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SmileActives Review: Does it Work?

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SmileActives is a teeth whitener founded by biochemist and inventor Robert Eric Montgomery, who has a good deal of experience in developing dental solutions. 

How Does it Work?

Eric Montgomery has obtained over 90 patents in the cosmetic and dental field and was a co-founder of a nail care company OPI.

He also developed BriteSmile, which is a light-activated tooth-whitening system. 

Montgomery claims that, at SmileActives, they offer budget-friendly solutions for doing teeth whitening at home, at an affordable price. 

He goes on to say that you will see improvement in shades by using the gel and continuing to brush your teeth as usual.

To use SmileActives you will blend the Power Whitening Gel with the toothpaste that you are already using, and brush your teeth as normal with the Vibrite Sonic Toothbrush.

The Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen is used as the last step of your teeth-whitening treatment. 

It comes with a brush applicator, in which you can twist the pen and paint the concentrated whitening treatment onto your teeth. 

Products & Claims

SmileActives state that their products are enamel safe and work on crowns, bonding, veneers and dentures.


Power Whitening Gel

The Power Whitening Gel is made with a Polyclean technology. 

This technology enables micro-foam to remove any stain on your tooth enamel.  SmileActives claims that a significant result will be shown within 30 days.

Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen

The Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen promises to deliver its result in 7 days. 

It contains a water-based gel formula that is intended not to cause harm to your teeth.  There is no alcohol, detergents, parabens and artificial colors.

Vibrite Sonic Toothbrush

The Vibrite Sonic Toothbrush is an electric toothbrush that gives about 40,000 brushstrokes per minute. 

It can help customize your dental routine with different toothbrush modes such as cleaning, whitening, and massaging. 

This portable toothbrush is USB-charging and it comes with a sanitized UV-disinfecting brush head.


SmileActives Reviews & Complaints

SmileActives has mixed reviews, while some users say it's easy to use and they found the products effective with noticeable results.

Other users reported that they did not see any improvement at all and called the product a scam.

Some users also said that SmileActives’ products do not irritate sensitive teeth and reported having positive experiences with customer service promptly processing their refunds.

That being said, it seems many complaints stem from unassuming customers being signed up for the auto ship program and receiving more products and charges that they were not expecting. 

This can be incredibly frustrating and leads to an overall negative experience with the company, forcing people to deal with customer service in attempts to receive refunds and opt out of the program.

Customer Service

For any inquiry, you can reach out to their customer service through the contact form on their website:, or call 888-575-5700.

Their website states that customer service staff are available from 8am to 12am (EST) every day.

If you are unsatisfied with the products, SmileActives offers a 60 days money-back guarantee. 

In order to get a full refund, you can return the remaining products or their empty containers, along with a receipt within 60 days.

Where to Buy SmileActives?

You can make your purchase directly from their site at 

Their products are also available on Amazon, but for discounted sets, you should go to their official site. 

If you do purchase from amazon, though, you will avoid any confusion with autoship and membership programs and can just purchase the product you want directly.

Cost and Price Plans

SmileActives offers a discount when you purchase their products in a set. Below are the current prices for their popular items.

  • 6 Shade Power Whitening Gel  -  $19.95 with membership
  • Vibrite Sonic Toothbrush Kit  -  $49.00
  • Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen  -  $18.00
  • Prolite LED Whitening Accelerator  -  $55.00

SmileActives also offers an auto-delivery program, in which you can reschedule, cancel or manage your future shipments.

  Some of their products are offered at a discounted price because they are part of their auto delivery program.  If you read the fine print you will see the terms that you are agreeing to.

"Every three months thereafter, you will be sent a new three month supply...Each shipment will be charged to the card you provide today, in three monthly payments at the low price of $19.95 plus $2.99 for shipping and handling per month, unless you call to cancel. "

It's important to pay attention to what exactly you're agreeing to.

Competitors and Alternatives

Apart from SmileActives, there are many similar products available on the market that offer solutions for teeth whitening.

Smile Brilliant

Offers a teeth whitening system with trays.  Customers do not need to visit the dentist office.

Instead, you can pick the quantity of whitening gel that you need and your sensitive level.  Then, Smile Brilliant will deliver the products that are the most suitable for you.

Smile Brilliant is listed on Google’s Trusted Store Program, meaning that Google gives Smile Brilliant customers’ a purchase protection plan for not more than $1,000.

There are many customers who give positive reviews for their products.


Developed by the Father of Aesthetic Dentist, Dr. Irwin Smigel and his wife, Lucia Smigel.

The professional toothpaste and accelerator are named the best whitening system by many cosmetic dentists. 

Supersmile’s whitening system comes in different varieties, such as jasmine green tea mint and rose water. 

The company was featured on Vogue, Allure, Bazaar and Men’s Health.


A clinically-proven whitening system that removes tough stains on your teeth. 

They use a Cool Blue Platinum technology in their products and promote the brightening function of peroxide, showing you quick teeth-whitening results.

Many users like the customization offered by Intelliwhite, so that you can get the products that match your needs.

It's also found to be a safe way to whiten your teeth without causing any sensitivity.

The Bottom Line

There is a wide range of teeth whitening products available on the market that promise to give you the smile you want without going to the dentist office. 

You should learn more about the products available then pick the one that suits you best and start smiling with greater confidence.

If you wish to try their teeth whitening system, we recommend purchasing a one-time order from amazon to see if it works for you before subscribing to a recurring order plan.

If you have any experience with SmileActives or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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SmileActives Customer Reviews

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Buyer Beware
November 15, 2023
Buyer Beware. Customers must realize that transacting with this company will obligate you to be billed monthly for the product. The website emphasizes a 60-day trial period for you to evaluate the product. 3 weeks after receipt of the product, I am notified that they are charging me for another month. How does one evaluate a product with a 60-day trial period when the company prematurely bills you 20 days after receiving said product. In my opinion, this company utilizes unethical practices to dupe customers into paying twice for a product that does not meet the expectations advertised. Sure you can cancel but only after you have paid twice for a product that doesn't perform. You can return the unused product but you have to pay shipping. Given the experience with this company, I have zero confidence that they would refund your purchases if you returned the product. I doubt the satisfaction guarantee extends to the subsequent premature delivery of additional product. Very displeased. This is not a reputable company! By the way, I tried to cancel the subscription prior to them charging me a 2nd time. They continued to reiterate the 60-day satisfaction guarantee. They never mentioned I would be charged again in less than 30 days. I repeat. Very disreputable.

This Company is Deceptive in their Advertising
October 28, 2023
This company deserves less than one star. Terrible very costly experience for me buying into an ad on Facebook buy one get one free for $39.99. Then they send another and one saying it is a charge of $43.93 only to get charged two more $43.93 which was a total of $170.00 for something that did not even work. I sent it back which was costly since I had to get proof of them receiving it. They then charged me shipping and handling and only refunded $118.00. Good lesson learned

Never do business with Smile Actives
September 6, 2023

I called to discontinue anymore shipments in April! Yesterday I got another order so I called customer service and they said too bad, only thing she could do from overseas was to reduce $46.00 to $32.00 and I’d be stuck with something that I canceled! Horrible customer service couldn’t speak with an American.

Beware of this Company
April 6, 2023

I wanted to try this product. After a month the smile is the same, it doesn't work. I just found out they enroll you into their Auto sending program, without your knowledge.

Charged me $29.95 on the 4th then again on the 6th. So beware of Active Smiles, they won't leave you smiling!!

roycemiller May 29, 2023

They charged me nearly $60 for products l did not ask for, bummer!

former client
March 21, 2023

Poor customer services in Manila, Philippines, customer for 3years, I had to pay balance ($43) to receive additional order. All my payments are automatic and I do not have a checkbook, never had one, First Tech has been outstanding paying my bills on time.

But this folks in Manilla, Philippines are horrible and a nightmare to deal with. I will never deal with them again and have cancelled my subscription with Smileactives. Sayonara baby,

Do NOT Buy!
March 16, 2023

I was suckered into buying this product because of the initial low price. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the very fine print that I’d be auto shipped their product and charged exorbitant prices.

After the second auto charge, I called customer “service” to cancel since they conveniently don’t allow you to cancel your subscription online. The customer representative assured me my subscription would be cancelled with no further charges.

That same day ANOTHER $30 was auto charged because the rep, rather than cancel my account, placed another order! The company did refund me $30 after I called again. Three months later and I have been charged over $100 for a product that does NOT work! Just buy whitening toothpaste, and save your money!

Marginal and very expensive
February 12, 2023
Marginal product that is way overpriced. Aggressive collection after cancellation and useless website for customer service. I'll stick with Colgate or Crest and save money.

Painful lips and mouth
January 22, 2023

This product gave me painful mouth sores and dry cracked peeling lips after using for a few months. Nothing can moisturize your lips as I’ve tried everything.

Hope it didn’t damage my gums too! Glad I never signed up for auto ship! Buyer beware!!

Should be called ScamActives
December 28, 2022

Smile Actives (dba Oral Care Products LLC) sells whitening toothpaste and tooth polish products that are essentially useless. But adding insult to injury are the ENORMOUS hidden costs.

Like many "try-it free offers," they sign you up for a subscription service and begin charging you later when you're presumably already hooked. But Smile Actives waits until the 60-day trial ("money back guarantee") period is over, then hits you with exorbitant changes spread over three payments ($45 x 3) -- just for the first order -- then piles them up over time, so that by the time you cancel you are already on the hook ($135) for three payments for EACH package they've sent you ... which only see after the 60-day trial!

They bury all the details in hard-to-find language deep in their website, but it's obviously as scam. BEWARE!

Unknown auto ship
September 19, 2022

Beware of the hidden disclosure! This product is on an automatic shipment which somehow I missed. Now I have to pay $123.00 over the next 3 months. As like others, this company does not highlight the terms of the auto pay.

I'm sure I am not the first person to be a victim of this company. Whether the product works or not is not the issue. I would NOT have done business with this company had I realized they are on auto shipment

CGrogan October 15, 2022

Tricia, you are not alone. I will never again do business with SmileActives as I feel their attempting to stick us with Auto-ship is deceptive. Sure, you might get our bucks then, but we will never be repeat customers, AND we will put it all over FB, Twitter, every social media! Don't screw your customers!

KarenM Ryan December 03, 2022

Check with your credit card company. Usually they will help you with this type of company.

They rip you off!!
September 18, 2022

Wish there was less then 1 star. I will be joining the class action suit against your company then again I may just start it! None of your phone numbers work. No one ever ever EVER ANSWERS.

Then your little chat bubble gives you another number to try.. Same deal. Then your little chat bubble give you a number and the person on the other end plays dumb. I placed an order to try 1..get a post card weeks later telling me I am now on an auto ship..hence credit card gets charged charged and then CHARGED AGAIN!!

Stay away from this company is all I have to say!!! I turned off PayPal you will not charge me again. If you send another one I will send it return to sender. It will be your loss..

KarenM Ryan December 03, 2022

Call your credit card company. They will usually help customers with this type of company

Read the fine print you you get it once a month even if you did not want it
September 17, 2022
I ordered it was not what I thought and it seems they signed me up for a Monthly Shipment which is not at all what I wanted nor asked for Very Disappointed. Be careful Read the fine lines it seems. Noticed a charge which I did not approve Shame on them for Not telling you in Large Print they are signing you up.!!!!!

When will this stop?
August 31, 2022

This is a sad time to deal with a SCAMMER. I received confirmation of cancellation but still being charged for ordering just the trial offer. Also, they do not respond to my request for a refund. Going to BBB to see if they're after them.

Do not order this product
August 11, 2022
The billing department is horrible. Once you start, you cannot get them to cancel the membership. They keep sending the product and charging your account. Furthermore, product does not work very well. I wish I could give them zero stars.

Rip off artists
July 26, 2022

Their billing department is as terrible as the customer service department.

Warning, don’t get involved...

Trouble with " 60 day Money back guarantee "
July 2, 2022

I returned the 90 days worth of product well within the 60 day Money back guarantee.

According to my tracking # the return was received on June 17th.

Smile actives website says to allow 7 days after product is received.

It is now July 1, still nothing.

They make it very easy to buy and almost impossible to cancel.
May 24, 2022
Product is worthless. This is a scam to get you on autoship. They make it very easy to buy and almost impossible to cancel. Avoid this BS scam company

MaximoMorales May 30, 2022

Thank you

Buyer beware
May 16, 2022
Buyer beware! This product damaged my teeth receiving old silver fillings that had been covered by my dentist with white to conceal them. They also sign you up for auto ship with no notification until the $41.13 charge appears on your credit card. Trying to call customer service is an hour long process. Don’t go near this product!

MaximoMorales May 30, 2022

Thank you.

The product does not whiten teeth
April 28, 2022
I've been using smile active for a month now and my teeth are the same, they haven't whitened at all. The product is not what they say it is... I brush my teeth when I get up and before I go to sleep, I also use it when I finish drinking coffee. and my teeth are still the same yellow so this product does not work

MaximoMorales May 30, 2022

Thank you. I knew there was some sort of catch.

Scam Company
April 12, 2022

This is the worst company ever. False advertising. I signed up for a trial ONLY. They sent me another tube and charged my credit card.

When I called to find out why they did this. I was told that she would cancel membership(Which I NEVER signed up for) but that they were going to charge me 2 more time. I told her NO I don't want the products they did not work at all. please cancel all products. She said she would. I call credit card company and had charges stopped as this is Fraud. Well see what happens next.

I would NOT order from this company EVER.

MaximoMorales May 30, 2022

Thank you. They won't get a penny from me.