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More energy and feeling better all over.
November 14, 2023
I have been taking Morning Kick now for about 3 weeks. It is amazing for me to actually feel full on more energy is such a short time. I stay up longer, and I still get up early as I have always been an early morning person. I believe I am feeling that my memory is improving. This is the first product I have tried that I actually feel the deference.

Old fogies no more!
November 14, 2023
The taste is great and the effects are near immediate. I have been more energized more regular and and ready to tackle the world's problems since I started using this a month ago I reordered and I'm looking forward to using the supplement for quite some time what Chuck Norris is telling us on his infomercial is the truth

I feel great!
November 14, 2023
It taste great and I feel good. I have RA and was looking for something to help with all around health. It is so easy to mix up and incorporate into your daily routine.

Best supplement ever!
November 13, 2023
I ordered Morning Kick because my immune system needed a boost. The afternoon of the first dose my very arthritic ankles were no longer swollen. Since then the ridges in my fingernails are almost smooth, my psoriasis is 99% gone and my hair loss is about a fourth of what it was. All benefits that were unexpected. I don’t get the big energy boost that I expected, but I don’t feel the need for a nap either. I’ve dropped $150 a month worth of other supplements and just went to this. So very cost effective. The secret is to stir it well and then it’s not grainy. I don’t taste the strawberry, just the lemon. Add a few grains of sea salt and you get rid of the stevia taste. Some one commented that her shipments were all expired and showed a picture. It said manufacturer’s date not expiration date. So she misread. Ordering and shipping is easy and fast. Best of all it does not raise my blood pressure like most supplements do. I’ve got two other relatives on it now. Starting month two tomorrow.

Roundhouse Morning Kick really works.
November 13, 2023
Roundhouse Morning Kick an excellent product. I'm starting feel better. It has started curving grogginess in the morning before going to work. I'm more alert for the hours between 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m and the rest of the day gets even better cuz I can prepare for my second job which is to clean my two cleaning accounts and then I go. home.

This product will do nothing but help you
November 12, 2023
My wife and I both taking Morning Kick She loves the taste , I like it because I don't eat a lot of greens and this solution makes up for it and has given me more energy and a better diet. So far I like the product and will continue to use it.

One month in and loving Morning Kick
November 12, 2023
I notice a difference when I miss this drink in the morning. When I do take it, hard to explain, but I feel calmer. I think my digestion moves a bit smoother, too, if that makes sense. I'm going through a time of very high stress, and I truly believe this mix is helping me get through it better. I'm about done with the first container, thankful I bought a three pack. I haven't lost much weight that I know of, but my body does feel better, my workouts are going better, too, all moving in the right direction. I've tried a few other supplements in the past. Going to stick with this one.

Morning Kick Does What It Claims
November 12, 2023
I’m over 50 & have heard for years how my body is going to change. I’m retired & work just to keep moving. I went from a job where my movement was static to stocking shelves in a store. This product has helped me overall so that I have no muscle or joint pain, no standing around wandering what is next and my attitude is upbeat knowing I’m moving all of my limbs along with bending, twisting, reaching & so forth. Looking forward to continuing with this product & living my best life.

Great in the afternoon!
November 11, 2023
I drink my Morning Kick shortly after lunch and it helps me not have that afternoon slow down. It helps me have mental clairity to power through the rest of the day. I'm a believer, and my wife is liking it too. Thanks!

That we start our day with our drinks of MK and can feel the results kick in within 30 minutes
November 11, 2023
My wife and I have been on Morning Kick for the past few weeks and have experienced much relief from the arthritic pains of getting older. I can testify that my Osteoarthritic knee has improved greatly. There is still some stiffness early on in the morning but within 30 minutes of taking MK, I feel the relief and move around freely. My wife is finding relief in her shoulders and neck as well. We are sold on this product and are looking forward to the next couple of months with the jars we have left in experiencing even greater relief!!

I do feel the benefits; they are not sensational gradual consistent
November 11, 2023

I have finished my first canister of morning kick and the first bottle of three hit combo I take it consistently every morning. I feel results. I know I have a lot to lose but people say they notice a difference. I have wondered if there is any benefit to taking it early morning as I do and repeat at approx 10 am or would that be too much?

Stopped my Hot Flashes!!!!!!
November 10, 2023
Chuck, thank you so much for this product. I don’t really know every ingredient you put in it, but it has changed my life in the last few weeks! I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks. Chuck, I’m 54 years old and I’ve been having hot flashes since 2020. I’ve been miserable try to find natural remedies. Chuck, I have NOT had a hot flash since I started using your product!!! Praise God and thank you!!! Keep it just as it is!!! I told my Dad about roundhouse and he’s started to take it. I’m excited to see how it helps him!

Great product. Good taste.
November 10, 2023
I'm genuinely impressed with this product. I believe it has enhanced my digestion, leading to more satisfying and complete bowel movements. The taste is excellent, which is a significant advantage, especially considering my previous experiences with other products that had unpleasant flavors.

Amazing products that works great
November 9, 2023
This product works extremely well. My husband has MDS and his white blood cells have been very very low. Since he started taking this his most recent blood work shows his white cells to have doubled in the last month. Thank you for an amazing product.

It works for me.
November 9, 2023
Like anything you read about how good something is, your kind of thinking it might surprise you. And this did , I will be ordering more. Thanks for this product! My joints are feeling better, and my gut is on point.

November 9, 2023
More energy, clarity and attitude have improved after 30 days of Morning Kick. Digestive tract welcomes the daily cleansing, taste not bad at all. As Peter says in "Dodgeball ", thank you, Chuck Norris.

Thank God for morning kick.
November 9, 2023

I didn't realize how bad I was until I took morning kick. Now I now I can walk twice as fast. I'm not so tired at work. I get out of my car without pushing myself out. My sister said that my complexion is a lot better. I have arthritis couldn't make a fist.

Now I can thank God good morning kick

I have

Relief and energy!
November 8, 2023
Both my wife and I are taking Morning Kick first thing every morning and really feel it's helping with our aches and pains! We know nothing can completely cure but we ARE getting some much needed relief!

Feeling energetic and up for 24 Hours
November 8, 2023

I started taking Morning kick in the morning on a Thursday and by Saturday l was more energetic. I am a caregiver and l worked an overnight 14 hours without sleeping went on to care for a client another 4 hours. After which l had 2 training classes and 2 test. I did well. I did not sleep until Sunday night into Monday morning 7:30 am. I felt really good. Before, l would not have felt that good and would have been very tired and achy.

sexual performace been enhanced , enegy daily , urine output better, visit the toilet two to three times a day. im loving what im experiencng
November 8, 2023

It works, hence i keep buying it. as soon as i have a surplus of funds will buy the 3 jars special.

It actually helps me with my marriage and my performance in bed. It’s my wife who recognized this.

1. She said d and i Quote," you aren’t realized when you take the morning kick you return home wanting sex"

2. I’m urinating more often and can see clear urine and a heavy yellow color

3. I can feel the kick throughout the day.

4. When i don’t take the morning kick, i feel very lethargic and lazy.

Hence i know by experience its working for me.

Then my dad grew me up on the chuck norris movies and magazines. i trust this man all the way.