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SkinMedix is an online retailer specializing in skin an body care products, as well as cosmetics.  The company works with a large number of different brands.

How Does It Work? says that they were founded in 2001 by a pharmacist and a plastic surgeon who were bothered at the high prices people were paying for cosmeceutical products they needed.

To solve this problem, they created a website which features “only the most sought-after, popular, and effective” cosmetic and skincare products on the market today, which have been sourced directly from the manufacturers themselves and are guaranteed to be authentic. 

Like any other online retailer, customers are welcome to go to their website and search for specific items they are interested in using their search feature, or customers can go through their inventory by brand name.


SkinMedix has mixed customer reviews on most review websites, including on Reviewopedia.

Most customer complaints had to do with receiving products that were wrapped in generic packaging and not in the authorized, sealed packaging of the company.

Customers complained this made it impossible to check expiration dates and made it very difficult for customers to feel like they were getting an authentic, trustworthy product.

In addition, some customers said that some of the brands sold on this company explicitly tell their customers that SkinMedix is an unauthorized dealer of their products, though these claims have not been independently verified. 

If you have any experience with SkinMedix or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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SkinMedix Customer Reviews

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Fake tracking number
September 15, 2022

I ordered July 2022 it’s now September 2022 and nothing!

I was given what I believe to be a fake tracking number. I’m so angry, I spent $300!!

Do Not Purchase from SkinMedix
August 22, 2022

Do not buy from SkinMedix. As I found out after my purchases, they are not an approved distributor of Obagi. Some of the skincare arrived damaged and one with the lid not secure at all. I have sent numerous emails and most of my emails have been ignored. I have not received a satisfactory response following the hundreds of pounds spent. Do not purchase from this unauthorized distributor.

Item never received
June 28, 2022

I placed an order June 7, 2022 as of today June 28 2022 I still haven't received it. I had to open a case on PayPal and I did get my money back. I was provided a fake tracking number by Aaron. Awful service highly urge you to purchase items elsewhere.

Sellers of Counterfeit Items with Fake Website Reviews
October 15, 2019

This site advertises as if it sells genuine items and even claims they are "guaranteed authentic." But they do sell counterfeit items and you can't contact customer service because it's just a recording telling you to email them... and of course, they never email back. In effect, they have no Return Policy because they never respond to requests for Returns or Refunds.

If you insist on ordering from here, only use paypal. If the product is fake, you can file a claim with paypal and get your money back [I did]. That's the only good thing about them never responding to emails.

I also posted a bad review of the product but it never showed up on the site. Instead a glowing review with a different name showed up with a 5 star review, lol.

Total rip off artists.

July 19, 2018

I ordered PCA pigment gel. I then read all the negative reviews about the company and emailed the company requesting cancellation. To my surprise I was informed the negative reviews were false in order to extort money from the business, persuading them for payment to remove false negative reviews. However, as I intended to use the product on my face I was unwilling to take the risk and requested cancellation and a refund. To my amazement I was refunded immediately without any hesitation. Contradictory to what the reviews claim.

I received nothing but professionalism, efficiency and outstanding customer service from this company. Also contradictory to what the reviews claim.

I then researched the company and discovered they have an EBay account which stated 100% positive feedback since 1999! As a result I placed a new order and received the item within 10 days (I’m located in UK)

I highly recommend this company.

Although I can’t comment on the product itself as I’ve been using it less than a week due to the hot weather, the item was beautifully and carefully packaged and sealed. If I achieve my desired results I will no doubt be a repeat customer.

In order to further support my experience with this company I can provide photos of the product I received and emails exchanged.