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USA Funding Applications Review: Legit?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  July 17, 2023


USA Funding Applications, found online at, is a website that claims they can help users get access to the millions of dollars in funding available through the US government and private foundations.

The website states they can show you how to get funding for just a $29.95 fee, which they say is the smallest fee they can charge to cover their administrative costs.

Below we take a closer look at USA Funding Applications to see if they live up to their claims.

Getting Started

Besides the administration fee, users will be asked to fill out a basic questionnaire that will help their teams assess what funds they may qualify for, if they qualify at all.

To begin with, you'll have to categorize what type of funding you are searching for.

Funding options include Business Funding, Real Estate Investing or Business, Community Funding, Education and Tuition Funding, Real Estate Home Purchase or First Time Home Buyer, Personal Assistance, and Home Repairs.

To finish your application, you'll need to answer questions regarding:

  • Citizenship, Age, and Gender

  • Your contact information

  • Amount of money you are hoping to be funded

  • Description of how you plan to use the money

  • Explanation of you think you are an ideal candidate for funding

How Does it Work?

According to their website, there are thousands of federal and state programs, foundations, corporations, and other funding agencies that will provide funding for all different kinds of reasons and all different kinds of people.

USA Funding Applications claims to prove that their services are ethical by giving their users a guarantee, stating that they will refund the $29.95 administrative fee to anyone who was denied funding.

To claim this guarantee they request that you provide them with the information of the funding agency you applied to, the response you received, and the application you gave them.

Unfortunately, there have been complaints filed that this company has difficulty honoring this guarantee, often making members wait weeks for even a basic response saying that their refund request was received.

Because of this, people should only feel comfortable using this service if they are ok with losing their registration fee.

In their terms, USA Funding Applications states that the customer may also be enrolled in a monthly service called the 'Funding Application Research Service' which provides research on new funding opportunities.

This service costs $34.95 per month which is waived for the first 30 days.  The customer must request to cancel this membership service by phone or email to stop the charges.

USA Funding Applications may have registered several or more websites selling the same service. 

For example, we have found New USA Funding, located at, to be a very similar website with the same offer, for the same price. 

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Contact Information

Both and have very similar layouts and information.

In their terms, both websites list their phone number as 888-261-4837, their email address as [email protected], and their physical mailing address as:

USA Grant Applications

Another phone number listed on is (888) 364 - 1167. also lists the phone number as 888 364 1120.

The creators of this website also run a very similar website called New USA Funding at

Is USA Funding Applications Legit?

This is an important question to ask, as there are many unethical companies out there that charge fees for promising to help people try and receive government funds, which the vast majority of people will never actually qualify for.

These companies often use high-pressure sales tactics and make false promises of guaranteed funding.

It's important to be cautious when dealing with any company that claims to provide funding or grant assistance, and to research the company thoroughly before doing business with them.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid falling victim to a scam.

Be wary of unsolicited calls or emails offering funding or grants. Legitimate government grants and funding programs are not typically advertised through unsolicited means.

Avoid companies that require an upfront fee.  Legitimate funding and grant programs do not require an application fee or other upfront costs.

Check the company's reputation.  Look for reviews and testimonials from other customers, and see if the company has any complaints or negative reports filed against it.

Be cautious of companies that guarantee funding or make unrealistic promises.  Government funding and grants are typically awarded through a competitive process, and there is no guarantee that you will receive funding.

It's always best to check the legitimacy of any organization or company that you are considering working with. 

By checking out their website and their credentials, and finding out if they have any valid and up-to-date licenses to operate and if they are affiliated with reputable organizations.

If you have any experience with USA Funding Applications or New USA Funding, please leave your reviews below.

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USA Funding Applications Customer Reviews

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Treating Customers With Disrespect
December 2, 2023
This organization is the worst rude Customer service, rude and very disrespectful to customers it’s time to report the problem

That your company is legitimate and secure.
November 25, 2023

Your site is well organized. It's lovely that you offer customer service assistance. Many organizations need to provide quality help. Your hours of service are also impressive. I will be using this on a regular basis.

As a 79-year-old military veteran, I've been unemployed for months and seek to jump-start my own business.

Very Helpful Grant Site
November 22, 2023
Very efficient and user friendly. Very informative and laid out so that it's easy to navigate to different grant pages.

Informative Information
November 10, 2023

Very informative. Spreads hope to individual's like myself for help in all categories. For all individual's. Especially women. Awesome!

They are there to help people that need financial help.
November 7, 2023
I think the USA application site was very easy to fill out and to understand.

Great Veteran Source
November 3, 2023
good source to search for assistance with my small home-based business. Also, able to search by different categories.

PLS don't do it
November 2, 2023

They pay you 30 dollars to get sent a link to the financial aid website that you could've found on your own anyways, then I asked my my money back and they gave me 20 of the 30 dollars they charged me, they're getting 10 bucks a pop off people who are just trying to apply for their loans, bad website.

Agriculture, innovation and training.
October 29, 2023
I think the site has a lot to offer. I do not see a category for agricultural research. This is a key area that has a lot of potential for continued development in research, research training and international agricultural work

Funding is out there for good ideas
October 25, 2023
Great!! Very easy to use & helpful. I am well aware of Corporations needing to offset profits with losses, while others engage in philanthropic endeavors to balance their tax liability as well as to bolster their public image. I've seen many public service oriented ideas never come to fruition due to a lack of funding

Fast application
October 25, 2023
The process was easy and very self explanatory

Mostly that someone has my back and trying to help me keep from drowning.
October 24, 2023
Your company is my last shred of hope that I won’t lose my house. Just knowing that your company is considering helping me keep my home takes a lil bit of the stress that I’m under. I’m sure You’ve helped many people that were in the same boat as me. Thank you and your company for considering to help me.

USA Funding
October 23, 2023
USA Funding has a very nice unique website. Lots of topics to choose from and a funding application for grants if you would like to sign up for school , housing, bills, a business , and ‘etc’ .I rated a 5 because the website really stands out . Thanks USA Funding

Horrible business and customer service
September 28, 2023

This is a scam, I got charged without my authorization...

Run Forrest, run!
August 19, 2023
Extremely sketchy, my experience had too many red flags that screamed “scam”. Extremely disturbing since it was a government organization that referred me to them (workforce services).

Thank God for review sites to fight back this fraud!
July 28, 2023
Thanks to this review site for helping people! I am praying that this company and its deceitful employees stop the scam. I hope a lawyer or someone can shut this company down. Remember to ALWAYS look for reviews before giving anyone any money!

Horrible company and a scam
July 13, 2023
This company is a scam, they don't produce what they claim. The grants are fake and don't exist. The employees are rude and disrespectful. I attempted to get a refund a month ago and I still have not recieved a refund. I, spoke to Juan , who claims to be a supervisor. He is extremely rude and nasty.

It’s a scam don’t spend your money
May 30, 2023

It’s a scam, I worked here for two weeks from home and the company itself is a joke. They literally fire employees for not making enough sales per hour but guess what we can’t make sales because everyone knows it’s a scam and plus people never get their money refunded to them and they also never get grants.

May 12, 2023

This place will cuss you out, not professional they need to be shut down they are scamming people out of money. Do not do business with them...

J.K.Johnson June 07, 2023

Obviously, another criminal organization that is allowed to exist by our nation's law enforcement. Apparently, our law enforcement are spending too much time hunting the real criminals like President Trump and his supporters!!!

TrulyScrumptious August 27, 2023

Keep your Trump hating politics where they belong. People are here looking for useful information. If they wanted Trump hating political rhetoric they'll go to Facebook, Twitter etc. Law enforcement has nothing to do with handling this type of BS.

You must be very small minded to allow political BS to live there full time. Instead of hiding behind your keyboard anonymously, why don't you go out in the real world and be part of the solution. Na that would take some effort and leaving the herd of Sheeple.

March 28, 2023

Rude and huge scam! how is a company allowed to do this to people. people seeking funds for their livelihood.

I called to cancel and the woman i spoke to a nasty woman who refused to cancel the transaction and when i asked to speak to a manager she said she was the manager and then proceeded to hang up on me. she refused to refund anything and the site does not do what it says at all.

all the applications on the site ask for more money out of your pocket. beware and do not give them the money you already dont have.

J.K.Johnson June 07, 2023

We have allowed criminals to operate our government, and now we are surprised that they allow other criminals to operate in America! ELECTION FRAUD MATTERS!!!

Here Is How To Really Apply For A Grant
September 4, 2022

this site is obviously a scam. if you want to apply for a grant explains everything you need to know, well almost everything.

when you first start out and you go to the first thing you wanna do is go to the learn grants tab and do a little educating yourself about the website and grants in general because their database has every grant there is and there are probably billions of grants out there and you want to know how to customize your search to your needs.

the websites I have given and the websites listed on will not result in spam calls/emails and will not require credit/debit card info or money from you. they are legit government websites. another website you might want to look at is there’s so many grant opportunities out there you just have to know the difference between the legit stuff from the not legit and in order to be able to tell you have to do research I have spent countless hours doing my homework researching different programs, grants, government websites, all kinds of opportunities.

I have also spent hours on those website that have you fill out a survey asking you if you’ve been in an auto accident in the past two years and if you would like a credit card guaranteed approval, and if you or anyone you love blah blah those are all scams and will result in nothing but spam calls and emails.

I wish you all the best and hope you can receive the assistance your looking for God bless!

DeannaLuce September 14, 2022

Thank you for commenting, I almost fell for the site then thought I better google and see what others say. I will go to both sites you mentioned and hopefully I can get the help I need to pay for my MBA and start a new business.

DeniseWaples November 07, 2022

Thank you Angela,

I am in such a dire need I almost fell for it. I am thankful for people like you who take the time to help the unknowing and share your information/experiences.

DorisR Blackmon April 02, 2023

Thank you Angela. I am a senior citizen and need to have some renovations in my home which I can't afford. Saw the info re: grants but stopped when I saw the fee for $29.95. Anytime someone asks for money it makes me pause. I am glad you gave further info about USA Funding. Too many seniors are taken advantage of who can ill afford it. Again, thanks for the information

KimberlyBrooks April 20, 2023

Thanks for all of the information, as, it saved me $29.95. I almost fell for it, however, my children have "drilled it into my brain", about running everything through google, before, you do anything....thanks kids and thanks to all who have done these reviews.

Jay September 13, 2023

This information was extremely helpful. Unfortunately, I paid the fee. Once in the back page I immediately knew I made a mistake and called to cancel. I will just write that $29.99 off but I am not happy.