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Not Worth The Money - One Star Too Many
April 3, 2020
The products are all over the board. You have to look for exercises, meals and amounts. Unless you have a lot of time to make up your own meal plans to your diet needs and allergies. This is not worth it. You will get no help except to go to the youtube videos

waste of money
February 9, 2020
So many errors, hard to follow. Instructions are random and pieced to gather, he goes off on tangents. His equations don't' match up the diet plans he gives.. who taught this guy math. He has no clue on women's hormones. He specifically states the wrong day of menses as the start of the diet. This is pieced together.. and very random. You can find better written more conclusive material on the internet. Its like this guy just took others material and pieced it in a program.. there is no science to it.

Not at all appropriate if you are vegetarian - barely any meal options
August 14, 2019

I understand most plans have a high protein hit, therefore, mostly comprised of meat/fish. However, most plans offer some vegetarian alternatives, which this plan barely recognizes. It would be ethical to advertise this clearly before a purchase. Not going to be able to use this plan at all.