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Ron LeGrand is a real estate guru who has been in the real estate business for over twenty years and states he has amassed a fortune from investments and product sales.

Much of his business is done in Florida where he hosts a variety of seminars and workshops focusing on a variety of investment topics. 

His company Global Publishing is headquartered in Jacksonville.

Ron LeGrand Products

Legrand provides many home study courses for those who can not attend his live events.

Titles include:

  • Big Money In Big Chunks
  • Cash Flow Systems
  • The Fastest & Easiest Ways to Make Money in Real Estate
  • Foreclosure Fortunes
  • Getting To The Next Level
  • How to Get Rich with Your IRA and Never Pay Taxes
  • Pretty House Terms Cash Flow System
  • Private Lending
  • Speaker & Promoter
  • Wholesaling Houses
  • Work for Equity

The prices for these range from hundreds of dollars to nearly $3,000.  You can read more about each course on his website to get a clear idea of everything that it will include.

The Ron Legrand Gold Club membership provides more options for savings and additional resources, giving access to:

  • Articles on real estate and internet-based money making techniques
  • Real case studies
  • Access to experienced investors and Ron Legrand himself
  • Audio and Video training
  • Discussion areas
  • Forms and Agreements library
  • Business Letters Library
  • The Mentor Newsletter 
  • And many more benefits and resources

Gold Club members also get discounts on all Legrand courses and live training events.  The membership fee is $59 to $697, depending on the tier.

Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding products or events you can reach a representative at 1-888-840-8389 or complete their online contact form.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Active real estate course subscribers have compared Ron LeGrand to Carleton Sheets and other long established real estate gurus.  Many of them teach similar strategies and in similar fashions.

This includes a focus on no money down methods for purchasing property and creative financing strategies. 

The sales of the products are done via large seminars where guests are invited to attend an informational session and then introduced to large ticket courses.

It is possible to earn wealth through real estate, the problem is that some gurus make it seem much easier than it really is.

If you have any experience with Ron LeGrand or his products, please leave your reviews below.

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Ron LeGrand Customer Reviews

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Ron Legrand
November 7, 2022

I have been doing Real Estate now for 5 years and started with Ron Legrand big money in Chunks pretty house system. It works. The thing is Ron like all the other "Gurus" out there don't tell you everything you need to know.

It isn't a scam he puts out there in his material that he does not guarantee success in the real estate business that it is up to the student to make their success.

Also on the person who said he takes advantage of people to get their property. What do you think the form Seller's Acknowledgement (CYA) Is for? That piece of paper goes over 26 things that the seller has to initial and then sign at the bottom before they even close the deal, one of those things say I understand Buyer has negotiated on his/her own behalf and like wise, I have negotiated on mine.

I also Acknowledge The agreement has been negotiated fairly and buyer has not taken advantage of me or my current situation. So how exactly is he "Taking advantage" of sellers? There are a lot more in that Acknowledgement paper as well besides just that.

You people who are saying he is a scam have to realize in this business you do not put your eggs all in one basket. Along with Ron's training you should find other real estate investors, and Real Estate Attorneys in your area and talk to them and find out what they are doing and how things work for them. Mix his strategies with theirs and get deals. That is what I have done and it works.

You cannot just buy his system and know everything there is to know. He is not going to know everything, and he won't tell you everything because he can't. I'm sure if you buy his Mentorship partnership program there will be things they did not tell you in your course. It's a learning experience in this world of Real Estate you have to get out and do it instead of reading courses the whole time.

He isn't a scam he is a learning outlet.

Bad idea.
August 11, 2022
Risky business practices, incompetent staff. They tell you to risk your finances and lie to people.

jerryjames September 21, 2022

Ron's courses tell you the basics good enough to make money but you have to still do the walk to get things together but that's the start you have to crawl before you walk. once you learn its like riding a bike. Hey Ron did you work as a mechanic at tt's 76 union in long beach in73 ? his name was Ron and he's your doppelganger.

March 24, 2017

Ron is A Liar and scam artist !!!!

He has rip people all over the country!

Sad! Very Sad ! He needs The Bible! Hallajauh!!!

MRodriguez June 26, 2022

Well there’s another guy call Dave of Capital Rehab and you pay $1,000.00 for the express resources. The next tier is he works with you personally I paid $4K For that and once he got the money he and his associates were a no show. His associate called only to tell me others getting refunds. COVID came I lost income and asked him for my refund (no contract) signed. To this day (3 years) not a word, no mentorship, no money refunded. Don’t fall for these false promises and scans people, Save your money for a rainy day instead.

January 21, 2017
Why would ANY of his instructors work for Ron, if what they taught really worked? I guess they just want to give back, right? I mean they have all become millionaires using what they teach and they just want you to get rich too. LOL

September 26, 2016

I met Ron LeGrand when he was a guest speaker at a conference in April 2016. He offers many courses on buying and selling real estate. His company is called Global Publishing. I have been to the Global office in Jacksonville FL several times.

The hallways are lined with miles of testimonial letters from real life people who have used their education from Ron LeGrand to change their life. They have purchased houses and vacation homes for themselves, as well as helped other people who have credit issues in buying because they cannot qualify for bank loans.

The man and his information are legitimate. The people who use his information properly have a method to change their lives too.

October 11, 2015

I haven't even bought the book or paid any money for anything, but I learned a lot just from his youtube videos. I learned about FSBO terms and how to close. I already knew about wholesaling, What I need to work on, is a buyers list, and I wouldnt be putting up any money for a deal. Imagine what I'd know if I had some of those books. If you lost money on a FSBO deal, you weren't closing right!!

That's all

I have to say. Thanks.

May 11, 2015

First off the guy is for real. Ask yourself why would he be involved in development.

His courses might be pricey. But he is selling information. Information he isn't going to give away for free. He can charge what he wants.

I have some of his stuff. Have been to a couple of his seminars. All of his educational material are legitimate real estate methods. With legitimate legal forms used by realtors and in everyday real estate deals.

Would I pay that much. Maybe not. Then again lol. I know a whole lot about real estate. Than Merrill. All the property investment people on A&E and the other shows use the same things. Difference is Ron has been in it a lot longer. He's pretty clever when it comes to real estate. Ask yourself why is he selling information. Answer low overhead lol. Its fairly easy. Is he for real when hes talking about his assets and what he has done. Mostly yes. He has a huge following.

January 11, 2015
I was a real-estate investor. Unfortunately I lost money in the 2008 bust. I only did this part time and lost my job the same year and was unable to keep my properties when tenants would leave or destroy my property. I have seen these "gurus". You rarely can get rich quick! But they all say you can. They get you to go to their boot-camps/seminars for "free"...but then hit you with...I'll tell you everything for $6995. Then $2500 for the next "updates" or next course...and so on. Then, you sign a Promo contract with "no obligation" and find out they sold what they now call is a contract and force you to pay to some debt collector's companies. I fought them and won...but so many are victims of the scam. I have looked up Mr Legrand. In the past 4 years he has had over 5-7 judgements just here in Jacksonville totaling over $14MM...including several judgments against him to the IRS. Just beware!

November 25, 2014
I believe that Ron Legrand is the best. I had the opportunity to attend a 2 day seminar yrs ago and was impressed and he'd delivered a quality class with integrity. I would highly recommend and his staff was wonderful. His daughter, I think, was very helpful and professional. A quality organization. I purchased quire a lot of money for me at the time of materials.I with to fund my education initiative in early reading for children. Now yrs later after recovering from an injury I made the mistake of saying I did not have the funds for the course and click....silence, the call was lost. Heart broken.

November 25, 2014
I was very impressed with Ron Legrand and His staff and daughter when I told a 2 day seminar yrs ago. I purchased some material and would recommend him as reliable and integrity. Today, i am heartbroken. I am recovering from an injury and made the mistake of saying I did not have funds and well,,,, silence the call was lost. I hd wanted to proceed with making money in real estate to fund my education initiative.

March 15, 2014
I ordered one of Ron Lagrand's courses from Global Publishing after I heard an ad on the radio. It was a crash course with lots of information and details, but real estate agent contracts can't be assigned, and there wasn't enough information to actually go out and do it. I heard from Global publishing that if I actually wanted to go out and make money in real estate I should buy a one thousand dollar course or go to his three thousand dollar seminar. I was a little disappointed. Apparently the program that I paid for was to get me to buy more expensive programs from his company.

October 17, 2013
Not sure why anyone needs to use this service. I live in Jacksonville and know of all of his businesses on a personal level. Buy and selling houses is exactly as it sounds buying and selling houses. It is not brain surgery. Why pay 1,000's of dollars to someone when you can just read it in a book or get a $150 consult from a good real estate attorney. There is probably a reason why you don't see his companies mentioned in any of the better businesses of Jacksonville.

September 19, 2013
After doing business with this guy and getting screwed, I recommend that anyone thinking of doing business with him either get a big jar of Vaseline with sand in it or get 100 percent of the cash up front. There are some people you just don't want to be around .

September 5, 2013
Ha, I have read all these reviews. Some are true, some not so true. It is true Ron has a lot of bad deals and is being sued and investigated by the sec. There are more situations than you know about. Just Google Legacy Estates and Ron LeGrand then read the articles. Just this one transaction has a lot of wrong doing and there are more. There is a reason he has people working for him that do not really know how to run a business. They just like having a title. They don't care about people, just themselves so good luck getting a refund. Anyone can start a business and call themselves a CEO, COO or whatever. It doesn't mean much and no, they don't have the proper background to know how to run a legit business.

August 13, 2013
I am all for honest reviews on any product or service. Most of the time they play a huge factor in my decision to sign up for something or a purchase. However, I can honestly say that the majority of these reviews are completely bogus. 8 months ago I decided to attend one of Ron LeGrand's seminars. Since then we have acquired 14 properties and have very minimal amounts of capital into doing so. Some value into the 300K range. My brother, Mom, and I have been working extremely hard for these results. The difference is that most people want a 10 step instruction list to become a millionaire....but that just is not how it works. Ron gave us information to cut years off of the learning stages. We took what he gave us and exploited it. He is an excellent way to get into the business and to know where to start.

June 22, 2013
I have been contacted by Mr. Legrands company as to attending their boot camp. I asked if one of their reps would accompany me on a sale/purchase of real-estate, I proposed that if this is the real deal, and money is made, take out the fee for the course, and give me the difference. I also proposed this on a webinar, this was about a month ago {it is now June 22 2013, I STILL HAVE HAD NO REPLY.

ShariBrooks June 05, 2022

So you basically wanted them to adjust their schedules with potential clients and investors who are already making money, to accompany YOU on a POSSIBLE sale/purchase, to prove to YOU that THEY are making money. No wonder they ghosted.

May 26, 2013
Why do you need to know of class action lawsuits in NC?

May 2, 2013
ron legrand is a scam..don't do business with global

April 8, 2013
Does anyone know if there are any class action suits against LeGrand in North Carolina?

March 19, 2013
Patricia you are a troll that didn't know how to use the LeGrand system properly, LeGrand may not be perfect but at least when you do things correct you will have success, save your hate for people like Larry Ellison.