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cancelled order
May 6, 2022

contact information given was a non-existent phone number and email contact information (support) did not exist either. In small print:

Revival point will show on your billing statement and you will be billed monthly. I did not sign up for being billed monthly. Revival point was contacted with a completely different contact number and I cancelled the order.

Beware of quality control
October 30, 2021

I have been taking the product for about a year now, and I will say I think it has helped in my weight loss along with diet and exercise.

However, I received a shipment that was discolored and had a foul smell. This is a product we are supposed to INGEST!!!! How could their quality control be so poor? Overall, very risky to take. I am reconsidering my regimen...WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT!

And, I let customer service know I would be writing this review because they basically did nothing for me other than give me the address to send back the bottles, and they said "do as you wish". Great customer service too! How do companies get away with this?

Flora Springs. It is not an scam
March 28, 2021

I ordered twice and I received very quick I am in Orange County CA and I received in 2 days. It is worked for my I used like a very good probiotic., I lost my belly fat. I am in the 2nd bottle and I am ordering one by one.

The second time I ordered by phone they already had my records. I don't know if the product has very good results when you need to loose many. pounds. I was all the time constipate and now I a very regular. I lost 2 pounds anyway but I like to eat. I will take doing diet. I am talking about Flora springs.

Till now I never have problem . When I called immediately they pick the phone.

We need to be careful when order online if the speed is very low specially when everybody it was working it home. you believe you didn't press or go through and you found later 2 or 3 orders. It is happened to in another website. It is not any scam

ALinguist June 03, 2022

The first name of this reviewer is commonly Hispanic (I have a friend with the same name who is from S. America). I don’t know if this first name is used in the Mideast or Russia; but the reason I am discussing this is because I am world-traveled, live linguistics, have tutored EFL to Spanish Speakers, and lived with goljs from 40 nations doing humanitarian volunteer work:

Whoever wrote this review is NOT Latin/Hispanic, even though the name is and they are in L.A. Neither are they Asian, as Asians writing English as a foreign language do not make these grammar errors or express English in the above manner. This sounds like someone from the Middle East using a translator. (Second guess would be someone from A Baltic state; but actually, the syntax and omissions and grammar reflect ways that exist with the Arabic language).

Q. Can someone named Beatriz in L.A. have used a translator to write this review? Possibly. I will point out one thing I am certain of, however: Whomever wrote this review has not really been exposed to English speakers, as there are mistakes that are never made in the U.S. English-speaking population. (I have a friend for whom Arabic is his first language, who tutored me in basic Arabic. The grammar reminds me of the above.) So my conclusion is one of dubiousness: I suspect this review is bogus, possibly by a foreign manufacturer?!

Whoever wrote this would never make certain grammar mistakes if they lived in L.A. and ever heard American speech. So I doubt the writer here, and they really are not Spanish-speaking, as the name would indicate. Something is off here. How would a person needing a translator learn about this product?

Crazy order situation but a quick refund
February 1, 2021
I placed an order online and somehow ended up having charges for $197, $247 and $116! I had no idea what was happening! I was expecting the charge of $116 but not the rest. I had my bank put a stop payment which cost me $30.00. I will say that once I finally got in touch with customer service all charges were removed within 24 hours. But I did not get an explanation as to why I kept getting these crazy charges. It would be nice to just make a simple purchase without getting all these extra offers before check out. List what's available on the first page!

DaraKaigler February 19, 2021

Sorry for your pain. They did the same to me.

It's mostly a SCAM
December 28, 2020
They just scammed me they charged me 200 bucks and they claim that their customer service is open 24/7 apparently they never respond i will have to use charge back hopefully I will get my money back. Trust me guys their response rate is garbage which makes me skeptical about the whole company

Take the Money and run
December 21, 2020
I don't give this company any stars. I was promised books and such with the product and never received them Amazon has the same product for less than $20. Revival Point needs to revive.

Product Didn't Work But I Got a NO HAGGLE REFUND
April 29, 2020

I purchased a 6 month supply of the product, 3 months each for my wife and I

I am in my early 70's and my wife her late 60's

Over 3 months time both my wife and I gained weight so the product didn't work for us

However, I was able to contact Customer Support with ease

The first time I called them was to ask for a refund after I used the product for about (40 days) and I was asked to wait a couple more weeks and to double the dose

we waited another month still with no luck

I recontacted the company and I was given a No Haggle refund which I was told would take 3-4 business days to arrive on my credit card

Today, I received a COMPLETE refund as promised

The product didn't work for my wife or I but we did get a NO HAGGLE$ refund

I waited

It's A Scam
April 6, 2020

I am nearly 71 years of age.

I have gained weight through the aging process and looked for a REAL supplement that would help me lose weight

Flora Spring really appealed to me and I was excited to try it

After 2 months of religiously taking the product and eating sensibly, I have "GAINED" 2.8 lbs which are both frustrating and disheartening

I will be contacting the company for a total refund and I shall see how that process goes

Chris April 29, 2020

Just a follow up to my previous review

I DID get a NO HAGGLE REFUND to my credit card

February 21, 2020

I purchased 1 batch to trial- which I took and it had no effect whatsoever - but every month thereafter they raided my account for another $95.

I protested to Lloyds credit card (thinking in error by using a cc this would add more protection) - it did not.

Somehow they provided Lloyds with 'proof'that I ordered a monthly batch which till now the bank are not providing me with this proof.

They are not sending the monthly tabs I am being charged for.

I own an on line store and purchase goods daily on line so I know this was a 1 off purchase.

Now I am left fighting my bank for justice...

February 11, 2020
Unable to contact. Not available 24/7. They charge regardless of ordering!

Cheryl February 20, 2020

I ordered a 3-month supply. I did not request reorder.

After just one month I was charged $116 more. I had to put a stop at the bank.

I suggest no one by from this company.

As a footnote, I have seen no results after taking these. What a waste.

Didn’t work
February 3, 2020

I ordered one bottle just to see how I got on, even though I clicked the box NOT to subscribe they still tried sending and charging me for second month.

I took them for about 4 days and they made me constipated, I wrote to them and asked for my money back, which I’m still waiting for.

Since stopping I have been having weakness and shakes, my head is spinning.

I just wanted a bit of extra help along side diet and exercise but they have made me so poorly I can’t even exercise any more and have to keep eating to pass the shaky feeling.

FloraSpring is a scam
January 13, 2020
I ordered in October 2019, never received the product. I had gotten tired of waiting and cancelled the order in November; no refund yet. What overseeing entity is in charge of these situations? I need to have some entity that I can actually get some satisfaction from!

December 23, 2019
I used for 6 months and had no reduction in weight

MarkHenninger January 08, 2020

Although I could lose up to 30 pounds myself, I was thinking of recommending FloraSpring to relative with much more weight to lose. I was thinking for myself first though.

Company is a Scam
October 9, 2019

They shipped me 90 days of FloraSpring after 30 days of the original 90 days claiming I chose auto ship which is definitely not true. I never order anything to auto ship and certainly wasn't for a product I had not tried and then they are going to ship 90 days every 30 days which is a rip off!

Lost confidence in the brand and haven't even received my product
July 19, 2019
I placed my order on July 1st it is now July 19th. I called customer service multiple times as they constantly dropped the ball.The site said 7-10 business days, and that I would receive an email with tracking info. 1st call - no email unable to track, was told however that my product was shown as shipped 2nd call tracking showed that product had not yet shipped and now told should take up to 15 days. 3rd call- tracking info not working. Tracking stuck on July 11th and it is July 19th. 4th call- was told that the product was most likely lost in transit and they offered to re=ship. I declined and asked for a refund of my $197.00 (US). well let's see if I ever see that money as I have completely lost confidence.

t harris July 22, 2019

I have had the same difficulty. They take money, but never ship products. This review helped me see that I am not the only one, and supposedly, this it the way the company operates.

Flora Spring Website
February 19, 2019
The Flora Spring Website is very difficult! It keeps going to the next level of purchase products, without letting you edit your order! My computer is very touchy, and I thought I ordered one package, the next thing you know, I get a call from my husband at work today telling me our credit card was billed over $400.00!!!! I finally found a phone number to call and see if this can be corrected! Wish me luck!!

t harris July 22, 2019

I have had the same difficulty. They take money, but never ship products. This review helped me see that I am not the only one, and supposedly, this it the way the company operates.

MingLi November 20, 2019

Yes it is a scam perpetrated on people who just need to lose weight and these scammers have interpreted this as people who are willing to give up money and the majority because of being in ill-health won’t take any action against them because they just not strong enough. personally I like to call them broccoli scammers because no one really likes them.

Beatriz Godoy March 28, 2021

I already bought twice, once I ordered online the second time by phone I received the order very quick and never have any problems. I am 75. Solved the problem I had, I already took 2 bottles. I lost my belly in 2 months. I bought because I needed a good probiotic. I always was constipated.

I don't know if it is very good to lose too much weight, but is a good product. Sometimes, it happened to me with another website that we click and don't show it and when we click again you order twice. I found this is a problem from the internet when it is very low. Beatriz Godoy