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About Underground Assault Rifle System

The Underground Assault Rifle System found online at UndergroundAssaultRifle.com is a website which claims to teach people how to purchase an AR-15 without a serial number and without filing paperwork.

The Underground Assault Rifle System website says that their goal is to help you obtain an AR-15 assault rifle before "the crooks in Washington" take away your ability to own one.

The website claims that while the government is "foaming at the mouth" to stop people from buying assault rifles, they know that people just want to own these rifles for the purposes of hunting and sport.

So, for the discounted cost of $27 off of their regular price of $97, they will give secret, insider information on how to purchase an AR-15 without the government knowing anything about it.

The problem made with the statements made by UndergroundAssaultRifle.com is that currently in the United States it is not illegal to own an AR-15 assault rifle. Citizens without felony convictions or other individual restrictions may buy one completely legally.

In addition, when you take into account individual state gun laws, there are only six states within the United States that regulate the ownership of an AR-15 more than other guns that are also legal to purchase.

Therefore, United States citizens who have no criminal background do not need a "secret loophole" to access an AR-15. They can just go to a legally licensed dealer and purchase one if they choose.

The Underground Assault Rifle System uses fear mongering to encourage people to purchase unregistered and unidentifiable assault weapons. They make claims insinuating that if the government were to institute laws that made these weapons illegal, these laws would also result in the government retroactively seizing these weapons from people who purchased them when they were legal, even though no government has ever threatened or even suggested that they would retroactively seize weapons.

Consumers with questions can submit an email through their website or contact them via regular mail at 2215 Plank Road #111, Fredericksburg, VA 22401.

If you have any experience regarding this website, please leave your Underground Assault Rifle System reviews below.

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bull crap

February15, 2019

didn't get what I paid for no customer service. after 11 calls still got lame bull crap story, promised a link still never got it .

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Don't do it

February28, 2015

Great info but don't ever try to cancel your subscription, because customer service is NON-EXISTENT. I tried for three months to contact the company to get them to stop charging my account for their newsletter and I never got anyone to answer the phone. I sent hundreds of emails, literally hundreds. I responded to every single email they bulk sent and have yet to hear back from anyone. Their website says they are members of the BBB but they are not. They are also not officially recognized by the NRA as they state, and I believe Glen Beck is wrongly lumped in with them because i have yet to find any direct quote from Beck stating that he supports them. I am a huge 2nd amendment advocate which is why I bought the system, but I am also a big fan of customer service. What UGAR LLC is engaging in is illegal, dishonest, and quite frankly does not reflect the views of the gun culture which i am proud to be part of. I actually had to cancel my debit card to get them to quit billing it monthly. I strongly urge anyone contemplating this system to stop and read this. There are better systems and the stuff contained in it can be had by a little diligent search. Go to AresArmor.com i think or just type in 80% lower AR and Aresarms and you will find everything you need to know. DON"T BE SCAMMED BY UGAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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September 18, 2016

Thank you Terrence O'Malia, I would have walked right into this scam with my credit card and been bled dry if not for your review.

June 29, 2018

I have had the same problem with UGAR. Avoid them. Customer service is non existant. I purchased and received a DVD and 3 downloads which I considered to be worth the 5.99 spent but they continued to charge me $39.95 a month and in return I received a short report which contained information which is general knowledge. I will be turning them over to BBB.

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1 Review

UAR System sales pitch

April15, 2014

Save $27. Here it is:

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January 07, 2015

I ordered the $ 27.00 package and received every thing I was told I would get. The only problem I have is that I got charged Twice. when I tried to contact them using the phone number I got someone selling mobile Homes and the web site don't work.

February 28, 2015

AMEN, I couldn't get anybody to answer the phone.

September 18, 2016

Thank you so much! You and Terrence O'Malia saved me from a terrible and costly mistake!

November 12, 2016

Is there's a free link for the "the underground 1911 handgun guide" ? It's from the same website.

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