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Vantage Travel is a company that calls themselves a leader in deluxe travel that promises to help people experience the wonders of the world.

How Does Vantage Travel Work? states that they want to provide their customers with a free travel guide that provides examples of the travel experiences they provide to their customers, including European river cruises, worldwide small ship cruises, and small group land adventures. 

Vantage Deluxe World Travel was established in 1983 and describes their bestselling Worldwide River Voyages are their flagship product, and they have been operating their own fleet of Deluxe riverboats designed just for their travelers for the last ten years. 

In general, their Vantage Adventures are small cruise tours that take place in groups of between ten and twenty-six travelers in locations including North America, South America, Africa, the Mediterranean, Asia, and the South Pacific.

Cost & Price Plans

The travel guide that they are offering to their prospective customers is completely free of charge at this time, but the travel reservations themselves will have prices that obviously vary depending on many different factors, like where and when you are traveling, the number of travelers, the types of accommodations you request, and more.

Refund Policy

As with any travel related company, the Refund Policies put forth by Vantage Deluxe World Travel are very specific and complicated. Customers will need to refer directly to their Terms and Conditions to really know how their policy will apply to their individual circumstances. 

That being said, customers should be aware that most of their travel programs allow customers to make “changes that affect destination, departure date, program extensions, and the like” as long as requests are made within 30 days of the booking date and more than 90 days before the date of departure.

These changes will be subject to a $100 per person nonrefundable processing fee as well as any applicable airline, hotel, or cruise fees. 

They also say that they understand that circumstances arise when people will need to cancel their reservations, however “cancellations are costly to administer” so any cancellation which is made more than 24 hours after booking will be subject to a nonrefundable fee of $300 per person. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 1-888-514-1845,

Vantage Travel Reputation

Unfortunately this company appears to have mixed reviews at this time period.

Some customers have reported having very positive experiences planning their river cruises through this company, while others have a list of criticisms of their experiences. Perhaps most important is the long list of customers that said they used to enjoy traveling with this company, but no longer do.

The biggest issue with this company seems to be their lack of beneficial Customer Service.

Most travelers understand that they might run into problems while they travel, but it seems that many people who had issues while traveling with Vantage Deluxe felt that their issues were not handled properly. 

In fact, multiple customers have reported that they booked – and paid for – a specific trip only to be told later that their trip or accommodations had been changed without their prior approval, and they were not eligible for a refund of any of the fees they paid. Concerned customers may want to arrange their travel reservations with a different company. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many, many different cruise companies that organize and operate European river cruises, so if customers are not sure that this company is the right one for their needs, then there will be a variety of options available to choose from. 

If you have any experience with Vantage Travel or their services, please leave your reviews below.

Vantage Travel Customer Reviews

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Arctic dream crushed
November 25, 2022

We were signed up for Easter island, Iguassu falls and the

Arctic cruise February 2022 On our way to the airport I saw a credit for $6000. Turns out Easter island was still closed from Covid. When we arrived in São Paulo airport we found our flights to Iguassu we’re cancelled.

Vantage cancelled the post trip so of course they cancel the pre trip. we tried to call the emergency phone line BUT I don’t speak Portuguese so no luck. A wonderful woman from American Airlines helped us.

Only call the emergency line during EST business hours. Problem this was the dirtiest air port ever. 1 week later my husband tested positive for Covid. We were quarantined on the ship. Eating off paper plates on a luxury cruise. The crew had Covid from the start. The ship did not get to the Faulklin islands or S Georgia because of Covid. The food was mediocre at best no sound system to your room to hear lectures.

The crew was wonderful. I tried to post a 2 star review on vantage website amazing I could never find it. ps the original cost was $54000. We are still “ negotiating “ with the insurance company.

Inexcusable refusal to issue the refund I'm owed
October 27, 2022

Vantage has refused to issue me a $15,717 refund that I am due, after cancelling a cruise 13 months prior to departure. Their "Tour Participation Agreement" says "you will receive a refund...." subject to a $500 cancellation fee, for cancelling up to 121 days before departure.

I am livid. They will not allow me to speak to a supervisor, and have been very shifty and evasive in their communications since I cancelled back in early June.

It has taken over 4 months to finally be told no refund is available and I only have a voucher! I'm a retired business lawyer, I needed these funds, and this is a violation of their contract. I feel helpless and enraged.

Trip Protection Plan-IT'S A RIP OFF
October 13, 2022

When paying money, all is fine. When plight arrives and cancellation is necessary...PROBLEMS.

First, I became aware that the Trip Cancellation, I was charged $750, cost only $165 for Vantage. It was 'passed off' as a service of convenience, "We can handle this for you so you won't have to be bothered."


Bombardment of unwanted mail after an inquiry!
October 6, 2022

Unwanted ongoing sales brochures fill up your mailbox. I inquired into services and once was enough to turn on this ongoing ridiculous amount of mail!

I tried calling and that didn't stop anything.

BEWARE of lack of service...
September 29, 2022
BEWARE of lack of service... UN-able to contact "Flight Choice Services" by Option #3; after hours of waiting on hold several times... always connected to customer services where reps are UN-able to Help with required flight changes? -- HOW do you get required assistance? Vantage reps online, by phone, by Facebook, etc are UN-able to Help or explain WHY is Vantage phone lines connections NOT working properly & connecting us to "Flight Choice Services" ? Hopefully Vantage will review & Advise back... Please advise HOW we get to "Flight" department for fully paid & booked trip with IN-correct flights scheduled?

September 19, 2022

What happened to Vantage??

Pre covid I booked & traveled on 2 river journeys & I had no complaints. As a matter of fact all was pretty darned good!!

NOW??? Try to get someone to talk with!! Waited 45 minutes. They kept suggesting using "CHAT". So I tried that, wait 15 minutes for a "chatter" who is not able to give prices. So what's their purpose?

So how did I get to this point? I tried to get to their bonus pay site & landed here. This organization is very screwed up & I am sorry to be attempting to book travel with them BUT they have a trip I would like to go on if I were ever able to get it booked!!!

Beware of doing business with Vantage travel.
September 14, 2022

Booked a Vantage trip "Canadian Awakening" scheduled to leave on April 26, 2022. Due to a sudden illness and doctor's advise, we called Vantage and cancelled on April 25, 2022.

Since we had paid for travel insurance and made claim to Allianz Global (purchased through Vantage), we were advised they had approved the claim on June 17. An employee with Vantage acknowledged the approval and stated it had been approved for payment by Vantage Travel on June 26, 2022, and we should receive payment with 60 days. Needless to say as of September 14, 2022, no reimbursement has been received.

Numerous phone calls have been met with answering machines suggesting we leave a message and they will get back to us. When I go on their chat line, I am told they have no info on payments and give us another web site to go to which is useless.

I see from many postings on this site, there are many people dealing with this same issue as I am. Have traveled extensively through the years and have never been meet with such an unprofessional company. Just a not give your money to Vantage.......they are not to be trusted.

Check on accommodations before you book Vantage
September 14, 2022

Returned from vantage Douro cruise.

The total cruise was fine with 3 major problems. The Serenity is a daily new ship, but the staterooms are small and the beds are not twins. Found out they were called cot beds. If you move when you sleep you can fall off.

They have only one communal rest room that only accommodates 1 person.

If you need the rest room while in the dining room or lounge you may have a problem. If an emergency you may be out of luck. May have to hurry to your cabin.

The accommodations in Madrid were at the Melia hotel. A nice hotel with one major problem.

The bathroom door is opaque glass, and no night light. If need the bathroom in middle of night you will have a problem seeing your way unless you kept lights on. If keep bathroom lights on the room is too bright.

Positive: the crew and vantage personnel were very nice and accommodating.

Arbitration Relief??
August 24, 2022
Our 20/20 Vantage cruise to the Baltics has been modified and postponed several times by Vantage. Now scheduled for 2023, my health has deteriorated, and I can no longer safely navigate crowds, stairs and uneven surfaces. Like others, we are getting nowhere in our pursuit of a refund. Has anyone had any experience with the Arbitration process?

Vantage Travel Zero Customer Service
August 22, 2022

Working with Vantage Travel is the worst experience of my life. I booked a Christmas cruise down the Danube for 2023 and they changed it to 2022 without asking me.

They also informed me I would have to have a cover jab which will never happen. I asked for a refund and have cancellation insurance.

After at least 10 calls to their customer service a gal sent me an email and told me there would be penalties to cancel and I said why? These are your changes not mine!! I said refund my money. No response for a month. The next call James answered the call and told me "you are not eligible for a refund and you need to get a covid jab for the "greater good."

He cancelled my cruise instead of giving a refund. A month later I spoke with a nice young lady who stated unfortunately because they had not refunded my money as requested and as James had cancelled my trip, my money would stay in an account until such time that I could reschedule. I am so sick of this company and of being treated so badly.

Vantage Travel services need to improve
August 8, 2022

Paul C August 08, 2022

In August 2022, My wife and I arrive at the SFO airport to check-in our bags and find out our flight to Bucharest was cancelled. We were confused why out flight is cancelled.

Airline was not to helpful and told us call your travel agent.. So, I call Vantage to find out why our trip was cancelled. It seems Vantage will cancel your trip without informing you ASAP.

I emailed a message to their customer service later to get their reason for canceling the trip, it was due to low water level at the Danube river. I have booked this trip since 2019 and now I have to wait another year and hopefully nothing will happen in 2023.

Vantage - No Service or Cruise
August 1, 2022

Booked and paid Beauty of British Isle on Ocean Odyssey for July 2022. Company did not notify of cancellation . Found out cancel same day air was canceled by them. Took near a month to receive any notice of cancellation ( they call it postponed) This is their way in not having to provide a refund. They do not have the Odyssey available and the Ocean Odyssey it still sitting in China. Customer service rude, hang up on me. Ask for room assignment, just say keep checking your portfolio information. Are there any class actions in progress? We are seniors and $24,000 + loss is not acceptable.

Can we count on them to follow through and provide the cruise? What is my new cabin #, will you have the Ocean Odyssey in 2023. They angrily say " How do you get these questions" and then hang up phone after waiting hours at a time. Agree with other reviewers, they do not earn even 1 star. How can they treat clients this way?

We have been postponed to 2023. Please Vantage, treat customer properly!!!!

Ocean Odyssey that is sitting in the yards in Nantong China.
July 24, 2022

Having traveled with Vantage all I can say is well done every trip was fantastic.

With that said I am rather amazed that Vantage continues to sell trips on their new ship Ocean Odyssey that is sitting in the yards in Nantong China.

Not a word is said that they have had to cancel trips because the ship is not seaworthy yet. Vantage you can do better than this. At 73 years of age, I feel that I am on a short timeline until I meet my maker. I cannot keep pushing trips back year after year.

Disappointed and dissatisfied
July 16, 2022

Due to COVID, our original trip was cancelled in 2020. When we re-book a new trip using the "credit" their sales rep. told us the "British Isles" cruise is " a "trip of your lifetime". It's an expensive one but we booked it for our 20-year anniversary on the sailing date of July 10th, 2022.

0n 1st of June, 2022 I chat online for a question and was told our trip has been "postponed". Shockingly, there's no email or any kind of communication until we furious complained and threatened all the way to their headquarter.

Then in 6/14/2022, less then 30 days of the departure date, we finally received an email plus the news that they were NOT going to refund our money (regardless we bought the trip insurance with them) because the trip was NOT "cancelled" but "postponed" to August 2023, one whole year and one month later!!!

No clear explanation of why the trip was "postponed" more than a whole year. Wondering what kind of answers or arrangements of other over 170 passengers of that ship had been got.

Worst, when we asked the cost of booking a different trip using the "credit", they refused to give us a figure claiming they wouldn't know, and we had to wait until we booked the new trip and transferred the "credit" to find out.

Their customer services are terrible and IF you could get a real person on the phone, (after 45minutes or longer waiting), that person was never warm or friendly. They all sounded annoying and inpatient.

They hold our money, and we are their hostages now. We are very disappointed with Vantage and totally dissatisfied with their services.

Don't Travel with Vantage Travel Deluxe of Boston, MA
June 26, 2022

Vantage Deluxe Travel located in Boston. I have asked for a full refund for two trips my husband and I were scheduled to take, but because of his health issues he is unable to travel, per doctors' recommendations.

No matter what I have done to convince this company to refund me for the trips, Vantage refuses, offering travel vouchers, credits, gifting of one trip, and postponements of the trips, instead of returning the $30,226.

My request for the refund dates back several months. In the meanwhile, I have filed a complaint with the Mass. Atty. General's Office, the BBB, Elliot Advocacy, and have contacted various media outlets. The AGO is still working on the complaint.

Vantage responded to the BBB complaint, still refusing to refund me for the trips, and it sent an email to Elliot Advocacy with a response that is unsettling to me as Vantage, without consulting me (as is its habit) decided, again, not to offer even a choice of a refund.

In the course of working assiduously to convince Vantage to acquiesce and refund me, I have also informed the above institutions about Vantage's questionable business policies and practices, which have been complained of by numerous former Vantage customers, each having similar experiences as mine.

I have listed below just five of many links to websites that attest to these complaints and concerns. Vantage has quite the history of poor customer relations and business practices and policies.

MaryMoloney August 05, 2022

I too contacted the Attorney General of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, not very helpful. if there is a class action suit, I am definitely interested.

MargueriteHall September 03, 2022

Traveler Be Aware. The Advantage Disadvantage. I received a phone call from a Vantage customer service representative about two weeks before my small ship cruise departure date of August 23, 2022, to inform me that “The British Isles and Scandinavian Gems” tour had been cancelled.

On that call, I was told that I had been rescheduled for another cruise. The substituted cruise, “Ports of Timeless Wonder London, Normandy, and Scandinavian Gems” is not scheduled to depart until June 9, 2024 and the itinerary is substantially different from the ordinal cruise.

I was told during the initial call, as well as on a subsequent call and online chat, that since I was being rescheduled, Vantage would not refund the cost of tour. To support their position, Vantage provided me with the following excerpt from their terms and conditions titled “Vantage Tour Participation Agreement” shown below. “ALTERATIONS

Rude and Incompetent
May 31, 2022

I booked a trip with Vantage for a river cruise in 8/20 for $15,000 and it was canceled twice due to low volume and then Covid. They arbitrarily rebooked me for 10/21 which I told them we could not do but they left the reservation as active without my knowledge and charged me the full amount for it.

I have been trying to get this resolved ever since but they do not respond. I finally got to a very rude woman at corporate a month ago who said she would check my email communications and let me know.

I have had no further communication and I get no response to my emails or phone messages...

WARNING: Vantage Travle will cancel a trip and KEEP YOUR MONEY
September 16, 2020

I would give Vantage Travel ZERO stars if I could.

Jordon of Vantage informed us this morning that refunding our money, for TWO canceled trips, "was not an option" as decided by their executive committee.

They have $23,691 of our money that they refuse to refund.

Vantage first cancelled our Iberian Peninsula trip schedule for May 2020. Then they canceled their "Switzerland, the Heart of the Rhine

No refund Vantage
August 12, 2020

We booked a river cruise with Vantage in September, 2019, and paid in full in September for an April 2020 cruise. Vantage cancelled the trip in March, 2020 and said we would receive a full refund within 30 days. As of today, August 12, 2020, we have received no refund.

Repeated calls get us nowhere. Vantage cannot tell us when we will receive our refund.

If I could give Vantage zero stars, I would. What an unethical company they are. We’re afraid Vantage will go bankrupt and we will never receive our refund.

Hal Friedman August 25, 2020

We have the same problem. Vantage cancelled our trip and now apparently wants to keep our money. It's been over 100 days and now they stopped answering the telephone.

Vantage Deluxe World Travel
July 24, 2020

If there were a way to give Vantage less than one star, I would do it. Due to the pandemic, we canceled our November 2020 Africa trip in April. First, Vantage tried to convince us to reschedule the trip. We declined. The trip was paid for, in full, by echeck in January. Since April, I have been trying to determine when we will get our refund. Phone calls get disconnected after waiting an hour. Online chat offers no help except to say call the afore mentioned useless phone line.

When you do speak to someone, you are told a supervisor will return your call in 2-3 weeks. The last time I was told that was June 10. I am still waiting for that call. They lie and evade. Customer support is horrendous. I have reported them 3 times to the BBB only to get the same useless answers.

My situation is far from unique. I have conversed with many others directly within Vantage Facebook posts who are getting the same run around. I would recommend never doing business with Vantage. I certainly have learned a hard lesson.

Spam and dodgy dealings
March 4, 2019
They've been spamming us for months and their providers aren't doing anything about it. It's worth noting that they are now operating under the domain name rather than but it's the same site — same logo, business name and page design. I don't know whether they were kicked off their former site by their registrar or host or if they're just trying to cover their tracks by moving around — either way it isn't confidence inspiring. A quick look at shows all their reviews are either 1-star or 5-star: a classig sign of a business that tries to cover up it's poor reviews with shills posting good reviews.