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March 17, 2013

I never went to his seminars, however i know people that did.. First off, he mentioned in his courses that he bought and sold over 1200 homes, don't forget, a lot of those homes where from his students, second, florida is a whole different market, I hear its difficult to find buyers who qualify for loans and/.or finding buyers in general...... third) ..his courses are not worth the money, a lot of this is common sense, HECK! my uncles never went to real-estate seminars and they all bought many homes and there making money.

i live in the north east and there are plenty and i mean plenty of people looking for homes to buy, but finding the homes at a discounted price is really a challenge.

so the bottom line is this:

1)don't do the lease options, not worth it!

2) way over priced

3) homes that he bought were from other states by going half with his students

4) he made a fortune in his seminars

5) and finally, what he teaches in a way does work and you'll probably make a fair living out of it but thats all!! it will not make you financially free, but ask your self, if he really made lots of money in real-estate, why would he be teaching the subject?

March 16, 2013
Ron is the best. He is not a crook at all. I have invested in all his products and use them all. They are wonderful. He is very successful because he is smart and helps ppl. I personally know ron and You wont go wrong with him.

January 24, 2013


Go back to being a mechanic. You sure don't know how to manage businesses.

September 11, 2012

This review page is about Ron LeGrand's Real Estate Courses, not about his commercial investments or his restaurant or his resort. Why are all of these people talking about failed businesses of Ron's?

All of these people are mad at Ron for trying and failing at these other businesses. Have they never tried and failed at something? He opened a restaurant in Myrtle Beach, and had to close the doors a year later. He failed. But now he's trying to perfect it, learn from his mistakes, and try again. He now has another restaurant open in Jacksonville. It may succeed, it may fail. Does this make Ron a bad person for trying?

He's failed in Real Estate before as well. Many, many, many times. That's how he's created and perfected his training systems.

I've heard the resort story. He bought an already failing resort and tried to turn it around. Then boom...the recession hit. A lot of businesses failed. The resort and the restaurant included. What do you expect? And why would anyone in their right mind ever take from their personal finances to fund a separate failing business?

The fact is, his real estate training is unsurpassed, and any other student who has been to any of his boot camps will tell you the same. If you've ever been to his office, you will see proof. The walls are literally covered with hundreds, maybe even thousands of framed testimonial letters from students.

May 13, 2012
Ron LeGrand should be hauled off to debtor's prison! His techniques pray on desperate people who have to believe what he says in order to keep going mentally after they give their last dollars to his hungry fraud machine. This guy has left a trail of tears from Alaska to Florida and back again. Someone needs to stop this man before anymore lives are ruined. Check and see how many times his ventures have filed for bankruptcy!!

April 21, 2012
This is to all dumb people out there that keep saying Ron Legrand file for Bankruptcy or he is a crook!!!. Please go and get a life. The whole real estate market has crashed. There is nothing Ron Legrand or Obama can do to stop the crash. I myself I use to own over 80 houses and in the process of filing Bankruptcy. Does this mean I am a crook? I don’t think so! My net worth 7 years ago is over 10 million dollars but now I am around $450,000 Life goes on. I will be back. I have learn so much from Ron Legrand. I will personally say thank you and God bless. What ever thing he is going through I pray he will come out OK.

April 21, 2012

I have dealt with leGrand and his publishing company directly. I did the one thing they despise, I asked questions.

I am an educated business man. I have college degrees in Business Administration from UF and UNF. The business that Ron LeGrand runs is a scam.

He is selling "hopes and dreams" , which are not realistic, to desperate people who are down on their luck, or are not educated enough to know better.

Here is some realistic advice. Anything worth having in life requires hard work. Overnight success stories are never overnight successes. They are just portrayed that way for marketing purposes.

Do not give Ron LeGrand your money. If you do you will never see a return. I know first hand that the "success stories" and personal testimonies in his seminars are scripted and just plain lies.

I also spoke with the manager, Jennifer Shedlin, who tried to convince me otherwise when the sales reps couldn't answer my basic questions about their business plan. Let's just say operations are in trouble. Basic math and business principles are beyond the scope of her overconfident and insecure facade.

I am predicting the FBI will be ceasing this company's assets and files in the near future. You have been thoroughly warned. The 5 star reviews on this site are obviously planted by their organization.

April 20, 2012

I just looked up Ron Legrand in the Duval County Clerk of the court database. In the past year, he has 5 judgements against him totaling over 16 million, and that's just one county in one year.

Also, his granddaughter (who works for Global Publishing) was just arrested in Duval county for petit theft.

I'm not sure if all of his employees know of his scum lord ways, but I'm sure the COO, CFO and CEO know what's going on, yet continue to work for him.

Ron LeGrand scammed me
March 27, 2012
Ron LeGrand scammed me with the help of a crooked real estate agent and lawyer in 1986. He uses under handed methods coupled with lies to take advantage of trusting people. If you made money with him then I would bet that you are a thief also! I only lost $5,000 in 1986 and I was lucky.

March 27, 2012
We invested with legrand and wheat on the mountain country partners gas and oil scam...We have lost a substantial amount of money with these crooks. Please anyone that is thinking of doing business with legrand stop and do your homework...These people could care less about you or what happens to you after they take your money and declare bankruptcy...As bad as that is the sec will let them do it again and again...This country is in deep,deep trouble...