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About The Farmer's Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is pet health brand co-founded by Brett Podolsky partly due to his care and love for his dog Jada who would get sick over again from eating kibble. It is a company based in Crediton, Devon.

With frustration from trying every available kibble in the market and heartbreak from seeing his beloved dog suffer from health problems, he decided to make the switch to real, grain free and freshly cooked meals for Jada.

Cooking meals is already hard work -- especially if you are also going to cook for your pet every day. With how fast-paced each day goes for an average person, it is a burden for some to keep up with this practice.

Luckily, this is where the founders of The Farmer’s Dog got their inspiration. A pet health brand revolutionizing the pet industry, the company’s priority service is to provide fresh and healthy meals customized according to your own pet’s needs. 



A subscription-based service, The Farmer’s Dog creates balanced and vet-approved meals specifically formulated for your dog. Each delivery is made-to-order and pre-portioned to give your beloved pet the nutrition he or she needs each and every day.

The Farmer’s Dog features three formulas of recipes to choose from: turkey, beef and pork. From each main ingredient, other nutritious human-grade ingredients are mixed in like parsnips, sweet potato, chickpeas, etc. to supplement the needed daily nutritional needs of your pet.

All the food has been carefully crafted by top veterinary nutritionists and formulated according to AAFCO standards. The meal plan's price varies depending on your dog’s age, weight, body type, activity levels and special considerations.

To perfectly accommodate your pet’s daily nutritional requirement, a guaranteed analysis is needed to provide the company’s experts a clear idea of how your to prepare your dog’s meals accordingly.

How Does It Work?

The Farmer’s Dog offers a very straightforward approach to deliver fresh and healthy meals conveniently to customers. Through the website, you just have to create an online profile for you and your pet.

This whole process takes less than five minutes by providing your basic information such as name, email address and zip code as well as your dog’s profile which includes its age, weight, sex and breed.

From there, you will be asked to evaluate your pet’s body type, activity levels and eating preferences. After you have inputted the necessary information, it will let you choose which plan you prefer for your pet’s meal.

You will be given three main ingredients to choose from: turkey, beef and pork. Choose your preference from there and place your order. The product will then arrive in an insulated box to keep the food fresh including feeding instructions and daily pre-portioned food.

Cost and Price Plans

As each meal is customized according to your dog’s needs, the cost of each plan varies depending on the information you provided regarding your pet’s age, weight, activity level and more.

After you have filled out the questionnaire on the website, you will be able to determine the price of your plan.

On the website of The Farmer’s Dog, there is also a discount offered to redeem 20% off on your first purchase to enable you and your pet to try out the meal plans for the first time. If your dog doesn't like it, you can send it back or donate it to a shelter.

You can opt to ask for other recipes or a refund in that case.

Customer Service

For a more in-depth information about the company’s products and services, you can get in touch with them via email at [email protected] or through their Instagram and Facebook accounts. You can also reach them via their contact number 646-780-7957.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Generally, The Farmer’s Dog has positive reviews regarding their innovative approach in providing fresh and healthy meals for dogs.

Focusing more on the quality and freshness of dog meals, pre-packed for daily use and fast shipping are some of the most common praises given to the company. However, there are still negative reviews given though they are not necessarily complaints.

Cons regarding the pricing, limited protein options, non-airtight containers, no available option for prescription diets and options for cat food were some of the most common reviews given.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you like the concept of The Farmer’s Dog but are still somehow unsure of committing with the company, there are a few alternatives worth noting. The first company is called Just Food For Dogs.

Similar to the idea of providing cooked meals to your pet vs raw food, they offer cooked meals with real food ingredients as well.

With The Farmer’s Dog vs Just Food for Dogs comparison, you will notice a difference when it comes to price and food options; being in favor of Just Food For Dogs.

The second company is called My Ollie. They also provide cooked meals with real ingredients for your dog. With the Farmer’s Dog vs My Ollie comparison, you will see the difference when it comes to food options; with My Ollie having more protein option source.

The third company is called NomNomNow. Like the ones mentioned before, they provide cooked meals like The Farmer’s Dog.

With The Farmer’s Dog vs NomNomNow comparison, you will notice the difference with the meal options; with NomNomNow offering the same freshly cooked meal plans to cats as well.

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Where to Buy?

Now that you are ready to try freshly cooked meals for your dog, you can go straight to The Farmer’s Dog website at There you will find their step by step questionnaire to determine what meal plan is suitable for your beloved dog.

The company does not use retail stores for distribution as a commitment to invest more on the food’s quality rather than paying for middlemen.


As you recall, The Farmer’s Dog is committed to providing real and freshly made meals to your dog. This is evident in how they consistently strive to create a balanced meal specific to your dog’s need.

With each meal carefully packed and formulated by veterinary specialists according to AAFCO standards, you are assured that your pet dog receives his or her daily nutritional requirements.

Show your love to your beloved fur baby now and keep him or her healthy by ensuring a well-balanced diet for him or her.

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Pet Owner
September 20, 2021
I need to CANCEL my account but can never get through to the company. The phone number (646-780-7957) never works -- that they don't even have an 800 number should be a clue. There is no way to email them because the site redirects you to "create another account"??? Can't find an address to mail them either.

Skeptic no more
May 31, 2021

I was unsure of the claims on the Farmers dog website but decided to give it a try just to see if Bella would eat (she's been a rather picky eater at times). I ordered a 2 week supply and when I fed her the first time, she ate it like I've never seen her eat before.

She LOVES it. She finished the meal, licked the bowl, licked the outside of the bowl, licked the place mat it sits on and then went back and licked the bowl again. We got her a 3 blend order of beef, chicken and pork and she loves all three. I will continue to order this for a month at a time.

The only drawback I see is that you need to make sure you have enough storage space in between feedings. That's why I order a month of meals instead of the 2 month order.

Heads up on billing practices
April 6, 2021

After completing the lengthy questionnaire process to order this food, was told my prepaid card would not be accepted. Now obviously, my prepaid Visa card is just that: prepaid. So they know there absolutely going to get their money there. But they won’t accept that. Because they don’t want my payment. They want the ability to reach into my pocket and take *further* payments, without my permission.

Wrote owner and they said they were “working on being able being able to accept prepaid cards”. (This was a Visa, btw.) I pointed out that as a business owner I know that they can take these payments just like any other Visa card, and they don’t have to “work on being able” to take them, they just have to stop deciding they won’t. He said yeah but they had gotten several “scam trials” so they could not, but not to worry, they would cancel when asked.

Right. So two questions:

1) if you don’t mean to take more money than I mean to give you, why do you need an open-ended payment instead of a single assured one? And

2) what is a “scam trial”? I’m about to pay you over $135 for one week of dog food for two medium dogs and if I’m not willing to give you a blank check instead of a single payment for that I’m “scamming” you? Isn’t the point of a trial that we get to try it before we pay for more? Is your premise that you’re going to be taking a loss for a week of food that costs what the USDA says should easily feed a family of four?

Heads up, folks. I will not do business with this type of company. Subscriptions are the new way for companies to take more money than you mean to spend. How many of us have NOT had trouble cancelling something like this?

I will never buy another subscription on an open card instead of one I control. If a business owner feels he is entitled to have his hand in my pocket instead, he can just stamp his little feet all he wants: not going to happen.

Most dogs will love it!
January 28, 2021
My picky senior dog didn’t like their food, but they were great about canceling. It was fresh too.

I feel that I am owed some type of resolution
November 17, 2020

I was receiving food for my dog Tina.  The caloric content had to be increased after a conversation with a rep from Farmer's Dog.  Tina's calories were increased because she stayed hungry after eating.  Following the caloric increase, this still was not ample as I mentioned in an email to Julie and customer support.  I was having to feed one and a half packs at each feeding which depleted her food and I had to purchase food to make on my own. 

As I mentioned, I am a senior in not great health on SS.  This was quite stressful for me financially.  Then, I had a conversation with Julie about other possibilities such as selecting the Optimal Plan and adding to it instead of full prepared packets of food each week.  I mentioned that I would revert back to her once I made a decision and to put all on hold.

Well, without notice, apparently a box was sent out which I never received because I was not expecting any deliveries and I had not been at home for several days taking care of personal family matters. 

On top of this, Tina's beef recipe apparently was tainted with blue plastic that had gotten into her food recipe.  Then, I was told that I would receive a free order of food for her ... which I have not.  My card having been charged without permission ... only to be told that a refund would be forthcoming up to 10 days ... so, I have no cash in my account because of Farmer's Dog error and then I have to wait for my money and Tina has no food. 

Come on, guys.  This is not right. 

Thank you.

Sheila W

Jean M April 06, 2021

I’m sorry this happened to you and will not do business with this company. Very generous of you to give them three stars!

My dog hates it
May 18, 2020
The food stinks! My dog takes one whiff and walks away. I tried it, cancelled my subscription and they still sent $150 more that I can't use. Don't buy it! They suck big time.

Best dog food ever!
July 4, 2019
Our Boxador is a picky eater. We have tried everything! Thought we would give a stab at farmers dog and lo and behold she LOVES it!!!! Fresh and delivered right to your door. A little pricey but for a healthier longer life——she’s worth it!!!!!

Comparison: The Farmer's Dog, My Ollie, Pet Plate dog foods
May 4, 2019

All of these specialty dog foods have the following in common. They are expensive. Each order is near or over $100. They must be ordered on their websites. They are delivered to your door by UPS or Fed Ex. They arrive frozen. Or they should at least arrive cold. If they are not cold to the touch, notify them and they’ll replace the order. They’re packed in dry or ordinary ice but not much of it, so it’ll be water by the time you get it. All of them are working on shipping packaging so it might be better by now. Takes up to four days to get to you. They say you can refreeze if they are defrosted. They take up a LOT of freezer space because you get a 2-4 week supply. You must sign up for varying schedules of automatic delivery. Any changes to your delivery schedule must be made on their website. You can suspend delivery for up to 6 weeks for My Ollie. You can halve the order for one of them, can’t remember which. You can cancel them on their websites. They all meet minimum requirements nutritionally.

The Farmer's Dog food comes in a flat plastic pouch. Lots of them. It’s a real pain squeezing it out of the pouch in the proper amount because, depending on your dogs size you will use only part of it. And the servings aren’t marked on the pouches. You'll have it on your hands by the time you’re done. The food looks like wet dog food but smells better.

My Ollie comes in a flat plastic container. Lots of them. They send you a lid for the containers which is reusable and a scoop for measuring. The food looks grainy in texture, which is a bit weird, and smells like real food. It’s real easy to measure and serve.

Pet Plate used to come in smaller containers than the others which was convenient if you have a small to medium size dog. Now they ship in much larger containers which take forever to defrost, but unlike the others above, Pet Plate suggests defrosting in the microwave if necessary. The food looks like chunks of veggies and meat mush. The amount of carrots in this food varies from a few pieces to a lot of pieces. The chicken variety is mushy. The lamb variety has a surcharge. They have beef, too.

My dog loved all of them but he’ll eat anything he can fit down his throat.

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