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About Shady Rays

Shady Rays is a company founded in 2012 by Chris Ratterman, with the mission to provide sunglasses for every occasion, covering every aspect of its customers lives and unique habits. They focus on creating stylish additions you can wear anytime and anywhere. They pay close attention to details, functionality of the design and the quality of materials used in the manufacturing process.

On top of that, this company that originates from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, was founded with a noble cause, as well. Each purchase you make with them, secures eleven meals for hungry Americans, through the nonprofit project, named “Feeding America”. And they are not stopping there. The ultimate goal is to provide 1 million meals through this project, each year.

Over the past few years, the company has experienced a rapid growth. People enjoy their products and support their cause, so the orders started piling up.

In fact, the business is going so well that Shady Rays made a decision to hire a fulfillment company to manage and ship their inventory, which has turned out to be an excellent move, as the sales continued to rise.


Shady Rays offers all sorts of styles for their sunglasses, backed up with the accessories for the complete modern look.

Their bestselling models are, for example, Blackout Polarized, Royal Polarized, Amber Tortoise Polarized and many others. The point here is that the choice is so vast you will have trouble deciding on just one.

In addition to that, if you are buying shades for gift, but you are not sure which model should you choose, the company offers an e-gift card. It is very easy to give and redeem, as you are able to receive and forward it to the recipient through email, immediately upon your purchase.

How Does It Work?

This is an independent company that produces sunglasses and its team is dedicated to making the best products on the market to accommodate 24/7 action, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

The main focus is on the design and quality of the materials used. Their shades are shatter-resistant, constructed to be very durable and have high visibility polarized lenses.

If you like to buy in bulk and are used to buying from the company that does things completely the same over the long periods of time, then Shady Rays are not for you. This is because they are constantly changing, seeking place for improvement and innovate every step of the way to make not only stylish, but highly functional gear for your activities as well.

Cost and Price Plans

The Gift card will cost you between $15 and $100. For the sunglasses, depending on the model you choose, you will spend between $35 and $75 for one pair.

If you live on the US territory, you will not have to pay additionally for the shipment and handling costs. Instead, as we have mentioned earlier, you will be glad to know that you are helping feed hungry Americans, through a unique food donation project, each time you place a purchase with this company.

All of the shades they are selling come with the Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty and Free Replacement, in cases your shades are lost or broken during the transport. In addition to that, you are eligible for a full refund 30 days from your purchase, with shipping and handling costs included.

The only two things you have to be careful about is to make your returns within the specified time frame of 30 days and the product is in the same condition as it was when you received.

On top of that, you should look at the company’s website very carefully before making a purchase, because from time to time, it will offer great deals and discounts you can use by claiming free online coupons.

Online Reviews/Complaints

People are attracted to the Shady Rays not only by the legit design and quality, but also by the possibility to return the unwanted product within 30 days from purchase, lifetime warranty and a “free replacement if broken or lost policy.”

In addition to that, their customers are delighted by the hunger-fighting project and encourage others to purchase from this company and make their contribution as well.

However, it seems that with this company you get what you paid for. Meaning that the cheapest models are not very durable and succumb to the wear and tear after roughly two to three months of use.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking for the cool shades to compliment your unique style, search the web for some alternatives, as well.

For example, you can compare Shady Rays vs. Blenders, a company that produces stylish eyewear with polarized lenses. There are number of styles to choose from, for men and women alike.

If you are looking for the ideal sunglasses to go fishing and spend your time in nature, check out what William Painter has to offer.

On the other hand, if you are simply interested in running and doing day-to-day activities when the sun is high, then HD Anti-Glare Safety may have the models you are searching for.

Where to Buy?

If you wish to purchase a Shady Ray product, visit their official website, choose the category of products you are interested in, add it to your virtual cart and complete your purchase.


Shady Rays is a young company that is growing rapidly to respond to the rising demand on the market. It has a lot of famous brand ambassadors and sponsored athletes on the team and aims to create products that will be stylish and functional, while investing time and money in the hunger battling project that functions all over America.

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