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Simple Smart Science, headed by Julia Lundstrom, is a Colorado based nutritional supplements company whose MindBoost series of nootropic supplements focus on brain health, particularly memory support.

MindBoost is a line of supplements from the company which promises their users a twenty-four hour cycle of enhanced and beneficial brain functioning.

How Does It Work?

According to Simple Smart Science, most supplements which are designed to enhance the function of your brain simply pick a few aspects of brain health to focus on, such as memory or brain clarity, and attempt to improve those function in isolation.

MindBoost, on the other hand, hopes to treat all functioning parts of the brain, on the basis that your brain is in charge of every other system and function in your body.

To Simple Smart Science, this mean it's important to make sure your brain as a whole is healthy and performing at its optimal level, resulting in your whole body becoming healthier. 

Ingredients & Side Effects

There are two different supplements which have two different purposes, MindBoost Day is intended to activate and energize the brain, while MindBoost Night is intended to quiet and rejuvenate it.

To meet these goals the daytime formula includes:

  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Folic Acid


The night-time formula uses Picamilon, Green Tea, Olive Leaf Extract, and Folic Acid.

While not all of the ingredients included in the daytime formula have been conclusively linked to benefitting brain health other than the Rhodiola Rosea, all of the other ingredients have been specifically associated with benefits in brain health or other areas of improving overall health and wellness.

The night-time formula ingredients list is a little more confusing for us.

Green tea, for example, is known as being very good for health, but it does include caffeine which makes it an odd choice for a nighttime supplement.

Olive Leaf Extract is a newly popular ingredient which hasn’t been tested enough to show any conclusive benefits. 

Customer Reviews & Complaints

There does not appear to be many customer reviews for Simple Smart Science supplements at this time.

Many of the reviews found online for their products appear to be from affiliates and partner companies.

That being said, we think the ingredients they have chosen to include in their supplements are not bad ingredients. 

While they are not all proven to have a positive impact on brain health, none of the ingredients are well known as detrimental to health, and the company mostly does not make outrageous claims regarding their benefits.

In addition, though publishes a list of ingredients for their supplements, there is not much other information provided, such as how long customers need to continue use before they should be able to see real results. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-503-2911, by email at [email protected].

The company lists its physical address as:

1624 Market St Ste 226 #36378
Denver, Colorado 80202-2523.


Cost & Price Plans

MindBoost Day and MindBoost Night are both priced at $39.00 for a 30 day supply, with discounts available when purchasing a higher quantity.

The company also sells Alpha Omega DHA, an Omega-3 fatty acids supplement, for $49.00 for a 30 day supply, and a number of memory coaching and meditation courses for various prices.


Refund Policy

Simple Smart Science states the offer a 120-day money back guarantee on their supplements, where customers may email the company within 120 days to receive a refund.

However, we didn't find any more details or specifics of this policy on the company's Terms and Conditions page, and the website itself does not explain in detail how customers would go about using this policy to secure a refund.

Competitors and Alternatives?

Pills and supplements which claim to enhance brain functioning have become very popular in the last few years and include a long list of Cognitine competitors, including Alpha BRAIN and many others.

Customers who are interested in more information on what to consider when evaluating these kinds of supplements should read Do Brain Pills Really Work?

If you have any experience with Simple Smart Science or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Simple Smart Science Customer Reviews

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Gave me a clearer mind and a better mood.
June 8, 2022

I bought these products October 2021. There’s a daytime formula and a nighttime formula that you take every day. (experts recommend taking a break for a short period of time when taking “smart pills.”)

I don’t know why other people have had poor results with these products. Maybe it’s the difference in our ages.

I just know I am grateful for Simply Smart Science products for giving me a clearer mind and better mood.

I’m 69 years old and did not realize how confused and anxious I was until I started on Simple Smart Science Mind Boost. It only took a week before I realized the difference.

BarbaraHimmelein January 21, 2023

I'm afraid the SimpleSmartScience is NOT the 'caring, family-owned business' they say they are. I was told with certainty that I could get a refund for any reason, for 120 days, however, when I did what they said, and marked package 'Return to Sender' it wound up back in my mailbox. RIP OFF!!! Am SO disappointed. But originally an email of mine went unanswered - I should've realized the scam then. DON'T BUY THIS CRAP. Much of the ingredients are even BAD for you... DON'T FALL FOR iT!!!

Maybe you'll have better luck ...
August 11, 2021
It doesn't do anything for me and have tried three times to cancel to no avail. They just keep charging my card and sending more.

Gertrude March 10, 2023

I fear this is a scam. Sent an email to inquire where my package was and UPS did not recognize the tracking code. I got a status back stating the product had been delivered the day prior. UPS stated their tracking code starts with certain numbers and letters and this one was wrong.

Not having slept for 30 years, survivor of CPTSD/DID I am now suicidal. The vid i saw showing a woman looking so trustworthy. Similar thing happened to me only a few months ago with a Chinese company. The company called me after my email. Assuring me to wait another day and then they would refund. Same thing with the Chinese company. Kept playing me possibly hoping i would give up. Police does nothing. Bank does nothing but last time reimbursed me as the payment was made by Credit card.

Sending an email that you cancel the subscription is proof they can no longer charge your Credit card for sending another batch. The curious thing is that this vid showed up right after I had bought one of the main ingredients. Went for it when told that the combination would work out much cheaper. Which it does, had it been true.

Afterwards i kept getting emails by Julia Lundstrom trying to lure me with other vids promising health etc. in a similar way. Should have been a red flag. But only when the product did not arrive and the tracking UPS number informing me there were no results did i suspect of being scammed. I just hope that one reaps what one sows.