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PeopleWhiz is a website that claims it has access to over 67 billion public records, and that they will provide this information for you at an affordable price. 

But is PeopleWhiz safe to use? Is it free? Is it even legal? We’ll take a look in this article...


When it comes to the range they provide, PeopleWhiz has several different services.  There are background reports, criminal records, criminal history records, etc.

PeopleWhiz claims to be really good at finding information about almost anyone in the United States, including contact info, social media activities, photos, criminal records, and mugshots. 


They also advertise to employers, claiming they can effectively use PeopleWhiz for background checks during the hiring process.

How Does PeopleWhiz Work?

Is PeopleWhiz a legitimate site?  Here's how it works.

The website interface is pretty simple and straightforward.  You get three blank text boxes in which you'll need to fill in the name, last name, city, and the state of the person you want to search.  This basic search is, in most cases, enough for PeopleWhiz to give you the required info.

In case you don't get what you want, you can always go for an advanced search which will add two more text boxes.  One is dedicated for a middle name, while the other is for age.

When you insert the required info, simply click on the Search button.  The website will then open a new page where you can see that search is going on.  Usually, the whole search lasts about two to three minutes and you get everything you want immediately.

Cost and Price Plans

The price depends on the type of service you request.  For example, some customers request a single background check and some go for full-on multiple checks.

Furthermore, some users even want ongoing background checks over a period of time.  Unfortunately, PeopleWhiz doesn't display their prices publicly and you'll need to call their number and find out more about the type of service that you need.

While it's very good to have flexible pricing, PeopleWhiz could also display prices for everyone to see.  As they say, they want to provide numerous services without you breaking the bank.

Customer Service

PeopleWhiz lists  a phone number, email, and a FAQ section on their website.  By using the customer service, you can not only ask about potential issues but also ask your billing and report questions.  The email [email protected] is available Monday through Friday and you get the answers in about 24 hours.

If you want to talk to a live person, you can always call the number (833) 276-9449.  Their phone number is probably the best option if you want to get your answers immediately.  Since there's no wait time, no automated voices, and it works 24/7, the phone customer support is at the highest levels.

Online Reviews/Complaints

People use this software for every kind of purposes but there’s one purpose that’s the most prominent – dating.  While some online reviews speak very positively of PeopleWhiz, some have reported scammy activities.  We have a couple of reviews that praise the software for saving them from certain persons in their lives.

On the other hand, complaints were pointed towards false information and even lack of information.  Customers reported that they paid for info and they didn’t even get it.  More so, people found that PeopleWhiz has their criminal record, even if they didn’t have one.

Competitors and Alternatives

How does PeopleWhiz stack up vs Truthfinder? Well, these two companies are very similar and they both offer services in the USA. On top of that, Truthfinder even offers a dark web scan where you can enter your email address and see if your info has been compromised on the dark web.

Where to Buy?

Directly from the website. You can get the background check only via the website, where you can use the customer support to help you in your search.

Bottom Line

So, is PeopleWhiz a legitimate website?  Well, both yes and no.

With the mixed reviews that the website got, it’s a bit harder to believe in this website at a first glance.  Still, if you don’t like PeopleWhiz, you can always check the competition and choose one that you like the most.

If you have experience with PeopleWhiz or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Missing and or incorrect information, terrible online account management, SCAM
February 17, 2021

This is just another internet, "too good to be true" site. I signed up for free 3 day trial, ran my own name just to see. The information they had was correct, however 75% was completely missing. I, like many others, forgot to cancel. I was charged $27.99 for the 30 day plan on auto bill. I ate that one. I was unable to do any type of cancelation unless I called directly so I complied.

It just happened that the day prior to my 30days I paid for, a situation came up so I attempted a search. Called customer service after several attempts at searching, you go through the entry and waiting accepting privacy policies (plural) only to be led to the payment page.

Unable to process without another 27.99, and unable to access your account. Therefore, are forced to back all the way thru 10 different searching windows only to begin the whole process from the very beginning, Two different customer reps said I can access and use search for the 30 days, but no dice.

I had to call back again to get credited for an accidental report process. Done with Peoplewhiz. This is a complete scam.

Zero stars for these cons, liars, and scammers!
August 31, 2020

I knew it was too good to be true! Searched for myself and multiple criminal records were found! Liars! Why would I want to pay over 20 bucks for some obviously fraudulent information?! Anyone in their right mind is going to see if this search is legit first, before taking whatever it finds for granted, much less paying for it!

Every one of the reviews they post on this site got to be bull crap! I don't understand how something like this could ever be legal! I guess there is no crime in scamming some stupid idiots out of money, if they are willing to get scammed themselves!

Maybe those idiots are scamming someone else to pay these jerks for their false report? Money laundering in plain daylight! Lol! are the criminals! Want a record? should eat crap and die because they are just a bunch of worthless cocksuckers! No need to search! That's a record everyone knows now!

August 7, 2020

PeopleWhiz is a total scam. I ordered a background check on myself - 85% of the information was either incorrect or had nothing to do with me. I cancelled the service once and they continued to charge my credit card. Have called "customer service" twice. No refunds will be made.

You've been warned. Don't do it.

YvetteVartanian August 27, 2021

Call your credit card and ask for a stop payment and get your money back and report then to the BBB!!!!

May 14, 2020
I searched myself as a baseline and the results weren't even close. It had me married to 11 women. The funny thing is it never mentioned my wife of 40 years. It had me wanted in one state and the closest I've been to a court room was to drive by one. Interesting a mere age comparison would show that it could not have been me. Don't waste your money or make decision off of this program.

Google has more information than these people!
April 7, 2020

I ordered this service, and then cancelled it within MINUTES because it has no information other than what you can get for free on line. Trying to get a refund, but they only refund 70% if you looked at a report. Without looking, you don’t find out how pitiful the info is, so you’re basically paying over $8 for nothing.


RE: You won't take a whiz on me, or my name!
January 25, 2020

Just think what a search of honest Abe Lincoln from Hodgenville, Kentucky would bring up. They most

likely would have him involved in Pedophilia.It's possible he might even be listed as I have found, and shown searches of people 130 plus in age. I urge all of you that have been defamed to contact your District Attorney in your area. It's rather hard for me since I live in Ukraine. But regardless if you defame my name there will be a price to pay. It may not be today but I promise to make this issue come to light, and be addressed. Sincerely, Mark Keener.

YvetteVartanian August 27, 2021

I don’t understand your 5 stars for this website - it’s a total scam

RE: People Whiz looking to take a whiz on your good name.
January 24, 2020
God knows what a Honest Abe Lincoln search would bring up. But you wouldn't know till you paid.Sincerely, Mark Keener got them to move me down to wanted in only 40 states. See the power of blogging!

RE: Notify FCC
January 23, 2020
When is someone going to take action and bring their house of Fake Lies to a end. Look at some of the ages of people you might be looking for. I found many 130 years old, I myself am wanted in 50 states for crimes I need to pay to find out about. Answer blog, blog, blog right out of their cheap suits, or a LAW SUIT, SUITS THEM RIGHT.Mark S. KEENER FBI KNOWS WHERE i LIVE WHY HAVEN'T EYE BEEN ARRESTED YET?

MarkKeener January 25, 2020

Sue the pants off these people till their own search comes up, wanted for indecent Exposure!

Liars - Misleading and Fraudulent statements
December 31, 2019

They lead you to believe individual has a criminal record to entice you to pay for report via subscription.

Ran my own name to evaluate process. Found they lead one to believe damming information is eminent on report to entice purchase of membership. Claimed that I have criminal record and other records that they claim is “bad” and as a potential subscriber, I should be prepared for it.

The web site is fraudulent and run by opportunists waiting to collect subscription money.

One is much better off hiring a licensed PI or better yet avoid the person that needs to be research like this.

Consumers Beware
November 12, 2019

Consumers beware! Their website(People whiz) don't say free or a charge for the service! They request your email($$$ to share with their affiliates) and the name your wanting to search. They don't even offer a free trial:(Than the process of collecting all the data is lengthy. And than the most important request!! pick a plan you'd like to BUY$$$!!!to retrieve your information.Transparency is the key to repeat business! I will share my discoveries with family and friends.


Dissatisfied Consumer

MarkKeener January 23, 2020

Check out some of the ages of the people your looking for. I found several that were over 130 years old. Same site is probaly using on voter roles the names of these fake people.

Mark S. Keener convicted felony according to this site. See you in court!

Ridiculously wrong info. Waste of money!
July 5, 2019
The majority of information is wrong. My spouse and I searched ourselves. It’s like they took the information of everyone with a similar or same name and blended it all together. Under licenses, my gun permit didn’t even come up. They have more disclaimers of why the info isn’t there than info. Where there is a little info, there’s a link to another site where you have to pay more. They have my deceased father-in-law’s social security number in full view, and my mother-in-law’s info, making it easy for someone to steal her id. Horrible site! This should be illegal!!!!!

Moeller'sWorkshop August 02, 2019

The world lacks not for scam sites... those who engineer them know there are those out there who are fragile and in need of information and assurance that everything is okay... Just another wolf in sheep's clothing...

philipleaberry September 15, 2019

Don’t use! Nincompoops. Filled out info and was asked for the exact info all over again called customer service and they started asking for additional info not asked for on them site. I found it to be suspicious.