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Total Scam using Real Estate Business as a front
July 20, 2022

This real estate company is just scamming people. They reached out to me by text a few times, when I responded they called me.

I was not sure however after a few calls I decided to at least give it a try. I was under the impression the leads were vetted and the fact it was a real estate company DBA: Smart Start Real Estate Corp in Church Falls VA it might be a good investment.

I was told it was a onetime fee of $299, and I would get that back once a lead resulted in being closed and a funded transaction. After two weeks I got my first two leads, the first was total bad information and phone number didn't work, the second I spoke with a Woman that said I sold and bought a home in TN a long time ago and was not at all interested.

I returned those two leads because I was told and I quote: " The way our process works is very simple, if you do not like the lead after 5 days of follow-up, you have the ability to reject any lead until you get the lead you wish to work with and lead rejection is never held against you in any way."

So, I received the next two leads and OMGosh, they were worse than the first two, now I am into week three with Regentology. I now know that I have been led astray, I was reminded that nothing is 'FREE'. I knew better in my gut. So, the problem starts when you want to stop getting any more leads and just cancel and wanting a full refund.

Now you cannot get a hold of anyone, however you will get a text back afterwards.

I contacted my bank to assist me in trying to get my refund. I send texts, emails and call occasionally to see if I can get a hold of anyone. This started on March 21, 2022 requesting a refund, trying to be amicable about it. As of June 3rd, I check with my bank and I find out I still have not been issued a refund. I made a call to Regentolog after speaking with my bank, I spoke to someone who could not help me at all however seem to know who I was.

I received an email from a "customer support manager" wanting to know if he could call me Monday or Tuesday this coming week. I replied yes you can call me anytime next week, Monday came and by afternoon I received no call from Regentology, so I called and no answer, I sent an email stating that I was under the impression I would receive a call today so I am reaching out to you, I tried calling so now I am sending an email.

Bottom line, I wanted to know where my refund of $299 was. I was told to contact my bank, which I did, and NO refund had been issued yet. My bank told me to find out how the refund was sent if it was an ACH transfer it would have hit my account immediately and there was nothing showing up. The email I received back from this customer support manager was " We did not process any refund as you filed a dispute against us with your bank which is under review by both banks. Your bank shall let you know if you WON or LOST the dispute filed against us (SMH).

REALLY and this is how they do business?? Now ask yourself "Would you really want to be in business with someone or a company that thinks and does business like this...Unbelievable...RUN as fast as you can, stay away from this business, total SCAM. You have been warned.

I have tried to be fair with Regentology now I will be moving forward because now it is not about the money, this tells me they need the $299 more than I do because if it was a reputable company, I would have had my refund a long time ago and we would have parted ways. I truly believe that Regentology is using the Real Estate Business as a front for running their money SCAM business. I wish I could of selected -10 stars!!!!

This is a total scam to steal your money and they are using the real estate business as a front to appear to be legitimate. Keep your money don't get fooled they can not provide any lead services. They provide fake reviews leading a person to believe they are for real. BE WARNED Everything they tell you is a lie just to get your money. File a Police Report.

6/28/2022 i posted a bad review on trustpilot and the company removed it on 6/8/2022. The truth makes scammers very uneasy…

Marti March 08, 2023

So Glad I read all of these reviews. Regentology almost hooked me to try this company. Thanks for taking the time to make this review.

YSK March 30, 2023

I am so glad I read these reviews. Thank you all.