through the live chat feature on their website.

They also have active social media pages, with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can pause or cancel your membership with Wild Alaskan Company through your account page.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are a number of other companies that sell fresh salmon and seafood via a subscription services. 

A few of the most popular are Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood, Wild Premium Salmon, Alaska Gold Club, and Sitka Salmon Shares.

Is Wild Alaskan Company Legit?

Salmon is a great source of healthy nutrients, including protein and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, but it can be expensive and hard to find at the grocery store. 

If you’re like many Americans, you likely find it difficult to find high quality, sustainable, premium-grade seafood where you live.  

Seafood fraud ( the reporting of fish as a different species than it actually is ) is extremely common in many parts of the country. Wild Alaskan Company provides you access to sustainably caught salmon, making it easier to eat healthier, wherever you are. 

While the fish sent to you isn’t necessarily fresh in the sense that it has been caught very recently, it is flash-frozen shortly after being caught and thus maximally retains it’s taste and texture. 

This method allows the logistics for your salmon to be sent to you without spoiling, and to be available year-round.

Questions remain, however, regarding why this needs to be a subscription based service (rather than just allowing you to order at will ) and whether Wild Alaska Company prices ultimately end up a bargain for the customer. 

Surely the hefty $75 commission they pay to their affiliate marketers for new customers must be coming from somewhere.

If you have any experience with Wild Alaskan Company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Wild Alaskan Company Customer Reviews

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Terrible quality. Do not purchase
January 7, 2024
Would give it a zero if possible. This is the worst quality salmon I've ever eaten. Their positive reviews must all be fake. The fish is water logged with terrible texture and no flavor.

I will not re-order
March 9, 2023

I ordered for the first time and was frustrated that there was not a non-subscription option. I did a chat session and was told to just cancel my subscription immediately after placing my order.

I did, but a month later another box showed up and my credit card was charged. Not a big deal as the fish will not go to waste. I did go to the their website site and I did not appreciate how many clicks it took to cancel my subscription.

It was very aggressive how many times they tried to get me to keep my subscription. A chat box also opened up saying, "please don't go". Creepy. And the emails were next asking me to stay.

When I tried the fish I was expecting to be in for a treat, but the salmon is awful. Per the company's website, the fish should thaw in the frig for about 10 hours. Our salmon was still very frozen after a day in the frig. The salmon is thin. I have cooked salmon for decades (I know how to cook my favorite fish) and this fish is dry every time. My family won't eat it. We much prefer the salmon from our local market.

The halibut is pretty good and cooks up well, but is it not better than anything I can get locally. This is a company that I do not have trust in (why are there no Google reviews to be found?) and I will not order from again. I suggest you stick with your local fish market.

Far from optimal products
January 3, 2021

I made an order thinking it would be better than grocery shopping during the pandemic, their advertising was as said above “so aggressive” it was everywhere and constant.

I got a mixture of cod, salmon, halibut thinking it would be a taste of home having lived years in British Columbia for many years now living in Florida. Our first try was so disappointing with the salmon tasting a bit of freezer burn and dry lifeless. It was cut very thin like it had been odds and ends.

When I wrote to the company when they eventually responded it was implied that I had cooked it improperly to which I responded immediately addressing the fact I had years of experience with seafood and knew what I was doing.

The cod and halibut were ok nothing spectacular but pricey for what I was getting but the salmon which they pride themselves on was pure crap. No center cuts, very thin tail pieces with a depth of less than a quarter inch on a substantial portion of each piece.

I canceled my membership immediately and deleted my credit card info! I agree it’s not what they make it out to be doubting it’s authenticity but won’t make that mistake again. Interesting how there do not seem to be “google reviews” which was where I went first but found reviewopedia as an outlet for my vent.

Thanks, wish I could have been able to add pictures to show how miserable their products are...

Forrest December 01, 2022

Guess you just hate it poriod!

JerryRossjr March 14, 2023

you took the words right out of my mouth I ordered a box that one box was all I needed to let me know game recognize game don't waste your time or money you'll go broke trying to eat

JerryRossjr March 14, 2023

dam you took the words right out of my mouth I ordered a box that one box was all I needed to let me know game recognize game don't waste your time or money you'll go broke trying to eat

Wonderful fresh salmon and pollack and sable fish
May 28, 2020

FIVE STARS!!!!! I love salmon and I am very fussy about all the fish I eat. If I go to the store and the fish has ANY kind of a smell at all, I will not buy it. The fact that this fish is flash frozen means I am getting the most wonderful fish you would want to eat.

I have had to postpone some orders a couple of times and there was no problem doing so. Just a couple of clicks and tell them when I do want my next order. I have had nothing but positive experiences in dealing with this company.

Inedible and no response.
May 21, 2020

I love salmon so I ordered 2 boxes of 6oz pieces. All of it is ruined. It arrived frozen and I properly thawed 4 pieces and it taste of frozen water and the texture is wrong. I buy frozen salmon from the local store and have never had fish this terrible. Since they are not answering their phone (should have been a red flag).

I tried emailing the company but got no response but I was able to cancel membership. Realizing I'm stuck with it I've tried marinating in lemon, then I tried high grade olive oil but even when I can improve the flavor it still has this awful aftertaste of old frozen water. I tried making pate and salmon cakes and it's still inedible.

I would not even feel right about donating it to the food bank. The fact that I got absolutely no response from the company is equally disappointing.

JerryRossjr March 14, 2023

I took me just one time and a very expensive 125 dollar lesson but it worth the lesson to learn not to buy it again

No customer service
May 14, 2020
I sent an email 6 days ago

Shipping from NY?
April 3, 2020

Just checked my bank account to see if I had been charged for the order and saw that it had been charged in NY? Is that where the fish is being shipped from? Don't really want anything delivered to my home that comes from NY at this time with the 'virus' running rampant there at this time. I'm in Washington and we have our own issues here.

Do I need to wear a mask and gloves when I see it coming and then do I need to sterilize the box and contents? I'm concerned. My first order will be here in a few days. Sorry about the rating. There really isn't an option that addresses my question.

Tory Trice May 14, 2020

I will never order from them again. There's no one to speak to if there's a problem

David Harris April 16, 2021

Check the packaging details on the salmon - packed in Brooklyn, New York. So let me get this straight. The fisher guys are out in Pacific somewhere, they freeze the salmon in Alaska, ship to Brooklyn, clearly known for its fresh salmon heritage, where it is packed and shipped ? Sounds fishy to me.

Damn spam
March 18, 2020
Spam spam and more spam, will never order from these spammers

BobPoole April 18, 2020

I have found it impossible to unsubscribe to this vendor even after having spoken to them on the phone.

As far as I'm concerned they are nothing ,ore than a load of smelly fish. Hopefully they go out of business.

Spam Promoter
March 3, 2020

Wild Alaska, before you come back at me claiming I'm reviewing a different company, I am not alleging that Wild Alaska is sending out spam emails. The addresses are obviously not official, but for whatever reason, it is obvious that something in your business model incentivizes spam emails. I see from your website that you have a membership program and that it apparently commits members to a monthly shipment.

Without getting into the works of your program I can only guess that there is some sort of reward given to members who generate referrals. This would be one possible explanation of the proliferation of spam emails linking to your website. I see that another comment here says "they hire out their spamming to foreign spam gangs." I don't know if that is real, but if so, it would be reprehensible.

Perhaps you will say that you have no control over what your members do to get referrals, but then you are saying you have no control over your public image, and that would be a sad thing. This is very harmful to your image, as you can see in the list of other negative reviews. Sadly, I will never be able to review your actual products, because the spam has made me so angry I wouldn't try your products if you gave them to me for free.

No, you aren't sending it, but I still hold you responsible for allowing your name to be sullied without remorse.

Perhaps there is nothing you can do to fix it, so my only recourse is to hate your company in perpetuity for adding to the headache I have to endure daily to sift through the garbage in my junk mail to be sure I don't miss the MANY important emails I get there. I have had this particular email address since 1998. Thanks to you and others like you, like Crape Erase, for instance, I may have to give up on it. Just assume that I have directed toward you whatever profane statement you would find most offensive.

Oh, and yes, I am going around to all of the review sites "spamming this review." It's that important to me.

MichaelAlexander March 27, 2020

Well-written summary of the situation. I have, this morning, three Wild Alaskan "affiliate" spam emails in three different accounts and am going to file a complaint with the FTC in an attempt to stop this.

Tony April 10, 2020

I concur. As a matter of fact, I went with OceanBox because of the incessant spamming by these guys

More than just rude email reply
January 24, 2020

I asked a lot of questions about sourcing, where the salmon was caught, can I pick King instead of Sockeye etc. Lots of legitimate questions.

The reply I received was to go F-off.

So I did, will never do business with these unsophisticated morons.

Spammers and Questionable Origin of Salmon
December 3, 2019

Arron Kallenberg is a Spammer. Evidence is beginning to develop that the fish are not from Alaskan waters. If you have purchased from this company and after having read the posts on this site,you have doubts, make a complaint to the BBB that services Bristol Bay, AK. Also look into your states consumer protection laws. There is a possibility of bringing a legal action against these spammers not only for the excessive spam but the origins of the fish; and make money out of it suing them in a small claims court.. This is the treatment these dirt bags deserve as they are refusing to give up the names of the marketers who are sending the numerous emails described on this site, www.reviewopedia.com/wild-alaskan-company-reviews

The companies address in New York:

Wild Alaskan, Inc.

338 Berry St., Apt 7 B

Brooklyn, NY 11249

Their legal counsel:

Wild Alaskan, Inc.

85 Quay St.

Suite 300

Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (833) 328-9453

Check back here and on the companies Social Media sites for updates on these miscreants.

PaulKosakowski April 16, 2022

I've been buying from this company for a few years. The only evidence I see on this thread is that there are a lot of people who don't think things through. They ship from NY because that's the way point in the US. I had a problem once where UPS delivered my package broken open and 4 pieces missing. Wild Alaskan responded to me immediately. They would have replaced the entire box if I wanted. After validating that what I got was solidly frozen and that it was just an issue of UPS mishandling the package they immediately credited me for the missing pieces.I find this Salmon of high quality.

November 25, 2019
Any company which has to send me 3 spam emails a day from different emails each time is no company I want anything to do with. If they abuse non customers like this, imagine what they do to paying customers. I will NEVER purchase anything from these scam artists.

Only thing Alaskan is the name
November 24, 2019

This is just a middleman marketing company based in New York City. They have nothing to do with the actual salmon. Ships from a big freezer Wisconsin: thousands of miles away from Alaska salmon fisheries. Has as much to do with Alaska as slick big city hipster marketing executives, because that is what they are.

Employs spam tactics. Here is how it works: they get your email and spam you almost daily. The domain in each link in the spam is a single use throwaway domain. The links in the spam include a unique ID that is tied to your email address so they can track your clicks (and verify that your address is live). The link points to a relay domain which then points to the Wild Alaskan Company web site (along with your unique link ID, campaign ID, and affiliate ID). This allows plausible deniability and helps their SEO.

The physical address shown in the spam is fake, and is used in other spams for other products promoted by the same spam cartel that Wild Alaskan Company is associated with.

Unsubscribe does not work. Don't click it! It will just verify your email is live and you'll get even more spam as it is sold to other spammers.

Buy from a reputable company actually based in Alaska instead such as Copper River Seafoods, Jerry's Meats, Taku River Reds, or Taku Fisheries. Their sites may not look as fancy, because they are busy actually processing the salmon, and they won't spam you.

Jury Still Out
October 24, 2019

I started my membership with Wild Alaskan three shipments ago (I'm on every other month). The fish so far has been delicious but smaller portions than advertised. The fish is expensive - I have calculated because of the portions $20-$30/lb. I complained about this but was lead to believe that this fish was worth the price/lb. because of the quality and freshness.

The advertising says 'shipped direct from Alaska' - each shipment I have received was shipped from Deforest, WI. Quite a distance from Alaska. I was also a member of Butcher Box but cancelled because of the delicious but poor quality (gristle, bone fragments) meat. I believe the two companies are coordinating with each other or are associated in business. Not comfortable with this.

October 14, 2019
Would rank them with zero if possible. One is too high. Spam is their primary product.

Looking for answers
October 1, 2019

It is important to know a few basics about salmon, I wish the company would specify this info.

1. In which river were the salmon caught?

2. Was the salmon caught at the mouth of the river or up stream? The closer to the mouth of the river the more fat (good oil) content the fish will have giving a wonderful silky texture. This will insure best quality if handled properly. Salmon use their fat as fuel, if the salmon have traveled too far up the river fat content goes away.

3. Do I have a choice when ordering or is it a grab bag, King or Sockeye?

I prefer King due to the taste and fat content but many prefer Sockeye, a bit more gamey in my opinion.

ShaughnBolton October 24, 2019

Would also like to know when it was frozen, where, and why all are shipped from Deforest, WI! They offer other fish - same questions arise.

Inundated by Spam from the Company
September 22, 2019

I have never ordered anything from this company - I live in the UK - but am flooded with spam email from Wild Alaskan Company. I have had dozens in the last week alone. Anyone that has to resort to sending dozens of unsolicited emails a week advertising their product is suspect. I wouldn't touch this company with a bargepole

DeborahJ Mann September 29, 2019

I agree. Multiple attempts at blocking or sending it to junk have not worked. I have tried all sorts of rules, somehow this company gets around them. I won't touch anybody who solicits in this way.

JosephFucello October 01, 2019

how about trying the unsubscribe link. It seems rather simple http://www.wildalaskancompany.com/unsubscribe

Wild Alaskan Company October 01, 2019

Sorry to hear about this, Jane and Deborah! It sounds like you received emails from a 3rd party advertiser. Have you tried unsubscribing through our portal (www.wildalaskancompany.com/unsubscribe)? There should also be a "global" unsubscribe button on those emails that fully removes you from that company's email lists for all vendors. If you have any trouble with this, please email our support team at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help you with unsubscribing.

HeathWeber October 01, 2019

I've unsubscribed multiple times, Joseph. It doesn't do any good. The emails continue to come. This manner of email advertising is illegal and I plan to report them to the US federal authorities under the CAN-SPAM Act.

Jane October 01, 2019

I have ever subscribed, so it wouldn't do any good to unsubscribe. The problem lies with your advertisers. I am assuming that you hire? I can't see any reason otherwise why they would market your company so aggressively unless they were being paid for it. The worst thing you can do with spam emails is to acknowledge in any way that your email address is real which is why I won't unsubscribe - as Deborah says, it doesn't do any good. I would also be wary of clicking on links in any of these emails. If you won't to stop the bad reviews, stop your advertisers from sending unsolicited emails.

MrBilldodd. October 14, 2019

Totally concur. Foreign spam gangs are hired by this spammy company. Don’t bother with these sh*t heads.

September 15, 2019
If you need to use illegal advertising by email spamming the world, you're not that good a company.

Wild Alaskan Company October 01, 2019

Sorry to hear about this, Andrew! It sounds like you received emails from a 3rd party advertiser. Have you tried unsubscribing through our portal (www.wildalaskancompany.com/unsubscribe)? There should also be a "global" unsubscribe button on those emails that fully removes you from that company's lists for all vendors. If you have any trouble with this, please email our support team at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help you with unsubscribing.

HeathWeber October 01, 2019

I am also receiving several emails a day from this company. I have unsubscribed multiple times now over several weeks, yet I still receive the emails. This is illegal and I will be reporting them to the federal authorities in reference to the US CAM-SPAM Act.

MrBilldodd. October 14, 2019

They don’t care. The loophole is that they hire out their spamming to foreign spam gangs, thus the spam doesn’t technically originate from them.

Great company
July 31, 2019
Customer service is awesome. I don't like salmon (hubby does) but this salmon is amazing. I actually don't cringe when eating it. Highly suggest for non salmon lovers to try. I get their combo pack because I love white fish, their cod and haddock are great too!

MrBilldodd. October 14, 2019

Customer service? Not even the guts to have a customer service number.

Fisherman Man November 24, 2019

Fake review from a shill.

great so far
July 14, 2019

Recently started eating fish. We received our first box last week.

Great packaging and cuts. Had friends over for dinner and got rave reviews on the quality f the Salmon.