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Beware, they’re calling and trying to scam for more money now.
October 20, 2022

Same song and dance as everyone else who’s already posted however, it seems they have sold a lot of our information to scam so I keep getting called and told that I owe them money which is ridiculous.

UGAR, LLC. Stay away from this one.
September 24, 2021
I ordered a DVD back in December 2019 and ended up being charged $39 a month (pricey) for the newsletter. I was also charged $77.00 a month for several months. I contacted UGAR, LLC and was given a partial refund. The address at 2215 Plank Road #111 is a UPS store mailbox. The principal at UGAR, LLC is C. Osborne. This is a Nevada Corp. which had its filing status revoked in August 2018. Stay away from this one.

December 19, 2020

Purchased the how to in the 1911. Which i got the dvd and the digital copy for the 9.99 shipping. But noticed later i was also charged a 2.95 for idk what. And after calling and leaving VM and emails i got no response.

However I did notice an email with the manual for the ak-47 days after. Still got no response from them but Lucky him I didn't get hit with that $77 as well cuz things woulda hit the fan then. The hell with calling BBB, or the bank, I'm not rich but I got reach. Lol. Avoid.

Just read above, dude gives you the links and it's free.

October 12, 2020

I just went through this with I was responding to a "free" DVD offer, with a $9.95 s/h charge. I was OK with that, but then a mysterious $77, and a second $9.95 charge appeared on the credit card account. The credit union that issued the card called me, almost immediately, asking if I had authorized these charges, which I did not.

The card was immediately blocked.

Here's the fun part, when I finally was able to reach someone at their supposed "support" phone #s, I was told I would have to take this up with my bank, since the credit card had already been blocked

Trying to get this resolved was like pulling teeth . . . DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, it's not worth the misery.

October 12, 2020


Similar to other comments here, I responded to one of those email notices to get the "free Underground 1911" DVD. Against my better judgement, I decided to go for it, with a $9.95 s/h fee, and another $2.95 fee.

OK, gave it a try, but was immediately hit with a $77 dollar charge for "something" I did not order, had no interest in, and an additional $9.95 fee.

The fraud

July 24, 2020
Ordered a free video $5.95 for shipping. Insurance is offered for $2.95. It is automatically added to you order. I was also charged $77.00 for allegedly adding another item to my purchase. There is no cart so you don't know what your being charged for until you see your email. The U.S. area code # is answered by a machine. My email has yet to be answered. I am awaiting follow through. Beware this is a SCAM. IF it were a legitimate business you would see what you ordered in some form of online cart.

Caleb Lee runs a few gun site scams UGAR
June 9, 2020
There is no "system" here. Is it a scam to sell information that is freely available online? That what this is--re-packaged free information that links you back to the free site This guy also runs UGAR LLC and it is being heavily promoted by The business address is a UPS Store in a strip mall. Basically, a glorified PO box. He also runs and probably some other gun sites, too. You can log into and get extensive information on building AR's. Buy an awesome 80% lower router jig from 5D Tactical (YouTube it) and finish your lower like a pro. The 5D jig is the best I've seen. You need a small router and a drill but you don't need a drill press.

Another Scammed Customer
April 4, 2020

I, like many of the other reviewers, was swindled through a promotional email. The gimmick, get this DVD free with a bunch of other cool stuff - you only pay shipping of $5.95. Sounds great. So I purchased the DVD and was IMMEDIATELY hit with some b.s. $77.00 charge and another one for $2.49 on top of my $5.95 DVD purchase. Unbelievable. Unacceptable. This is NOT a rare occurrence. This is downright fraudulent and 100% intentional.

I went back and reviewed the ad 4 times and saw NOTHING of the DVD purchase requiring a $77.00 thing. Or a $2.49 thing. So I went though the payment process again, looking for any fine print and I found NONE! I can't believe this scam.

March 1, 2020
My wife ordered the $5.95 PDF/DVD from UGAR (AR-15 build) but was also charged $77 for a subscription, which was advertised to her as a "free bonus." I left a VM on their customer service line

bull crap
February 15, 2019
didn't get what I paid for no customer service. after 11 calls still got lame bull crap story, promised a link still never got it .

Don't do it
February 28, 2015
Great info but don't ever try to cancel your subscription, because customer service is NON-EXISTENT. I tried for three months to contact the company to get them to stop charging my account for their newsletter and I never got anyone to answer the phone. I sent hundreds of emails, literally hundreds. I responded to every single email they bulk sent and have yet to hear back from anyone. Their website says they are members of the BBB but they are not. They are also not officially recognized by the NRA as they state, and I believe Glen Beck is wrongly lumped in with them because i have yet to find any direct quote from Beck stating that he supports them. I am a huge 2nd amendment advocate which is why I bought the system, but I am also a big fan of customer service. What UGAR LLC is engaging in is illegal, dishonest, and quite frankly does not reflect the views of the gun culture which i am proud to be part of. I actually had to cancel my debit card to get them to quit billing it monthly. I strongly urge anyone contemplating this system to stop and read this. There are better systems and the stuff contained in it can be had by a little diligent search. Go to i think or just type in 80% lower AR and Aresarms and you will find everything you need to know. DON"T BE SCAMMED BY UGAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Deacon Blues September 18, 2016

Thank you Terrence O'Malia, I would have walked right into this scam with my credit card and been bled dry if not for your review.

KenWade June 29, 2018

I have had the same problem with UGAR. Avoid them. Customer service is non existant. I purchased and received a DVD and 3 downloads which I considered to be worth the 5.99 spent but they continued to charge me $39.95 a month and in return I received a short report which contained information which is general knowledge. I will be turning them over to BBB.

UAR System sales pitch
April 15, 2014

Save $27. Here it is:

Charles Giles January 07, 2015

I ordered the $ 27.00 package and received every thing I was told I would get. The only problem I have is that I got charged Twice. when I tried to contact them using the phone number I got someone selling mobile Homes and the web site don't work.

Terrence O'Malia February 28, 2015

AMEN, I couldn't get anybody to answer the phone.

Deacon Blues September 18, 2016

Thank you so much! You and Terrence O'Malia saved me from a terrible and costly mistake!

Asanis November 12, 2016

Is there's a free link for the "the underground 1911 handgun guide" ? It's from the same website.

Doug Johnson March 01, 2020

JacobKennedy July 07, 2023

I bought a bulk of all Underground Gun Guides for like $50 or so, but never received anything. Does anyone have the other links?