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About SANESolution

SANESolution provides online tools, resources, coaching, and support to help people eat more, eat smarter, and eat as easily as possible.

The company, founded by Jonathan Bailor, originated as a not-for-profit research project to explain why some people eat 6,000 calories per day and stay slim while others eat 1,200 calories per day and struggle with their weight.

After over 10 years of analyzing more than 1,300 studies, a SANE video went viral which led to endorsements from medical doctors at Harvard, Mayo Clinic, and Johns’ Hopkins.

Products and Ingredients:

CEO Jonathan Bailor leads SANE Solution, which is home to coaches, developers, designers, researchers, and counselors in 11 different time zones. The goal is to provide everything you need to eat more, burn more, and smile more. 


The first step to starting your personalized weight loss plan is to join a free webinar class. Once you are a member, you will get access to:

  • Live Coaching 
  • Video Training 
  • Over 1,400 Recipes
  • Monthly Books
  • 24/7 Personal Coaching
  • Patented Tracking & Tools
  • Best-Life Library

Members can get immediate answers to all of their weight loss, fitness, and health questions through SANE Solution's 24/7 Instant Answer SANE Concierge Service™, SANECertified™ Coaches, and new friends in the Private SANE Online Support Group.

The SANECoach™ mobile app provides instant guidance after every meal on how you did and what to eat next. It works on iPhone, iPad, Android, desktop, laptop, Windows Mobile, even on most Kindle devices. Other patented tools allows you to see exactly how close you are to reaching your goals and see exactly what to eat next to lose the most weight deliciously.


Half day seminars normally cost $397.00. Sometimes it is offered for free during limited periods.

Customer Service:

Contact SANE at (347) 979-1735 or [email protected] Follow company updates on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

SANE Solution has been endorsed by top doctors at Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and other best-selling authors. The weight loss approach has also been featured in New York Times, Time, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, and USA Today.

Critics of the SANE Solution disagree with statements such as avoiding "non-SANE" fruits such as vegetables and whole grains. Some people did not trust how the referenced studies were presented.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many effective weight loss plans that provide helpful resources including The Paleo Diet Playbook,, The Primal Blueprint, Eat to Perform, and Nutrisystem.

Where to Buy?

You can gain access to all of the tools and resources on

If you have tried SANESolution's weight loss plans, please leave your review below.

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This is a scam and a waste of money
May 29, 2021

This is a scam and a waste of money. I ordered one bottle at the beginning of May, which has still not been delivered. The excuse is that COVID-19 is delaying orders from the US to Canada. I have received other items cross-border that weren't deemed essential services, so this is just an excuse.

When I said that I was going to contact my credit card company due to non-receipt of product, the customer rep Patty C. said it would be a fraudulent claim, as they were helping me. How? By bombarding me with SPAM and ignoring my requests as to why I hadn't received a product?

March 22, 2021

I just checked my credit card and there are charges from Sane Solutions in the amount of $1,102.77! I don’t know how or what they are charging me for but I certainly did not order that much product.

I ordered THREE BOTTLES OF VITAAE not what they are showing!

S96301x3 3 Bottle SANE Vitaae - N 1

S96301x3 3 Bottle SANE Vitaae - N 1

S96101x2 2 Bottle Luminae - $97 1

I did not order these products:

S96201x3 xx - Viscera - Count : 3 Bottles

S96201x3 xx - Viscera - Count : 3 Bottles

I have contacted the company and asked why I was being charged $1,102.77 but they just said I must have ordered all of the above products. I only placed an order for THREE bottles of Vitaae.

There is no way I would ever pay $1,102.77 for any amount of these types of products. I asked them to credit back the charges on my credit card and they said they have already been mailed out and I will have to wait and then return them. That means I have to carry that amount of over $1,000 on my credit card and then wait for them to receive the products back and then credit back the amounts they over charged me.

I am 78 years old, have just been diagnosed with a brain tumour, my 85 year old husband is still in the hospital after having another heart attack!!!! Wouldn't you think that a large company such as this would just do the right thing and refund my money!!!! Imagine $1,102.77 for three bottles. I will never purchase anything from this company again and I advise you to think twice before ordering anything from them.

Does this company even have a heart???? I don't think so!!!!!!!!! BTW I still have not received any products yet!

February 20, 2021

Bought into the sales pitch and followed the advice on how to use Vitaae tablets for 6 months. Have lost no weight - if anything put it on - no 'sharpness of thinking' - it had no effect at all. I rang the company and they said I could only get a refund after 90 - so how can you tell if it works ?

Then they said you can get a 'refund' after this if you send back all the empty bottles (at your expense I guess) - I threw mine away. The 'refund' they will give you is in vouchers for more of their products - so no refund just more snake oil. This is all in the small print - as legally it has to be - but a far cry from the 'money back guarantee' they advertise when buying - never again - bad advert for America and Americans

November 3, 2020

I contacted the company for a Refund the Weight Loss Pills and Memory. The Man was very polite and easy to deal with. He told me to send it all back and they would refund my money within three days of the products return

One positive input.... Kind of :-)

Don’t waste your money
October 20, 2020

I finished 2 bottles and it did nothing for me so, I wrote that on one of his fb posts and he said to call and they’ll take care of me so, I did and it was a joke! They weren’t going to give me my money back because I threw away the empty bottles even though they had a record of my purchase and he wasn’t going to send me 2 bottles to see if it would work if I took it for a longer time.

He basically wanted me to buy another 2 bottles at the advertised price and when I went back on fb to write about what happened, he deleted my comment!! Don’t buy this product!!! Don’t waste your money!!

Dr. J November 19, 2020

I have to wonder why anyone feels the need to spend an hour browbeating prospective clients. However, Jonothan Bailor does by repeating and repeating the same things over and over as if everyone listening, be it American's, Australian, English, Spanish, Mexicans, Germans, or others must be really STUPID. Especially, when he could trust the people reading about it to make their own minds up. However, having just read the earlier reviews I'll be amazed if my comments survive it that far. Mind you my daughter has a website so it will get there somehow but wish me luck?.

Master class is nothing but an advertisement!
July 14, 2020

I just spent three hours listening to the SANE master class. It was definitely not a class! It was a 3+ hour infomercial! At the end of the infomercial, they wanted to sell you a package that costs over $1,400! It's a waste of money. If you're interested in the program, it's cheaper to just buy a used book at the bookstore.

I was severely disappointed! I wasted 3+ hours expecting to learn something and get access to their program for free! All I got was a stupid graph that was interactive when you put in the number of veggies, protein, and fats that you can eat. What a waste of time.

Dr J November 19, 2020

Good Luck, look forward to hearing about your results.

Delores J September 11, 2020

I take Vitaae and at age 71, I've seen incredible results: more energy, better focus, feel better, and my memory HAS improved. I am curious about Visceral 3 though. I have belly fat and Vitaae was supposed to get rid of that, but it hasn't, so I ordered the Visceral 3. I start on it tomorrow. I'll let you know.

Princess D July 20, 2020


July 8, 2020

I am sitting here in front of my computer listing to the gentleman telling me about this wonderful way to full gut health, I opened up another page to read the reviews and what a eye opening step that was. All 1 star because they have to put at least one to let you know how feeble this person is.

He just goes on and on verbally trying to convince people how it is the magic bullet to cure and how it cures the whole problem with leaky gut problems. And these reviews are numerous regarding you ever getting aa refund should you fine it is not doing anything to aid you health. They do not refund your dollars.

Angie July 24, 2020

You definitely dodged a bullet! He will say anything to prey on your health fears and then promise you the cure. If you buy any of the "programs" you are just buying sh**. The recipes are just copy and pasted from online with the "bad" or "insane" ingredients swapped out for "sane" ones whether the recipe works that way or not. The pics are just dumb stock photos (as are most of the photos on the site). If you do not see results (which if you do will be VERY temporary) you will be accused of not doing the diet right or not doing the exercise right Don't bother trying to get your money back- they will not let you! The "coaches" you are promised are just hyped up sales people trying to get your money. The "products" they tout are ridiculous! They do NOT deliver what they pay for. Oh and guess what, they won't give you your money back for those either! They will try to convince you to buy more! Do not trust this company. Everything they say and do is a lie!

Totally unethical company - don't honour their money back "guarantee"
March 3, 2020

I listened to the video Jonathan did, explaining how the Vitae works to help with anti-aging, brain health, and other age related issues, including metabolic issues. I purchased a 6 month supply of Vitaae, spending $328.95 US which converted to $443.80 CDN paying through PayPal. Because of the passionate way he spoke and their “1-year guarantee, no questions asked” policy, I felt comfortable doing so.

Move forward 5+ months and I am seeing no difference. I still have brain fog, I still have to fight like crazy to lose any weight (isn’t a healthier metabolism supposed to help with that?). I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not perfect when it comes to eating clean, or SANE as they call it, but I have worked really, really hard. My joints are deteriorating even more and I have more health issues than I did when I started using Vitaae.

I continued to try, hoping that my body would eventually begin to respond, like all the people who’s glowing reports the company has posted, continuing to believe that a “1-year guarantee, No questions asked” meant exactly that. After almost 5 months, I decided to call in my guarantee. I’m not saying Vitaae is the cause of my deteriorating problems but I am saying it has NOT helped.

When I asked for a refund I was not surprised that they asked for a short call with a customer representative. After all, any company would want to see how they can improve service to their customers. However, I was very upset to find that the guarantee is NOT VALID unless I saved my empty bottles. WHAT?

In the emails I received confirming my order and shipping date, in the papers that came with my order, there was NEVER any mention of saving empty bottles, NEVER a suggestion to read the FAQ page – I guess that’s where they hide the small print trickery details to avoid honouring the guarantee. I am extremely upset, I will never purchase from this company again, and I hope my experience will help save someone else from wasting good money on a useless product.

I obviously did NOT save the empty bottles – we recycle, so they went into the recycling bin. They need to set aside the asinine requirement and refund my money ASAP. I find this a very unethical way to do business and hope to help other people keep from falling into this trap.

Dr J November 19, 2020

And How Do They Expect one to Do That! Just shows it's a hoax.

Songsinger September 04, 2020

I completed the 3 bottles with no success. They do not "refund" the money. You may get a credit for another product,

but only if you "prove" you followed their plan and return the empty bottles.

June r June 20, 2020

I am on a product called viscera-3, have been using product for a week and have not experience any relief as was promised in add. I hope they honor refund..

doesn't work
December 20, 2019

I was hoping program would work where nothing else has. Unfortunately it didn't and they don't honor refunds. Wish I had seen this review sight before purchasing.

First they tell you you once you watch the 1/2 day master class you have a $100 gift card that can be used for the program but they never deduct it from purchase price. Program cost $1497 and supplements $299.95 I tried requesting refund and they refuse to give it to me because I did not talk to a coach regularly.

I work two jobs and don't have time and don't see point if following program. Please learn from my very expensive lesson...don't purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr J November 19, 2020

I couldn't agree MORE. Get together guys and get your money back.

Dubs November 10, 2020

I SO agree!!! A class action suit is NEEDED!

Anonymous September 11, 2020

someone should start a class action lawsuit

Thank you to all those you have posted.
October 13, 2019

If it were not for all these posts i would have been the next victim to be sucked into this scam. I can't believe how such companies can play into the vulnerabilities of people and give them hope to improve which ever the issue might be such as weight loss, to brain inflammation, to dementia etc.

It pays to do research!!!

Adrienne September 28, 2020

I learned long ago to check out the comments of people that have used this product and I'm not surprised to find out this is just another hype product that doesn't work. The word guarantee is obviously frought with their definition of "no money [email protected] Thanks for all your comments.

Joyce September 16, 2020

Thank you for all your comments, I was also considering buying this product know that I have read these I will not, it is sad how low these people will go to get your money, if their products really worked they would honor their promises and refund your money.

Karen September 03, 2020

I was seriously considering this program too.... until I read all the reviews, which I am also grateful for. One day ALL these con-artist people will stand before God and account for their lies and deception to steal money from innocent victims !!

Jenn August 27, 2020

So thankful for all of these comments!! Thank you!!!

Shirri April 19, 2020

I'm glad you ladies posted what you did, I almost got sucked into the same thing.

Mildred March 03, 2020

You're the lucky one! Glad you checked first!

SANE-Solutions - Con-artists and Scammers
October 1, 2019

When I came across this company, I was not interested in the weight loss, but they intrigued me with the term "brain inflammation" as I have a great deal of problems with my brain function - not sure if I have beginning of Alzheimer's, but have many of the symptoms. I asked for more information, but instead got more hard sell. They asked why the delay in signing up and I responded that I was unable to use the technology of skype and facebook. No response.

Then in one day in April they bombarded me with 7 emails offering it for $50 and a couple for $0 with the caption that "Paypal sort of buys it for you". So I clicked on $0 and ended up in the normal paypal screen showing the amount of $1,497 USD. I didn't understand what was happening and was very confused and flustered. I paid that amount believing that they must then credit my account back with the money to make it $0.....which didn't happen.

Since then I have been bombarded with more hard sell emails, more just plain junk emails, and SMS's trying to organize coaching sessions (which I had already told them I can't manage as they are skype) and 2 emails in July which apparently contain part of "my programme" - I don't know as I haven't opened them and I won't. I had already asked for a return of my money prior to any programme being sent to me. That email was ignored as most have been.

I later demanded my money to be refunded only to be referred to their Return Policy which states that you have to use the whole of the programme completely for 6 months, then if not satisfied, they will refund the money + $1,000. However, I can't use the programme. It's too technical and confusing for me. But they don't give a damn. They are only interested in your money.

As I never wanted their programme in the first place and only wanted information to see if it would be suitable for me, I am pretty annoyed. My latest demand for a refund referred to the fact that I had signed up on their email offering it for $0. I have not received a response to that email either.

I have taken the matter to paypal, twice now. They also advised me to take the matter to my bank so that may be an option for some of you. The bank couldn't help as it was outside Visa's 120 day limit. My next option is the Ombudsman, which may also be an option for some of you.

Don't touch this company. They are complete con-artists and scammers.

Princess D July 20, 2020

I understand that a person can live a perfectly normal life with only half their brain. My Mum died of Alzheimers and now my Granddaughter is a 2nd-year Resident Neurologist in Madison Wisconsin. Her Fiancee is a Neurosurgeon at the same hospital. Dr. Jennifer was so ecstatic last week to help a 91-year-old lady who was admitted with a stroke, partially paralyzed and unable to speak. Dr. Jennifer did a procedure on her and after caring for her for 2 weeks, the lady left the hospital cured. Please do not give up! There are so many recent advances, improvements, and cures in the region of the brain in the last few years. I am 83 and will never have Alzheimers because the onset is around 50 to 55 years of age. Good Luck.

Eva H May 04, 2020

Thanks a lot for destroying my last hope to recover even a small amount of my brain and mind! That hope was all I had left !

did your brain problems start just because of "old age " or did/do you have other causes ?like perhaps a sever blow to your head or stage C stress burn out & severe Fibromyalgia ? I have those since Aug 2018 ... sever fibromyalgia is suppose to destroy the completely on the very end; Jan 2019 the very beginning of If there was an important subject I had to address I could get the first 3 words of the 1st sentence out then forget both sentence & subject ..... I've been fighting ever since but gets worse when I'm under extreme stress .... how about you ? So thanks for telling me its hopeless ! BTW Prevagen brain supplement seems to help me a little .... so thank you for trying to discourage and destroy all hope .....I guess the only alternative is an lobotomy .... you first !

Mildred March 03, 2020

I completely agree! Even the "Director of Operations" claims she is bound by company policy. I suggested she send my complaint directly to Jonathan Bailor - she has not responded to that one!

Daniela February 08, 2020

I agree: con artists, horrible customer service !!! Customer service is trained to not allow you the 100% guaranteed refund if not happy, as presented in Jonathan Bailor's video, where he says that no matter the reason he guarantees 100% refund. I am disgusted with the dishonesty of his practices. He is not to be trusted, DO NOT ORDER anything for this company !!!

September 18, 2019
Waste of time and money.

Marian August 16, 2020

I'm glad I read the Reviews because I was getting ready to purchase. Hi watched a long video and the product was touted for it's great health benefits. Once again I'm glad I read the reviews.

Nothing but scam
September 9, 2019
They send me 24 emails during the night. Same info over and over. Who could believe anything they say?

Bait and Switch
August 29, 2019
I only gave a star in order to complete a review. The "no questions asked is guarantee" is a lie. No refunds are available! They constantly email you upsell after upsell. Emails are generated in the middle of the night offering information that you must call in to download! You are forced to call they can try to sell you more junk. The program eliminates food groups which is INSANE! Avoid this overpriced SCAM whatever you do.

Bait and Switch Guarantee
July 9, 2019

What you will get from this "nutritional breakthrough" is a breakdown in trust. I tried the anti-aging/brain health supplement Vitaae for 90 days as directed at a cost of $199. I bought the owner's book and listened to his story on his webinar, where he garners trust.

But, when I did not see results to love (actually had an abnormal red-blood-cell count on my June physical,1st time ever) and attempted to get a return of the money I spent as promised on the product information: "1 Year Money Back Guarantee. If you do not love the results, we will gladly refund your money. No questions asked!"

I was told that refunds requested after 90 days (the amount of time I was directed to try it) were in the form of a gift card from the company store. That fine print can be found somewhere on the company website, but is never mentioned in the webinar where a 365-day refund is promised as " have nothing to lose." That is not true. You have the purchase price of $199 to lose.

This is a classic bait and switch program. DO NOT BUY IT. I saw no results in taking it, or after stopping it, which I waited to see since I "had a 365-day guarantee" and was trying to be fair in my evaluation.

Very disappointed in the integrity of this company. Evidently, other reviewers have had exactly the same experience. Wish I had looked up reviews before buying. Live and learn.

This is a scam.
June 18, 2019
This is a scam. The diet leaves out whole food groups. No talk of organic or non-GMO. The supplements they push are also not organic or non-gmo. Sorry I wasted my money. Even the calls are 20% info and 80% rambling and hype.

Waste of money
June 14, 2019

I was not able to follow the plan and I tried to get my money back. The money back guarantee is not worth anything.

Also constant marketing of additional products that can’t be purchased outside the U S A.

For me to loose weight I have to eat over 12 servings of vegetables a day. The way they recommend achieving this is with green smoothies.


Princess D July 20, 2020

This is not the place to ask for a refund. Call your bank!

Ina R June 21, 2019

I have a charge on my credit card from Sane solutions and I don't know what it is for. Please respond and tell me what it is for. I don't remember ordering anything from you. Ina Rooker.

If I had I known I would never ever have signed up!
May 10, 2019

Way too many emails, secondary offers after signing up. Somehow they didn't realize I had already given them too much money. I certainly made the mistake of signing up. Trying to get a refund is a nightmare.

When I called and emailed coach to cancel since it wasn't my day to speak with him he was RUDE and uncaring. When he realized I was not going to stop until we spoke he did call back. You can't reach a live person beyond your coach to speak with they just deal in emails back and forth. They have your money and don't intent to refund it so why speak with you?

I believe it is a money making company without a heart and likely making money hand over fist. The program doesn't seem to offer new ideas, one can read his books. I would not recommend this to anyone and sure there are better way to address weight issues. You are dealing with a coach, not Jonathan Bailor. It states Jonathan Bailor is your coach but in reality he is in your email box not speaking with you in person.

This program is not geared to a active, busy professional person and I pointed this out to coaching person and customer service. They could care less. It is a very stressful situation and adding to my anxiety. This issue of stress and anxiety is of concern to my medical doctors.

Make sure you read the fine print on the "money back guarantee!
April 23, 2019

I found the constant marketing confusing, frustrating and even irritating. There isn't really much new with this plan, although the promises are huge. I tried but couldn't get my money refunded. Buyer beware!

It may be a plan that works for people who are not aware of current trends in healthy eating and are truly in need of personal help in order to diet successfully. If you have followed nutritional trends and diets in the past, there may not be enough that is new in this plan. The secret exercise program, eccentric exercise, was something I was already doing but I had to pay money to find that out. Too much hype!

March 18, 2019
I purchased their diet plan based on a refund if not satisfied only to find you need a doctors note before you start the plan along with having to follow a rigid documented exercise program on top of their diet plan. See theur website for refund policy.This fellow comes across as being a caring compassionate individual. He is far from it and will not refund your money.The only thing he cares about is lining his pockets with your money.i also puchased another.product with a 60 day money back guarantee and when i found it didn't work for me, i was unable to get a refund on that item either.

Deb C July 09, 2019

Smart move!

Taalibah June 20, 2019

wow thanks was about to join until I read the reviews thanks

Barbara April 19, 2019

Thank you for sharing. Your negative outcome reminds me of my own experiences with scammers in the past. I won't have anything to do with the company. Sorry about your outcome. God bless you for taking the time to share your bad experience.

Anonymous March 31, 2019

Same thing happened to me. They purposefully deceive people about refund then pull a bait & switch so you cannot get one. I don't care how well their plan might work; if their biz practices are unethical!!!