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Class Action Suit
July 28, 2023

If anyone wants to pursue a class action suit against Timeshare Compliance, please respond back.

Bob B

A Serious Fraudulent Scam
November 10, 2022

We bought our Timeshare through Summerpoint and we thought that we were smart enough not to fall for the high pressure that they put on you, none the less we signed up for something that you can never use.

We went to Las Vegas on our own and saw their magnificent building sitting vacant waiting for their next set of idiots to get signed up. They have very negatively influenced our credit.

Then just over a year and a half magically enters TS Compliance and after the spew you have read in the previous reports we were charged just over $8,000 dollars.

I have a great bank and anything over a certain amount they call me. I checked my credit report after I gave them My card number and magically the 4 negative credit reports disappeared, just like that.

I have contacted my lawyer and he is sure that TS Compliance and Summerset are one and the same company. So if they don't get you one way, they get you the other.

I'm a Senior Google Guide and I am fully ready to release this report on Google if either one of these companies contact me again and My Wife and I and Our Lawyer are fully willing to take this Case through the United States Criminal Court System and let them decide. This is Fraud at the Highest Level

They helped me?
December 16, 2020
They did what they said they would, my credit is fine . The timeshare company took advantage of me being disabled . I am clear , free of the debt i had agreed to pay them. And happy again. Thank you Timeshare compliance

June 10, 2020
In short this company cost us an additional 10000 dollars and allowed our credit to be destroyed. The damage they did is far reaching and will cost us for years to come. We can no longer get a loan. Please look somewhere else for a solution.

Greatful for TS Compliance
September 3, 2019

We are so grateful for TS Compliance; they were able to get us out of something we couldn’t believe we got suckered into buying. When we saw the commercial for TS Compliance, we were amazed at how everything they were saying was what happened to us, after we bought it, we were a little embarrassed that it did happen to us, we are both strong willed people, how did it happen to us? No matter how embarrassed we were, we needed to call them. They explained the whole procedure to us and set us up with a credit service that assisted with our credit throughout the process. Before we saw the commercial, we just kept paying on it, over a year of paying, even though we could not use any of the facilities because I am handicapped and they told us it would not be problem, they lied, and we didn’t want our credit ruined.

So, if you’re stuck in a timeshare call TS Compliance, not only did it feel good putting it in someone else’s hand, it felt great when they won the case for us. They train their employee’s really good to sell you the timeshare but not good enough to go against TS Compliance.

Tony and Nancy Murphy

Odoli41 October 19, 2023


Very Disappointed
March 28, 2019

I paid upfront 5,000.00 and never received any information on when the contract was complete. I have called and called and no one calls me back. I talked to Scott Freeman to get the Blue Green off my credit with no help. he will not contact me back or will they fix my credit. I paid in full and Blue Green is still on my husband and my Credit and the Contract has been complete in Nov,2018 they promised me so much and did not deliver.

Very Disappointed..


ScottFreeman April 10, 2019

Timeshare Compliance takes all of our customers' statements very seriously. Mrs. Lascano

Melissa January 12, 2020

Any update on the contract? I am looking to go through this company. Any information would help thank you

LorettaWilson-Lascano January 17, 2020

Hello Melissa,

I recommend you not to go with Timeshare compliance.

My credit is ruined and they owe me money and they told me it will be here today at the latest the mail came no check. That came from Tara Mc Million, She said call me back in ten minutes and I did It has been over an hour and no will answer the phone. I have been working with Lauren Jones and she has been lying to me over and over. Scott Freeman was suppose to call yesterday afternoon. He never called me that came from Tara. With a great big promise. This has been the worst company I have ever worked with. They made me promises at the start and now they lie...

Thanks Loretta

LorettaWilson-Lascano January 28, 2020

I am still waiting on my money they have never called me back....

Going to the BBB. So disappointed!!!!!