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Stay Away. They do NOTHING!
June 22, 2022
They took me for $2 K. I got absolutely NOTHING, And I Mean NOTHING. On the monthly meetings all they did way try and sell me something else. Oh, it won't work unless you buy this or that. Stay away these people are fraudsters. I don't know how they still have a business license.

Impossible to cancel account if dissatisfied
June 4, 2022

Save your money and stay away from doing any business with or adsnearme. They took me for $1,890.20 in less than 30 days. Reported them BBB in Florida and they still will not refund my money. They provided ZERO services.

They have 623 to be exact reported (300 + over the last three years) complaints filed against them. I ask them to close my account and refund my money and they will not. BBB closed the complaint as unresolved. Buyers beware i am only providing this review in hopes no one else will be taken advantage of….

UPDATE: as of 5/10/2022 i have made many many many requests for a refund. This company said they could provide a service to me and didn’t. After paying $1,890.20 with no results i wanted a full refund. The company is stating they need to talk to me. My position is still the same no amount of talking will change that. nor Adsnearme did nothing for me or my business I received nothing in return on my investment and i would like a refund. By not returning my money is stealing.

Update 5/19/2022. I have yet to receive a refund of $1,890.20.

Update 5/21/2022. I continue to request a refund, with no response, two months now. Very very unprofessional customer service.

Update 6/3/2022 as of today i have sent more than 25 emails requesting my refund. Pr.bussiness corporate still has my email addressed blocked very very professional….it is not like we are talking about $100 dollars here. If was a Reputable company they would want to provide customer service. They took my money and left me with nothing zero, how can they begin to think i would say its okay take my money. I could never never do this to someone!


No one has called me at all you are out right lying… back in April you call my company phone and left a voicemail message and i followed up by email do to i was out of town as i stated in the emails. I said i wanted everything put in writing anyway and there was nothing to talk about i wanted a refund period. Your response was to block my emails from corporate Very professional of you!!!!

The Better Business Bureau didn’t close the account b/c of your voicemail. I wanted a refund and you don’t want to provide it they were only a mediator. It was obvious they were not going to get a resolution. You left me no alternative but to leave a review because I still want my refund. Dealing with was the worst decision i have every made. Anyone reading this stay away don’t get involved with them.

Carolyn June 04, 2022

All of these reviews are the same things that happened to me as well.

Eileen June 22, 2022

Same here. They took me for $2K and still tried to sell me more. How can people like this stay in business? They did absolutely NOTHING. I MEAN NOTHING.

Claimed to be
June 2, 2022

I was also told they were Google. I had no way of seeing these reviews. How could I when I had no idea their real name? Not one time did they say anything about prbusiness ! They had one zoom meeting with me, said they were Google and I would be on the first page, and I would rank in the top 4-5 or lower. Said it was like 80 per click . I thought well who is better than Google?

This is completely insane they can get away with this kind of scam. It's theft, yet it sounds like theft in Florida is ok if you are a business. Doesn't matter if you use a fraudulent name and do not provide your real business name. I'm trying to run an honest business, now I know why it should have been LLC ! My credit score is going to be affected?

I'm file a lawsuit against them. They should be criminally responsible. If we go steal anything the cops show up at our door at 3:30 am. Then we are taken to jail. This should be illegal. I thought it was legit because I was told we are Google. Nothing different, like work with them or for them. I'm so mad, Im disabled and only receive 7 something a month.

And they are lying and stealing from someone who is disabled and barely has a space to sleep in. I'm going to cry, the only thing I can think about is doing what they are because it's not fair to me. This will make my life worse in so many ways. My credit score is good rn but they plan to make it bad. If you guys reading this I'm sure I can find a way down to Florida so we can talk about this. Because from the review you won't talk until it's in person. You lied to me several times. No one has called me and I don't think anyone ever had intentions.

You're reading a review from someone who has nothing. They are not the ones to be taking their money from. I'm not supposed to eat? Pay my monthly credit payment of 20? My bank advised me to turn off the card/ done.. and file a dispute. It's probably best to steal from someone who has more than me. I don't have enough to live, I barely survive. I was hoping Google could change that. You said we are Google several times. It's so wrong what you are doing. Please leave me alone I don't want anymore trouble.

Carolyn June 04, 2022

OMGosh the same thing.

Snake Oil Salesmen
June 1, 2022
Can we give zero stars? Wish I had read all the other reviews before I signed up. 4 months and nothing yet have charged my credit card multiple times.

scammers don't do it
May 7, 2022

I hired pr business to fix my Google page being spended

after 6 months they never did anything but give a runaround and charged me every month.

a Rip off co.

never did anything they said they would do

Very suspicious ...
March 12, 2022
I gave them 2 stars only because they were helpful the first part of last year. Since then I have found I no longer need them. I had a free review of my website and it received a lot of minuses. I told them to please fix it according to what I found. They say they did but this website is doing nothing for me. They did help my presence on Google but now my brokerage provided a CRM and much better website. I no longer need them, They do not provide any online billing information or the so-called contract I signed. I had to go through all my credit card charges to collect my expenditures for tax purposes. I was also able to report this to the FL state consumer affairs asking them for assistance in cancelling my services with PRB. Legal advice I received said this is the best option. I am waiting for a response.

Don't Sign A Contract!
March 11, 2022

They will continue to draft from your account even when you request to cancel the subscription as stated in the contract I signed. All they care about is money in THEIR pockets, not your businesses.

Don't do it !!!
February 6, 2022

These guys will zoom the crap out of you and try to sell you something every meeting. still haven't noticed a damn thing they have actually done $1,000.00 in and no visible work has been done.

PR. Business is a SCAM
December 28, 2021

This company is "FRAUD" at it's finest. They have so many complaints against them and somehow they manage to stay in business.

I don't understand how they can get away with these practices. The representative who sells the marketing plan has a very convincing sales pitch to lure you into a marketing plan which guarantees first page rankings on the web.

Once you buy into the plan you are scheduled on a monthly basis with representatives who are clueless about your website/social media and make attempts to sell you more products. It is completely ridiculous!

I have made several attempts to cancel services via in writing and verbally but I still receive calls and they continue to take money from my account. They need to be stopped!

They do not deliver
December 21, 2021
This business is a huge scam. They don't deliver and then they refuse to refund your money.

RUN! Don't walk!
December 6, 2021

RUN! Don't walk away from this company! They promise a product that they don't deliver. I should have listened to my intuition and never signed up with them - please don't make the same mistake.

After a few months of rude, pushy "specialists", I'd had enough. They said they had been doing work that I had done, showed me screen shots of products they didn't even have access to, further proving they hadn't done the work.

Please, please, do NOT fall for their fake business!!!!

October 21, 2021
Do not. I say again. Do not do any business with this company. Total scam.

A real sham!
October 5, 2021

Just got off the phone with a rude customer service manager after asking for over 5 months to cancel my contract which was belittling and has no concept that customer should be right or appeased to keep good business. I started in march of 21 and after several weeks of getting emails from my webpage manager that a IP address website was trying to access my website with the wrong passwords.

They even tried changing my passwords. I called multiple times to find that no one there knew the number to customer service nor could they help me. Per contract i was supposed to get a monthly phone meeting about what they had accomplished in the past month. According to GoDaddy for what i paid 1250 i should get at least 20 hours of service (seo, directories, etc) a week. On the first AND second phone session i reviewed the sign on and asked why they couldn't access it. That person told me they were only there to go over a analysis page and could not help me.

I then sat at my desk after allowing an hour or 4-5 patient schedule times to be open for their phone call and no one ever called since the third meeting. The third meeting they told me it had gone up slightly and i told them i just started groupon. I requested a cancellation when they immediately called to reschedule another ghost phone call and was told to call customer service yet she couldnt give me a phone Number.

I sent an email in September after sitting waiting for their phone call again and was finally returned with a customer service number which….you guessed it it had a voicemail. I then was inundated with phone calls to reschedule my ghost phone call with the person who doesnt know anything. I had a patient that week that knew IT and SEO and asked why I didn't have anyone working on my website. I told her I did and she disagreed that there is low analytics and no directories attached. That day i added yelp myself and posted a few facebook ads.

After days of no response i called godaddy and signed up for monthly that day. Within an hour i had a phone call on my analytics and told same thing my patient had said. Plus I had a virus on the webpage and they already cleaned that up. The next day i had received an email confirming what they found and numbers to call for support. I had another meeting within a week and have since had another monthly meeting saying they attached directories and SEO went up over 10% since they started.

Its too bad there are so many companies out there that try to steal money from small businesses! Beware!!! I would give them a negative number review not a one star!

Run! Thieves!
September 24, 2021

RUN - Thieves that prey on small businesses

This business is a complete sham. Following their marketing advise my businesses Google My Business page was shut down. I called and spoke to Joshua who assured me he would email me for additional info as soon as we got off the phone and begin working on a reinstatement ASAP. 24 hours later, nothing.

So I reached out to Google myself and managed to get reinstated. I then emailed this company asking them to please cancel my contract immediately never got a response. I then removed their access to my Google account. 10 days later Joshua finally reached back out to start working on this issue they caused. So to them it was no big deal for my business to be off Google for 10+ days at a minimum.

I repeated to him that I no longer wanted to be in business with them and wanted payments to stop. He told me accounting would contact me right away. A month later and about 15 calls to them and finally they called me back. I went over all the incompetences:

1) Promised 30-40 listings in 2 weeks @ 3 month mark only at 12

2) Promised huge increase in clicks to my website - no increase at all

3) Meeting with monthly team members to help me market my business that don't even know what bookkeeping is so they are of no help

4) Call is always with different person and they just repeat everything and don't even sound like they looked at your stuff until 1 min before they call

5) Every call there was a pitch to sell me more services

6) Getting my Google page removed combined with no rush to correct

Lady on phone claims I am on 40 listings now, but if true website clicks would have at least increased and they have actually decreased not increased. I can only guess if true now it is what they rushed to do the last month between asking for the contract to be canceled and ignoring all my calls until finally returning the call today. As my last call a month prior and the day before booted from Google they showed me listed on only 12.

Then had the audacity to say the best they could do was $840 still due if I wanted to terminate even though I have only worked with them for a couple of months and paid a down payment. This would be almost full contract. I asked to talk to her supervisor or manager and she claimed to be her own manager. I insisted and she stated she would have someone call me next week.

Then when she emailed the meeting time it was at one of the only times I told her I could meet and stated it was with her supervisor.

This company is riddled with incompetence and has no problem stealing from fledgling new business. If 0 stars were an option it is what I would give.

September 17, 2021

Total scam stay away!! I paid $450 up front like a fool. Promised i would have to much business to handle. That never happened... Never received one call.

I try to find out what is going on by calling them and all i get is the run around.

I need to cancel this contract. but have no idea how to!

September 8, 2021
If I could give 0 stars I would, I started in June 2020 because I wanted a Alexa Siri voice to find us when people ask . I went through the entire “spill” with them got started never got it to work by sept still didn’t work and they wanted to upsell another product. Still nothing worked and by Jan 2021 it still did not work and they claimed it needed added products . On top of this you can never talk to anyone you are at there convenience and they schedule you when they want and you are like a puppet on a string . STAY FAR AWAY!!! 0 Stars

July 28, 2021
Horrible customer service. If you do not use them they will call your repeatedly with robo calls, live calls, etc. Even after you asked to be placed on their no contact list.

Not BBB accredited
July 27, 2021
Do not use these crooks. I’m a small business and they have done nothing for my business. When I tried to cancel my service they said they will continue to charge me for 1 year and if I don’t pay I’ll be turned over to collections

July 8, 2021

May of 2020 I got suckered into a year subscription to Public Reputation at $69.00 a month. After May of 2021 they continued to take money from my Business account through the Debit Card I had given them to join. As I was writing this review they finally called me after numerous calls to them to cancel my account and refund me the $69.00 they took from my account after the contract was up.

During the entire year with this fraudulent company never sent me Emails about what was being done and where the on line presence was applied. No Email was sent after the year was up, to let me know I was out of the contract responsibility and if I wanted to continue with their company.

I had to cancel my debit card with my business to stop them from taking advantage of me. They got $828 from me and I got nothing!!!

AnonymousWard July 12, 2021

Cathy, I've been having a similar experience. Here's how to report them to:

Florida Attorney General:

Andy September 17, 2021

How did you cancel the contract??

Non professional no show scam
June 16, 2021

Big Scam not a business

Take your money and never do business

Stay away we lost money

Stay away

AnonymousWard July 12, 2021

Aemd, I've been having a similar experience. Here's how to report them to:

Florida Attorney General: