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SNHU is well worth it!
January 12, 2023

I can't speak to the problems with financial aid, but I can assure you that the university is committed to creating and delivering a good educational product at an affordable price.

They are committed to reaching students who have traditionally been priced out of earning a degree. It's about $900 a course. Tuition is lower If you or your spouse are in the military.

A noted setback is that adjunct faculty are very poorly paid, therefore, most of them limit how much time they are able to spend responding to specific academic needs.

The asynchronous (Brightspace) learning platform makes it possible to fit the courses into your schedule. In general, studying at SNHU is well worth it.

Lack Of Intership Options
September 19, 2022
I was fine while receiving my BA in Criminal Justice but when I was taking courses for my master's, I found out too late that I was not given an option for an internship which cost me valuable on hands on training. Now I cannot even find an entry-level job in my field of training.

AprilCutright September 23, 2022

April. I just started at snhu. Got ready for classes. And from Aug 25 2022. to September 22 2022. I have been filling out nothing but paperwork for the last 30 days. I applied for student aid. I still have not got I'm sorry but it. It don't take a month to get it.

I'm going to the head person to let them know What is going because this is very stupid nobody should have to wait this long. for this aid. I'm going to make a complaint to someone because this problem needs to be taking care of. I'm probably going to have to pay out of pocket. After my course is over. I'm going to get transfer to a different school.

Here's what I think
June 18, 2022

Yep you guessed it! They SUCK! Yep, I'm a student!

JaneWilliams June 20, 2022

Totally not helpful. How or why were they a bad experience for you? If you put as much effort into your coursework as this review, you're not very reliable.

Unethical and Low Quality
May 11, 2017

Default student loan rates are over 9% with this University and increasing year over year. Over 4K part-time professors. Worse than most for profits. Chasing students that had family deaths for money to pay for campus upgrades. Also, OBAMA supported.

When ITT was falling, SNHU was there placing ads until a Bloomberg reporter caught them then ads were pulled. Retention rate 43% . Grads rates, only in the lower 50% range!!!

JeffreyPayne December 06, 2022

The retention rate is 68% and the national average is 69%.If you are going to state facts make sure you look them up first

Southern New Hampshire is a great college...Affordable tuition as well
July 8, 2013

Wonderful brick and Mortar college. ... The work is extremely difficult but at the end, if you do well, your employers would value you even more. Your results will be testimony to your diligence and dedication. If you plan to work hard, this college is an affordable route to a successful career.

Trust prepared to do a lot of work... I graduated with 3.96 grade point average and got accepted into Harvard to pursue my MBA. Harvard was impressed by my grades. I felt so elated that I got in.....My only problem is paying Harvard's

Terrible Financial Aid Department, Advising Staff, and Instructor
January 21, 2013

Some of the instructors were awesome. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. Others were not so helpful; this was a part-time job for some whom held down full-time day jobs at junior colleges. The instructors are not involved in making the lesson plans as they have informed me on many occasions. Most times if you have a question, they are just as lost as you are. In addition, if you have any complications with an instructor, it has been my experience that no one will assist you in resolving it.

The best advice I can give to prospective online students is do not trust anything they tell you when it comes to financial aid, wait until it clears to start classes. Otherwise, you might be stuck with a bill you must pay before you can take another course with them, or before you can transfer to another university, because they will hold your transcript hostage by putting a hold on it.

Also, make sure you document all correspondence with SNHU. Try to do most of it through e-mail, as to keep a record. Because if anything go wrong they will not be honest, they will do anything to try to dismiss you including stooping to dishonesty.

HienieNguyen October 19, 2023

oh okay I will definitely do this. my gosh. I will definitely see to it that I get my transcript. They better not hold my transcript. They are very dishonest. I thought this was because of myself. I have been an honor roll student. This is insane.