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TruVarin Review: A Detailed Look

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  November 20, 2023


TruVarin enriched hair growth formula is a topical hair spray whose sellers claim can help stop and even reverse hair loss in men and women.

Headed by Dr. Gregory Smith, TruVarin is intended to prevent the shedding and hair loss, and then provide the body with nutrients to regrow hair.

Below we take a closer look at TruVarin to see if it’s a legitimate hair loss solution or just another scam.

Seller Claims

The promotional sales page for the product uses a formula common to the supplement industry.  It starts by appealing to potential customers' needs, fears, and insecurities about a particular health issue.

In this case, it’s by telling stories of how much more happy, successful, and satisfied in their relationships TruVarin clients are, and by alluding that you will be too once you can regrow your hair.

The next step is to reveal that only the seller has an exotic and novel solution to your specific problem.  

In this case it’s “a rare nutrient that can regrow your hair that comes from a mysterious, little-known region of Mongolia…”

Finally, the seller uses authority figures to come across as legitimate.  In the case of TruVarin the seller claims it's a doctor created formula that has the backing of John Santino, a researcher who’s worked on Rogaine and Propecia.

These types of advertisements are very effective at carefully leading you down the page to the "Buy Now" button, with each step reinforcing your belief that this product will solve your problems and that you’re getting a great deal.

This type of aggressive marketing doesn’t necessarily make TruVarin a scam, but it’s important to understand how these types of companies operate. 

How Does TruVarin Work?

Research has revealed that one of the causes of hair loss in men is the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which shrinks hair follicles found on the head. [1]

Thus, much of hair loss intervention revolves around developing DHT receptor blocking products.

According to Dr. Gregory Smith, the regrowth stage of TruVarin is based on research showing that hair growth is stimulated by cold weather.  

He argues that this can be easily shown by looking at the difference in native peoples’ hair levels from cold vs hot climates.

TruVarin focuses on the body’s endocannabinoid system which has many functions, one of which is temperature regulation.

Dr. Smith believes that by manipulating CB1 receptors TruVarin tricks your body into activating its cold weather response of hair growth.

This two stage process of balancing hormones and stimulating growth is how TruVarin aims to stop hair loss.

TruVarin Ingredients

In their presentation Prosper Wellness, the seller behind TruVarin, reveal that the key ingredient in this formula is Varin, a rare cannabidiol derived from certain hemp plants.

These Varin Cannabinoids, CBDV and THCV, are now being studied for their potential health benefits.  They are molecularly different from their counterparts CBD and THC and have different effects on the body.

The other ingredients in TruVarin used to stimulate hair growth are Saw Palmetto, Caffeine, and Green tea.

Research to Support Claims

TruVarin points to the studies they conducted themselves showing the product’s effectiveness.

Published in the Research Society of Marijuana journal, their trial took 40 participants with male pattern baldness and subjected them to a 6 month treatment of “Hemp oil extract rich in Varins (THCV and CBDV) as well as cannabidiol (CBD) in combination with 3% peppermint oil extract.”

Their limited study resulted in all subjects having some increase in hair count in the measured area, with males experiencing best results in the vertex area (Crown) of the scalp. [2]

Their second study used a slightly different formula to TruVarin and also had positive results, reporting an average hair growth of around 15 hairs. [3]

Saw Palmetto

This plant based supplement has a rich history in traditional medicine and is used for a variety of herbal treatments.  

There are a few very limited studies that show that it also has DHT blocking properties and may be used for hair loss prevention.  [4], [5], [6]

While admitting that current research is limited (but promising) hair loss company HIMS uses Saw Palmetto in one of their hair thickening shampoos.


There is limited research to suggest Caffeine can stimulate hair follicle growth. [7]

Green Tea

A compound found in green tea, EGCG, is a bioactive antioxidant that has been used in many health supplement formulas.

There are limited studies showing its ability to act as a DHT inhibitor.  In on study using mice EGCG was found to decrease testosterone-induced hair loss. [8], [9]

Additional studies also supported it’s ability to help regrow hair in lab conditions. [10]

There is a lot of promising research regarding EGCG, however it's unclear how effective it is for non-hormone related hair loss in humans.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

At this time there is not much online feedback for TruVarin.  This is common for new products, with the only positive testimonials found on the seller's own website and affiliate marketing websites.

On the TruVarin only has 4 reviews at this time with the majority saying it’s too early to tell if there are results, and one unsatisfied customer.

Prosper Wellness itself is accredited by the BB and has an A rating there. 

However, customers only give the company a rating of 3/5 ( from 21 customer reviews ) and the company has 15 customer complaints in the last 12 months.

Hair loss treatments take a long time to show signs of working so it may be awhile before real reviews start being posted from customers.

Customer Service

If you find yourself on their sales website at, currently there is no contact information listed.  Also the terms and conditions pages are not working.

However, if you go to you will be redirected to the online store of Prosper Wellness, a popular Colorado based nutritional supplement company.

There you can find a contact number of 1-800-304-7284 and email for product info at [email protected].

Prosper Welnness lists it's mailing address as:

1990 Depew Street #140690
Edgewater, CO 80214 United States

The relationship between Prosper Wellness and TruVarin is not clear, but if you do not receive any contact details in your order you can try these methods for receiving assistance.

TruVarin also claims to come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are many routes that folks looking for hair loss treatment can pursue.

If you choose medication the leading options are Finasteride (Proscar, Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine).  However, those products may come with potential side effects that should be carefully considered.

Companies such as "Hims" and "Keeps" have attempted to make the process of ordering hair loss treatments online convenient and anonymous.

Natural options include a variety of DHT blocker supplements that use many of the same ingredients found in TruVarin, specifically Saw Palmetto.

Using a Biotin supplement to support healthy hair growth may also be helpful.  There are also dietary changes that you can make to consume more DHT blockers from foods.

The Bottom Line

Hair loss is a giant industry with many companies claiming to offer the best solution.  Knowing how deeply hair loss affects people, marketers are quick to promote new products despite lack of clarity regarding their effectiveness.

There is some research to support TruVarin’s claim that targeting the CB1 receptor may counteract hair loss.  [11

Furthermore, the ingredients used in TruVarin also have promising, albeit limited, research to support their inclusion.  They are also widely adopted by competing hair loss products.

Combined with TruVarin’s own studies on its results make this seem like a decent product to try.

However, the lack of real customer feedback and unclear contact details keep us from fully recommending this product.

It’s also unclear how well this product will work for everyone and if it warrants stopping other treatments in lieu of TruVarin.  Their study does say that it can be used in conjunction with finasteride and minoxidil.

As always you should discuss any new treatments with your doctor before starting to avoid any potential side effects.

If you have any experience with TruVarin, please leave your reviews below.

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