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This company is a scam! Do Not do business with them!
June 14, 2021

My complaints are like many others, charging for doing nothing!

Simple requests to correct misinformation on my profile have been ignored for months. I will discontinue my service (what service?) and ask the bank to stop payment to them.

Contact State Attorney General in Florida
June 11, 2021

Update to my previous posts. My complaints are very very similar to all the others. I saw the writing on the wall and disputed the very first charge on my business credit card. They broke our contract the first day and still want me to pay them for not doing a damn thing. Their threats to me. Everyone, please contact the state attorney general in Florida and report them, reference all the negative reviews on the web. The few good reviews are likely fake IMO.

"To date, we have received no correspondence pertaining to your debt to This, following numerous attempts to collect will be your final notification prior to our referring your debt to an outside collection firm as well as reporting your outstanding debt to all three major credit bureaus.

Your balance is currently over 90 days past due. We intend to close this matter within no more than five (5) business days from today. Your full or partial payment by that date will stop this process. Upon request, we will discuss payment options available to you.

If you fail to respond to this notice, you will be contacted by a collection firm and can no longer be assisted by our company in preventing this potential credit-affecting collection to take place.



RUN! Its a scam!
June 9, 2021

They scammed me too, what bunch ass holes!

I waited the month for them to list us and nothing.. 5 weeks nothing 6weeks and well into my busy season and nothing.. grrrrr....

I want my money back..

June 1, 2021

This is a RIP-OFF if I could give a zero I would. Someone called on Friday and told me they could not do our business because it was an MLM. It is not a MLM. It is a shopping club. I think the lady got mad because my husband was rude. Because he thought we had a call for them on Friday and we sat around the house waiting, no call. Well I thought we had an appt. Within 30 mins some lady called and said, we can not do your business because it is an MLM.

But a week before that a guy we talked to said, there are several Melaleuca businesses we help out. So someone was lying. They still owe us $236.88 for nothing they didn't do. If they don't give it back I will be reporting them to the BBB. I heard this company was not legit.

They don't do what they say they will do
May 3, 2021

I would leave a zero if I could. I wish I would have been able to find all of the bad reviews before I signed up with them.

The only thing that they have been good at so far is taking my money. They have not done one thing that they told me they would do, and now I can't see to get in touch with them. I understand why they don't answer their telephones.

Total rip off... They do not deliver on their promises...
April 24, 2021

RUN.... do not get suckered in by their slick marketing chatter... They do not deliver on any of the promises they say they will. When they make their monthly calls its so canned and rushed they do not explain or deliver any kind of service..

Take your $150 a month and donate locally it will be put to better use!!! Complete rip off.. Haven't even heard from them in the past five months... they call... and they hang up when you answer I am assuming so a call is logged and they can show their manager!!!

PR Business, AKA $29SEO, Voice Command should be avoided
March 9, 2021

PR Business, AKA Voice Command failed to perform services. I continued to pay $150 a month and I learned my manager was fired due to incompetency.

PR Business Voice Command, 29dollarseo PR Business (Voice Command) said they could improve business for me. The first 6 months I couldn't get a response from them. I stopped my credit card payment in January 2021. I was then contacted by a company representative on January 12, 2021, who said they will credit $450 for the next 3 months and for the last 3 months I would owe $450. I demanded that they provide the service free until I saw an improvement in Boca Raton Florida.

When I decided to do with this business in July 2020, they assured me I would see significant business for my locksmith service. They had me sign an online document, assumed to be a contract. I don't have the signed document and I was never offered a copy. My ongoing commitment was $150 a month.

Each month, they would schedule an onboard computer meeting to report their progress in getting my business better visibility. Those monthly meetings didn't occur. I was concerned I was getting calls from distant areas outside of my service area. The business didn't increase. Calls to them went unanswered with recordings that due to Covid-19, employees were not in the office.

On January 12th, 2021, I received a call from an employee apologizing for the lack of service due to Covid-19. She was willing to forgive the next 3 months of the remaining 6 months with me owing $450 for the last 3 months. I was angered by the offer as my question was why I should agree to the offer as I had already paid $900 with no significant results. I told her I wanted things to be made right first. Our call ended after my demand.

On January 28th, at around 11:50am, I received a call from PR Business employee. She wanted to schedule an onboard computer meeting with one of their Digital Marketing Managers. We agreed on January 12th, 2021, at 11:30 am CT. During my call with the employee, she admitted my account had not been serviced because the Digital Marketing Manager had been terminated, due to his inaction with my account and several others. She acknowledged my complaint I had been paying $150 a month for 6 months with no real service. She said they wanted to make things right. recording-20210128-114602

On February 12th, at approximately 11:55am (25 min after our meeting was to have happened), I received a call from an employee named Diana. She apologized and said no Digital Marketing Manager was available. She wanted to reschedule an onboard computer meeting for another date. I explained I was tired of the excuses and inaction. I asked to be connected to a supervisor.

After a brief hold, she advised none were available. I told her I wanted to speak with someone before moving forward. She said she could have someone call me and I advised I wanted email communication that would specify a time and date of a phone call. recording-20210212-115540

On February 17th, I received mail from Universal Account Servicing, LLC, requiring payment of $900, due by March 6th, 2021.

My desired outcome would be a complete refund of money spent and forgiveness of money they want to collect. I have since learned of similar complaints from numerous others.

Improved my business
February 23, 2021
I have been using them for a while and do have regular monthly calls and have seen an improvement in my business and my online presence. They also redid my website. I probably could have done it for less but it looks good and my business is doing well. I have found them to be responsive. I know I could do alot of this myself but I didn't!

MattN Yvonne February 27, 2021

What is your business and who are you? Just checking to see if you are a shill. The BBB has 188 complaints about this company. The complaints generally say they paid money and got nothing for it. Wondering why you had such a good experience.

KateMaryon April 24, 2021

pretty sure its one of their workers!!!!

DebraWilliams October 13, 2021

AGREED , he must work for PR , anybody know how to get rid of their contract

Don't do it!
February 11, 2021
They take your money and do nothing they claimed.

MattN Yvonne February 27, 2021

I see they have 188 complaints on the BBB website. People mostly saying they paid money and got nothing for it. They have an F rating with the BBB.

total scam for small business
January 31, 2021
If I could give negative stars, I would. This is a complete scam. They took a large sum of money to fix our google listing. After months, they were not able to fix it. I called google and fixed it myself. They charge a monthly fee to increase your visibility online, our score has continued to go down. They are suppose to call with a monthly report, we have yet to have a meeting. This is the worst company. They basically stole money from our company. Very disappointed!! this is totally scam.

Business owner Maine
April 12, 2018

These people call you and pretend to be Google (I asked specifically if they were google and they said yes), telling you that they will provide you with amazing google search engine scores. This is for a limited time and today you can get the entire package of benefits for 450, they quickly drop the price to 350, but just for today. They say you will be contacted by a rep (web analyst?), who will obtain information to build your listing. You get the call, but the entire intent of this call is to sell you more services. I ask again I am told they they are not from google. They said this was never implied by anyone there as they would be fired for doing so. This is when I unloaded on they guy, who had nothing to say in response.

This company should be shut down. They are a bunch of shysters just looking to steal your money and harass you with phone calls. They never call using the same number, never is a person on the other end when you pick up. They are the perfect example of what is so wrong in America, brought on by large corporations who buy legislation from corrupt politicians to legally steal from the very people who elected them to office. True domestic terrorism.

Daniel September 23, 2019

Is there a number I can call to get in touch with this company?

LorenaMedina December 11, 2020

same here, i need a number please.

Donna January 31, 2021

same here also... terrible people who do i call???

MattN Yvonne February 27, 2021

Make a complaint on the BBB website. Whatever card they are billing, cancel it.

Miss Nancy’sAcademy of Music July 14, 2021


October 14, 2017
They tood me they would do something and they didnt... got me.

Before You Buy, Consider This
October 9, 2017

Think hard about what you are paying for with Public Reputation because I think that company may be taking advantage of business customers who may not think of themselves as internet savvy.

I recently wrote a customer review on Public Reputation for a business I use--at the request of the business and as a courtesy to them because they are good.

But I also searched for reviews on this business (before I used them and now that I am their steady customer) and I notice that the Public Reputation reviews are never on the first few Google result pages!

Once again, just as an outside observer of a company who subscribed to Public Reputation, it seems to me that the business owner and the customer do all the work while Public Reputation just takes a fee--for what I don't see because the most popular Google results never contain Public Reputation comments.

If you are going to ask your customers to write reviews you might as well ask that they post to a site on which your business reviews show up first on Google results like your company's own web page or Yelp! or docfindy or healthcare or can do it yourself, save your company's bottom line and think about this expenditure to Public Reputation, I don't think it's worthwhile.

BrandanMercer October 14, 2017

Its a complete scam! They do not do what the say they are going to

Absolute Scam!
October 4, 2017
If I could give negative stars, I would. This is a complete scam. They took a large sum of money to fix our google listing. After months, they were not able to fix it. I called google and fixed it myself. They charge a monthly fee to increase your visibility online, our score has continued to go down. They are suppose to call with a monthly report, we have yet to have a meeting. This is the worst company. They basically stole money from our company. Very disappointed.

LorenaMedina December 11, 2020

same story right here, we have called them so many times and they always said they are not authorized to cancel accounts but someone will contact us. It's been 3 months and we are still trying to speak with someone, no luck. plus they are under a different name right know.

scam alert
September 6, 2017

It is a total SCAM

They threatened us if I don't pay their $499 fee, they will turn off our business listing from google and no one will be able to find us on google, big LOL to you. These guys are criminals.

December 30, 2016
This place is a scam. They charge you $399 to do a job fhat is free for you to do yourself. All you have to do if your business has not been claimed yet on Google is click on the OWN THIS BUSINESS hyperlink. Google will send you a pin and you can do it yourself. Their script in the office says that it's $599 and you quality for a $200 discount. Do NOT fall for it. It is free to do. This company is a scam

Corrupt Business Practices
December 16, 2016
Constant, repetitive telemarketing phone calls and they are relentless and will not stop calling to sell their services. I have opted out several times and I have asked their representatives to be placed on their "Do Not Call" list but they continue to cal and call and call and will not take no for an answer. Why would any intelligent business owner do business with a company such as this and that fails to adhere to common business practices to begin with. Report them to you states attorney general and the FTC for violating simple professional business practices or you will continue to be contacted by this corrupt set of individuals.

Total scam
June 9, 2016
I'm familiar enough with SEO to tell you that anyone can create a page following their "guidelines" that will be #1 on Google using the exact name of the business. That's so simple that anyone can do that. Don't pay their ridiculous fees for something that nearly anyone can do on their own!

Erin June 14, 2016

Hi Bill. Here at Public Reputation, what we offer is a service to small to mid-size business owners that most don’t have the resources or knowledge to manage while running their day to day business. Part of the service is to rank on Google, yes, but it’s part of a suite of tools that are focused on reputation management – including review management, local listings and advertising. The plans and pricing that are listed above are not accurate. We offer multiple plans at low monthly costs.

True, it's a common reputation management model but PR is completely straight forward about how important it is for every company to manage and monitor their online presence - not just rank on Google. As you know, one bad review can destroy a company.

JoJo December 30, 2016

All you do is claim and verify businesses for these small business owners. You charge $399 for it and yet it costs nothing. You guys are a complete scam

JoJo December 30, 2016

Oh I forgot. You say is costs $599 and they qualify for a $200 discount that day to sign up. You all are criminals

Helped my business
November 9, 2014
They helped me set up a survey system for my business