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Cold, terrible and uncaring customer service. They do not honor their satisfaction guarantee.
July 21, 2017

They may have a wide selection of items, but their customer service is cold, uncaring and is truly terrible! They claim to have the strongest guarantee in the business as they say, "Order with complete confidence! Your satisfaction is guaranteed, period," but I absolutely disagree as I was not satisfied with my order one bit and there is no such thing as satisfaction guaranteed, period.

They also claim to have a lowest price guarantee, as they say, "If you find a lower advertised price for an item we sell within 30 days of placing your order, we will refund you the difference. Proof of purchase and a copy of the retailer’s lower advertised price is required." Guess what? I did exactly all that, I already bought the item and showed them the proof of purchase and the retailer's lower advertised price and they absolutely refused to honor the lowest price guarantee that they claim to have, and then ignored me. Absolutely despicable as they did not stand behind their words one bit at all. They will not honor their words and their satisfaction guarantee is a lie.

If you shop with this company, know that their customer service is truly terrible and they will not stand behind the satisfaction guarantee that they claim to have. I was a Club Member of SPG and they did show me as a customer a single ounce of respect. 0/10 company. Despicable company that rather side with their money than with the customer and the guarantees that they claim to have. From my experience, I do not recommend this company at all. Worst customer service, ever! I shake my head at this company as it's probably the worst business I have encountered in my life.

A Customer July 21, 2017

Unknowingly I have made 2 reviews, but I had to get the message across of this business with the worst customer service I have come across in my life.

Bemor Stern October 27, 2019

No one really knows just how good, bad or indifferent a business is until something goes wrong. Sometimes just the fact that (too many) somethings tells the story. Unfortunately S.G. is looking to crown themselves with that title............

November 9, 2016
this company has the worst customer service items are shipped late orders are canceled for no reason... they don't like when your use a legit coupon at check out. the buyers club sucks and is a waist of money!!! my advice stay away the sportsmans guide and do business with a company that cares about its customers

They don't deserve your money
August 29, 2016

I've just completed my first and most certainly my last transaction with Sportsman's Guide. I ordered a night table safe and long story short, had to call in FIVE times to verify credit card information because I was a new customer. Why five times? Because whatever needed to be done on their end as a result of the verification in order to progress the order forward, just wasn't done. They even had me conferenced in with the issuing bank - something I've had to do with online orders in years and years and through thousands of orders, exactly NEVER. But even then, the order sat pending, thus resulting in yet another call.

No kidding, I spent a total of 3 hours on the phone for this order, including with supervisors twice, and not a single person sounded as though they cared even slightly.

Their processes are ridiculous. Their staff simple couldn't care less (including supervisors), and it's evident that management has absolutely no interest in improving things after a long history of complaints and poor ratings.

They simply do not deserve your hard earned money. With so many other places to get the stuff we want, I will never ever choose Sportsman's Guide again and would very strongly encourage you to spend you hard earned money someplace more deserving.

low price guarantee ? not in my experience .
December 22, 2015
A few minutes ago I experienced Sportsman guide low price guarantee first hand . upon placing a few cases of ammo in my cart I decided to check out some other online stores to see if I could do better . Easily I found several sites with better prices . and one in particular with a $65 savings plus free shipping . So I called SG and asked if they would just meet this price and being a long time customer of SG figured I could use their club 4 pay plan and spread out the wallet shock over 4 months . No go , they wouldn't even match the offer . No guarantee there . So lesson learned Sportsman guide is not the cheapest place around , so do your homework boys and girls , there are better places and deals out there . and remember there are no guarantees in life no matter what they claim .