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About Wild Alaskan Company

Do you need - or perhaps simply want - to eat more seafood? Seafood is a great source of healthy nutrients, like protein and omega-3s, yet many people simply aren’t eating enough of it. It can be expensive and hard to find at the grocery store. Enter Wild Alaskan.

How Does it Work?

Wild Alaskan Company is a monthly seafood subscription box. Each delivery comes directly from Bristol Bay, Alaska, and provides perfectly portioned filets of sockeye, coho, or king salmon. The fish is sent directly from Alaska, and is 100 percent sustainable.

The company allows you to purchase multiple sizes, including those for portioned for families. As a member, you can save up to forty percent and have access to free shipping. All boxes arrive within seven days, and come at the same time each month.

The type of salmon you receives depends on availability, and this family-owned and operated business as ties to the Alaskan fishing community that allow you to receive the freshest fish in the shortest amount of time.

The company is unique in that its products are transparent and sustainable, with fish that is locally sourced in the United States and harvested in an environmentally friendly manner. The fish arrives ready to cook and is never genetically modified. It’s the best quality of fish you can purchase, and with a large variety of monthly plans, you really get the best of both worlds.

Cost and Price Plans

Wild Alaskan offers several different packages at different prices to make it easier for you to find the best deal for your family. For $121.93 plus shipping, you receive twelve packs of 6 oz portions. For $239.76, you can receive twenty-four packs of 6 oz salmon. This deal comes with free shipping. For each available package price point with salmon, Wild Alaskan also offers a deal with wild white fish and a combo deal with both salmon and white fish.

The company also offers several discount plans, which feature lower per-fillet costs (some as low as $9.49 per fillet. These deals are designed for families and include up to 36 fillets. There is also a community, block party, and neighborhood share. The block party share is the largest, with up to 192 fillets at $6.99 each.

The company works hard to make sure their products are affordable, often offering coupons to help make the cost of ordering one of these subscriptions even lower.

Customer Service

Although the company doesn’t currently have a means of contacting them with a phone number, they are easy to get ahold of through their email and live chat services. They can be reached by email at [email protected] or through the live chat on their website. They also have active social media pages, with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

It’s easy to pause or cancel your membership with Wild Alaskan, ideal if you are headed out of town or simply want to take a break from eating seafood. All you need to do is send an email before your membership renews at the beginning of the month. The company also offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee, refunding your entire purchase price if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Company is a small organization, with a handful of employees who have been around for quite some time. The founder, Arron Kallenberg, has headquarters both in Alaska and in the lower 48, and offers jobs to like-minded individuals hoping to support the real food movement.

Online Reviews/Complaints

This company is still relatively new, but has positive reviews around the web. People appreciate that the fish arrives ready to be cooked or put into the freezer, shipped in an insulated container full of dry ice via express air service or ground. It ships anywhere in the United States.

The majority of the negative reviews about Wild Alaskan had to do with the fact that the salmon often arrives bone-in. While the company has now worked hard to make sure all of their products are completely boneless, this was a deal breaker for some people.

Competitors and Alternatives

Wild Alaskan Salmon Company isn’t the only organization that sells fresh salmon and seafood directly to your doorstep via a subscription services. There are countless others. A few of the most popular ar Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood, Wild Premium Salmon, Alaska Gold Club, and Sitka Salmon Shares.

Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood delivers seafood products via next day shipping, as well as free shipping rates in most cases. They sell products like salmon, cod, tuna, halibut, and shrimp allowing a bit more variety in your order.

Wild Premium Salmon offers a range of salmon shares, with the current offerings including five pounds of whole sockeye salmon fillet for $92.50 and a bulk package of 40 pounds of salmon for $540. These products are shipped in a similar manner, and like Wild Alaskan, they only ship within the United States.

Alaska Gold Club offers wild coho salmon, king salmon, sablefish, and halibut. You can order from this company and have products delivered on a quarterly, biweekly, or monthly basis. You can even order to receive shipments every other month, too. This subscription service allows a bit more customization when it comes to timing, but lacks the variety of Wild Alaskan Salmon Company.

Sitka Salmon also markets their products as “boat to doorstep,” delivering fresh catches directly to your home. Their website is tough to navigate, so it’s difficult to determine exact pricing, as their shares are dependent on fishing conditions. However, they offer long-term shares that include unique seafood products like black bass, prawns, albacore tuna, crab, cod, and halibut. They also offer a salmon-only share.

Where to Buy?

Although you can purchase Wild Alaskan salmon from a variety of retailers (including, of course, your local grocery store, in most cases!) you cannot purchase products specifically from Wild Alaskan Salmon Company except by visiting their website at this time.

Is Wild Alaskan Worth It?

If you’re like most Americans, you likely find it difficult to find high quality, sustainable, and premium-grade seafood where you live. Seafood fraud, or the reporting of fish as a different species than it actually is, is extremely common in many parts of the country, too. The Wild Alaskan Company provides you with access to fresh-caught fish from Alaska, making it easier to eat healthier and more sustainably.

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September15, 2019


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Great company

July31, 2019

Customer service is awesome. I dont like salmon (hubby does) but this salmon is amazing. I actually dont cringe when eating it. Highly suggest for non salmon lovers to try. I get their combo pack because I love white fish, their cod and haddock are great too!

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1 Review

great so far

July14, 2019

Recently started eating fish. We received our first box last week.
Great packaging and cuts. Had friends over for dinner and got rave reviews on the quality f the Salmon.

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