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About Revival Point FloraSpring

Revival Point LLC is a company that operates the website offering the the product FloraSpring. FloraSpring, a drug introduced into the market by one of the world’s most respected physicians Dr. Steven Masley, is aimed at providing a solution for people dealing with weight reduction among other digestive related issues.

Being a well-known author in many books dealing with human health, his work has been of great benefit to many people. Those that have read his books have acquired the knowledge required to deal with various health conditions.

Apart from offering a solution to patients using the drug, FloraSpring is also donated to children who are malnourished in developing countries. This aids in boosting their nutrition and growth. Most of the sales are also donated to children that are in need.



Made from top quality ingredients that have been tested and scientifically proven to be safe and healthy for human consumption, FloraSpring has undergone the required safety and quality checks to ensure that they provide a health plan option for patients.

Flora Spring contains ingredients such as Animalis Lactis which helps in controlling body fats, giving you a sizable waist, fermentum which also reduces body fat and creates a balanced digestive process.

In addition to these are rhamnosus and gasser. When combined with the other ingredients, they boost your gut digestion health, energy and also help to promote your body’s health and growth.

FloraSpring pills are specially formulated to boost the microbes in the stomach, enabling them to encourage your fat potential. They also aid in energy, digestion, and the body’s overall well-being.

The pills introduce boosts regarded as “Super Strains” into your digestive. These deprive harmful microbes in your stomach of food. This is mostly microbes that cause weight gain.

The pills then replace these harmful microbes with other microbes that are advantageous to your gut and the entire body. As a result, your digestion is improved, energy renewed and it also promoted healthy weight loss.

With the ability to promote weight loss, the pills are a great choice for people looking at losing weight.

How Does It Work?

Select between 1 jar, 3 jars and 6 jars depending on the one that you prefer. Take into account the different prices offered.  After picking your preferred package, click on the buy now button and you will be redirected to the payment plan.

FloraSpring also gives you a completely risk-free trial for 90 days with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Cost and Price Plans

The price of FloraSpring is available in 3 packages, 1 Jar, 3 Jars and 6 Jars which are all one-time payments. The cost of 1 Jar is at a cost of $49.95 slashed from the regular price of $69.95 saving you $20.00. This is separate from the shipping fee of $4.95.

The cost of 3 Jars is at a cost of $129 slashed from the regular price of $237 saving you $108.00. The cost of 6 Jars is at a cost of $197 slashed from the regular price of $474, saving you $277. When you buy either the 3 or 6 jar packages, you incur no shipping costs.

If you’d like, you can upgrade to the FloraSpring VIP where its 100% Free Membership allowing you to save big. Subscribing to the VIP membership allows you to enjoy huge member discounts, free expedited shipping, and exclusive monthly refills.

You can select the package that most suits you although from their reviews, the most popular is the order size of 3 bottles and that is the recommended starting pack.

Since the company normally runs out of stock fast which takes them 4-5 months to re-stock, they recommend that you go for the 6 bottle package.

Having placed the order, the customer service team will organize the delivery of the product to the specified address. You will also get your tracking number as soon as you place your order.

Customer Service

In the event that you are not satisfied with the results, get in touch with their customer service through 800-253-8173 or email them at [email protected] anytime.

They also provide a full refund for your money, no questions asked in case you are not satisfied with their product. Give them a call via their customer service number if you want to cancel an order.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The pills have shown no side effects among the users that have used it. They help in controlling down your appetite by cutting down cravings for unhealthy foods and enhance the digestive process, regardless of what you might have eaten.

This is possible through the conversion of excess fats, which, when left to accumulate causes weight gain.

By enhancing the digestive tract processes, the pills reduce bloating, gas and discomfort by converting the consumed food effectively into energy the right way. This increases your energy to stay fit and perform tasks comfortably.

Competitors and Alternatives

You can purchase digestive tract supplements with similar effects at, Fortify probiotics and Nubiotix.

Fortify and Probiotics contain pills that maintain a healthy gut and purify your body for a better life. The cleansing formulas in Nubiotix prevent digestive disorders, enabling healthy digestion of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Where to Buy?

Buy a jar or several jars of the FloraSpring pills on the official FloraSpring website.


Many overweight people go through extreme processes to lose weight. With FloraSpring, you can lose weight the healthy way. The gluten and dairy free pills have been specially formulated to stay fresh under any circumstances so long as they are in a cool dry place.

The pills have no after tastes or adverse side effects and can be taken with water or any preferred drink. Buy a bottle of these pills and experience weight loss in the most healthy and natural way.

Get more information about the pills from the Revival Point FloraSpring to determine if it’s the best fit for you. It is, however, best that you get in touch with your doctor for approval and more recommendations before you start using them.

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Company is a Scam

October9, 2019

They shipped me 90 days of FloraSpring after 30 days of the original 90 days claiming I chose auto ship which is definitely not true. I never order anything to auto ship and certainly wasn't for a product I had not tried and then they are going to ship 90 days every 30 days which is a rip off!

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1 Review

Lost confidence in the brand and haven't even received my product

July19, 2019

I placed my order on July 1st it is now July 19th. I called customer service multiple times as they constantly dropped the ball.The site said 7-10 business days, and that I would receive an email with tracking info. 1st call - no email unable to track, was told however that my product was shown as shipped 2nd call tracking showed that product had not yet shipped and now told should take up to 15 days. 3rd call- tracking info not working. Tracking stuck on July 11th and it is July 19th. 4th call- was told that the product was most likely lost in transit and they offered to re=ship. I declined and asked for a refund of my $197.00 (US). well let's see if I ever see that money as I have completely lost confidence.

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July 22, 2019

I have had the same difficulty. They take money, but never ship products. This review helped me see that I am not the only one, and supposedly, this it the way the company operates.

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1 Review

Flora Spring Website

February19, 2019

The Flora Spring Website is very difficult! It keeps going to the next level of purchase products, without letting you edit your order! My computer is very touchy, and I thought I ordered one package, the next thing you know, I get a call from my husband at work today telling me our credit card was billed over $400.00!!!! I finally found a phone number to call and see if this can be corrected! Wish me luck!!

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July 22, 2019

I have had the same difficulty. They take money, but never ship products. This review helped me see that I am not the only one, and supposedly, this it the way the company operates.

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