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Ask a dentist before spending 2k!!!
December 4, 2020

I decided to get rid of my gap. So I took a step by joining the smile direct club to do it . It was a bit painful the first few months. and the first aligner felt like it would not fit. But I wore all the aligners they sent on the box. followed everything they said don't smoke cigarettes, don't drink anything hot, and don't eat with them on. ( I couldn't cause the pain in my teeth, I actually lost weight) then the gap closed. I looked amazing. After all that pain I was finally done. Could not be more wrong. then we get the the retainers where you should only wear at night (the problem was that when i would wake up i had the gap again) so i decided to wear it throughout the day my mouth was always in pain if i took them off longer than 3 hours to put them back in i had to build up courage. For the next year I wore two different sets of aligners, the first one cracked and they replaced it for me free. The second one cracked also so i decided to call in and ask for advice on what i should do about my gap and is it normal to have to wear the retainers all day? They advised me that the only way to fix that is after you do the aligners to go to a dentist for advice on how to get rid of that gap and that aligners are only made to temporarily shift your teeth to where they told you it would shift but you need to do procedures to complete the process. My advice to you is to go through your dentist so they can do both the aligners and procedures that need to be done to give you the smile you really want. The aligners might cost an extra $500 compared to theirs but it's worth it because they will monitor your progress. And I'm sure they will provide financing if needed. but if you are looking to save money this is not the way to go, with the 2k i spenk there for nothing now i have to spend more money for other procedures that i didn't think i would need. my advice is go to your dentist before making a 2k decision to see if it's for you. a box cannot advise you on something that important.

2020 Smile Direct is Horrible
April 24, 2020
Received aligners 8/2019 that were the wrong fit they belonged to someone else. Smile Direct had me get a re-evaluation 10/2019. I didn't receive he new aligners until 1/2020 those didn't fit as well. I requested a cancellation. Smile Direct would not cancel the order, they gave me the run around. I shipped the aligners back on 3/28 and they still haven't cancelled. I now have a collection agency calling me and can't get through to anyone that can help me at Smile Direct. I keep being told that they are waiting to count my aligners before I can receive a refund.

Terrible Terrrible Terrible
February 25, 2020
Received my first aligners within the 3-4 week allotted time. Month 1 Week 1 fit fine. Month 1 week 2 had fitting issues. Was instructed to try Month 1 Week 3/4, didn't fit way too tight. Had to come back for another scan. Second batch of aligners never showed. Called to find out what happened. Was told they lost the second batch. Case manager said their records show a batch to be delivered the next day. I was confused. The next day came and gone, no aligners. Called to cancel my whole subscription. Was given instructions on returning original aligners with a possible refund. Should take 7-10 business days after receiving original aligners. Two weeks passed with no update. I called to find out status. Was told nothing was passed on to Case Managers, they are doing so now. Have to wait another 7-10 business days. This place is a joke!!! Incompetent company, wouldn't recommend!!

I' Pissed
February 21, 2020
After nearly six months of ill fitting aligners, I asked about the length of time I needed to wear the retainers. They had the nerve to tel me for a lifetime! 100 X 2 X 25 = 5,000 on top of 1,895 for the aligners. What a ripoff! And on top of everything my teeth aren't even straight and my side gap is not closed. False advertising!! Can we say BBB complaint.

I had 4 teeth that broke apart and fell out with Smile Direct Club
February 7, 2020

Could not edit typos, had to resubmit with corrections:

I have 4 teeth that has fallen out as a result of using Smile Direct Club aligners. I've spoken to 3 account rep over an 1 1/2 year period who had me send in cell phone pics of the damage to my teeth. I went to a dentist and had dentist take professional pics to send to them. He told me they could not accept them, and that it must be pics from my cell phone. Really? I took more pics and sent them and they said it didn't fit the format of the templates they sent me. Long story short, they said after reviewing my initial scans, they saw that I had damage before I was approved for the aligners and decided to approve me anyway to help me improve my smile. Here's the kicker, they continued to charge my account even a year after they knew my teeth were broken out and that I had a terrible outcome. I finally had to go to the bank and fill out forms to have them not to be able to charge my account again. They came back and started charging my account again. Which made me have to change my debit card information and put on file that they had no right to withdraw money from my account. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and they lied and said it was my fault that the product didn't work because I didn't order the retainers. Why would I order retainers when the aligners resulted in my teeth damage. The saga continues.

Terrible experience
January 7, 2020
I have had the worst experience with this product. My issue was my lower teeth which were slightly crooked. I had no issues with my top teeth. Now my top teeth have two gaps that were never there before. I am awaiting my THIRD set of aligners to fix what their team of "experts" has done. This also include altering my bite overall.....picture this....I can't take a bite from a piece of pizza.....I have to use a knife and fork. Go to an orthodon'tist AVOID THIS COMPANY! Even their customer services is awful! Super sad they jacked my teeth and have zero empathy.

Absolutely Awful
November 1, 2019
I signed my daughter up in June, paid in full up front. It's a 5 month program. Seemed great at first, the entire kit arrived about 2 weeks after our appointment. Month 2, my daughter lost 1 aligner. According to their website, a replacement aligner is $50 and takes 3-5 weeks to ship. I called to order a replacement aligner and the rep was extremely rude and tried to charge me $100. I kept referring to the website, which he refused to go look at their own FAQ's and he continued to become more and more rude. When I asked to talk to a supervisor, he informed me that the supervisor knew the prices. I had to continue to insist on a supervisor as the rep became more hostile and finally transferred me to a resolution specialist who said yes, a replacement aligner is $50. I called back and ordered the aligner after double checking the month/week that was lost. 10 weeks later, I have not received the aligner. I have called and gone through the facebook customer service and they apologize each time and say they'll email me when the aligners ship. I received an email at the beginning of October guaranteeing the aligner would ship no later than the end of October and here we are in November and guess what? The aligner hasn't shipped. And they acted like they were giving me a bonus when they said as a courtesy for the delay, they were going to give me two weeks more of free aligners, $189 value!. Great, so she can be in aligners even longer? We just want the one we paid for in a timely manner, that you advertised on your website! They did say today that they were refunding me $100 to my credit card for the delay, but again, I just want the aligner that I paid for! I'm beyond frustrated with this company and wish I had never signed up. It's not worth the headache.

October 19, 2019

I was really excited about getting my aligners and getting my teeth straightened. When I went, everybody was really nice and I was given a lot of information. I say that only because upfront is where they have you sign on the dotted line and get your money and commitment. Once you receive your aligners don’t expect much help from there. I had difficulties uploading my photos of my teeth for them to supposedly be checked. No one ever followed up with me or helped me get the pictures to them, there was no help whatsoever. As far as I know a dentist has never looked at my teeth. They’re OK they straighten the top but not the bottom. I have waited since June for my retainers it’s been one problem after another. The last email I received from them was a promise of three retainers and a refund of my money. They arrived today to find out there was only one retainer in the box. I still have not been issued a refund. So once again somebody lied to me, like they did all the times I called on the phone asking where my retainers were. By the way they took the money the moment I ordered them. Then when I went to use my whitening that came with my retainers there is something very wrong with it! It burned my mouth!! So badly that I couldn’t eat for a week. I thought that must be a fluke I have tried all four tube’s, all four burned my mouth! I’m still having difficulty with the sensitivity and burning in my mouth when I eat food.

I wish I would’ve used in Invisaline the original inventors of invisible aligners. I think SmileDirectClub is the Walmart at teeth straightening. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY

AttMore December 26, 2019

There is no way that it burned your mouth lol omg its hydrogen peroxide and is no where near harsh like whitening strips lol I swear people just love to go onine and give crazy bs reviews

AttMore December 26, 2019

Its quite gentle

kennethnelson June 13, 2021

I'm definitely not going there now after looking at the reviews, Thank you !!

Forged Signature on Contract
August 28, 2019

While waiting to receive my 3D custom plan, Smile Direct Club (SDC) sent me a document called "Retail Installment Contract" (i.e. the financial agreement) with my name and initials forged.

From there, I reviewed my credit card account and saw that SDC went ahead and charged the $250 down payment to my account. I got in contact with my credit card company who then proceeded to contact SDC with me on the line.

The SDC rep on the phone tried to make it look like that I signed the document when I visited a SDC location UNTIL I pointed out that the signature was dated days before I even met with that rep.

Needless to say, I am not going with SDC.

I advise anyone who plan to invest money with SDC to carefully review ANY document they may send you.

Finally getting new aligners
August 26, 2019

USPS informed me that new aligners are being shipped out today from the company.

Only took a lot of negative reviews. Hoping that everything works out this time.

August 14, 2019

I am seeing the results from this self administered dental treatment that is compromising the health of the persons who purchased this on line do it yourself orthodon'tic treatment. It is unsupervised and anyone who is unaware they have periodon'tal or gum disease will cause irreversible harm to their mouth.

I would tell anyone considering this service that this may be a very bad decision.

I have 30 years experience as a provider of Periodon'tal and Preventive Dental care, so I am not saying this off the top of my head.

Sincerely, A. Vandiveer Strait, DDS, FAGD

Company Sent Wrong Aligners
August 7, 2019
The company sent me the wrong aligners and are not interested and making it correct. My teeth are still crooked after six months of treatment and they want to start charging me another $99 monthly to send me the correct aligners. Not sure why I have to pay twice as much because they made a mistake.

Horrible service
July 23, 2019
Horrible service from smile direct. Wouldnt recommend to anyone! I have been waiting on my aligners for 2 months and they say that I wont get then for 3 FULL months. I've already paid my money in full. What a waste! Don't choose @smiledirectclub choose some other company.. they don't care about you. After you pay the full amount they place you on the back burner and don't care about you. Only the new customers that haven't paid their full amount yet.. also I have so many retainers that I don't know what to do with because of their mistakes of taking extra money out of my account each month! I have over 500.00 in credit because of these mistakes as well... Maurice Saint Christian. Copy and paste and reviews is going to be a problem for them until they fix my stuff.i just want my situation fixed.smh.....#smiledirectclub #smiledirectclubjourney #smiledirect #smiledirectclubresults #smiledirectjourney #smiledirectclubprogress #smiledirectclubreview #smiledirectclubscam #smiledirectclub

Very Disappointed!
May 30, 2019
I was so excited to receive my aligners, but they didn’t seem to fit properly. Customer service seemed willing to help in the beginning to a degree, and with some twisting here, bending there, and ortho wax, I made do. Then in my 5th and final month, the fit was even worse. I reached out, and did not seem to get the same willingness to assist. I still finished the last month, with the ill fitting aligners, and when my retainers came, they fit terribly as well. I also still had a gap remaining between two of my teeth in the front which was the main reason for starting this program. I reached out several times to get help...only to be told to wear my retainers and just enjoy my new smile. Really?!!!! I was totally brushed off and am paying for a service that was incomplete.

Tey was great!
April 9, 2019
I would definitely recommend them, great customer service in person and over the phone!!!! I love you guys. Thanks again.

My new smile
April 5, 2019
I am 45 years of age and have spent soooo many years embarrassed of my overcrowded crooked teeth . Five times I consulted different orthodon'tist and would never follow through because of the price and length of time that I’d need treatment for Invisalign.A friend of mine told me about smile direct and this time I followed through . I was told that my treatment would take 8 months and I am shocked to see that my teeth are almost straight in an even shorter period . I love having my entire treatment in one box and that I don’t have to wait for the mailman to deliver the next set . I am getting aooo many compliments. The small office that did my 3d scan was very professional and convincing. I am paying half the price tha. I would be paying for conventional liners .

Poor or no medical supervision, could damage your teeth
February 11, 2019

I was looking for teeth straightening cosmetic dentistry and this company came up in search results. After looking at their site it appeared that they were a competitor to Invisialign and their website claimed that a licensed orthodon'tist would create a treatment plan for me after coming into their "Smile Store" to get a free scanning.

At check-in they had me provide them a lot of information on an iPad including a credit card, "So that you can easily accept your treatment and have your aligners sent to you more quickly." I told them I hadn’t decided if I wanted to go with them and was reassured, “Oh you won’t be billed until you approve your treatment.” I was then escorted back to have my scanning and consultation.

I will say that all the people that I met at the appointment were friendly and the place was clean and welcoming. The person that was doing my scanning had traditional braces and I asked why they didn’t use Smile Club and they were dismissive but non-specific. After the scanning was done, I met someone that said they were a dentist, but didn't provide any business card and only gave me their first name. They asked me if I had any questions and I asked if I was a candidate for treatment. He said they would need to send my scans out and in three days I would get an email with my treatment plan and could see estimated before and after pictures.

They then put a piece of paper in front of me asking if I would be wanting a single payment or installment plan. I told them single payment, but that "I won't be make a decision on treatment until I see the treatment plan first". They then they told me I'd get it in three days and could then approved it and then asked me to "Put my name at the bottom" of the paper choosing between the two payment options. I then was given my free gift for coming in and left.

Two days later I got a call from my credit card company asking me if I had authorized a $1850 payment to the company. I had not, so I contacted the company and while I was trying to find their number I got a text message thanking me for my order. When I finally got them on the phone, I told them I had not approved my order yet and I still hadn't seen a treatment plan. They told me that I had signed up for the “rapid ship” option so I was billed as soon as my treatment was ready. I told them again, I had not even seen my treatment plan or spoken with a doctor. They then sent me another text message with a link to a website in it. This just showed me before and after images but had no text or treatment plan. It didn't tell me how many aligners I would need, how long it would take, who the orthodon'tist was that created and approved it, or really anything. I complained about this and was told that my plan was still being finalized and it would arrive in a day.

When I got home I looked at the documents I was given and found that the document they put in front of me asking which payment method I would prefer was a quick scam and the reason they asked me to write my name at the bottom was because they were using this as approval for billing! TOTALLY MISLEADING AND PROBABLY FRAUDULENT!

Now for the last week I've been getting constant emails, texts, and phone calls pushing me to order and offering me "payment options". I've still never received a treatment plan or contact with an orthodon'tist in my state or even nationally.

I've since gone to see a licensed orthodon'tist in my state and was told that I am not a candidate for any clear alignment system and need extensive traditional braces for treatment. He explained clearly that I need teeth to rotate and that clear aligners need extra friction for this so people need to have pads attached to their teeth that interface with the clear aligners to properly work. (This is why mailed aligners without visits to a dentist are unlikely to work well) He also said that in my treatment I would need teeth to be changed in height as well which can only be done with traditional braces. He informed me that if I had tried to use a clear aligner product it likely would have not worked or caused me damage to my teeth, gums, or jaw.

He was upset to hear that this company doesn't appear to have any medical supervision and suggested I avoid them. Just to be clear, an actual orthodon'tist was able to tell just by LOOKING at my teeth that I was not a candidate for clear aligners (of any brand) and I should have never been approved for treatment by a licensed medical professional.

Because of this potentially damaging treatment, I’ve actually contacted the FTC and my state health authority. I’ve asked them to investigate this company and make sure they are not scamming consumers, locking them into unfair legal agreements (like arbitration), and not causing harm to people's bodies by doing unlicensed and unsupervised medical treatments.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t use them for treatment? Not necessarily. It just means that before you elect to have them do a medical procedure to your body, which could have permanent health risks, you may want to ensure that actual medical licensed professionals are involved in the process.

Poor customer service
January 21, 2019
It's been six weeks since I contacted SmileDirect for a replacement aligner. I have called three times, emailed three times and also sent a FB message. I get the runaround every time. "I will reach out to the lab. You'll hear something in 24-48 hours" or "three to five business days." What started out to be a decent "journey" (as they call it) is now a nightmare. I would recommend going to an orthodon'tist who will provide the service one would expect.

December 27, 2018
After six months of use and $2,000.oo out of pocket, I have nothing. Things looked good for the first four months but the last two were terrible. At the end of treatment my teeth would not mesh and I was not able to bite with front teeth nor chew with the molars. After contacting customer service via e-mail, I received this response - We are sorry you are not happy with your new smile, would you be interested in trying another impression and more aligners? They messed my teeth up and wanted to sell me more of the same to correct their problem. Save your money and look somewhere else.

Not Worth It!
April 2, 2018

First of all, they will tell you that you are a candidate to lure you in. I do not have as hard case as some of the people, but because of the premolar, my front teeth will never be straight.

"Teeth are constantly wanting to shift, so yes, when you have the aligners out, your teeth will move back to where they previously were because they have not settled. " - per there email.

I will have to wear retainer till the rest of my life at night. SO till the rest of my life I will pay 99.00 dollars to renew that retainer. Not bad?! Right!

"Once you are done with treatment, you will be able to order retainers. The retainers will settle your teeth so they will not move. You will only wear the retainers at night, however, you will have to wear them for the rest of your life if you do not want your teeth to shift back. This is vital in any treatment that moves teeth, including the traditional orthodon'tic appliances. " NO ONE told me this before the treatment! Which I believe, is a scam!

They work only with your front teeth: from K9 to K9. They call it "desired U shape" which will cost me 99.00 every time when I will decide to renew my retainer. And again, no one told me about it.

It is a trap. DO NOT GO WITH THIS METHOD. It does not help, you will be stuck with it, and and the end you will pay even more than those regular braces. It will NOT give you a desired result, because the smile it is NOT only about the look, it is also about your health.

Pat August 20, 2018

Even people who have had traditional braces or invisalign need to wear retainers for the rest of their lives. Teeth shift-- regardless of the straightening method used.

Pat August 20, 2018

FYI; Retainers must be used after ALL teeth straightening programs- including traditional braces and Invisalign, as teeth have a tendency to shift , regardless of mechanism used to straighten them.

SBMofo September 10, 2018

Yeah, I heard from tons of people who did normal braces and all said "I didn't wear my retainers and my teeth moved back." Duh.

SBMofo September 10, 2018

When I was waiting for my aligners from SDC I had dozens of people tell me that they did braces (normal) and didn't wear their retainers so their teeth were crooked again. Of course you have to wear retainers, and of course you have to get new ones over time. Seriously? Duh.