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Snuck in an annual subscription
June 9, 2022

I purchased his book "The War on Cash" and paid $60 little did I know that he would sneak in an annual subscription of $109.

I wouldn't be upset if I was informed prior but don't try and SCAM people.

A big scam - I was charged without my knowledge
July 24, 2020

I wish I could give a minus zero... The guy is only worried about his pocket by skimming money from members for useless report.. There are better sites for that - people do your own research and invest

Do not reply on anybody

I was charged in Feb 2019 and I was surprised to see a charge again in nov 2019... I immediately called and cancelled - no credits... Horrible and unethical practice.

The Ultimate Wealth Report is the Ultimate Loss Report
January 26, 2016
Subscribed 3 years, 80% of the recommendations have lost 33-98% to date. He claims you will make money in 12-18 months, not the case since 2013. Beware.

samuel morreale re: Portfolio's vavlue
November 13, 2015
As of Oct I ,2015 there were 26 stocks in Sean's portfolio. If one were to have purchased 1 (one) share of each at entry price the total investment would have been $1387.95. The current market price that day would have been worth $717.51. --a decrease in value of 52% Please comment. [email protected] Thank You

Not a good practice
September 21, 2015

I am fully aware that I subscribe to one of their services. Last May 2015, I cancelled Ultimate Wealth Report. I seldom read the email. Today, my wife noticed in our credit card statement that an amount $97 was charged in our credit card. Vendor is High Income Factor. I called High Income and reasoned out that I cancelled it last May. The lady explained to me that I have 2 subscriptions. One from Ultimate Wealth, second is High Income. I explained that I am not aware that I have 2 subscriptions. As far as I know of, I only have one which I already cancelled month ago.

I checked my email. Last Sept 5, 2015, they sent me an email informing me that my subscription to High Income will be renewed if I will not respond within 30 days. I said, today is only Sept 21. 16 days only. below the 30 days . How come they already charged my credit? The lady explained that while the email mentioned 30 days, but it is not always like that. I voiced out that I do not appreciate their misrepresentation. I emphasized to the rep that I am not mad at her but disappointed on how they company is doing their business.

In fairness, the rep said that I will get a refund in 60 days. Let us see if they will hold their words.

December 9, 2014
Be sure to short his picks first

Appears to be a Dangerous Site
November 2, 2014
I thought I singed up for his newsletter but have now been charged $400 in 2 months and am not pleased

Exactly What I've Been Seeking
June 17, 2014
For years I have sought a no nonsense and Biblically-minded advisor to just tell me what to buy/sell and when to buy/sell it. Sean does exactly that, but more than that, teaches me through weekly videos and a monthly newsletter his methodology for choosing the stocks he chooses. I wasn't looking for this, but it helps me understand, and therefore trust, Sean's decisions. In the end, the decisions are mine. Sean doesn't touch my money or make my trades. He simply advices me, but it is up to me to "pull the trigger."

Kevin Alan January 19, 2016

would love to hear a follow up from you now! Still happy?

very educational & helpful
January 11, 2014

it is very good especially when he explain the portfolio using the charts. This is not a get rich quick scheme. The time horizon is to buy & hold for 12 to 18 month. He tells people when to buy and at what price and more importantly when to sell. Just this past two week he issued two calls to sell (BP, TOT, FCX & MT) as an example.

In the above article the author wrote quote "He also promises that his newest stock choice is guaranteed to go up 80% over the course of the next four weeks, due specifically to the current market and the dollar’s decline in value." unquote. I wonder which stock was it that he is talking about. I have listened to all his weekly update since October when I joined and have never heard him say that sort of claim. I am even investing in some of the stocks that is in the recommended list.

Ultimate Wealth Report Scam
December 31, 2013
I paid 47 dollars for a one year subscription to Sean Hyman's Ultimate Wealth Report. Now three months into the subscription, Newsmax has charged my credit card 97 dollars for no aparent reason. I do like Sean Hyman but he is employed by Newsmax and they are out to steal your money now that they have your credit card information. Be careful.

Ken Worthey February 20, 2014

the reason you got chargted $97 is because you didn't select 1yr. on the registration form! that price ($97) was for two yrs!! A GREAT bargaib In my opinoin!! I have been a well pleased member for about 10 months now,&just renewed both my subscriptions (UWR&Absolute Profits) for 2 yrs each!!! sorry you missed out on such a great price!! I plan to stay with SEAN HYMAN until I Die!!! Best stock advice i have found,in 30 yrs of Investing!!!!!

Melissa Kirkland Jaynes June 11, 2014

Or it could be because you chose to add the High Income Factor and did not tell them you wanted to cancel it. I just watched the video for the first time and I read where it says they will charge you $97 after three months for a year's subscription to that letter. Hope you get it worked out!

Connie Cortright August 20, 2014

I canceled the High Income Factor also before I was charged the $97 since I didn't have time to read both websites. Since then I haven't been charged anything else.

Love it
December 4, 2013

Weekly review of stock charts and explanation in simple terms you can follow about stock movement. Even if you are not vested in XYZ stock, you get an education on reading stock. Well worth the time and small fee to be a member, not to mention alerts when it is time to get out of a stock.

As they say, past performance does not guarantee future one, but so far very satisfied. recommend highly the services of Sean

Mark Russell December 31, 2013

I purchase a one year subscription to this news letter for 47 dollars. Now three months later News Max has charged my account 97 dollars for no aparent reason. I like Sean Hyman's news letter, but he is working for a company that will rip you off. My oppinion is that this is a scam for News Max to get your credit card information so they can take you to the cleaners. Be careful.

Mark Russell January 03, 2014

I was refunded everything that was charged to my account. What a relief.