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PPOC Club is a website that allows users to provide customer feedback to companies by completing quick product testing.

In this review, we will tell you everything you need to know about it, including the answer to the most commonly asked question – is PPOC.Club legitimate?

How Does PPOC.club Work?

PPOC Club provides rewards for beta testing the products you use the most along with a variety of new and upcoming releases.  PPOC Club works with established brands that want honest feedback from their customers.

At PPOC.club you can apply as a tester and, if you're approved, you'll receive invitations for various products on your member dashboard. 

If you get an invite for a product test, you'll need to claim it to make sure nobody else takes your spot.

You’ll then order the product, pay for it, and serve as a mystery shopper. You’ll want to act quickly, as the invites often only last one day.

You can then receive cashback via the payment method of your choice from PPOC club, getting between 40% and 100% cashback depending on the product and the option you select.

Once you’ve received the product, you’ll have to do a variety of tasks, such as creating a video, providing answers to survey questions, or comparing it with other products.

You’ll get bonus points for each new action you complete, and you can then convert these points to cash.

There are all kinds of tasks you may be asked to complete, from basic product testing to market research jobs. You may even have to answer quick polls or complete simple gigs.

Customer Service

We couldn't find any information about how to get in touch with customer service at PPOC.club. 

In fact, there is no email address, physical address, or phone number listed on the company website.


Cost & Price Plans

Joining PPOC Club is free.

Reimbursements vary depending on the cost of the product you ordered, as do bonuses.

It’s unclear whether they will submit documentation of your earnings that you will need for your taxes.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

The biggest criticisms of this program – and a complaint that often leads participants to wonder if PPOC Club is a scam – is that you usually have to pay for the product before completing the campaign.

In other words, you’ll be fronting your own money before you receive any kind of reward. This is something you need to be careful of doing for sure.

In addition, their website is difficult to navigate. Although the website claims that access to PPOC Club is by “invitation only” and an “exclusive membership”, it’s impossible to find any information about what might qualify you for such a membership.

While most participants confirm that they do receive the purchase refund and the bonus prices within a few days of purchase, what’s important to note is that you are going to be paid to submit positive reviews for companies (usually sellers on Amazon) and that may deceive future customers into purchasing products.

Many users also report that it takes a long time to see any new invitations and that they are rarely asked to complete jobs.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you want to become a product tester, there are plenty of other legit websites that will allow you to test and keep products after making a review or a referral.

One such program is Product Testing. With this program, you’ll sign up for a free subscription and get personalized offers for products such as apparel, headphones, home decor, kitchen gear, workout supplements, and more.

The offers are usually discounted at up to 85% off.

If you like to review new smartphone programs, you might want to consider Lowercase Alpha.

This beta testing program is designed for smartphone users who are guilty of uninstalling an app and then reviewing it. It is also free and all you need is a phone number to sign up.

Next, you might consider MIU Color.

This company sends you emails with various offers to purchase products like home and outdoor gear, pet supplies, water bottles, and more. You’ll be expected to leave a review on Amazon in return.

A final option to consider is DealHustl. With DealHustl, new brands can get exposure to consumers via a network of shoppers.

You’ll get periodic emails promoting a product. You’ll get a discount code and can purchase the item on Amazon.

Is PPOC Club Worth It?

Although it doesn’t sound like there’s much harm in giving PPOC Club a try – as long as the company continues to provide refunds for products that customers have purchased.

You may be better off trying another market research company if you’re really interested in being reimbursed for your viewpoints.

PPOC Club can be a fun way to try new products, but is not a reliable source of any kind of permanent, lasting income.

If you have any experience with PPOC.club, please leave your reviews below.

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PPOC.club Customer Reviews

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Is this legit? Against Amazon Policy
December 2, 2023

I have worked with PPOC in the past and just did again. They do as they promise. You purchase the product they are offering then they reimburse you and then you need to do a few other things to be able to post on Amazon. Yet, here is the problem. For some reason, Amazon says this is a policy issue. That if a company is giving you a product for free in order to give any type of endorsement then it's against Amazon policy. I have been banned for life. This is unfortunate because I can't give reviews on other products for other sellers that I really like.

Great offer
February 15, 2021
I joined the club several months ago and have gotten supplements, small appliances, kitchen items and toys. I have a PayPal account so I get 100% back for what I spend, and haven't had any trouble getting refunded.

November 18, 2020
I think this is a pretty nice program. I give it 5 stars

I highly recommend this company!
September 5, 2020

I've been using PPOC for less than 6 months and have had only positive experience with this site.

I've actually tried and liked some products which I would normally have never considered buying. Reimbursement occurs quickly, often within 1 day of purchase. I've never had any issues with receiving reimbursement or redeeming points via PayPal.

They do NOT MAKE you leave reviews of products on Amazon, though they do provide a link to feedback after completion of Questionnaires.

The only downside is that many of the products offered are vitamins or natural supplements. I check to see what items are available every so often and only participate if the items they want feedback about are of interest to me. Among the free items I've received to date are thermometers (oral and infrared), a pill organizer, a wrist blood pressure monitor, a whipped cream dispenser, an inflatable chair, various vitamins and supplements (capsules, gummies, liquid, and powders), beauty items (mask, facial cleanser).

Sharon December 01, 2020

I can't find the product unless I actually put the product directly into Amazon. Then it says the npi number is not correct. I probably have what the number is called. I have tried 3 different products.

September 4, 2020
The original ad says you get 100% of your money back. When signing up, there is a place that clearly states you get 40% to 100% refunded. I stopped my sign up then. Conflicting information always makes me a bit nervous. So, never mind.

Charles B October 22, 2020

Been a member for almost two years, one hundred percent money return when you follow instructions!!

only drawback now is there are too many people competing for fewer products.

August 30, 2020

I want to correct an error in this review, if I might. I am a testing member of the PPOC and can assure you that I am never required to leave a review on Amazon. Ever. That's simply a false statement.

I do pay up front and generally speaking am reimbursed in full within 2 business days of the product shipping. Unlike some other rebate style of memberships, PPOC is actually quite easy to get in touch with - simply submit a support ticket. Done. You'll have a reply within 24 hours.

I have belonged to other similar programs and this one is far and away the best. My only concern is there are a number of members who have discovered ways to game the system and are taking advantage of the various ways to make money, diluting the results for PPOC and ruining the experience for other members. There are always a few in every crowd.

August 14, 2020
For the people not comfortable with using their personal bank accounts. Why not get a prepaid card specially for the refunds? Prepaid cards have account number and routing number. My opinion on this matter.

June 7, 2020
PPOC says it will send your money to your paypal account, however i received a digital check and they wanted to send it to my bank account and asking me for my banking info...which i don't want to share since I'm not familiar w the company...so now I'm not sure how to fet reimbursed and can't figure out how I am to contact them.

Linda S July 13, 2020

I agree. I am not comfortable giving them my bank info. I would prefer to use PayPal.

Pmorrison July 29, 2020

Go under SUPPORT and open up a ticket. You need to also go under your profile and change how you want to get paid to PayPal, if that's where you want your reimbursement to go. They are reputable; I've been reviewing products for them for years. They will fix it for you.

Kaye p August 07, 2020

Hey Kim, So I actually have been using PPOC for about 2 years now and spent over $2,500. They promptly refund me, or cut the digital check as soon as products get shipped out to me for delivery. Ive spent over $2,500, and with all other compensations Ive been paid out $2,850 I've gotten to keep, Share, or donate all the free products along the way!

Tina C August 11, 2020

Yes. It did the same to me even though I clicked through to PayPal and setup a new one just in case.

June 2, 2020
SCAMMING consumers by sending free products and make you click and buy those products so they get better rating on Amazon platform. Although you get free things and money, you are helping these companies to scam consumers and it's not fair! You decide which side you are on.

Pmorrison July 29, 2020

NOT A SCAM! You can review the products YOU CHOOSE, and it is YOUR REVIEW. It can be a good or bad review, depending on how you REALLY FEEL ABOUT THE PRODUCT. I have been reviewing products for them for years. They are a reputable company. They DO NOT pay you. The company reimburses you for the product. They want a fair review so they can improve marketing, taste, appeal, etc.

Charles B October 22, 2020

You rate the products, So how is that not being fair? If the product sucks, I say so. So are you says honesty is a BAD THING?