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Science Natural Supplements market a number of dietary supplements they claim can help melt away fat and fight the signs of aging.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Cody Bramlett came across Turmeric when he was trying to help his overweight father find a way to lose the extra pounds, reduce the inflammation pain in his joints, and take control of his health again. 

Many people know that including a Turmeric supplement into their diet can provide significant anti-inflammatory benefits.

Bramlett goes on to claim that the active ingredient in Turmeric, called Curcumin, is actually very difficult for our bodies to absorb unless it is paired with other ingredients, specifically black pepper and BioPerine. 

Once Bramlett gave this supplement to his father, he said that the fat began melting off, his energy improved, and his inflammation complete disappeared, so that for the first time in years his father was pain free. 

Ingredients & Side Effects

This website says that obviously their primary ingredients are Turmeric with BioPerine but that their product also provides Manganese, Iron, Vitamin B6, Fiber, Copper, Potassium, Vitamin K, Calcium, and Chromium. 

Their website also cautions that because Turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory it can cause complications when taken with blood thinners, similar to over the counter pain medications like Advil.

They ask that you consult your medical physician for any questions pertaining to the use of this product when used in addition to additional medications.


Unfortunately this company and this supplement does not appear to have many reviews at this time that are not published by affiliates who earns money from the sale of this product.

This makes it difficult to know how biased or unbiased those reviews may really be. 

In addition, this company really flirts with some serious unethical practices because their sales page claims that this supplement will cause your fat to “melt away” but their Frequently Asked Questions section clearly states that:

When paired with a healthy diet and mild-moderate exercise plan, our turmeric product can add as a wonderful asset for those hoping to lose weight. Actual weight loss and results will dependent upon an individual’s metabolism, lifestyle, and additional health-related factors.”  

So this product spends their entire sales pitch explaining to people that they are selling them a drug that will solve their health and weight related problems without requiring strict diet and exercise,

The reality is that you will absolutely need to adhere to strict diet and exercise to actually lose weight with this product. 

This, partnered with the vague and unclear billing program, means that customers should steer clear of this product and look for others on the market with better payment and Return Policies. 

Customer Service

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected]


Cost & Price Plans

Currently this company says that they are giving customers the ability to try this product by receiving a free bottle for just a $9.95 shipping and handling charge, or a $19.95 shipping and handling charge if you are placing an international order. 

Unfortunately this company does not explain what the actual price of this product is or whether ordering the free bottle comes with enrollment into an auto-ship program, which is fairly typical for this kind of product.

Concerned customers will want to contact their Customer Service team for a full explanation of their payment policies. 


Refund Policy

This company says that they provide their customers with a “6 Month Money Back Guarantee” which allows customers to try this product for up to 180 days and still request a refund. 

Unfortunately this website does not detail this policy or explain what procedure customers will need to follow in order to successfully receive a refund from this company, and they also do not provide access to any kind of legal Terms & Conditions which provide additional information.

Concerned customers will definitely want to contact their Customer Service team in advance of making a purchase to get a full explanation of this policy.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

A quick internet search will show customers many different options for turmeric based supplements, as well as many different supplements that contain blends of turmeric with BioPerine or other vitamins and minerals, so customers will definitely have a variety of other options if they would like to look.  

If you have any experience with Science Natural Supplements or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Science Natural Supplements Customer Reviews

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Don't Buy From Science Natural Supplements - They Are Liars and Scammers!!!
September 2, 2022

Advertised 100% refund within 180 days. I sent an email and got an auto response they will refund 40%. I called the number and voicemail is not set up. DON'T BUY FROM SCIENCE NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS!

Something seriously fishy is up with this company.
July 28, 2021

I originally ordered a thyroid supplement as a result of reading some incredibly long winded sales copy promising to help with a hypothyroid condition.

I ordered this product on July 7, 2021.

During checkout, another product was offered which claimed to help reduce fat, and was priced at the remarkably low price of $19 per bottle as a trial. However, when I clicked on the product thinking I was buying ONE bottle, THREE were automatically added to my cart and charged for… I wasn't happy, but figured that as long as there's a 180 day guarantee, I would be willing to try that supplement as well. And it's been all downhill from there.

I am posting this review on July 28. I never received the thyroid supplement and I never received the other supplement, either. This, despite the fact that the website says they ship within 48 hours.

So, two weeks after ordering, I began the first of a series of emails to their customer service department wondering where my order was. I received an email in return that did not answer the question but assured me that the Thyroid supplement was on its way.

A few days later, I called customer service and had a lovely chat with a representative who said that indeed the order had been shipped. I said I had not received any tracking information and I certainly did not have the order in my hands, so could they please supply the original tracking number?

Needless to say, that did not happen.

To make a long story short, about two weeks ago I had a conversation with a customer service rep who was properly chagrined and to make things right and to assure me that this is not how Science Naturals does business, promptly refunded 30% of my order - which amounted to just about $70.

Unfortunately, I still did not have the product I ordered and I still did not have a new tracking number indicating that it had been shipped. I was told they would re-ship my order, but I was clear about indicating you cannot 're-ship' when you have not, in fact, shipped.

Five days ago, in response to yet another email inquiry wondering why they could send me so many product solicitations but were unable to get my product shipped to me, a customer service rep sent me a tracking number. Upon checking the tracking number on the USPS website, the only thing it indicated was that a shipping label had been created & USPS was awaiting the actual package.

Five days later, July 28, there is still no update on the USPS website and I finally sent another email asking for either an explanation as to why this product has not been shipped, or a full refund.

The return email stated that my refund had been processed and I should see it within the next 3 to 5 days.

Never did they explain why the product was not shipped - although they did insist that it had been shipped but could not provide the original tracking number or the date of the original shipment.

They did manage to send me at the minimum 3 to 4 sales pitch emails for various other products every single day since the order was placed.

I would avoid this company. it sounds like their customer service representatives are faced with the almost impossible task of trying to explain the inexplicable and have no idea whatsoever what the shipping or stock status is at the warehouse. Wherever that is. It sounds like I was one of the lucky few who are receiving a full refund, although I have not yet seen it in my account I am hopeful they will honor my request.

This was the worst experience I have ever had with an Internet-based company.

can't get back with the company or website
April 24, 2021

I placed an order and when I went to look for the shopping cart or shopping bag to change the credit card I used, I found out I had already been charged! I went to the original email to click on the site and see what I could do to rectify the situation and I received this notice:

"404 - File or directory not found.

The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.".

Thankfully I saved the original email and phone number to the 'company' and left them a few phone calls and a couple of emails. This whole thing just makes me a little nervous. I am going to contact my credit card to stop the payment.

Research, not only the product but the company before buying.
April 6, 2021

I can't really rate this product yet, but I am extremely leery about Science Natural Supplements reputation now and my anxiety level has risen as I feel that I might have been scammed.

I only just got my product and while showing my wife the super deal I got she found this site and now she refuses to even try the product because she can't find where or who does the third party testing they advertise on their site. I guess I will only take 1 capsule until I have finished self-testing.

January 21, 2020
Placed an order last night, 1/20/20. It asked for my payment information at the start of the order and then the website kept pushing multiple products at me before reaching checkout. I added a second item to my cart, through the advertisement of an "upgrade" and then changed my mind, so in looking for the cart to delete, it was nowhere on the page. It automatically placed both orders, without my final consent, so, I immediately, sent two emails within minutes to cancel the second order. Got a reply right away that a order inquiry was filed. This was still last night. Now today, of course, the orders were both shipped. Spoke to a representative who has offered to refund 50% of the second order now and once they receive it back from me (which I will have to pay and TRACK!), they will refund the remaineder of the money charged. Make it easier for the customer to know what they are ordering and make changes before placing the final order!!! Not feeling good about this company, and that's too bad because I was feeling excited about the product. Don't trust any of it now, and I want my full refund!

Suspicious Advertising
October 27, 2019
I want to say up front that I have not tried their product. However, I saw their ad when searching for a Turmeric Supplement online. The offer was to purchase 1 bottle their supplement and pay for the shipping, and get 2 more for "free". That ad smacks of a company with poor sales and desperate to ship their product. When I coupled that with the other reviews I read about the company from people who did not like their experience with them, I decided to pass.

Beware of this company Science Natural Supplements
July 23, 2019
Please do not buy from this company as I have had my credit card hacked through their account system and they will not admit to the emails I have sent that they are responsible whatsoever. I would send all of my purchases back if I had the faith that I was able to be refunded.

I am Cancelling this order....doesn’t feel right!
June 9, 2019
I hate these ram products down your throat companies! You never get an order confirmation, just another new “ item” that “ you can’t live without”

Ms, Elizabeth Devine
November 5, 2018
I ordered several products from this company...I cancelled within 12 hours of so doing and requested a refund because I am Canadian and the exchange was horrendously high. I got an email message that they had already shipped. They said I could return them and receive a refund when they were received. I received a package that when you shake it it sounds like pills. I cannot open it because I cannot return it without paying shipping costs if I do. I sent another email to see if this was their package because it says the sender was "Fulfillment Warehouse". All my emails now come back "unable to send." Now I don't know what to do because Cody's came back as well.

Erik November 12, 2018

Hi Elizabeth,

We're terribly sorry that this unfortunate circumstance happened to you. We take pride in shipping orders extremely fast. We would hate to make you wait when you place an order with us.

I want you to know that we're going to go ahead and refund you your total of $219.99 even though your supplements were never returned because we really care about our customers which is why we offer a 180-day guarantee.

You can always reach us 24/7 at [email protected]. We're here for you no matter what!

SAMMatherne January 21, 2020

I placed an order with this company on the evening of last night, 1/20/20. Kept pushing others products at me while trying to get to the end of placing an order. I added something to my cart that I wanted to delete, but my "cart" was nowhere to be found and the order was automatically placed without my final consent. I have been charged for two orders. I spoke with someone today that said she would refund me 50% of the second order until I return them, and then I will get the remainder of the order refunded. There is no way this order went out before seeing my cancellation emails of last night and early this morning. If this company truly wanted to help people, it would not have automatically placed my order where I couldn't go back and edit my cart. I want money back! Susan Matherne