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If you have loved ones that don’t live nearby - or those that you have lost and wish to remember- you may have wondered how you can help preserve your memories of that person. Storyworth helps you retain fragments of your most precious memories and family stories and preserve them for you in a book.

Intrigued? Here’s what you need to know.

How Does Storyworth Work?

Storyworth is a membership program that allows you to send questions to your loved ones. They will get new prompts every week, answering questions from Storyworth such as “What were your grandparents like?” This is a great way for you to get to know your loved ones, to give to others as a gift, and to remember those that you have lost.

The Storyworth app will collect stories for a year, and then will bind them into a hardbound book. This is a book that your family will value forever, and you can even upload old pictures to go with the stories.

When you purchase a subscription, you get a year’s worth of story prompts for a single storyteller as well as unlimited recipients and one black and whit e hardcover book. If you have a storyteller who don’t have an email address, you can purchase an audio plan, which will allow them to tell their stories without a hardcover book.

You can also order additional books after the subscription has ended, including options for color books up to 480 pages. Each book is 6x9 inches and looks like a book you might find in a bookstore. The font is size 10 and no special formatting is available, but you can include photos if you so choose. You can choose questions from the library or even write your own if you wish! You can change your weekly questions if you want to adjust the topics, too.

If you are interested in sharing these stories from multiple storytellers, you can purchase multiple subscriptions to include all of their stories in the same book. If two storytellers share an email address, you can send questions to them that way, too. The company even offers transcription for an additional fee, with transcriptions handedly by actual humans. You can even include captions!

Storytellers can respond in any language but the printing process only supports Western languages at this time.

Cost and Price Plans

Storyworth has three different account plans with various subscriptions costs that you can purchase. The least expensive costs $39, for which you are given a book with a black and white interior of up to 480 pages. You can also purchase a $79 color book, which will go up to 300 pages, or a $99 color book, which can go up to 480 pages.

You will want to take time to review the interior of your book before ordering, because you can’t give reprints for errors that were already presented. Ordering multiple books is possible, but it’s recommended that you purchase one book first to see what it looks like - then you can make any necessary corrections before ordering the remainder of the books.

Books can be shipped internationally. Shipping to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe is included in the cost of purchase, as is domestic shipping. Additional destinations may require additional shipping fees.

When your subscription ends, you can renew for an additional year or you can print your book. You get a few weeks to edit your stories, as the books don’t print automatically.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are lots of other storytelling tools and apps out there to help you get to know your loved ones more closely. Some to pay attention to are Storycorps, Saving Memories Forever, and FamilySearch Memories.

Storycorps began a s a recording booth in New York’s Grand Central Terminal - today, it has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. This app is an easy-to-use tool that lets you interview family members or loved ones at any time. Saving Memories Forever is a website and mobile app that also allows you to record family stories - this app, too, is also free.

While both Storycorps and Saving Memories Forever offer great solutions to people who want to document their heritage - and are also free - they don’t offer printed versions to share and pass down through the generations.

If you want a program that will allow you to create an actual document, Storyworth is one of the only options out there. FamilySearch Memories, a website that allows you to organize photos and documents into albums, does produce a final product, but does not create a storybook.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customers rave about how great of a gift this is. It’s perfect for remembering loved ones and their stories and also an innovative way to preserve your unique family history. It’s a great last-minute gift as you can deliver the same day via email - you can also print gift cards at home.

The books themselves are hardcover and high-quality, and usually take only ten business days to arrive. Economy and expedited shipping are available. If you’re not sure how to get started with Storyworth or need more ideas for what your book will look like, you can visit the company’s website to see additional book examples, too.

One of the best features of Storyworth is that all customer information is treated with discretion and courtesy. Privacy is maintained and the company has an official commitment to privacy so that only you decide who sees your stories.

Customer Service

Not happy with your Storyworth subscription? The company offers full refunds within the first 30 days of purchase as long as no books have been printed. Printed options cannot be exchanged or returned.

It’s easy to contact someone at Storyworth if you have any problems at all with your order. You can reach customer service and find additional contact information by emailing at [email protected] or check out the latest updates on their social media channels on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  No phone number is listed on the company’s website.

Where to Buy?

You may only sign up for a Storyworth subscription by visiting the company’s website. There, you can buy for a loved one or you can purchase a subscription for yourself. When you buy, you get a full year of weekly story prompts, a printed hardcover book, and an unlimited number of people with which to share the story.

Is Storyworth Worth It?

If you want to connect with your family, learn more about your relatives, or preserve your memories, Storyworth is a great way to do it. This unique gift is one that your family will remember forever - and it’s definitely worth the investment.

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1 Review

Bad user interface

March27, 2020

Storyworth does not seem to allow inserting parts of previously written documents into a question response. Block copies have been part of computers for at least twenty years.

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