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Ray Reynolds is a corporate consultant who has developed an extensive product line.  Through the Ray Reynolds Plan and the Ray Reynolds University he teaches entrepreneurs the advantages of setting up corporations.

His products are designed to guide you through the maze of legal documents and tax deduction strategies.  Ray Reynolds claims that if followed correctly his methods can help you protect your assists, secure corporate credit, rebuild credit, and purchase discounted goods.

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February26, 2016

Ironically,. I've met 6 ( Six ) extremely Intelligent Individuals whom attended, and or , worked adjacent to Ray Reynolds ! With that said, the information which I learned from these particular people surpasses : PRICELE$$ .

It seems the " Ray Reynolds Seminars " are in fact -----NEUTRAL. Meaning, that the data and information acquired via the sessions is extremely relevant, valuable, valid, and appreciated; unfortunately, many of those in attendance do not utilize the material wisely; sadly, all of those which I met, are not exemplifying their knowledge, as they should be Billionaires, and are not------light-years from it !

Therefore, I conclude, that one must take responsibility for any and all Business Information presented to them , as it must be researched and evaluated to test legality; timeliness; success rate; and experiences. Otherwise, one's time , energy, and money is wasted------and, one can certainly not fault Ray Reynolds nor anyone else for any shortcomings; because, one's only true success, is determined by wiping one's own A$$, and creating one's own PA$$ !!! #ThisIsASelfServePlanet

- Traci

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September14, 2012

I also used to work for Ray Reynolds, at O.B.I. Inc., Repacking America, etc. etc. The corporations that he claims he opened for each of his 4 daughters on the days they were born, I opened for him in 1997. Everything he says is a lie. Save your money, cause he's just going to take it and you're not going to get anything in return.

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October 18, 2016

I wish I never stated any business with these people! Once they get your money, they don't do any follow ups, and they don't keep a real file on you, and you have to force them to keep up with your work, and each time you talk with them, they aways move the damn time line further away, from the specific time you're guaranteed to get the the credit, and I have great credit and still they can't even give me back a call! Why? Because there's no real goal, they just to take your money, and have you to believe somehow it's something you may have or could did wrong est!. But, have a real surprise coming for them. And that's I no how to file a tax grievance with the (IRS), and they will force a major tax investigation upon all party of interest for 5 to 7,- and they will get my money back, plus the interest penalty I will charge, and someone will go back to jail!

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His Royal Majesty S H Azizi

September3, 2012

Attended numerous presentations by Ray. Thought he was sharp, he wasn't the first person that I had heard deliver the asset protection message. I would suggest before you demonize Ray you read The Federal Mafia"", and see the YouTube video ""Ex-IRS Agent tells it like it is"" as well as research the case of Whitey Harrell. Ray surprised me with his arrogance, it was unnecessary when you know your stuff. He cussed out one woman at the end of the presentation, when a woman asked a question at the end of the presentation as the room was emptying out. He spoke in a disrespectful manner to woman old enough to be his mother when she asked if she could give him deposit and bring the rest to the training. It upset me to the point I wanted to put my hands on him. I think his engineer saw the look on my face and engaged me in conversation to diffuse what he perceived.

I remembered that he mentioned some record he achieved in the martial arts, but I too had not only 2 Black Belts...I had over 30 years in the arts most of them as an instructor.

There were two separate occasions when someone interrupted a conversation I was having with another guest as if I was going to convince her to buy from me. On the alternate incident someone followed us to the side walk outside the hotel and asked if we had received a business card from a gentleman who represented another corporate consultant organization.

I thought wow, if your stuff is that good why would you have to chase people down as if they were not free to choose whom they wanted to work with.

Trained as a Paralegal [Century Business College, Los Angeles] I drafted my own Articles and formed an entity on my own. I did not have to charge as much as he would have, though I did not have the overhead either.

When I attended a presentation at his headquarters in Anaheim, he became sarcastic when I asked a question that he misunderstood. I asked him could he teach how to acquired a co-branded credit card and he said he told us he could show us how to get a corporate card and said something about stupidity or some crack. When I asked the people sitting behind me did they understand what I had asked and they thought he was being his usual obnoxious self and shared with me after the meeting some things they had experienced...they were spending money with him and were holding out to get their results so they could be done with him.

Karma is a ""B"" at the end of the day. Maybe he will have found the discipline the arts were supposed to have taught him. And maybe he can apologize to his family because he Brought The PAIN HOME - and his commercials and presentations said that the reason why you form a corporation is to avoid bringing the pain home.

The information is out there so do your own research. Nolo Press has good material as does Made E-Z [extremely easy to understand] and there are other sources (especially in LA's Central 'Downtown' Library)

God Bless You All and much success to aspiring and active entrepreneurs."

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May1, 2012

I haven't started this program with ray reynolds. I had gone to the seminar and it definitely looked too iffy.. but luckily i checked out these reviews..
Thanks.. for saving me money and time wasted

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Erik Salmon

April6, 2012

I use to work at Ray Reynolds seminars before I really know what he was really doing and I left as soon as I found out.

Ray Reynolds sold his services under Repackaging America, Incorporating You and Ray Reynolds & Associates. Not sure what he is going by now days but you really do not need his services.

You can get incorporated any were or even do it your self by contacting the Secretary of State in your state to find out how to setup a corporation, and he does not have any secret methods to getting financing under a corporation. The truth is that its easy to get started with vendors and retailers under a corporate business entity. Some will require a personal guarantee and some will not. Just start going to your favorite suppliers and retailers and ask for a commercial or business credit application and read it. Look at who the underwriter is and contact them to find out what the lending criteria is. A lot of the smaller suppliers do their own financing.

If you do not want to guarantee ask the vendor what criteria you need to meet so that you do not have to personal guarantee. Some times its a security deposit, sometimes it's as simple as being in business for a minimum of 2 years, sometimes its just the fact your a corporate entity.

With the larger vendors everything may just be automated and know one will know what the lending criteria is so just do not apply to these companies if you run in to that situation until you have established other credit lines with other vendors.

When it comes to cash loans and credit cards you have to have good personal credit no matter how good of a pitch you hear that says you do not. There are a very few finance companies that will offer your a cash credit line just based off the companies financials and you can not directly apply to them. They pull business credit reports and invite companies that meet their lending criteria to apply.

The key thing with business or corporate credit is just use common sense and that you should only apply for what your company needs for operations and cash flow. If you have bad personal credit you will have a hard time getting a business loan or credit card and a corporation is not a legitimate substitute or work around for having bad personal credit the way Ray Reynolds presents it as.

I hope this helps get you started in the right direction.

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Mind over matter I dont mind and you dont matter
December 18, 2012

So you are where you started right and ripped off education that you learned from Ray!

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