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Financing your purchases has always been a tough, yet popular, choice for consumers. After all, why pay now when you can easily pay later? Unfortunately, this hasn’t always been an option in the online dimension. The buy now, pay later theory has pretty much been reserved to credit agencies and lenders.

However, Sezzle offers a new payment method for both merchants and buyers alike. You can shop online when you feel like it, and then pay over time, spreading your payments out over four equal installments. There are no fees i you pay on time, and you can get approved almost instantly.

Product originally began as a platform to lower acceptance costs to merchants, allowing bank-based payments that granted consumers the opportunity to finance their purchases even if they had poor credit scores and had failed credit checks in the past. In the past, when a customer would have been declined for credit, Sezzle fronts the costs without having to tap into a customer’s FICO score.

In return, all merchants pay a transaction fee on their purchases, regardless of the bank or service they choose to do business with. For example, if they work with PayPal, they will pay those fees to PayPal, who charges an average rate of 3.5 percent per transaction.

Sezzle is not a lender, but is instead charges fees to merchants. Retailers who engage in high-volume purchases are eligible for volume-based discounts. Because Sezzle pays for the order upfront, merchants get paid instantly. They are able to handle all of the installments from the customers as well as any other transactions.

How Does It Work?

Instead of using a credit check to evaluate consumer's worthiness of purchasing, Sezzle uses a customer’s bank statement. This helps give the company an idea of what level of purchases the customer can afford to pay off over a few installments.

Once the customer is approved, Sezzle pays the bill in full to the merchant and the product is shipped to the consumer. The customer is required to make a down payment of 25 percent of the purchase cost upfront, while the remaining three-quarters is paid out biweekly over the following six weeks. There are no interest charges - the customer simply pays the purchase price divided by four.

Is Sezzle Safe?

Sezzle is completely secure offering consumers an alternative way to pay for products. Because you work only with Sezzle and don’t provide your payment information to the companies, you don’t have to worry about your information being compromised or about Sezzle affecting your credit.

The company undergoes quarterly and yearly audits to ensure the highest level of compliance. This ensures that your data is safely stored in their systems.

Is Sezzle a Credit Card?

Sezzle is not a credit card, but works in a similar fashion. The company does still look at your credit score as part of their risk check, but it does not have an impact on your credit score like a hard check would - it is known as a “soft check.” This information is used to help approve you for Sezzle. Sezzle does not report to credit bureaus, but if you do not make your payments, that information may be reported to the credit bureaus.

Cost and Price Plans

Sezzle has no cost, although consumers are expected to front twenty-five percent of the purchase price of their order when they are checking out. You do not pay any interest charges, but are expected to make the rest of the payments over three separate transactions in the future. Sezzle has no spending limits, like traditional credit cards or lines of credit, and instead takes a holistic approach in reviewing each individual order.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Sezzle has positive reviews, with users reporting that it is simple to use and easy to manage. It allows you to purchase products immediately while making biweekly payments. The company has great customer service and has minimal complaints, enjoying a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can go about returns and refunds in the same way you would with any other transaction, working directly with the retailer to do so.

The main complaint about Sezzle is that it sometimes allows orders to be declined. This happens when multiple factors are taken into consideration. For example, if you don’t have enough funds available in your account, or you have multiple outstanding orders with the company, there is a chance that your order can be declined. Since Sezzle does not have a clear spending limit, this can be frustrating to some consumers.

Customer Service

It can be a bit difficult to get ahold of Sezzle, with no address or email contact information available on the company website. However, they do have an easy-to-use contact form available so that you can submit questions or get in touch with them about becoming a merchant or vendor.

If you have issues - for example, if your Sezzle purchase is not working or you need to close your account - you can visit the website’s accessible FAQ page, where they information about tons of common problems as well as details on how to handle them.

Competitors and Alternatives

Sezzle is by no means the only financing option on the market. There are plenty of others, including Affirm and AfterPay.

When considered vs. Affirm, think about these details. Affirm services significantly more websites than Sezzle, offering no hidden fees and no surprises. You have to provide a bit more information upfront, but Affirm offers alternative payment options that can make it a bit easier to schedule payments.

You might also consider Sezzle vs. AfterPay. Like Affirm, AfterPay offers more retailer financing options, covering more companies in shopping, arts, entertainment, and technology. It is also more common in the international setting, giving it a broader reach to consumers. There is no credit check, but it can affect your credit if you don’t make your payments on time.

Where to Buy?

Sezzle is available at hundreds of retailers, and you can view the list of those where Sezzle is available by viewing the Store Directory. Currently, Sezzle can be used at a handful of retailers such as Modern Ave, The Naked Tiger, FRW, and more.

Is Sezzle Worth It?

If you are uninterested in opening another line of credit, whether due to a poor credit score or the limiting factors, Sezzle might be a good choice for you. This credit alternative allows you to finance your purchases without accruing interest or affecting your credit score, giving you a viable option for purchasing now and paying later.

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Zero customer support /service

March5, 2020

Tbh IF all goes well it's fine. The min there is a problem you're out of luck it took them a week to respond to a help request and they refused to call. Only email back and forth. Frankly this is no way to do business and I'll be avoiding them in the future.

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They put money in pending on bank account with no owing balance

March3, 2020

I have watched them put to putting money in pending in our bank acct instead of just take money when due. I paid everything off on 2/29/2020 and today 3/3/2020 put $241 on pending in my bank account and I don't owe a dime. This so called company tries to get money that aren't owed as I am now facing. Can't contact them as their information on the website isn't there and obviously for a reason. They committed fraud my putting money in pending and nothing is owed to them. DO NOT use this service. I have now had to cx my card and have my bank block them from trying to do anymore damage to my bank account.

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frustrated on Saturday

September28, 2019

no weekend hours support, really???
I have an account, used once, can't remember password. I have literally tried 10 times to re-set. I am using their temp passwords and they have my phone # to send. When the number is entered, it says it's not a valid number?????
Just a heads up. There's a whole lotta shopping on the weekends and we need to count on a system that works or a company that can be open and troubleshoot.

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1 Review

The gold supply is a fake company

September17, 2019

I had the same experience. Sezzle couldn't care less about the fact that they're paired with bullcrap fake companies. Companies that I would never have clicked on it come across if it wasn't for them

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1 Review

Supports Scammers!!

May10, 2019

Make sure the shop you are using sezzle to purchase from is legit before purchasing!! I was scammed by a small business “boutique” that offered sezzle. Sezzle has not been at all helpful in helping me obtain a refund for a product I ordered on 2/17/19 and never received. Instead they are choosing to believe the merchant who has lied continuously and is not at all credible, I provided proof to sezzle of this through my dispute. A simple google search of the seller shows she is a scammer and has done this to many others, yet sezzle is still affiliated with her and has her as a merchant.

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July 28, 2019

Angelica, thanks for taking the time to write your review! I now know never to use Sezzle for payments, as any such provider should offer consumer protection just as a major credit card (AMEX, MasterCard or Visa) would.

Even PayPal protects it's customers, they twice refunded me after good for nothing merchants shipped products extremely late. Although was supposed to ship the next day, one took two weeks, giving one excuse after another. The other outright sent the wrong item

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