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Stop Aging Now is an online store and brand of nutritional supplements that the company states are designed to help people age better.

How Does It Work?

Like any other online retailer, customers are welcome to go to their website and search through their products by a health concern, such as Allergy Support, Digestive Support, Bone Support, Joint Support, and many others.

Customers are also welcome to search by product, such as Cleansing & Detoxifying products or multivitamins, or ingredients, like Green Tea Extract, Glucosamine, Fish Oil, and much more.

In addition, Stop Aging Now has recently launched product lines for Skin Care and for Pet Care.

If a customer feels that they need advice regarding what products might work best for them and their health conditions, Stop Aging Now allows you to contact their Nutrition and Product Experts who will personally answer your questions. 

Ingredients & Side Effects

Since this company offers such a wide variety of different products, customers will need to take responsibility for reading the ingredients provided on each product page, as well as researching their active ingredients to see if they fit the claims being made by the company.

Similarly, customers will need to inspect individual product to see if there are any side effects or recommended dosages associated with their ingredients. 

For example, Stop Aging Now provides supplements with Curcumin, which is the beneficial part of the spice turmeric and has been linked to everything from easing symptoms of inflammatory conditions like arthritis to cancer prevention and even tumor shrinking.

However, WebMD says that these effects have only been indicated in lab tests, with no actual real studies having been conducted at this time. 

Another example is PurZanthin, which is a proprietary name Stop Aging Now provides for Astaxthin, which WebMD shows has not been studied enough to be conclusively linked with of the positive benefits attributed to it.

In addition, it does say that pregnant women and nursing women should avoid this supplement because of how little research has been done. Thankfully this information is also noted on 


While this company itself does not seem to have a long list of negative complaints, consumers should always look for reviews regarding the individual products they are personally considering purchasing.

That being said, it is a really good sign that this company offers an Auto Ship program that customers can choose to participate in, rather than be forced into, and that they provide a very detailed and comprehensive Refund Policy.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-627-9721 or by submitting them directly to their website through the Contact Us link. 

Customers are also invited to contact their Nutrition and Product Experts by email at [email protected] or by phone at 888-552-4464. 


Cost & Price Plans

Again, since this website offers such a wide variety of products, there is no real way to offer a specific price range for their entire line of supplements and other items.

However, the website does show that they will discount their products when they are ordered in larger volumes than just a single bottle at a time. 

They also offer their customers the ability to opt-in to an Auto Ship program, which allows people to receive automatic shipments of their chosen supplements or products in either three month or six month increments.

In addition, all price decreases will be applied automatically to your order, while no future price increases will be applied to your order as your Auto Ship membership remains active. 


Refund Policy

This company offers their customers 365 days from the date of shipment for customers to return their purchases for a refund, “no questions asked.”

The website actually offers a detailed list of instructions and limitations in regards to their Return Policy, including such provisions as no refunds will be given for products which are not returned.

Refunds can only be issued on bottles that are actually returned, though they will accept both open and empty bottles for return. 

However, their Return Policy does say that Stop Aging Now reserves the right to deny a refund if they feel that their policy is being abused. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different companies which provide large varieties of health and wellness products, including supplements, such as Piping Rock Health Products and many others.

If you have any experience with Stop Aging Now or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Stop Aging Now Customer Reviews

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Arthritis Pain Relief
June 26, 2022

I like this company! Their product Curcumin2K Is the BEST curcumin/tumeric product I have found. It is remarkable for eliminating arthritis pain! My hands don't hurt. This is symbolic for the overall relief it provides. I have had good customer service!

I also like PurZanthin but it is pricey. Also I like Collagen 360, Acid Relief 360, and Revolution B. Sometimes they just send you a free bottle of something you've never tried before!

Double check Your Receipts For Exact Amounts Deducted From Your Accounts!!!
August 10, 2021

I noticed the amount charged the credit card for the products my husband purchased was MORE than what was supposed to be. This was on all the shipments! The zeros added to the multiplication of the charge per bottle should have added up to the same amount, BUT the total charged was MORE!

Most people do not LOOK CAREFULLY when zeros are added figuring the total will be the same. It was not a large amount but still not ethical or proper business practice. If this is occurring on many accounts, someone is making more money/ PROFIT in a deceptive manor. I cannot understand HOW you CHARGE MORE than you are supposed to if you are a legitimate enterprise.

DOUBLE CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS!!! Small amounts add up, too. NO ONE has returned my call to discuss this problem. There will be NO MORE ORDERS from US! I wonder if their math is as bad on their product contents?

Wrong Product
May 29, 2019
I have purchased a good amount of product from Stop Aging Now, However I ordered 2 bottles of Cholesteral 360 PQQ and received Power PQQ and did not realize it was not the same ( I saw PQQ) , I called and they said the they would send out the 2 bottles of the correct product. I never received it so I called again and was asked if I had the paper work and I said no, but they could see on that order what I ordered and I could send them pictures of the wrong product or they could come pick it up. They said again they needed some number off the paper work that I did not have. I said this is ridiculous, that I have spent a total of 50 minutes on the phone for there mistake, I have started ordering my supplements somewhere else.

Horrible Customer Service, Unethical Tactics
January 17, 2019

What your company is doing is unethical. You need to send a pre-paid call tag so I can return the un-ordered items to you at YOUR expense.

AVOID THIS COMPANY! VERY dishonest! Atrocious customer service!

I tried a cat immunity product they offered, it did not work. My cats would not eat the supplement no matter how I disguised it. I got a notice that my autoship would ship in 5 days. This was on 1/10. I went to their website, canceled this shipment and then canceled my autoship program entirely. I even sent a follow up email confirming this thru their website. FIVE DAYS LATER I see a charge to my account! I called and spoke with a rep who said there was no record of my cancellation or email. She said the item had already shipped and just to refuse it when it arrived and it would be returned to them and I would get a full credit. She stated it was shipping USPS, so I knew this should not be an issue.

SHE LIED! It did not ship until he NEXT DAY and it shipped FEDx, so I could not refuse it. I called again and was told there was NO RECORD OF MY CALL!! They will not issue a prepaid shipping label for my return, told me to pay to return it. I am not going to pay to ship something back I DID NOT AUTHORIZE and CANCELED PRIOR!

BEWARE!!! THIS IS DECEPTIVE AND DISHONEST FOR ANY COMPANY TO DO. If you order at all, DO NOT USE AUTOSHIP, THEY DON'T CANCEL IT! I filed a fraud dispute with my credit card company. Save yourself the hassle, buy elsewhere,m from a reputable company!


Stop Aging Now**LOVE THEM~
December 30, 2015
I buy all of my supplements from Stop Aging Now and the one time I had to return something because I couldn't take it, they were spot on with their refund policy. No questions asked and full refund, no issue at all. They have the best quality supplements anywhere and their prices are good especially if you watch for specials. I wouldn't buy my supplements anywhere else. PERIOD.