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The Farmer's Dog Review: Worth the Price?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  Dec. 10, 2023


The Farmer’s Dog is a pet food brand that states their aim is to replace standard dog kibble with a freshly-cooked meal delivery service.

How Does It Work?

The company offers a straightforward approach to delivering fresh and healthy dog meals to customers. 

At, customers create an online profile for themselves and their pet by providing some basic information such as their name, email address and zip code, as well as their dog’s age, weight, sex and breed.  This process takes less than five minutes.

From there, customers will be asked to evaluate their pet’s body type, activity levels and eating preferences, after which they can choose the meal plan they prefer.

Meal portions are determined by your dog’s caloric needs, which are calculated by the breed, age, and weight.

Once ordered, the daily pre-portioned meals will arrive in an insulated box to keep the food fresh and include feeding instructions.

The first order will contain enough meals for a two week test trial.  Afterwards, meals will be billed and shipped every 3 weeks.

Note:  Be advised that The Farmer’s Dog is a subscription service that is auto-renewed.  If you wish to cancel or pause your plan you will have to manually do so in your account settings.

Products & Ingredients

The Farmer's Dog meals are gently cooked then flash-frozen to protect nutritional integrity.  Since the ingredients do not contain any preservatives you have to follow safe handling and storage procedures, just as you would for other fresh food.

The meals need to be kept refrigerated or frozen before feeding.  Farmer’s Dog includes a helpful guide with instructions on storage and feeding.

There is no cooking required.  You can simply serve the meals straight from the fridge, with the option of adding a bit of hot water if your dog prefers it.

The main selling point of Farmer’s Dog meals is that you will be feeding your dog real food.  The company goes on to state that the meals are:

  • Vet Developed Human Grade Food
  • Prepared in USDA Certified Kitchens
  • Gently Cooked to Maintain Nutritional Integrity
  • Nutritional Profile Exceeds AAFCO Industry Standards
  • Regularly Tested for Dangerous Pathogens & Nutritional Adequacy

The Farmer’s Dog meals feature four main recipes to choose from: turkey, chicken, beef and pork.  The ingredients for each blend are as follows:

  • Turkey - USDA Turkey, Chickpeas, Carrot, Broccoli, Parsnip, Spinach, Fish Oil,

    TFD Nutrient Blend [tricalcium phosphate, sea salt, vitamin B12 supplement, choline bitartrate, taurine, zinc amino acid chelate, iron amino acid chelate, vitamin E supplement, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, potassium iodide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid]

  • Pork - USDA Pork, Sweet Potato, Potato, Green Beans, Cauliflower, USDA Pork Liver, Fish Oil, TFD Nutrient Blend.

  • Chicken - USDA Chicken, Brussels Sprout, USDA Chicken Liver, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Fish Oil, TFD Nutrient Blend

  • Beef - USDA Beef, Sweet Potato, Lentils, Carrot, USDA Beef Liver, Kale, Sunflower Seeds, Fish Oil, TFD Nutrient Blend

Additional Ingredient Information

One independent dog food investigator has concluded that The Farmer’s Dog maintains the following standards:

  • All ingredients originate in North America and Europe.
  • All packaging is BPA free and recyclable
  • No Denaturing, HPP or Bacteriophages
  • Ingredient suppliers are required to provide certificates of analysis including microbiological testing, toxin evaluation and nutritional specifications.
  • All incoming ingredients have been tested for pathogens and arrive with a certificate of analysis.
  • Every batch of pet food is tested for microbial contamination and certain vitamins and minerals.
  • All recipes are tested quarterly for a complete nutritional profile.

Health Benefits of Fresh Food vs Dry Kibble

Farmer’s Dog claims that after switching to their brand your dog may experience:

  • Improved Digestion
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Healthier Skin
  • Shinier Coat
  • Increased Vitality provides links to studies and articles regarding the pet food industry, and some of those findings are truly troubling. 

The pet food industry is regulated but still rife with misinformation and marketing tactics that deliberately confuse customers and obfuscate the ingredients of the food.

One study tested 52 pet foods and found that 20 of them were potentially mislabeled, and that 16 contained meat species that were not included on the product label.

While animal feed and pet foods are regulated by the USDA, under the AAFCO [Association of American Feed Control Officials] guidelines pet manufactures can still get away with using sub-standard ingredients.

For instance, the AAFCO states,

"Meat and meat byproducts not directly suitable for animal food that are designated as 4-D (dead, dying, diseased or disabled). These are considered adulterated—unless processed in a manner that rids them of disease-causing microorganisms prior to becoming animal feed. This is most often done by rendering, which subjects the materials to heat and pressure to eliminate harmful bacteria."

While this type of animal feed may be rendered to eliminate bacteria, there is a possibility that some harmful contaminants can still work their way into the food.

These may include denaturing agents, cattle tags, packaging materials and chemicals, harmful medications such as antibiotics, steroids, and preservatives such as ethoxyquin, BHA, and BHT, and sodium pentobarbital, which is used to euthanize animals.

These kinds of meats are allowed to be used in kibble but not in fresh or raw pet foods. 

For these reasons it’s important to research your dog’s food.  Usually the price point is a good place to start since cheaper brands are more commonly using low quality ingredients.

See Also: Choosing the Right Dog Food: A Detailed Guide

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Generally, The Farmer’s Dog has very positive customer reviews. 

Customers commonly praise the company's focus on the quality and freshness of dog meals, how conveniently the meals are pre-packed for daily use, and the fast and reliable shipping.

However, there are still some negative reviews given regarding the high pricing of meals, limited protein options, container issues, and lack of available options for prescription diets.

The Farmer’s Dog is not accredited by the BBB but has an A+ rating there.  They do have some complaints on that platform which mainly deal with meal shipping and scheduling issues.

On a positive note, those complaints have been responded to and resolved by a customer service agent.

Note:   Some Farmer's Dog negative reviews mentioned running out of food too quickly during the trial period. 

Keep in mind that the The Farmer’s Dog guidelines call for gradually mixing the food in with your dog's current food, and not replacing it completely from the start.

Customer Service

For more in-depth information about the company’s products and services, you can get in touch with them via email at [email protected] or through their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

You can also reach them by phone 646-780-7957.


Cost & Price Plans

The cost of each Farmer's Dog meal plan will vary since each meal plan is customized according to your dog’s age, weight, activity level, and other factors.

You will be able to determine the price of your plan after you have filled out the questionnaire on

While you can choose which meals you want in your dog’s plan, at this time there does not appear to be an option to customize the meals themselves. 

Because of this, if your dog has certain sensitivities your food options through Farmer’s Dog may be limited.  The company also does not cater to a prescription diet at this time. offers a 20% off discount on your first purchase.  If you're not happy with the food you can send it back or donate it to a shelter.

To determine the approximate cost of The Farmer's Dog meal plans we ran their questionnaire for two different sized dogs. 

As an example, to feed an 85lb Active Malamute would cost $13.49/day, while to feed a 35lb active Aussie Shepherd would amount to $6.55/day.


Where to Buy?

Customers can order The Farmer’s Dog meals at

The company states they do not sell through retailers to as a strategy to reduce costs, citing their commitment to investing more in their food’s quality rather than paying fees to retailers.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you like the concept of The Farmer’s Dog but are considering other options, there are a few alternatives worth noting. 


The Farmer’s Dog vs Just Food for Dogs - Just Food offers a similar product of cooked meals with real food ingredients, and often has more options and at a lower price point.


The Farmer’s Dog vs My Ollie - My Ollie also provide cooked meals with real ingredients, and offer more protein options.


The Farmer’s Dog vs NomNomNow - Fresh Food meals are also available for cats with this service.


A final alternative is The Farmer’s Dog DIY meal plans, which are a particularly good option for those whose main concern is the high price point of the meals.

The DIY meal plans will provide you with the recipes, an ingredients list, portion guidelines to prepare the meals, as well as packets of The Farmer's Dog nutritional blend to allow you to prepare the meals yourself.

This option requires a bit more time but saves on the budget.

The Bottom Line

If you consider the vast amounts of diseases and illnesses that dogs are susceptible to, it may make sense to feed your dog a premium food. 

With the amount of recalls and contaminations found in budget brands, switching to a company that uses human grade food and regularly tests their products is a good bet.

If it’s in your budget then you should definitely consider feeding your dog a premium food.  While the initial costs will be higher it may save you money in the long run by keeping your dog healthier.

We believe that The Farmer’s Dog makes a good case for their product, is regularly recommended by industry experts, and keeps their promise of providing food according to USDA standards.

If you have any experience with The Farmer's Dog or their products, please leave your reviews below.

See Also: Choosing the Right Dog Food: A Detailed Guide

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The Farmer's Dog Customer Reviews

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TFD is not shipping out product that they depict in their advertisements
March 23, 2024

The Farmers Dog has changed their cooking method... If you are looking for the nice color, chunks of meat and vegetables that they depict in all of their ads and on their website. Do not order.

My yorkie Poppy loved the chicken recipe in the starter pack. Ordered again twice and it is now mushy, and green in color. Nothing like what they sent the first time. I've spent $230 in the last two months (which is a lot for a 6.5 lb. dog!) only to have discarded 2/3 of her daily meals. She will not eat it.

I called customer service and was told it was a change in the cooking method. I was not offered any resolution. They should update their product photos to reflect what they are actually shipping out.

I usually do not write reviews but am so disappointed.

Delivery Safety
February 21, 2024

I had a delivery person of Farmers Dog come to my gated community at 11pm. My gate called me because it was so late and because the food was perishable and heavy, I said okay for it to be delivered to my home. The driver, Andre, gave me total attitude when I said I didn’t appreciate the late delivery but because it was perishable I allowed him to come in. He replied “ITS DOG FOOD”

That comment was completely unacceptable and given that it is his job to deliver dog food, I would think he would take it more seriously. I suspect he has killer pit bulls at home.

Anyway, I cancelled my subscription. And based on these other reviews, I probably made the right choice.

Great dog food worth the purchase.
January 29, 2024
Our dog likes this food. His veterinarian always comments on our dog’s good health. Anytime we’ve needed to call customer service they’ve been very helpful and responsive. We mix The Farmer’s Dog with Open Farm dry dog food. .

TErrible customer service--no contact available
December 8, 2023
Terrible customer service. Can't even call directly for help. Won't ever go with a company that I can't talk to!!!!!

JenniferGordon December 14, 2023

Agreed. Just had a similar experience with customer service. She couldn't have cared less. READ THE FINE PRINT AS TO THE CHARGES, HOW MUCH THEY WILL BE CHARGING AND THE TIMING OF DELIVERIES. I was charged and sent a 50 day supply a week before I needed it at a cost of $100 dollars more than I had paid for the 30 day supply.

Just FYI the first shipment is for two weeks second is for 30 days third is for 50 days. Didn't ask when the next delivery was going to be. 75 days?I have to tell you that the food is excellent, shipping, my dog loved it. And I trust the ingredients. Customer service needs to hire people who match their brand.

Sad, But happy with the service
November 17, 2023
I'm giving 5 stars because the customer service was awesome. Delivery was great. But my dog just doesn't like it. I'm going to keep trying, but I have canceled my subscription. I have a picky eater and I just have to keep trying. Thank you for your great customer service. April Kasnick

Harry's Improved Diet
October 31, 2023
I adopted Harry on 09/21/2023 he was 10 weeks old. He was rescued from a cruel and abusive situation. I was feeding him Fvangers wet dog food mixed with Merrick puppy kibble. He seemed okay with it, but I notice him itching and he was eating grass, twigs and leaves, he wasn't just chewing them but actually eating them. Thats when I decided to go another route and ordered from the Farmers Dog. Harry took to the new food immediately and 3 weeks after his first taste of the Farmers Dog food he had stopped eating the lawn . I took him to his scheduled vet visit and the Doctor gave him a clean bill of health. I will continue to buy from the Farmers Dog

They take the order and money but no response to a problem
August 26, 2023
I ordered. This product for my dog after the second shipment my dog started getting sick from it. I have made 3 attempts to reach out to them and as of this writing I have not received a response.

Tip-of-the-Hat to Farmers Dog
May 23, 2023

A HUGE tip-of-the-hat to Farmers Dog! These folks truly care about OUR PETS and they CARE about us, the pet owners! Allow me to explain. My wife and I had two Boston Terrier rescue dogs. We lost one, Dustie Rose, suddenly last November and our remaining girl, Maggie Mae has Cushings and advanced dementia. We just started feeding Farmers Dog to Maggie Mae and have had her on it for about a week now. She is responding quite well and has new found vigor and appetite. She is more alert than we've seen in several months! We are truly grateful for Farmers Dog!

My review doesn't stop there. It is with great pleasure that I bring you "the rest of the story". After Farmers Dog learned of what my wife and I have been through since Dustie Rose passed, the fine folks at Farmers Dog sent us a BEAUTIFUL POTTED PLANT and a very thoughtful card! How many companies elevate to this LEVEL OF CARING for their customers and pets?! This POTTED PLANT will serve as a living memorial to the FOND MEMORIES we have of Dustie Rose and Maggie Mae for MANY YEARS TO COME!

THANK YOU, FARMERS DOG for going ABOVE AND BEYOND! My wife and I are grateful!

Snap Sticks
September 20, 2022

My small dog originally loved the Chicken recipe but after eating it for approximately 7 months stopped accepting it. In the meantime I had tried a sample of their new Snap Sticks. She loves them. Unfortunately you cannot order them individually. You MUST purchase the expensive food that she will not eat in order to get these nutritional treats.

Very disappointing. Cancelled my DIY order of nutrients because of this unfriendly dog policy.

September 7, 2022
My dog eats anything, but the reason I decided on The Farmer's Dog is the quality of the food. When my first order arrived, I was so impressed by the packaging, which is all either biodegradable or recyclable. The convenience is great and I knw my dog, who is a senior, is going to have the best quality of food.

No warning label for Dry Ice Safety!!!
August 19, 2022
No where was I informed that this product was packed in frozen CO2. I thought it was ice, picked it up and put hot water on it after putting it in the sink. It burned my thumb, started smoking, and we started getting sick. The dogs started barking, so I realized this wasn't water but carbon dioxide gas. I quickly aired out the house. Threw all packaging and dry ice outside. Why on earth would there not be a warning label describing safe handling procedures????? My dogs are only 5 pounds, they could have died!! Shame on you!!!

Neither pet liked the food.
July 28, 2022

I got this for my dog which is a Terrier Dotsun mix.

She had 3 different foods and she did not like either one. In fact our Chihuahua also refused to eat the food.

That was a waste of money on my part.

ChrisRichardson September 18, 2023

Both mine love it and polish the bowls.

Good food, good service for my dog.
July 25, 2022
I have found The Farmer's Dog to be exceptional. They deliver the product behind a Pillar in front of my house as instructed, as well they will ring the door bell when they leave the shipment, My pooch loves the food at each meal! I have NEVER had any issue's when calling them. They are always available to talk with me.

16lb. Beagle puppy costs $4.22/day- Worth It!!
July 12, 2022

We have fed Farmers Dog to our beagle puppy for 4 months now. His digestion issues went away within a few days of transitioning him off kibble. His stool is healthy every day which makes us hopeful his body will stay healthy with feeding the human grade food.

The customer service regularly checks with us on his body weight to adjust calorie intake as he grows.

We are confident he’s getting the correct amount of food so he won’t become overweight/ underweight which is a concern since I see many heavy set beagles look like they struggle to even walk.

Only 16 lbs. at 9 months old now and his food costs us $4.22 a day.

Dogs love it
July 11, 2022

My dogs love thats all I care about and the fact that it's fresh food.

Ladybug loves this food!!
June 11, 2022

A little skeptical about the cost, but knowing that it would benefit my Ladybug made me try the sampler box. When I called them, I got right through and they were very helpful in making my decision for my fur baby. After seeing how much she loved it, I wanted to order more, but the cost is a bit overwhelming.

Thankfully they do offer a DIY kit that sends you the nutrients that go into their food for you to add to their DIY recipes. That is much more cost effective and it makes me feel good to prepare her food.

I did contact them again to discuss other options for a friend, and was happily given the information that I requested. My dog can't be more happy and looks so forward to feedings. Thank you Farmer's Dog!!!

Awesome, caring company
June 3, 2022

After only a few months of using Farmers Dog food, I unfortunately lost my beloved pet. The food was wonderful and I couldn't have been more pleased with this company. This morning I had a flower delivery from them, with a note to say how sorry they are about my loss. I cried! Thank you Farmers Dog. Your compassion has touched my heart ❤️

Don't expect any communication - - so don't order!
May 13, 2022

I tried to send an email regarding the "Trial for $64.40 had to pay $1.00 to get one what the heck? There was no order number for any kind of questions or communication. Really? Wanted to know who would be the delivery agent? Nothing! All the customer concerns were not available. I am sure this "Review" will not be published. All goes for thefarmersdog benefit and nothing for the customer I canceled.

I love Farmer's Dog!
May 1, 2022
I have been feeding my two dogs Farmers Dog for 3 years and I love it. The food is fresh and great quality and the customer service is excellent

3P-Piss Poor Packaging
March 18, 2022

My son buys this for his dog and she loves it. I have to put it in her dish some days and have to say the packaging is quite awful.

I can never serve it without getting my hands covered in the stuff. For such a well positioned product at a high price, how come they haven’t figured out the packaging.

Is there a specific dispenser the bag sits in that squeezes the food out or are you left to push contents down and out, then use a knife to fish out the remaining food and cover yourself in the process?

Not a fan!

PamRosen April 21, 2022

I use a serrated knife to cut my partially thawed package into 4 equal parts and then cut each of those into 2 parts. That makes 8 little blocks or meals. I then put each block into a separate plastic bowl and cover it with foil or plastic wrap and refrigerate until needed. My dog will not eat cold dog food, so 13 seconds in the microwave takes the chill off. The bowls are saved from frozen foods.

PatDurfee April 21, 2022

I use a serrated knife to cut the package down & store it in the dish that comes with it. The unused part in freezer til the day before I need it. Usually in plastic bags. She’s. Small doesn’t eat much. I’ve seen her take on weight which she needed. She loves the food .

If he doesn’t cut them down you could always scoop it out with an ice tea spoon.

CookieMonster May 08, 2023

Cookie MonsterI love Farmer's Dog. I have a Yorkie she eats the food daily. Some days when I put it out for her she just looks at it and walk away. Then 10 min later her bowl is empty. My baby is stubborn and has her own personality like any owner. But as for the packaging I'm ok with it because I either cut the package in half before it's completely unthawed and put the other half back in freezer but lately I unthaw the entire pack in fridge empty all in glass bowl blend it a little to make a little smooth cause she has a habit of eating to fast cause she is greedy yes really greedy, smile. Then I put a tight lid on the bowl, so this is why the packaging isn't a problem. Overall she love her food.