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If you have loved ones that don’t live nearby - or those that you have lost and wish to remember- you may have wondered how you can help preserve your memories of that person.  StoryWorth helps you retain fragments of your most precious memories and family stories and preserve them for you in a book.

How Does Storyworth Work?

Storyworth is a membership program that allows you to send questions to your loved ones, which hopefully prompts a story in return.  Your loved one will get new prompts every week, answering questions such as “What were your grandparents like?”  

You can choose questions from the library or write your own if you wish, and you can change your weekly questions if you want to adjust the topics, too.  The Storyworth app will collect these stories for a year, and then will bind them into a hardbound book.

When you purchase a subscription, you get a year’s worth of story prompts for a single storyteller as well as unlimited recipients and one black and whit e hardcover book.  If you have a storyteller who don’t have an email address, you can purchase an audio plan, which will allow them to tell their stories without a hardcover book. 


You can also order additional books after the subscription has ended, including options for color books up to 480 pages long.  Each book is 6x9 inches and can include photos if you so choose. 

If you are interested in sharing stories from multiple storytellers, you can purchase multiple subscriptions to include all of their stories in the same book.  The company also offers transcription for an additional fee, with transcriptions handled by actual humans.

According to StoryWorth, this is a book that your family will treasure forever, and is a great way to get to know your loved ones, to give to others as a gift, and to remember those that you have lost.

Cost and Price Plans

Storyworth has three different account plans with various subscriptions costs that you can purchase.  The least expensive costs $39, for which you are given a book with a black and white interior of up to 480 pages.  You can also purchase a $79 color book, which will go up to 300 pages, or a $99 color book, which can go up to 480 pages.

You will want to take time to review the interior of your book before ordering, because you can’t give reprints for errors that were already presented.  Ordering multiple books is possible, but it’s recommended that you purchase one book first to see what it looks like - then you can make any necessary corrections before ordering the remainder of the books.

Books can be shipped internationally.  Shipping to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe is included in the cost of purchase, as is domestic shipping.  Additional destinations may require additional shipping fees.

When your subscription ends, you can renew for an additional year or you can print your book.  You get a few weeks to edit your stories, as the books don’t print automatically.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

We have found reviews where customers rave about how great of a gift the StoryWorth book is for remembering loved ones and their stories, and also an innovative way to preserve your unique family history. 

One feature of Storyworth that customers cite is that all customer information is treated with discretion and courtesy.  The company has an official commitment to privacy so that only you decide who sees your stories.

The books themselves are hardcover and high-quality, and usually take only ten business days to arrive.  Economy and expedited shipping are available.  If you’re not sure how to get started with Storyworth or need more ideas for what your book will look like, you can visit the company’s website to see additional book examples, too.

Customer Service

The company offers full refunds within the first 30 days of purchase as long as no books have been printed.  Printed options cannot be exchanged or returned.

If you have problems with your order, you can reach customer service and find additional contact information by emailing at [email protected] or check out the latest updates on their social media channels on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  No phone number is listed on the company’s website.

Where to buy?  You may only sign up for a Storyworth subscription by visiting

Competitors and Alternatives

There are lots of other storytelling tools and apps out there to help you get to know your loved ones more closely.  Some of the more popular ones are Storycorps, Saving Memories Forever, and FamilySearch Memories.

Storycorps began as a recording booth in New York’s Grand Central Terminal - today, it has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.  This app lets you interview family members or loved ones at any time.

Saving Memories Forever is a website and mobile app that also allows you to record family stories - this app is also free.

While both Storycorps and Saving Memories Forever offer great solutions to people who want to document their heritage - and are free - they don’t offer printed versions of the collected stories in book form.

If you want a program that will allow you to create an actual book, Storyworth is one of the only options out there. FamilySearch Memories, a website that allows you to organize photos and documents into albums, does produce a final product, but does not create a storybook.

Is Storyworth Worth It?  You'll have to decide for yourself, or with the help of the reviews below.  If you personally have any experience with StoryWorth, please leave your review below.

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Received the wrong book - no response from the company
August 16, 2021

I have had a horrible experience with Storyworth.

My father spent a year journaling passages through their clunky interface. I ordered a copy of his book, "Stories from My Dad"

I did not receive my father's writings, the content in my book is someone else's personal journal entries.

This is an egregious violation of the company's promise to protect privacy and confidentiality. I have access to Mike's personal stories. Who knows who received my father's book passages?

I have emailed them 3 times in the past week and received no response from them on reprinting my book or how to rectify their mistake.

Don't waste your time. Journal in a Word document and have your local print shop produce a book at the end, if you want to follow this week-by-week format.

Amateurish and Limiting
June 23, 2021

If you expect a book without pictures, indenting, underlining, bold or italics font, then this might work for you. You can't underline book titles or url addresses. Pictures work only SOME of the time. Bullet points are impossible. Indenting left and right for citations and quotes -- cant be done.

There are freakish occurrences of lines of text that will center on the page for no known reason. And then there have been the times that the software stalls or loses sections or even "locks up" and prevents further editing.

The concept is good, but this [version of the] product is amateurish and limiting. Too bad the Customer Service is so poor -- I had hoped that they would have cared enough to respond. Caveat emptor!

Story - Worthless. Buyer Beware!
March 3, 2021

Don’t waste your money on this product. Based on personal experience (I purchased this for my mom in May 2020): something will quite possibly not work with the platform they use; there is a strong chance that you’ll receive, after being ignored, poor customer service from people who will attempt to gaslight you as opposed to help you.

This company blames users for errors that are inherent to their product. Save you and the people you love frustration and wasted time. Have them use a simple word processing application and help them add pictures if they need that help. Create positive memories with your family rather than the shared frustrations of StoryWorth’s shoddy product and (almost criminal) ‘customer service.’

What we need is a review of the writers final product, was it worth it?
February 10, 2021
The concept is great, The tools and process are beta at best, The effort to edit is something far greater than effort to write. Two many redundant questions. My expectation is that the finished product will not be anywhere close to the hype.

Bits and Pieces of a Life
January 25, 2021

Storyworth helped me with the production of my memoir "Bits and Pieces of a Life". This was gifted to me by my son. It was easy and painless to write but somewhat difficult to put together at the finishing stages. When I wrote it there was no on-line guide or tutorial - I had endless emails to a wonderful helper, Taylor, at Storyworth. She was forever patient, even when I found things really difficult. My special thanks to her because she is the reason the finished book is so good. The printing is excellent and the binding was a delightful surprise. I hadn't expected the finished article to be so professional. My thanks to Storyworth and Taylor in particular.


If I could afford it, I'd buy Storyworth for all my friends and family!
December 23, 2020

I received storyworth as a gift from my son and daughter in law last Christmas. It's been one of the best gifts I've ever received! The finished book looks amazing! I have now gifted my mother and my mother in law with storyworth, and they love it too! At first my Mom said, Oh I'll never be able to remember things from my past. But now she's enjoying answering all the questions and searching her photos to add to her stories. My mother in law too.

And let me tell you, their customer service is the best of any company I've ever dealt with.

Family History
October 23, 2020

This is one of the best gifts I have ever received. I enjoyed doing it and now it will be a legacy for my family. Contrary to another reviewer's opinion, I found it easy to contact them and to make changes and corrections. It is well worth doing.


October 6, 2020
Not only has compiling this been interesting but it is valuable to leave to my family.

Minimize Use of Their Interface for Best Results
September 12, 2020

My children bought this for me for Father’s Day and although it’s only been a few months, I think it’s a great concept. As others have mentioned the online interface for writing the story is not very user friendly so I minimize the use of that by writing the story in Word, then copy/pasting into their format and it works fine.

Looking forward to seeing the finished product, but so far it’s looking good.

Beta testing not completed
August 6, 2020
This is not a finished product. Things like parts of story that are automatically erased, difficult posting photos that are extremely small (350k) and in jpg. It is a product I believe that is being sold as a finished product and not not had full beta testing.

August 5, 2020

I ordered this for my mother who is 90. Some people might like it but my mother was overwhelmed by the volume of emails sent to her and asked me to please stop them. Good luck with that.

You cannot contact this company by any phone number and or email address. I was told on a recording that I can text the 888 number to contact them. I have now done that so we will see if they will cancel it? The email they tell you to email, never opens up? Interesting.


Bad user interface
March 27, 2020
Storyworth does not seem to allow inserting parts of previously written documents into a question response. Block copies have been part of computers for at least twenty years.