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Sun Coast Sciences Bioshield MD
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Sun Coast Sciences Review: Legit?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  August 5, 2023

Bioshield MD
is a dietary supplement from Sun Coast Sciences that aims to offer immune system support along with a number of other claimed benefits.

Sun Coast Sciences

The company was founded by Dr. Mark Rosenberg who states his aim is creating high-quality supplements that help increase longevity and cellular wellness.

On their website you can find more information about his work as a practicing doctor, accolades & accomplishments, and his current clinic in Southern Florida.

SunCoast Sciences states they use only high quality ingredients in all their products.

BioShield Plus

One of SunCoast Sciences featured products is BioShield Plus, a supplement designed to help the immune system and boost your energy levels, increase mental clarity, and provide joint pain relief. 

BioShield Plus ingredients include:

  • CherryPure Motmorecncy tart cherry skin powder
  • Longvida Curcuma longa rhizome extract (23% curcuminoids)
  • Boswellia errata resin extract (65% Boswellic acids)
  • EGCG (as green tea leaf extract), Quercetin (as quercetin dihydrate)
  • Resveratol 50% as Polygonum cuspidate root extract
  • Cocoa seed extract (10% Theobromine)

Other ingredients include Rice Flour, HPMC, silicon dioxide.  Sun Coast Sciences state that this supplement is free of Gluten, Diary, and Soy.

BioShield MD

BioShield MD is another one of the company's most popular supplements. 

It has the same active ingredients as BioShield Plus but is boosted with the addition of:  Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Turmeric Root Extract. 

The company lists the same intended benefits of BioShield MD as BioShield Plus.

Overall they make the claim that these supplements should be a part of a daily dietary routine as its become more difficult to get the same level of nutrients simply from eating healthy, in part due to the failures of many modern farming practices.

DR. Rosenberg states that due to soil nutrient degradation and our foods prolonged shipping and packing process, it now takes 10x the amount of servings to get the nutrition we once did.  

Thus, they advocate for the use of supplements like BioShield MD and BioShield+.

Beyond their BioShield supplements, Sun Coast Sciences has also developed AMPAlive for metabolic health, FloraThin probiotic, D3 Shield for immunity, bone health, and energy, and DetoxiThin for liver health.

They state that some people may see rapid results but they recommend taking their products as directed for at least 8 weeks to see best results.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

When it comes to customer reviews of BioShield Plus, there are mixed reviews.  On their own website you will find a ton of glowing positive testimonials and virtually no damning remarks.  

While on independent review sites you can start to see more of the issues that people have had.

One of the common complaints has been for shipping times of the product, with customers claiming that they were instantly charged but it took a long time to receive the items.

Further, some have claimed that the company was also slow to issue refunds.

In response one reviewer below recommends purchasing the product from Amazon as a way to circumvent their customer service team and avoid non-receipt of goods/refund issues.

Other reviews claimed that the product did not provide them with sufficient joint relief.

Amongst the favorable reviews, some found below, people do claim that they experienced more energy from taking BioShield or an overall improvement in how they felt day-to-day.

Customer Service

If you have questions about BioShield Plus, or any of the other products made by Sun Coast Sciences, you can reach customer support by phone at 1-888-281-6816 or via e-mail at [email protected].

You can also fill out a contact form on their website.

The company offers a 365-Day Guarantee for all their supplements, claiming that if you don’t love the product you can receive a hassle-free refund.

Cost & Price Plans

One 60 capsule bottle of Sun Coast Sciences BioShield Plus and MD sells for $49.95 with free shipping.  

There are discounts included if you order in bulk or subscribe to an auto ship plan.

Is SunCoast Sciences Legit?

Protecting your immune system has never been as important as it is right now. 

We all know how helpful vitamins can be in boosting our health but these days people are looking past that for more involved preventive care.

As with any supplement, experiences can be very personal.  It's also very difficult to quantify their intended effects, some of which are quite vague like immune support.

Taking vitamins is not going to prevent you from ever getting sick but they might be positioning your body to better fight off infections when they do happen. 

In general you should always consult with your primary care provider about specific deficiencies you may have and possible negative reactions or side effects to ingredients found in whatever you’re taking.

If you do feel that you need to supplement your diet for any reason, you can purchase BioShield MD from Amazon for an added layer of protection.

If you have any experience with Sun Coast Sciences or their supplements, please leave your reviews below.

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Sun Coast Sciences Bioshield MD Customer Reviews

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Keeps you healthy
September 27, 2023
These are excellent supplements for 50+ people. One daily dose replaces my other bottles of supplements. I have been taking these daily for over a year and have not gotten sick with Covid or any other respiratory illness.

Helps brain fog, fatigue, and mood
July 12, 2023
I bought Bioshield MD and it got rid of my brain fog, made my mood very happy, and gives me energy I otherwise would not have since I have chronic fatigue. I like this product. It also has turmeric in it which will help my arthritis. I will keep buying. No problems with shipping.

Seems good for preventing acute illness
February 25, 2023

I ordered Bioshield MD, received it in timely manner (less than a week from the date of the order). Using for about 6 weeks 2 caps a day as directed, I did not have any acute illness during that time( transatlantic travel, public communication in Europe, concerts etc).

I did not notice improvement with my chronic aches and pains. Will give additional 4-5 weeks to form opinion on this.

Wait and See
February 1, 2023

Quick delivery. Been taking them for 2 weeks now. Haven't noticed any changes, Only time will tell. Will give them two months and then decide good or bad,.

Long winded commentary was almost enough to make forget about ordering. Sounded like a snake oil salesman.

First post of 2 while waiting for results
November 22, 2022

I ordered those product nearly 2.5 weeks ago. It arrived yesterday. I also have had to wait for other things to arrive in the mail but those were late as well. The usps kind of sucks mire than ever lately. I will return to give a full review after I've given this product t a full and honest go. If it works, great. I have an autoimmune issue and it is wreaking havoc on life.

If this works, you will know. If it doesn't, you will know. This is about as fair as it gets. So stay tuned for more. Today is November 22, 2022. I will post my fair assessment December 6, 2022. I feel that a 2 week span is enough to see if there is any movement on this.

What happened when I ran out?
October 15, 2022

I started taking the recommended daily doses of Bioshield for a few months (?). But then I ran out. Within a few days, the minor sneezing and fatigue I was feeling worsened into more phlegm, minor sore throat, more sniffles, more fatigue.

It seemed to be trending into a full-blown cold. Out of the dozens of variables in my life, could the lack of Bioshield be the one factor that caused the worsening in my health? I don't know. What I know is that I am immediately ordering more Bioshield in hopes of getting me back to where I was before.

is this a trustworthy site
October 2, 2022
After reading all the negative comments on the company, I have decided to check other products out before I order anything... have to be so careful with online scammers, they draw a pretty picture but then that's all it is. oh well back to the drawing board.

Fast shipping
September 5, 2022

Review is for shipping. Shipped in less than a week,

Have been using only a couple of days will review actual product after using for a reasonable time.

Entitled residents
September 5, 2022

Everyone complaining about shipping delays happened to order the product at the top of the shut down which caused supply chain issues due to covid. If you look at what they are saying and the dates they provide.

I have not bought the product I’m not affiliated with the company, but it seams unfair to drop a 1 star review to anyone due to shipping during the worst of supply chain shortage and transportation shortage.

Over a year without getting sick
June 9, 2022

I've been taking it daily for over a year and haven't gotten sick. I haven't worn a mask for over a year either. I usually get the pneumonia every year along with some colds, but nothing!

Haven't gotten COVID-19 either unless I was asymptomatic. I've been in close contact with those who had it and I had to get tested, but never got it. I don't know if this is just snake oil or if it is why I'm not getting sick, but my cardiologist said it can't hurt to take it.

Delivered; Legit
May 22, 2022
Ordered product on 5/8/22 and received it on 5/13/22 in Chicago, Illinois. It seems a reasonable time for delivery. Have not started using it yet because our entire household has been ill with an upper respiratory tract infection. Hope this product will prevent something like this in the future. Will write a review regarding its efficacy when using it. I believe it's a legit company.

Great Product for A Good Price!
May 12, 2022
I have ordered Bioshied and BioBooster from this company and never had any problem. It does take a little longer to receive the product, but knowing this, I ordered 6 each time. We like it and it seems to work.

May prevent viral infections but no longer takes Paypal
January 23, 2022
The product may have helped prevent us from getting the popular virus going around but when I tried to reorder they no longer take Paypal. Because others have had recurring charges I have decided not to give them my credit card info, so unfortunately will not be buying again unless they get Paypal again so I don't have to put in my credit card info.

MeredithBuhrow April 13, 2022

Some banks, Citi Card is one, offer a virtual account number for making purchases. the number only lasts for a short time so that reoccurring charges or automatic charges on the card cannot be made. it gives you more control at least. We use ours for every online purchase we make . It isn’t a perfect system and there are some frustrations with it but nothing that a little time doesn’t straighten out. I highly recommend it.

No issues
April 23, 2021

Have not had any issues with sun coast products. I have contacted them and right always always receive an answer back very promptly. They have been good to work with.

Total scam! No product and monthly charge!
March 18, 2021
Don’t buy! Ordered in Nov. 2020, and never received a THING! Now here in March of 2021, they have been charging me EVERY MONTH like clockwork! TOTAL SCAM!!!

DanaWilson January 02, 2023

Just call your credit card company or bank and tell them and they will get your money back for you. That is why pour banks are backed by the government, for cases like yours.

Princess February 21, 2023

With all due respect, if you didn't receive, then why did you allow the reoccurring charges? Just cancel your card with your bank or card company.

After 6 weeks no improvement.
March 12, 2021
I have been taking this supplement religiously for 6 weeks with no improvement in the joint pain. I am not sure about brain fog, boosting immunity and their other claims. I will be taking it until my second bottle is empty and follow up.

Warning- Do Not Purchase From
February 26, 2021
This product is available on Amazon, so purchase from Amazon and avoid customer service, non-receipt of goods, obtaining refunds problems that seem to be so common from

This product made me sick.
January 27, 2021
I ordered Bioshield and found I was getting a bad physical response to this product. Unfortunately after hearing the info commercial I ordered 6 bottles which did take a long time to arrive. I emailed them about my feeling ill taking there product and they informed me to stop taking it immediately. They did not agree to take back the 5 unopened bottles and give me a refund.

DanaWilson January 02, 2023

That is too bad. I bet you can sell them on EBay. Did you ask for a refund?

Princess February 21, 2023

Well that I don't want to hear. They should have offered for you to send them back and get a refund. I would have climbed the ladder and got what I wanted. Thanks for sharing though..

Princess February 21, 2023

I would not buy anything that I put on or in my body that comes from EBay

Quick to take your money slow to ship product
January 20, 2021

I am sure the product works but what i was not prepared for was the delay in getting the product. They were quick to charge my card. If they knew they were having supply chain issues then they shouldn't be advertising the product like its readily available.

Tried calling them, no response and it goes to v/m. Emailed them and they offered me $11.70 credit towards my bill. Subsequent e-mails got a canned response. I told them not to put statements in their e-mail that aren't true. I ordered the product on Jan 11th and still waiting. If i don't get it by the end of the month I will cancel as there are other similar alternatives out there.

This Company is Legit!
January 18, 2021
I can truthfully relate to others that this is not a scam. I ordered Bioshield Plus and it's helping me have more energy. Their customer service did get back to me and it sounds like they run out of stock at times and have to wait to send the supplements once they come in.