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Reward Zone USA is a website which claims that their members can have exclusive access to free samples and savings specials by signing up for a membership.

How Does it Work?

To become a member of Reward Zone USA doesn't cost money, but there are some basic requirements that members must meet in order to sign up. the first two of which are that you must be a resident of the United States, and at least 18 years old.

Another basic requirement is that members promise to complete their registration forms with information that is both accurate and valid.

Members are only given one opportunity to fill out this form, and this is the information that will be used whenever you are sent your free samples or savings opportunities.

Customers who fulfill all these basic requirements must then move on to the more complicated - and sometimes controversial - requirements, because before you can begin receiving your benefits, you must complete what they call "purchase requirements."

Reward Zone USA states that members can attempt to receive what they call "Tier 1" incentives or "Tier 2" incentives. Tier 1 incentives are those with a value of $100 or less, while Tier 2 incentives are those with a value of more than $100.

To qualify for Tier 1, you must complete 2 silver, 2 gold, and 3 platinum offers, while qualifying for Tier 2 incentives means that you must complete 2 silver, 2 gold, and 8 platinum offers, and all offers must be completed within the same calendar day.

The reason why this type of requirement is controversial is that it requires members to usually make a purchase, sign up for a subscription, or file a credit application and be accepted for a financial product.

All of these things require you to pay money up front, often on a monthly basis, which quickly adds up to members spending a lot more money than they generally save or than they receive in free samples.

Another terrible scenario that is sometimes associated with these requirements is that not all companies they partner with are safe; sometimes members are required to download programs that may carry a virus that members find difficult to remove.

Because of this, it is important to verify that all companies you are signing up with are considered safe and legit.

Do not assume that simply because they are partnered with Reward Zone USA that they are safe.

If you have any experience with Reward Zone USA or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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I got mine
May 3, 2023

I did the $100 visa card where I had to complete 5 total deals to receive my incentive. 1 deal from level 1, 1 deal from level 2 and 3 deals from level 3. I completed all 5 deals in about 4 days and then got the email to verify my id. My first try failed but I was successful on my 2nd try. They said in 5 to 7 business days I would get the gift card in my email but less then 24hrs later I received it in my email.

So I can say from my experience that it isn't a scam and as long as you complete the requirements you will get your chosen incentive.

Don’t waste your time
September 26, 2022

I was quite excited when I learned I could win a great deal of money. All I had to do was take a survey. After completing the survey I was entered into the drawling.

I got Notification after notification telling me I was now in the top 10 to enter into the drawling I did the Survey again and another notification arrived I’m now in the top three this went on and on I’m done.

This is so fake and they receive from you your time at doing their surveys for them for free. There is no winnings of any kind of money. Thanks for letting me write my Review

This site needs to be closed.
July 28, 2022
This site does not follow throu with their promise. I have completed one deal 3 times and they keep telling me I need to finish my deal. Funny how I have done as they have asked 3 times and they failed to fulfill their commitment. Legal actions will be taken.

It's real!!
February 12, 2021
I got my $1,000 Walmart gift cards well. I spent maybe $6 dollars on the offers. Joined the trials and just turned around and canceled them all. I was literally shocked that it was real. Took my 2 daughters and my BFF for a shopping spree at Walmart as soon as I got it. So it's real people. Thing is u can only do it every few years. I'm getting ready to get my second one now

It worked for me
February 7, 2021
The process makes you jump through a bunch of hoops and the customer service is typically poor but if you complete all the tasks as requested then it's good.

It's a crock
October 17, 2020
If I could put a zero hearts or Stars I would I did this over 5 weeks ago and all I get is spam and stupid calls and stupid text messages and I have not gotten my money I've contacted them numerous times and they still will not put the money on my card I suggest don't do it

Legit $750 reward via prepaid visa debit card
October 6, 2020

I participated in the reward zone usa promotional offer. You have yo complete 10 offers the majority of which are free or offer free trials. I spent only $1 for one of the offers. Simply keep note of the offers with free trials so you remember when to cancel. Also the system does not always automatically recognize the offers you completed however there is a link at the bottom of the program details page to contact them which I used and received a Very prompt response.

Once offers are completed you have to complete and notarize your claim form and submit documents, ID and utility bil, to prove identity and address. They said I would receive an email from tango gift cards within 2-4 weeks however the email came from national consumer center less than a week later I simply followed the link to claim my reward.

My only issue was that it does not come via cashapp as advertised I initially selected a digital visa card however I had issues using it so I emailed them and they promptly responded allowing me to select a physical card be mailed to me instead. I would recommend participating in the reward zone USA promotional offer, its a little time consuming but well worth it especially with my reduced income due to Covid and Christmas coming right around the corner.

Thank you reward zone USA and national consumer center. I'm an actual individual person and that this is a legitimate review.

I didn’t get anything
August 12, 2020

I did the surveys and I didn’t get anything

Except for spam on my email

MandiGilpin October 06, 2020

Try going to scroll down to member support and email them. I received a veru prompt response by doing this literally the same day. There is a claim form you need to complete and have notarized and you need to submit documents ID and utility bill to claim your reward. Once they verified my claim was approved and advised i would receive and email from tango gidt cards i simply went to the tango site

Rewards zone
August 6, 2020
I just got my $1000.00 gift card from this company. I was worried about some of the bad reviews I saw but I got mine. I continued to check my email because they give you 15 day to email over your paperwork (ID, utility bill and a notarized form. Then they will send you your gift card in your email. You can do it or not but don't miss the time frame

LouiseProvan October 20, 2020

It is extremely annoying to keep flicking away these ridiculous scams ever 10 minutes on my computer. Anyone know how to proceed to divorce court?

My 750 dollar card
July 29, 2020
Scam and lies. I need that card put on my like said now or getting lawyer

I won 1000 visa gift card for real. You can easily win it too
July 23, 2020
It is totally legit. I followed the instructions and sent in a form and in one day received my virtual 1000 visa card. People should stop leaving negative reviews because you really can WIN. I WON 1000 with barely much effort at all. Reward zone gets 5 stars from me

STEVEN M GEHRKE September 21, 2020

This review is like RZU or Reward Zone itself: a big fat lie that will take full advantage of you if you let them! NOTHING about RZU is easy of quick! If you bother to read any of their terms makes it clear you have to not just jump through hoops in perfect fashion and record time to qualify but you have to spend a heck of a lot of your money (or worse sign up for financial services that are flat risky@) that far out weighs what you will receive or what you might save! So when someone says that its "totally legit and implys it's super quick and easy then you get burnt badly after reading this, well then all I can say is you probably had it coming, or needed to learn the hard way and that was your "not so free" lesson! Hope you learned something!

MandiGilpin October 06, 2020

I disagree Stephen gherke, i completed their offers, simply followed up with an email which they replied to almost immediately completed their claim form sent in the documents they requested, ID and utility bill. They were very prompt in replying to emails and I got the email from national consumer center within a few days with my $750 prepaid visa debit card

KalaMarie Medina October 18, 2020

I have not received anything at all

Follow instructions, Follow up, Be Patient
March 13, 2020
I thought this was a scam but it is 100% real. This was for an iPhone X. Here’s how I did it. I completed the required number of tasks for each tier. I used the same email I used at sign up for each task to avoid discrepancies. After completing a few tasks, I would open another browser to the login to the rewardzone website to check my reward status. Here you can confirm the tasks you did show completed. For me there was just one task that never showed complete so I ended up doing another one. You can only do one task once so if you see it on multiple pages, you can do it again. You must complete all the required tasks within 20 days. Once I was done and verified all my tasks, I claimed my reward by clicking “claim reward” on the rewardzone website. You will only have 10 days to start to click this once done. A few days later, received an email my tasks were being verified. Then 2 weeks later, I received a claim form which I had to fill out and get notarized. This is just to verify your identity. I got this done for free at my bank. I mailed it in and waited about 5 weeks (you’re supposed to wait 4-6 weeks) and contacted them to follow up on my reward. They ended up sending me a $1000 visa e-gift card instead of the iPhone X which was a way better deal to me since the iPhone X was worth less than $1000. All you need to do is follow instructions and be patient. This was the easiest $1000 I have ever received.

Is this a scam
March 4, 2020
I want my 1ooo.oo gift card from Bank of America

ADDY & DADDYLarsen3 May 27, 2020

i agree i want my $100 GC complete scam

Not Me!
February 23, 2020

I was just wondering if the people of Rewards Zone Care to have

IT anymore. I am having some guy always get to have his information at the end of my conformation of reward so he receives it please help!!!!!

February 11, 2020


ALSO, I didn't pay for anything. They have a nifty little chart that shows each offer. I made sure to pick only free offers that didn't require any type of card info. If an offer did some how need my card imfo, I clicked out of the offer (even after completing entire entry forms)and found a a free offer from the category I needed.

The entire entry process took a total of 6 days. After I was able to submit all required completed offers it took about 5 days for them to send me anything back via email. **$$NOTE::: EMAIL WAS IN JUNKMAIL FOLDER.$$** I will be submitting verification forms and signed documents tomorrow.

The last thing I want to point out is that this is a large prize, $$$ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS$$$....with that being said of course your going to have to work for it. Of course it's going to be annoying and seem like BS. Stop complaining. I played games, filled out surveys, and downloaded apps for and hour a day for 5 days. So for 5 hours of messing with my phone I'm receiving $1,000. Doesn't sound too bad if you ask me...

***I'll review again after I get word that the documents I'm sending are approved

STEVEN M GEHRKE September 21, 2020

Beware people! This person is tell us how great and easy it is but she hasn't received a dang thing yet and I got $20 that says she never will ESPECIALLY if she supposedly only completed "free" deals, because it simply doesn't work that way! If your not spending money then your not going to receive anything! And I assure you that you will spend more than you get back!

Is rewardZoneUSA legit??
January 9, 2020
I just received a yellow flyer stating that I had a $100 priz waiting and to contact them ASAP. It stated it was good for Walmart and taget etc. I notice it sounds about 50/50. Half of every1 say its a scam, and the other half said legit. I spend several hours completing survfeys and downloads and made purchases. I even did more than what was required for tier 1 values. I did read the fine print. Anyways I called them and theyre ssying my gift dhould be arriving soon like 5-7 or 7-10 days cant't remember. But it was a long lengthy process. My fingers are crossed that this is not a scam as I have seen it before on multiple freebie websites and blogs. Guess I will have to wait and see! Godbless!

SilviaMendoza January 15, 2020

Have you received your prize yet?

SilviaMendoza January 15, 2020

I have just finished all the incentives too and I'm curious.

LisaJohnson February 02, 2020

What number did you used to call them? Can't find that anywhere.

MelissaWyka February 11, 2020

After you finish everything you will be able to double check using the status tab. If completed correctly you should be redirected to a congratulations page where you have to submit contact into.. everything submitted has to be the same as the info you initially submitted.

I always read the terms, how it works,and anything at the bottom of the page. Just have to understand exactly what is needed and it works!!!

ValPatton March 04, 2020

I share a house with a friend and all utilities are in his name.... Would a car title work for proof of residence ??

I get that it's annoying and complicated but it's legit
December 1, 2019
I spent hours filling out the deals, making sure they counted, saving all my documentation and six weeks later I got my 1000 USD Visa Gift Card. I used it on Groceries for a month. I spent around 150 USD on the subscriptions and such. You cannot cancel any of the deals for at least a if you guys did that, then it would have voided the contract. It says it in fine print. I'm sure that is one way they get out of paying the rewards, but if you do everything by the book, then you get the reward. They wanted me to send them a utility bill and a proof of my identity in via certified mail. Again, if you don't do that, then you don't get the reward. If you get a reward you can't get another one for 12 to 24 months.

JulieMatthews January 09, 2020

So do I need to send them proof of identity now and a bill too the email I was given @JessicaTaylor? I got an email saying to do so, but I assumed the email and postcard I got today in the mail were one in the same. Again mine was for$100, and I spend a little well over $100 in the process between makeup,trials and subscriptions to be eligible so I'm praying its not a scam! I did this kind of spur of the moment because it sounded exciting and I wanted the $100 Visa for my 3 yr old baby girl :) but I am hoping to god I can get what I spent back at least, bc I normally wouldn't be buying these kind of things. Other than Disney which is perfect for the family!! Guess Ill have to wait and see what

JulieKovacich February 11, 2020

Did anyone happen to save the link to the survey for the 1000 gift card?

ValPatton March 04, 2020

I share a house with a friend and all the utilities are in his name.... Would a car title work for proof of residence ??

ValPatton March 04, 2020

I share a house with a friend and all utilities are in his name.... Would a car title work for proof of residence ??

Im Glad i didnt listen to negative reviews
September 29, 2019
The reviews for reward zone USA are very misleading. This is not a scam! When i first went through the process i very much believed it was because of the negative reviews. But have a little patience after completing your incentives, and make sure your nit canceling subscriptions 5 seconds later. The company will get back with you, verify your identity and eventually send you your reward. This extra 1000 dollars was an amazing gift/reward for the 5 bucks i spent on incentives. I love Reward Zone USA....and ill say it one more time for the people in the back THIS IS NOT A SCAM!!!!!!!!

Using Amazon Name to Decieve People
June 26, 2019
RewardsZoneUSA is in the practice of using Amazon gift card to deceive people. They do this by sending you a request to complete a survey, which is far from being a survey. They gather your information and mandate you to complete 10 transactions for $1000 Amazon gift card. The transactions are divided into three categories silver, gold and platinum. In the silver category they make you buy things from their partners about 3 products using your credit or debit card, in the gold they do the same and the platinum they give a choice of subscribing for a monthly fee and to purchase items you don't need. Example is Feeding America, which is subscription. ESPN, Disney etc. After you have completed this, you will think that all of those companies will instantly show up on your Rewardszone board but no. For example after subscribing to ESPN which is one of the Platinum that I chose it never showed up, so I called ESPN and was told that they don't know Rewardszone. They took my information to investigate about this company who they believe are Sham. I completed everything, the whole nine yards and never received a gift card today. I have emailed them several times all to no avail. When you call 917-283-2375, the voice mail tells you that they no longer take messages and provides you with an email address which no one ever responds to. I hope AMAZON owner find out about this and go after this monsters who are trying to demonize Amazon through fraud. If you read this, you know I'm a victim. Please have nothing to do with RewardsZone USA anywhere especially online. If you are a victim also, please contact the authority or email me [email protected] so we can collaboratively bring them to justice. Agaiin these folks are deceitful and you should never have any dealings with them.

DianeT Espinoza August 14, 2019

Oh man I just spent 3 hours completing all of their ridiculous requirements! How do I contact you?

JessicaWatkins September 19, 2019

After I completed all of the Tier 2 incentives they emailed me a form to print, have notarized, and send in to them with proof of ID and address. I have it all ready to send, but have not sent it in yet.

I waited for the companies to bill me for their offering then promptly canceled and had my funds returned. That was easy enough. The reason I did it this way is because RZU says not to quick cancel, that in order to claim your reward the companies have to verify your purchase. So I waited, then canceled. So far I’m only out the minimal dollars it costs for the two services I did keep to try them out, but I will likely cancel those too.

Side note: I also called Walmart. They have no affiliation with the sponsors, or RZU. Of course if I send my drivers license as proof of ID they could probably create identity theft so I’m not willing to risk it. Besides, what the hell could I possibly need from Walmart for $1000. Haha. A bunch of crap.

I wouldn’t do it. Although they have followed through with everything thus far, I do not appreciate that you cannot speak to a human and that they ask for both your address and proof of ID. Too risky. Nobody wants their identity stolen.

Latasha September 29, 2019

I finished the form and sent it in ...also recieved my money in the end you choose how you want to recieve your money (i chose a prepaid visa) there are lots of options they want to verify you because it makes you ineligible to keep recieving the rewards for 2 years this goes for anyone at the address you live at.

MelissaWyka February 11, 2020

I completed the entire entry process including 10 offers without paying for anything. My advice to you is to get more educated on these types of ofters or promotions... At the very bottom of the page always readnfthe requirements, rules, how to play, and do exactly what they request.

February 7, 2019
Make sure to read the terms