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Too good to believe
November 28, 2023

They got me today

I didn’t have my account to give them, but did release a lot of personal information. Will be contacting my bank...

Sucker born every minute.

Liars and Crooks!
September 20, 2022

SCAM! They got me and I'm very embarrassed but I hope this will help someone else not to get scammed by these crooks! Do not send them any money they are liars and crooks and can sound very convincing! They got $195.00 out of me and never heard from them again! BEWARE!

WifeyGirl February 09, 2023

Thank you for the information! I'm glad that I researched this before contacting them. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. :'(

BonitaWiliams December 14, 2023

Thank you!

Scam! They take your money and give you nothing!
April 26, 2022

This place is a scam!!! Do not give these people any money! They keep saying they need money from you for insurance and taxes. Then to cancel your "So called" loan, they want an additional $100 to process the cancellation faster.

It is all bull! You will never get a loan and you will nit get any of your money back! I am going to do everything in my power to bring these scammers down!

Donsmith June 03, 2022

I know by prior experience that most of these companies string you along and you apply over and over again and they sell your information and they tell you it will not hurt your credit score but that’s a lie. Every time they do inquiry on you it affects your credit it may not lower your score but you can only have two or less a year or your credit score is effected so please call a real loan company and apply only one time and get your results.

TitaBrewster June 21, 2022

Absolutely true and just one of the downsides to this particular company. DO NOT USE RubikLoans for ANY reason no matter what they promise.

WifeyGirl February 09, 2023

Thank you for the info!!

TomShutt December 09, 2023

yes thanks seems like they are still at it in 2023

Rubik Loan LLC or Rubik Loans
March 27, 2022

Pure simple, this is a consumer fraud SCAM. They agree to a loan then ask for an insurance deposit, promising to deposit" the funds or return the deposit if they failed to grant the loan.

THEN they asked for more money to "verify" the loan. I said "no" to more fees but have not had my "insurance" deposit returned.

I'm filing a small claims court suit and filing complaints with California and Massachusetts attorneys general. I was stupidly scammed... please don't be the next person.

FrankD. Janowicz April 23, 2022

Thanks for the review!! I wished I would checked up on rubik loan llc!! I too, lost my insurance deposit. How do I file a complaint against rubik loan llc?

Hidden cost and no refunds
September 15, 2021
I have found that this company is a scam. I was told I was eligible for a $4000 loan, I signed the papers I paid a $195 for the insurance and then I was told I had to pay $320 for the Illinois state tax because they made a mistake and could not deal with loans in Illinois email, even though they told me that that they would cover the money. I had to pay it first now I am struggling to get my refund back.

WifeyGirl February 09, 2023

Damn! They are ruthless! I don't know how companies like this are allowed to scam people the way they do. I'm so sorry.

July 19, 2019
Watch out they will ask you for $195.00 for insurance cause your credit score is to low then they will call back and say they need to pay $475.00 for state to state transfer tax!!! That they will pay it then they call back and say oh they can’t pay it you have to!!! Don’t do any of it!!! It’s illeagal for a loan company to ask for fees. It usually comes outta the loan and loans have to be written up and signed

WifeyGirl February 09, 2023

Good to know. Thank you.

Potential scam
July 17, 2019
I went to for assistance in getting a loan. Got a prepaid American Express card for $175 to pay for my PPI, (payment protection insurance) with the promise I will get my loan so I can get back on track with my bills that I am behind on. They called me saying they needed $500 for the state of California tax. Sadly I'm still without a loan, and they say it will take up to 15 business days to process my $175 refund into my checking account.

JoanSmith September 09, 2021

I wish I knew all of this before I applied. They were always asking me to pay for first the insurance, then some fees to the state I live in then some taxes they said several times that they tried to make a deposit.but it was always returned to them then they said they would send me the money via money gram or WESTERN UNION, but I had to pay the fees. A fee of $395. Which I did not have. If I did why would I need a loan. I am going to call and ask them for refund on that so called insurance.

TitaBrewster June 21, 2022

Good luck! My experience with these SCAMMERS is similar. I don’t know how they are still around.

WifeyGirl February 09, 2023

I have also heard that you never get your refund back... SO awful.

TomShutt December 09, 2023

yes they are back at it in 2023 December

TomShutt December 09, 2023

i almost fell for a similar loan scam from another calling themselves loan club . smartened up and changed my account number before giving them anything but still a hassle changing direct deposits and other bill paying to the new account if they want your numbers before they run your credibility BEWARE!!!