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The Alternative Daily, found online at, is a health & wellness and lifestyle online magazine that states they specialize in informing, encouraging, and empowering readers to make healthy lifestyle choices.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, The Alternative Daily has an experienced team of writers, researchers, editors, and health professionals that come together in their commitment to offering innovative ideas in alternative health.

Alternative health is the name of the health care industry which focuses on medicinal and treatment methods that are “alternative” to those offered by traditional doctors and conventional medicine. 

Their website offers readers articles like 100 Active Ingredients in Cannabis Fight Cancer, Stop Using Chemicals on Your Face, Coconut Water, Flaxseeds, Cinnamon, and 7 Other Ways to Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally, and many other articles of a similar nature.

To go through their materials, visitors to their website are welcome to look through their offerings by category, which include Home, Natural Health, Diet & Fitness, Alternative News, and Alt Daily TV, as well as sub-category, which includes Meditation, Toxins, Herbs, Cleansing, Detox, Recipes, Fitness, and many others. 


First and foremost, any customer that is considering purchasing a product being sold by this website or company should look for reviews specifically relating to that product so they can properly evaluate it on individual grounds before investing their money. 

That being said, it's also important to note that this website allows content from independent writers and contributors who may not necessarily have a medical, anatomical, or healthcare background.

For this reason, The Alternative Daily website offers a Disclaimer that states that no information taken from their website should be considered personal medical advice.

No one should follow the guidance they have received on this website until after they have conferred directly with their own doctor regarding any therapies or treatments. 

Customer Service

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected]


Cost & Price Plans

Using this website for informational purposes and to read their publicly published articles is completely free of charge, however this company does offer some downloadable eBooks for sale through the ClickBank digital marketplace.

Their two most popular are The Coconut Oil Secret and The Honey Phenomenon, though the price of these books are not published on their website. 


Refund Policy

The Daily Alternative website says that any customer who is not pleased with any eBook, membership program, subscription, video, or other digital product they have purchase from this company are welcome to a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

In order to request a refund, however, you will need to contact them at [email protected].

In addition, because this product is sold through the ClickBank digital marketplace, customers who are unhappy with what they have received and are denied a refund by The Alternative Daily have the ability to contact ClickBank directly and request a refund of the purchase price within the first 60 days, if they choose to. 

If you have any experience with The Alternative Daily or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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The Alternative Daily Customer Reviews

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February 1, 2024

They never sent me books, was supposed to be $37.00. Charged me $167.95. Nothing ever received...

BEWARE! The Article Indirectly Advocates Pornography, the principal medium males use to arouse themselvesves.
December 18, 2023

There is a horrible article in this publication from Monday, December 18th, titled, "The 7 Benefits of Masturbation."

Problem! Red Flags! AOOOGAH! AOOOGAH! This is NOT a drill!!!

For men, PORNOGRAPHY is generally the medium used as the excitatory mechanism, and PORNOGRAPHY is good for NO ONE except the PORNOGRAPHY industry.

The article was written by "Livvi Hess," who I expect is a woman, and therefore someone who has likely never experienced the multi-faceted nightmare of a pornography addiction. Here is her short bio:

"Liivi is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and is training to become a doula. She inspires women to find peace and personal power by taking control of health and fertility naturally. Liivi‘s passion is ancestral nutrition and primal lifestyle design. She and her partner Will live between Toronto, Canada and Queenstown, New Zealand.

That this is not a scam
July 15, 2022

I have a copy of the Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle, 81 ways to Naturally Cleanse your Body & House and More.! My cost $1.00 and I Thank Goodness for this book, It does everything it says it will do.

The purchase date was 6/ 15/ 2019 and let me tell you what. I suffer with Ulcerative Colitis and those of you who have this disease know what I am talking about! Page 39. Oh it's a Miracle alright and from now on I will use the application and nothing but. It really works. Try it.

Promoting Questionable Motives
May 21, 2020

My impressions of this email subscription have been consistently poor since I subscribed. They have lots of "clickbait" links in the newsletter with topics that are of interest. I call them clickbait because when a person gets to the actual article, there is never any information of substance.

Today they had a link to a doctor (!) promoting the current administration's response to Corona Virus.

That was the last straw. I'm done with this cluttering my email inbox.


Anonymous June 10, 2022

Help. How does a person unsubscribe from these news daily emails? I don’t want to get emails from them anymore.

OMCowan April 24, 2023

I never subscribed and they charged me $9.95 0n 04-17-23!!! I am trying to get the error corrected!!

Charged for 93.95 even though I never completed the order
February 17, 2020
I placed an order for The Hydroponic Garden Secrets only was to pay for shipping. When I got the receipt I noticed it was for 93.95, for two items I wasn't aware of ordering. Actually I didn't even think the order had gone through as I cancelled it out and closed the page because I was getting hit with unwanted advertisements. I've called and sent an email, but it's over a holiday weekend so it will be Tuesday at best before I hear anything. It's a bait and switch, shame on them. I definitely will not do business with them.

DeannaMorris October 06, 2020


Plant-Powered Sweets
February 15, 2020
I was skeptical, but accepted the offer to pay only postage and receive the free recipe book. It's excellent ... I made one of the recipes easily and it was fantastic. I would share it at any potluck!! Now I'm interested in their other recipe books.

Hydroponic Book: it's legit but it takes time
February 9, 2020

Hi, just wanted to share my experience about "The Hydroponic Garden Secrets". I saw the ad on social media about the "free 10$ shipping" book and I ended up on this page to see if it's legit. After reading some of the comments on here, I decided to take the chance and purchase it.

When you purchase you will be redirected to a bunch of other pages that advertise some of the other products page after page, you just need to scroll to the bottom of each page and click the "not interested" button until you reach the end. This way you won't be charged more than expected and will be redirected to the dashboard where you'll get to download the 3 promised e-books plus some more complementary e-books as well, around the same topic.

After a few days the tracker link showed on the dashboard and I could track the shipment through the USPS website. I sent an inquiry and it took them some days to answer it but they eventually did. I ordered the book on Jan 28 and received it in VA yesterday (Feb 8).

I didn't read the book yet, so I can't really say anything about the content at this point. So yeah, it's legit but it just takes time.

Hope this helps :)

Miracle Box Garden
February 3, 2020
This is a total rip off from Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. Mel created this system in 1976. Rip off alert.

Charged for 3 extra coobooks that I did not order!
November 30, 2019
I okayed the postage charge for a cookbook called Plant Powered Sweets and Treats by Dr. Amanda Levitt but then was bombarded with other offers through clickbank. I clicked no through all offers until I submitted what I thought was the initial postage fee. There was no dollar amount showing that I was charged. I was very leary about it but when I went back to cancel there was no way to cancel. I have received 3 small paperback books with no return address. I see that I was charged $89.68 on my credit card through PayPal. Paypal is asking for purchase documentation before they will refund which I of course do not have. Dr. Amanda Levitt do you really want your name attached to this company? This is fraudulent advertising!

I Hope I Caught It In Time
October 25, 2019

I ordered the "free book" - and even one more book on plant-based recipes. Then - no invoice came up. I googled the company, and the first thing that came up were complaints for the Better Business Bureau.

I immediately went to chat, and stated that I did not receive an invoice. The "Chat Person" sent me an invoice, and I discovered that I was charged for several things I did not order. I was very careful to click "No Thanks" for several other offers - but was charged anyway. I told the "Chat Person" that I wanted to cancel my entire order. He asked me to wait while he made the refund request. While I was waiting, I called my charge card company, and found out that my card had already been charged. I explained the situation, and the charge was flagged for dispute was placed under observation. I had made the purchase less than 7 minutes before.

When the Chat Person replied, he stated that it would take 1-2 days for the charge to appear on my credit card, and then 3-5 days beyond that for the refund to appear. I replied that I had already contacted my credit card company, that the charge was already there, an that it had been flagged. No money has been transferred - and that no money would be transferred. I would look forward to the charge being dropped very soon.

We'll see what happens next. Dang! I am usually so careful...not sure how I got sucked in this time except that I am reducing meat and sugar in my diet, and this seemed like it could be helpful.

I will report back if the refund does not come easily. I'm happy that my credit car has good customer service...makes the annual fee worth it.

Absolute scam
September 24, 2019
I ordered the Vinegar book.... paid for it.... never got it. I have sent 7 emails, two of which were answered that the book is on its way- even had a tracking number. It was bogus. Never received. Called this morning... spoke with three girls, the first two hung up on me. I was not rude- just asking what happened? The third, Alissia, was very polite

September 18, 2019

Like many others, Y was going to order the "Free" book. After being BOMBARDED by clickbait "Wait, there's more" ads I cancelled the order. I received a popup stating that if I quit now my order will not be processed, and asked if I really wanted to quit.

I selected YES, to cancel. The popup even asked why I cancelled mt order. I said I was tired of clicking through constant ads.

The next day I discovered that they charged $225.45 to my PayPal account/ I immediately challenged it, but it already cleared my bank,causing a NSF condition, and fee.

So far, their "Customer Service" has played dumb.

JamesHonea September 25, 2019

This is a scam, they take ya money and hope ya forget about ordering it. If you remember and call they offer to cancel the order and refund your money but in the mean time they have had free interest money to play with. Don't fall for this free ****!!

September 14, 2019

Bait and switch on a free book on facebook re hydroponic gardenings -- overcharge, no delivery, then another charge 14 days later for an unordered product Now, every FB advertiser is on my target list as a fraud, and these people have been turned into the BBB, and will face every other venue with exposure.

This company needs to be put out of business and its principals prosecuted.

September 6, 2019

Good day

I long ordered the "Free" hydroponics Book but was charged USD 37 presumably for postage, now the trail just went cold, no one responds to my queries.

Please assist.


TinaNewell September 11, 2019


Its a scam 100%
July 6, 2019
We are being charged without even having visited the damn web site I believe these people are getting information from facebook accounts and helping themselves they should be thrown in jail along with the folks at facebook

MadhavanMurli July 12, 2019 careful of this site. its a scam

ordered Hydroponic book on Secret to Gardening. Its 12 days now and books hv not yet reached me. on sending mail I get a tracking no of USPS wbich shows ' status not avalable' . They then direct me to anoher fake tracking site which only shows Book despatched on 02/07/2019 but not futher status as to where the book is even after 12 days.Again I send a mail and they send the same standard letter giving fake tracking no which they sent earlier.

RubyWallace August 21, 2019

I just ordered secret garden ,no prices and they added everything on their site on my account what was supposed to be 9.oo became 164.95,and they don't answer their phone.I'm calling the better business bureau. This co. is called THE ALTERNATIVE DAILY,AND NOW I WISH THAT I HAD AN ALTERNATIVE

Clickbait BS scam
June 9, 2019

I ordered a book about hydroponic gardening, which was supposed to be "free" (with $10 charged for media rate shipping, about three times the actual shipping cost.) There were to be four other books also sent. Instead I got a single plagiarized book about the "Secret Garden" and several E-books.

I don't think hard copies of the other books even exist, and "Secret Garden" isn't worth the paper it's printed on.


The Secret Garden: Growing Delicious Food for Essential Living
January 18, 2019

I sent the company a complaint:

'This is a joke right?

This book has so much abject plagiarism in it that I am surprised it found a publisher.

One can take just about any sentence and do a web search to find that sentence verbatim online

There is truly nothing in it that merits it being titled "Secret Garden".

Seed companies offer more real information!

The book honestly has no 'saving grace'.

And that 'just pay shipping'?

One would hope for first class shipping, but no, it's sent Media Mail, which costs exactly $2.66 for the first pound and $3.17 for a 2-pound book as anyone can see on the USPS website.

You charged $9.95!

Who would imagine that you would create such hype and mislead people in this manner without yourselves examining the book and listening to your customer complaints?

To say I am disappointed is an understatement and I will try to alert the Facebook community where I found this "amazing offer" to the facts.

The same applies to the e-books touted as bonuses.

All of them are likewise free for the searching online.

I cannot imagine why your company chose to foist this on the social community.

Your checkout method is another bad example of business ethics in my opinion.

The unwary and careless shopper winds up owing mega-dollars for unwanted books unless they read carefully and quickly.

Then there are the dozens of unwanted, unrelated emails pouring into my inbox.

Even when one clicks "unsubscribe", most just keep sending those hard-sell emails.

It's a nightmare!

I think you should pull your ad for this nothing book and refund to all who bought it in good faith, myself included.

After buying the book and reading the e-book online, I researched the complaints about this book and found the Better Business Bureau list. I intend to share that everywhere I can.

This is simply ethically wrong, IMO.

All buyers deserve refunds.

Deliberately misleading checkout
January 16, 2019

I was interested in the free book ($9.95 shipping), decided to get a few more things for $37 , and ended up being charged $90 !!

They kept offering things on the way to checkout, without giving a clear opt-out link. I clicked through, thinking I was bypassing the extra offers, so I didn't realize I was being charged for things on each page I clicked through.

At no point did they give me my total. That's how they make their money: misleading customers into paying for more things than they want.

Waninahi. January 18, 2019

I made it through without buying anything else but it takes careful reading of every word. The 'book' seems to be a compilation of verbatim texts found in many places on the internet, nothing 'secret' about it. Ditto on the 4 'bonus' ebooks. As for shipping, it's sent by media mail which the USPS website clearly shows a book of pounds shipping for under $3.50. Over-hyped, pathetically lacking book. One can find more info on gardening from seed companies online. I am attempting to report the company to Facebook and will complain to the Better Business Bureau.

Wrong Book
November 7, 2018
I reciver the wrong book. Tried to EMAIL but could not find the space to type. I wanted gardening with no soil/dirt and got another book. I am [email protected] number 727`744`2740 Gardening with out soil or dirt is the book I wanted,,,,,

March 30, 2018
I was charged 37.00 I did not order and not; able to download item, I think it is.

JerryMainer November 07, 2018

I ordered book gardening with out soil/dirt and got another