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Relief FX is the real deal
October 17, 2015

Most of the reviews deal with customer service issues, and I have not engaged with customer service so I can't comment on that.

But I can tell you with complete confidence that Relief FX will eliminate your pain quickly and effectively. After experiencing it first hand I have referred the product to about a half dozen of close friends and every one of them is amazed on how well it works. From headaches, back pain, joint pain, it doesn't seem to matter where your pain is, this product works incredibly well. The real beauty of it is that there are no side effects. I can't speak about his other supplements yet, but Relief FX is fabulous.

Questioned his recommendation to take azomite...
October 3, 2015

I was ready to try the 1$.41 cleanse and looked at the certificate of analysis for the azomite. I noticed that it contains arsenic, lead, and mercury, and sent an email to Shane's company asking how ingesting this stuff is safe. I was told that my question was stupid and a waste of time, along with other insults. If someone is recommending you ingest heavy metals and toxic elements then some explanation is expected. Instead, he just thinks that because he says it's safe that we shouldn't question him.

Also, anyone notice that his Youtube videos all have comments disabled? Clearly he doesn't want anyone questioning his theories or poking at his giant ego. IMO using any of his products or taking any of his recommendations would be foolish.

Julia Brindle April 11, 2016

That is very scary. I wont be buying from him. His mouth on the emails is enough for me to believe what you are saying, he has no respect.

Wendy June 14, 2016

Did you contact the company selling the Azomite? Several companies have "Safe for Human Consumption" right on the bag with a toll free number to call. How much research did you do?

Wendy April 19, 2017

I did research the Azomite and saw "safe for consumption " on the one I bought. However, as soon as I started using it I had blood whenever I went to the bathroom. I stopped the cleanse immediately but continued to have blood for about a month. After this experience I unsubscribed from his emails and longer follow him on YouTube. I believe the bleeding came from internal hemmoroids (sp ?) exacerbated by the Azomite. I don't care if is safe for human consumption. . . I bled for a month.

Gary May 27, 2017

I tried the $l.41 Cleanse last night and if didn't work like Shane said it would. I think I will try it again without the Azomite, since it doesn't sound like a product to use for human consumption.. Further, I don't like the language he uses in his email. But he is what he is. Also, his products are expensive and so are shipping charges.

March 21, 2015
Not sure of the effect of the products, as I haven't had a verifiable response. My husband does feel the Joint FX has eased his hip joint pain. However we had some very strange email exchanges when asking question about products or customer service. We tried Cinergy to help with controlling blood sugar. When it didn't seem to have any effect, I asked for advise. I was told "eat fresh vegetables and fish, grass fed beef, and NEVER touch fruit". Not exactly useful dietary advise. I've also been threatened with "cutting you from our list" due to questions or complaints about product quality or availability. Shane Facebook page is full of ego and arrogance. I guess his business model is "if people think you don't need them, they will want you that much more." Are the products any good? Not sure. Is the company well run or customer centered? Not in the least from what I've seen.

Jackie Parsons April 19, 2015

I felt that my question was not taken seriously and answered by a email saying things like if I was another whiner or complainer etc. that I was simply wasting their time, and had no value to them. My question was how people like me on disability who needed these medications the most, had no way in the world to afford them since they did not accept insurance nor Cen Cal for disability.. The only people that could afford them were people that had plenty of money and could afford $30 to $40 dollar bottle of 1 months supply of pills. How can people like me whom would give my right arm (so to speak)be able to try this miracle holistic drug. I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and now am on one of the meds they say are poisoning my body. How am I to pay for their products on $900 a month? I guess you might call me a pre customer already pissed off. They didn't even write me a personal email back. I was treated rudely. I also feel as the person who wrote "Arrogant Customer Service." With service like that you won't last long, especially with prices like that. The only way you can get away with such high prices is to bend back over backwards for your customers. If I had been the head of Customer Service I would have sent a free bottle to that customer to keep that person a customer who would come back. My father taught me years ago in retail that keeping the customer happy is what made a successful company. If you have a good product and market correctly, always treating your customers with respect and kindness you will make a go of it. .

Larry September 23, 2015

I agree completely. Poor Customer Service (very poor) and excessively high prices (one can buy twice as much as each individual ingredient for less than half the price - they are ALL commercially available).

However, for controlling blood sugar, the advice given is very good.

Blood sugar can be completely controlled (and even Type 2 diabetes cured) with a strict LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) "Diet" (actually a Lifestyle).

Arrogant customer service
February 15, 2015

People who are as rude to customers as Shane Ellison's company should be investigated by the appropriate governing body. It is suspect to me that whenever you ask a valid question, this company will find numerous ways to side-step the query, instead literally turning on you with disrespect and comments that I can only categorize as cruel. They come across as hiding something.

If you have no self respect, then by all means give Shane Ellison your money and most importantly be sure to ask simple questions of his customer service team via email. You will be openly criticized, with numerous attempts at humiliation.

So funny to me that this guy's book is all about getting your hormones back in order when everyone at his company is angry, immature and unreasonable, all of which SCREAMS of hormones that are out of whack. Not a glowing recommendation from his own people for his book or products, which I admit I have purchased and now mistrust. He also charges you a 20% restocking fee, so he fully expects product returns.

Folks, if trickle-down company culture is at play here, then Shane Ellison's customer service team is an indication that Ellison is laughing at everyone who purchases from him. And he can't take offense to people wondering that because he has to know how much his team offends people.

Larry September 23, 2015

Amazing story.

I could never, in good faith, deal with such a business.

I agree completely. Poor Customer Service (very poor) and excessively high prices (one can buy twice as much as each individual ingredient for less than half the price - they are ALL commercially available).

George October 17, 2015


I am not arguing or challenging you, but if you could give a couple of examples of the specific products that can be purchased for much less I am sure that I am not the only one that would like to have that information. Thanks.

Lois Levin December 06, 2015

I've also received insulting and disgusting emails from Shane himself when writing him, asking him what the exact ingredients in Cinergy were. He threatened to cut me off from emails as he doesn't have the time or energy, and at this point, it is not worth MY time or energy to continue bothering with him. I am currently deleting all of his emails and unsubscribing from his email list. I don't even know how he got mine. Good riddance. I agree with all of these reviews. I absolutely would not trust this man. He sounds unstable.

Wendy June 14, 2016

I've had excellent customer service from Eric at The People's Chemist. Perhaps he hired a new staff?

I don't find Shane arrogant at all. In fact, I think he has a dry sense of humor and is just trying to get his point across.

As the granddaughter of a pharmacist, I have always known that doctors are basically drug pushers with massive student loans. My grandfather would have never turned to drugs as the first solution to a health problem. He attended medical school and went on to graduate first in his class at pharmacology college!

And as the daughter of a chemist, I can't even take these negative reviews seriously. It would appear they're more "lashing out" than product review. We all need to do do our own research and not settle for the biased opinion of some unqualified reviewer whose feelings were hurt and decided to post a negative review. C'mon people, take an active role in your health and stop whining because no one is holding you hand.

PenelopeJohnstone October 25, 2017

i am having difficulty reaching ANYONE in costumer service, even the phone does not record costumers messages. must find a new supplier or resource for Joint FX supplemt. what an inconvenience !

wrath of the lamb July 04, 2018

"Wendy" is quite obviously Shane himself.

Ran June 11, 2019

"So funny to me that this guy's book is all about getting your hormones back in order when everyone at his company is angry, immature and unreasonable, all of which SCREAMS of hormones that are out of whack"

Nailed it — along with the fact that for a "chemist," his English is worse than a Nigerian prince looking to give you a million dollars.

Also, he claims to be a chemist who worked at Eli Lily, but has proffers NO PROOF. There are no ingredient volumes on his so-called supplements because he claims it's a proprietary blend. YEAH, RIGHT.

And that 20% "re-stocking fee" SCREAMS "SCAM!"

By the time it's all sorted,"Shane" will be long gone with the money.

New Customer
December 29, 2014
I have a chiropractor that is also a pilot and this company advertises in there paper they get monthly. Him and his pilot friends all take the Cardio FX and says it works like a charm. I didn't know but you cant't fly if you have even a slight high BP. It got it down where it needed. I did read a comment on the review about a girl that says his product gave her a stomach ache. Well Tumeric is good for you, Very good, everything he says is true, I have done my research. Although Tumeric is very bad for people that have diverticulitis, stomach issues that are sensitive. We got it from Protandim which my son did a drug overdose went in hospital, they were giving him gastritis med and hardly helped so I gave him this protandim with Tumeric and it immediately stopped his throwing up, so Tumeric can be a life saver. Although it affects some people different. Valarian root on the serotonin vitamin can give nightmares, but if you can take it, hes is right, its good stuff. I have researched for years and I know this guy knows his stuff, I am very smart when it comes to this stuff, this is my passion. I have not taken anything yet of his stuff, I just ordered and excited. Hope it works well for me, but regardless if it doesn't, this guy is very smart and would love to be a part of what he does, I have been looking off and on for a chemist to create good stuff for me to market, but I am very picky on what I would sell, I wouldn't want to sell anything that I wouldn't take. Everyone is affected differently by vitamins, synthetic is the worse. And the ambulance driver at one time said they get a lot of people in the ambulance from synthetic multi vitamins. Go figure!!

Jason Neff June 17, 2015

Sorry but - your review isn't informed by experience. Let us know when you've used the product AND when you've interacted with the customer service.

Larry September 23, 2015

You have got to be kidding me, right?

You never tried the product(s) - and yet gave them a 5-star rating?

You are either very ignorant (which based upon your spelling and grammar IS likely) - or you are a "plant" by this company to give them a good review (though very poorly written - and ANONYMOUSLY).

Or both!

Lois Levin December 06, 2015

Larry, I am agreeing with you again!! Kudos. There are too many of these so-called alternative companies on the internet. Anyone who does not research them and investigate what they order and/or ingest is very foolish... Unsubscribing as I type. :)

Wendy June 14, 2016

Did anyone read Andrea's comment "I have researched for years and I know this guy knows his stuff, I am very smart when it comes to this stuff, this is my passion."?

Research is important. Some of you reviewers should try it.

Jason Neff, I seriously do not understand this whole customer service problem. As I've mentioned before, I found Eric to be prompt, polite, and helpful. Really, I'm baffled.

Ran June 11, 2019

"I have a chiropractor that is also a pilot and this company advertises in there paper they get monthly. Him and his pilot friends all take the Cardio FX and says it works like a charm."

They must be morons to hang around with someone who writes like a fifth-grader who learned English only last year.

November 21, 2014

Well, I'm still on the fence regarding Shane in general, and most of his products. As an aging pilot with an interest in maintaining good (read: flyable) health I was intrigued when I came across him in an aviation magazine some time ago and have been following him every since.

I did try his $1.41 cleanse and found it effective, if not particularly pleasant. But then, he didn't pull any punches about that.

However, I just spent +/- $37 on a bottle of his Immune FX product that claims to knock out infections within a couple of days by taking 2 capsules twice a day. Welp, I'm on day 6, the bottle's almost empty, and I've still got a nasty cough and upper respiratory infection. It appears to have done exactly nothing. I'm reverting to my tried-and-true Vitamin C/Olive Leaf Extract combo, though by now the infection's probably about run its natural course.

I don't make a lot of money and most of his products are over $30, closer to $40. At that price I just can't afford 'em. I know he says once you buy them, some can be (like the Immune FX) no more than $5 a month, or $10 or $20. But I just blew over $37 on something that didn't work. I don't have the money for too many more experiments like that.

His hype reads well, he seems smart, and like many I'd far prefer to take something natural than any pharmaceutical product. But I dunno ... I'm getting kind of dubious, not to mention getting tired of his foul language. Maybe I'll try one more thing, maybe not. Jury's still out, but it's leaning ....

C. Peperone February 15, 2015

I think your instincts to be dubious were sound. I have had very bad experiences with this company and their customer service. Save your money and the aggravation. Just my opinion.

Pam Cameron March 21, 2015

I also found the Immune FX of no value. My husband uses the Joint FX and it has appeared to ease his joint pain. The customer service is terrible as if his and their attitude toward anyone who questions their products.

Larry September 23, 2015

I gave a thumbs up to your review only because I think that you're starting to catch on.

Cleanses can be uncomfortable - but really are unnecessary. Our bodies are living entities with their own highly complex cleansing system. They are NOT some kind of plumbing mechanism that periodically needs Draino!

Persuasive emotional well-written articles
June 3, 2014
Very persuasive and emotional articles with no good evidence. Often any evidence they have has already been debunked and they completely ignore the counter-evidence. Extremely misleading quotes from professionals taken out of context and applied to arguments the exact opposite of what the quote originally supported. Very clever people. Don't trust them.

Larry September 23, 2015

NO good evidence is THE key.

That and the fact that much of his "evidence" has been debunked and that counter evidence disregarded. Most deplorable is that of taking misleading quotes from true experts and using them in a way that is directly opposite of what the true expert was actually saying.

Good products, deplorable customer treatment
January 19, 2014

Actually, I have used and benefited from some of the products they sell are great. The arrogance and inflammatory behavior of their staff, not so much. I recently sent a note to them about frustrations with their service after receiving an auto-response that felt like a blow off. It was direct and expressed my serious disappointment with my service experience. Rather than concern for my disappointment, much less an apology or reaching out with an olive branch, I received the most defensive and inflammatory customer service response of my lifetime. Here are some actual quotes from their response:

"We get hammered with thousands of emails per day and we do our best to answer all of them, but we can't answer ALL of them at the same EXACT time or immediately. The autoresponse below helps answer some of the more common questions, to save us some time to handle some of the less common questions - Why don't you stop being lazy and try reading it?"

Pay particular attention to this part [the CSR is telling me I should have noted this section of the auto response I was sent]: To all others: If you send spam, hate mail or suffer from "The Whine Flu" and complain too much, you will be deleted from our customer database so that we can save time for our top fans who are actively living young.

At least give us a chance to answer an email - Christ! - you JUST sent your FIRST message 20 mins ago, before you followed up with this whining...

Try this BS with Amazon or EBay or General Motors or Home Depot or your local coffee shop - Do you buy coffee? - Do they provide you with SUPERIOR support on anything, whenever you want it, immediately, for FREE?"

After I replied to that unbelievable email, I received a second letter in which the service rep essentially told me the things I had stated were not true based on his search of their records (apparently not considering that a person might have had a name change, multiple emails and physical addresses, or experiences that happened before he began working for the company). He then ended the email with this: "We are a high-end, natural medicine company, for the select few who are able to make bigger investments into their health. Our customer service is second to none. If it's not good enough for you, then go buy milk thistle from Rite-Aid. Then send them a nasty email demanding they answer questions about their product that you bought and see how far you get. Then try it with Wal-Mart and see if you even get a response. Then try it with Lewis Labs. See how that goes. Try sending the same type of email to Jarrow Formulas - IF you can even find an email address to send a message to. Stop. Now. Last warning."

I don't need to "test drive" the customer service from other providers of high-end supplements... I order regularly from many and receive excellent responsiveness, information, answers and support. The nuance in their service is that you only get it if 1) you are a dedicated "fan", and, 2) you don't dare to challenge or disagree with them. You'll also have to be wiling to accept that you won't be given the recommended period of time to try out a product or risk not getting a refund if you're unhappy, paying high shipping rates unless you purchase $200 in product, or paying a 20% restocking fee, plus return shipping, if you return a product in the required 30 days.

I won't do business with a company that ends its emails with a "warning" for the customer to behave or risk being deleted from their data-base, much less one that calls me lazy, whiners, and tells me the things I say are not true. If you are a "good customer" who is ready to give your supplement supplier free reign to consider themselves perfect and you a disposable commodity, this could be the company for you. But if you wish to be treated with respect, shop someplace else.

Jason Neff June 17, 2015

Amen to that. This review is right on and exactly what I've experienced so far.

Ineeda Brach September 20, 2015

I have only read how bad the customer service is, and I will be frank, the emails Shane sends out, are mostly unprofessional and sounds like he is on steroids. He comes across as arrogant, ignorant, narcissistic. Bad customer service is also unprofessional. For that reason I will not try his products.

Larry September 23, 2015

I had a hard time in giving this review a thumbs up.

It is right on the money with its horrible Customer Service, but absolutely wrong in that it has "Good Products" (good being a combination of effective AND cost efficient). Some of his products do have some ingredients that DO work for that ailment.... that work mildly. But his products are WAY overpriced. You could buy 2-3 times the number of the (actually effective) ingredients for less than 1/2 the business price.

simkai August 09, 2023

He IS his customer service. I thought I was chatting with a rep but it was him. He uses foul language (not a big deal but.......) and talks down to people.

He's arrogant, and told me I needed to get off my fat *** and work out. (He has NO idea what I look like) His product cardio fx, I think has really helped me, but he blocked me from buying from his site because I said he had an attitude, which he clearly does, when I asked him a simple question.

HE'S SO RUDE! He doesn't care about people and their health, his time of judgement will come.