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Don't buy it
January 4, 2024
Mine lasted 6 months and went stone dead. I tried working with the company and they said it was out of the 90 day warranty. They didn't offer any options at all. POS

Scam company skimming your money
December 27, 2023
This is a scam. They send a watch that does not work then refuse to send you your entire price back. They sent me $36 of a $52 order for a NOT FUNCTIONAL watch and wasted an incredible amount of time. Stay away from this company.

Not worth the buy.
December 20, 2023

This watch is not as advertised. I bought two of them and there is no app that it can connect with, even though it's on their website.

Does not work with my iPhone and it was mentioned that the watch works with both Android and iPhone. I bought it because of the blood pressure tracker which does not work either.

I would not recommend it to buyers. Not easy to return.

Negative Stars- Lasted 6 Months
December 9, 2023
Negative stars.. I bought this for my husband July lasted 6 months and now no longer works. He was not rough on the fit tracker and really did like it when it was working. Now I have to find a different fit tracker to use. If I had known this fit tracker would only last 6 months, I would not have wasted my money on this with an extra band. I have reached out to the company, but of course it is past the 90 day warranty period.. we'll see if they do anything or not.

Not as advertised
December 7, 2023
No stars. Product would not turn on at all. Took 3 weeks to receive not the 3-5 business days that it says on their web site. The product Manuel contradicts information that it has on the web site showing some of their claims to be false. When I asked for a refund, they said they would be charging me 50% restocking fee. I threatened to call my credit card company and the better business bureau because this contradicts their advertised 90 day “no questions asked” guarantee and they then refunded my total purchase price saying that “customer satisfaction was their primary goal and I could keep the watch. It will go into the garbage because it does not work.

Do NOT Buy
November 30, 2023

My Fitbit stopped working and we purchased this Vital Track. When I opened the package the Warranty card was written in Mandarin (Chinese). This product was advertised as being made in the USA. All measurements, degrees etc were Metrics. Why if produced in the USA?

Next, it took over 2 hours to sink the App to the device. We were on the phone with their CS the entire time and he was located in India/Philippines etc. His accent was so strong we couldn't understand him.

Next, the device would not track my steps, my blood pressure. We worked on it an additional 2 hours. Finally it just stopped working. We called their CS and told them we were returning it. She told us there would be a 50% re-stocking fee. I told her there was a 90 day return policy, this product was defective and I wasn't paying a restocking fee. She tried to push the issue and I told her I was contacting my CC company. I was refunded my purchase amount and have a confirmation email.

This is a Fraudulent company selling Chinese made trackers as being made in the USA. They are fraudulent in their advertising and return policy. I have filed a formal complaint with the state of NJ.

Does not work
November 26, 2023

I have not got it to work. I also purchased a charger with it. I would like to return it with the charger and extra watch bands. I would like to give it no stars...

Mike November 30, 2023

Same problem I had. They did respond offering me a half refund and I could keep the watch. Why would I want to keep a watch that doesn't work?

"Don't waste your money!!!" Bad product!!!
November 13, 2023

I purchased this Vital Smart Bracelet through the Vital web site. "DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!"

I and 3 other people tried to program this Smart bracelet to my mobile phone to program the bracelet. Once the mobile phone connected to the "Data Band", the bracelet would not response to the mobile phone.

We each tried three times installing and uninstalling. Neither time did the bracelet response to changing date, time ,etc. We followed the instruction on the manual and it still would not response. I emailed Vital Customer Service, two times to requested for an authorization code, which you need in order to return the bracelet and get a full refund.

After not getting any response from Vital Customer Service, I had to call Customer Service. Then here, the Agent instead of giving me a return code, he offered me $39.00 credit and keep the bracelet.

But I explained that it can't be programed, so I would like a refund, as described on their 90 day return. Then the agent offers me $59.00 credit and keep the bracelet. If I still what to return the bracelet, then they would have to charge me $13.00 for restocking.

So the return policy is not correct. You do not get a full refund if you return the product within the 90 days.

So basically, the Vital still get to keep part of your purchase price, when its refund policy said "YOU GET A FULL REFUND OF PURCHASE WITHIN THE 90 DAYS."

So don't bother wasting your money on this produce because if you do and want to return it, you don't get back what you paid for it.

Vital Fit Tracker Does Not Work Properly
October 23, 2023
We have received and worn the Vital Track Fit almost a month now and are quite dissatisfied with its performance, extremely short battery life and inability to track properly. This item is not worth even the $59 price. Save your time and money and buy something different.

JerryL November 01, 2023

Purchased one of these and it's nothing like they say it is, it's junk!

thomassharpe November 02, 2023

It is Junk. The first one they sent didn't record properly, the second one the battery has to be charged every day. every day it has problems connecting to dayband. Garbage is what it is , and the garbage is where it is now, waste of money and time !!!!! TomS

johnstrand November 15, 2023

Did you find an address for the return?

All features not operational & lack of security
October 6, 2023

Purchased a Vital Fit Track watch. Setup was relatively easy but all the promised features did not work and it only synced to the app manually rather than continuously. It promised texts could be received via the watch but that turned out to be false. It also had other features that led nowhere.

When I attempted to return it within 30 days I was first asked the reason. When I requested return shipping label first and then I would share my concerns, instead I was offered part of my money back.

But the refund was still more than what I would have paid if I bought multiple Vital Fit Track watches. So I declined. Still they wouldn't process a return & said shipping would be costly to which I quoted their return policy & said I'd report them to my credit card company. They then refunded the entire purchase.

Apparently they do not want the watch returned. Also concerning to me was the watch came loaded with WeChat app (unbeknownst to me at time of order) which I never activated but caused me concern.

Money-Back Guarantee a SCAM
September 29, 2023

The watch seems cheaply made, and despite advertising that it's an American company, the instructions are unclear, as with cheap products that come from China.

In the end, I was unable to pair the watch, but wanted to return it as soon as I opened the box anyway. None of the confirmation emails provided useful info or links (such as their website) beyond the shipping status (which was mysteriously delayed 2 weeks, despite the site bragging about not waiting for products to ship from overseas).

The website I was able to find to start my return was, which mentions the 90-day money-back guarantee for a full refund, but nothing about the return process.

The terms and policies on this site are short and vague. I emailed them and got no response for a month, so I called. The representative told me that I had to pay for return shipping and a 15% restocking fee. I asked where this info was and he tried to change the subject several times and finally told me to go to He couldn't answer me on how I was supposed to navigate to this page from the official-looking site I'd originally gone to.

This page mentions the 15% fee, but for return instructions says: "To return your product, you should mail your product to: [email protected]," which makes no sense.

And that was the email address that never responded to my first request 30 days prior. To avoid the hassle and cost of shipping, they offer a no-return refund of 75%.

Unlike legitimate companies, this one never asked/allowed me to review their product, so I wonder where their glowing reviews on the site come from. And why would they have multiple websites that do not link to each other? All of this screams "SCAM" to me. Do not buy!

MikeM November 22, 2023

Does anyone know how to navigate the device screens? Or do the screens just have one view?