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December 13, 2023

I am extremely disappointed with the services provided by Vitacost Not only was their customer service unreachable, but the phone number listed on the PayPal transaction was working only for new orders option. This made it incredibly difficult for me to address the issues I was facing (never received the order) I hope the company takes steps to improve its accessibility and customer support in the future.

I love their tea brands
October 29, 2022
Not sure about the negative reviews for this company, I have made numerous orders from them never had a issue. I normally get mine within 3-4 days depending on the shipping method which is fairly quick. I typically get my teas from here or whatever else I can think of.

Excellent experience with Vitacost
October 13, 2022
Placed my first order with Vitacost and must admit it was just as easy as using Amazon. Received my order within 3 days in perfect condition. I was hesitant because of all the poor reviews but will definitely use them again especially because of their discounted pricing. As a first time customer you get a 20% discount and free shipping over $50.

July 20, 2022

If I could give them no stars I would - they double billed me on my debit card and refused to reverse the charge or cancel my order as requested so i'm out $120. they also tried to lie saying I purchased through Paypal, which is impossible as I don't have an account with them.

Never again
July 7, 2022

Order 3 bottles of parsley cleaner. Arrived with 2 empty bottles and one with twist top so loose it was leaking all over, Vitacost only refunded a small portion of original cost. No refund for shipping and only part of tax. Receipt says “ carefully hand packed by Jacqueline P. I think not. I will advise you not to use Vitacost.

What happened to my order?
June 6, 2022

I used to be happy with VitaCost, but not now. I have put in an order for $80.53 on 28 May and the charge has been posted to my credit card on 28 May. However my order does not exist on their site anywhere under my name, so have not idea whether I have been scammed or not. (luckily, I printed it when I put it through before they disappeared it, so have a record).

I have tried to call their 800 numbers as well as their 336 number several times , but it gets me nowhere. The questions keep asking you to press "1" or "2" but nothing happens when you do it, and it keeps looping around with the same questions endlessly.

I want an answer or I will advise the credit card of the scam.

The worst company on earth!!!
May 12, 2022

This company is the worst company on earth. They have really bad customer service people who don't speak English. They get the email address wrong even though it is clearly on file in their database and I spelled it out multiple times. They refused to send me a confirmation of my order after three telephone requests. That did not happen. So I called back to cancel the order. I had to make 6 calls and I got through to three of whom hung up on me!

They refused to cancel my order after telling me it was actually cancelled and I was told I would get a refund on my credit card. But never got an email confirmation of that. I called back again several times and now they refuse to cancel the order.

That is illegal. Vitacost is a fraudulent company and I will file a complaint with the better business bureau! I will never do business with these losers ever again. I suggest that nobody ever order anything from them again. They used to be good when they had local customer service, but now it is nothing but people who don't understand the english language.

Quick and discounted!
August 20, 2021
Just received my first vita cost order. I live in a country where Amazon can’t even get out here within five days and they were able to ship me my pastry flour. I can’t even find pastry flour that doesn’t charge at least $16 minimum, I’m just really impressed and I will be using them from here on out.

They’re fine
August 14, 2021
Vitacost has been faithful fast and efficient. I’ve ordered from them for many years. once they miscounted and made it good when I told them...

Vitacost tied up my money!
July 29, 2021

Ordered vitamins which they cancelled the order the very next day, but did not remove my "pending sale" on my charge card. It eventually dropped off after 7 days.

VERY RUDE to tie up my money for 7 days!!!!

Their system is screwed
June 3, 2020
They lose orders. If you order for someone else, your order may disappear (only paypal had a record. They finally found the order, luckily. Otherwise I would've made a new order, since they said there was no order). Website is screwed up. Used to work great, no problems. But if you're ordering for someone else, expect it to either disappear, or end up at your house. And you have to re-ship it yourself. That's what happened with my second order. Even though I saw the different shipping address I entered on there when I clicked the final order button. THIS IS NOT FAKE. BEWARE WHEN ORDERING FOR OTHERS.

Buyer Beware! Terrible customer service horrible shipping agent
April 27, 2016

I tried to change the arrival date of my package. I spent an hour trying to get through to the Shipper who could not help me. I spent over an hour between two different Vitacost chat representatives who both assured me the package would be rerouted back to them and my money refunded.

This never happened and the shipper left the package in the parking lot of a different building. Vitacost customer service never got back to me even after leaving multiple emails and speaking with multiple customer service representatives. What a waste of hours of my time.

Worst customer service ever. Shop at your own risk!

Shock to see some bad review on vitacost!!!
September 11, 2013
I've been a vitacost customer for 5 years, I can't believe people gave them such a bad reviews... Never had any problem with them, and I usually order a lot, because I send those supplements to my country, and vitacost is the cheapest one, I shop around, and nobody could beat their price...

Elisa Aronoff April 27, 2016

Vitacost is terrible. Customer service is a joke to them. Shop at your own risk!

A. Alberts June 03, 2020

It's true. All info on my previous orders mysteriously disappeared. I don't even want to go into the hell I went thru just because I made two orders to send to other people. It totally flummoxed their system that they could not even figure out themselves--until I pushed the cs agent to dig deeper. She had to go into accounting to even FIND one order.

Not one problem in over two years
July 12, 2013

I don't work for Vitacost, but they deserve a good review, and I always give them one.

I've been ordering from Vitacost for two years and never had one problem with the shipping, customer service,and they always send me the products I order: no bait and switch. Whatever I order is what I get. Some probiotics I ordered came wrapped in an insulated package so that the product would maintain its potency.

I once ordered a product from another company that I hated: I went online to their customer service and they actually refunded me even though it was my choice to order. Another time, I needed to add a product to an order a couple of hours after I placed it: customer service came through again.

Their prices are reasonable and, if you become a regular customer, you'll get additional discounts and they always have a lot of deals on prodcuts. You get free shipping with a $49 order. I've always opted for standard shipping and always received my order within two-three days.

I definitely recommend Vitacost.

Eva B August 05, 2013

I agree completely with Stella Jonsson's review of Vitacost.. Their service has been efficient, products are high quality and fairly priced. Standard shipping arrived in 3 days and is free! Keep up the good work Vitacost. -- you'll have a customer for life.

Eva B August 05, 2013

Great products, fair prices, good service!

Elisa Aronoff April 27, 2016

Vitacost is terrible. Customer service is a joke to them. Shop at your own risk!

A. Alberts June 03, 2020

Agree. They are useless. They have no access to records. My order disappeared (even though I got confirmation from Paypal that I bought something.) And they ignore directions to ship elsewhere than one's own address. On the phone vitacost people know nothing, can't help at all.

myra reynolds July 10, 2020

I sign up for a $1.97 and then they took $97.00 Australian for a monthly menbership. So becareful to what you sign up for.