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PeopleWhiz Review: Legit or Scam?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  July 14, 2023


PeopleWhiz is a website that provides comprehensive background check services using a compilation of public records databases.

Before online databases existed, public information about a person was recorded and stored with various agencies and compiling a thorough background check was arduous.

PeopleWhiz states that they use their proprietary platform to scan over 67 billion searchable public records and provide fast and accurate reports.

Is PeopleWhiz a legitimate site?  We’ll take a closer look in this review.

What is PeopleWhiz?

The website interface is simple and straightforward.  Users are required fill in basic information on the person they want to search for, such as the person's first and last name, city, and state.

This basic information is, in most cases, enough for PeopleWhiz to find the requested info.

In some cases you may need to fill in additional information, such as the middle name and age of the person, to further narrow down the search.

A PeopleWhiz search usually lasts about two to three minutes.  The results of a search include Federal, State and County records along with social media profiles.  

The information they compile can include things such as:

  • Email Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Birth records
  • Known Relatives
  • Weapons Permits
  • Professional Licenses
  • Business Partners and Associates
  • Judgments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Marriage & Divorce Records
  • Court Records
  • Assets
  • Address History
  • Misdemeanors
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Criminal Records
  • Mug Shots
  • Warrants & Arrests

PeopleWhiz claim to be able to locate any recorded instance where a person interacted with a government/private sector agency that included a public record. 

While the resulting information is publicly available to anyone, PeopleWhiz is offering is the convenience of having the data from all these various sources compiled into one report.

In their advertising, the company claims to be the top platform providing this service.  However they do declare that there could still be missing or inaccurate information in their reports.

They go on to state that the most common occurrence of this is when people have a common name that is shared with many other individuals.  

Other examples of errors are when handwritten records are incorrectly transcribed when being digitized, which is outside of their control.

PeopleWhiz states that if you’ve found incorrect information in their report, then you can contact the company regarding the accuracy of the report.

Is Using PeopleWhiz Illegal?

While the information that PeopleWhiz collect is publicly available, there are laws that describe certain things that the information can not be used for.

The 1970 Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA) regulates the legal use of consumer information filed by consumer reporting agencies.  It focuses on accuracy, fair use, and privacy.

PeopleWhiz’s disclaimer states that under the FCRA

"It is unlawful to use our service or the information we provide for any purpose that would require FCRA compliance; this includes but not limited to making decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, or tenant screening. PeopleWhiz is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Report Act, we do not provide consumer reports. Since PeopleWhiz only collects this data and does not create it, we cannot fully guarantee its accuracy."

On their website they outline the instances where you should not use their service.  These include:

  • Employee Screening
  • Screening Potential Employees for ANY Job
  • Hiring People To Work At Your Home (Babysitters, hospice caretakers, nannies, gardeners, landscapers etc)
  • Educational Admissions & Scholarships
  • Screening Tenants
  • Extending Credit & Qualifying for Insurance
  • Customer Initiated Business Transactions


To help users better understand what types of reasons they can use PeopleWhiz for the website offers some suggestions:

  • Checking Out a Potential Roommate
  • Prescreening an Online Date
  • Obtaining Public Court Records
  • Checking Out Online Buyers and Sellers
  • Self Search
  • Address Lookup
  • Check your kids' carpool driver
  • Neighbor Lookup

Thereby the service that PeopleWhiz provides is legal and does not break any laws, yet it is also up to the user of the service to have legal reasons for using the service and to make use of the information they find in a legal manner.

How Much Does PeopleWhiz Cost?

The website does not make it immediately clear how much their service costs to use, and people even often wonder if the service is free or if PeopleWhiz offers a free trial. 

Even looking through the website's FAQ does not offer an answer.  You only find out the cost of the service once you try to submit your first search.

PeopleWhiz is not free.  It has a tiered pricing structure that's based on how long you wish to use their service.

  • Recommended Plan -  $27.99 / month for 1 month of unlimited reports
  • Moderate User Plan - $22.95 / month for 3 months of unlimited reports
  • Power User Plan - $14.95 / month for 6 months of unlimited reports

If you choose not to select one of these plans then PeopleWhiz will present you a trial offer for 5 days of unlimited use for $1.00. 

After the 5 day trial period your plan will automatically be converted to a monthly plan for $29.99 per month.

Furthermore, unless you cancel your subscription all plans will automatically renew under the same terms at the end of the billing period.

Customer Service

PeopleWhiz lists a phone number, email, and a FAQ section on their website.

If you have any billing issues, questions, want to report inaccuracies, or need to cancel your subscription you can reach a representative.

  • Email support at [email protected] is available Monday through Friday and you get the answers in about 24 hours.
  • PeopleWhiz states a live person can be reached by phone at (833) 276-9449.

You can also reach out to the company to have your information removed from their database by going to  You will have to provide an email address and photo ID to confirm your identity.

PeopleWhiz Reviews & Complaints

PeopleWhiz has run many advertising campaigns with one popular ad strategy enticing people to get reports on their romantic partners to see if they’re cheating.  

The ads used catchy headlines such as ”One thing all cheaters have in common…” or “Are you being lied to?”

This led to a lot of people trying the service, but also generated many complaints from users who felt the results didn’t live up to the company's claims.

In general the majority of PeopleWhiz customer complaints can be split into two categories, disappointment with the search results and the company’s predatory billing practices.

Disappointment with the search results often came from finding inaccurate information. 

For example, many reviewers reported searching for themselves or someone they know well and finding inaccurate, and sometimes damaging, information.  

Many customers also feel deceived by the $1 trial offer, after which they’re shocked to see a $29 charge on their credit card for a month's worth of reports, often when they were only interested to get info on one person.

This also happens to customers who were not aware that all PeopleWhiz plans automatically renew, with sometimes even higher charges when their longer subscriptions were re-upped.

There are some positive reviews from customers who praise the website for saving them from certain persons in their lives.

PeopleWhiz also has an A+ rating according to the BBB. 

Though the company has a large number of customer complaints, they consistently respond to these complaints, which the BBB takes into account when setting their rating.

Competitors and Alternatives

PeopleWhiz vs TruthFinder
  -  TruthFinder is a similar website that offers services in the US.

Additionally, TruthFinder states they offer a dark web scan where users can enter their email address and see if their info has been compromised on the dark web.

The Bottom Line

So, is PeopleWhiz legit or a scam?

With the mixed reviews that the website gets we think the answer depends on which aspect of the company is in question.

While the website offers a legitimate service, some users are rightfully put off by the fact that the company doesn't clearly display the prices for their services until after they use their email address to make an account.  

PeopleWhiz billing practices also tend to garner a lot of negative feedback.

Furthermore PeopleWhiz claims that their service is superior to competitors because their tech can accurately differentiate data for people with the same names.  

However, based on customer reviews it seems that this is still a major source of issues for their users.

Overall, it’s difficult to recommend a company with this many customer complaints.  If you're aware of how the billing works it may be a tool to consider depending on what you need the info for.

There are many competing services available, though most of them work in similar ways with comparable billing practices and customer reviews.

For more serious background checks there are also professional tools available for specific reasons, such as if you need to do a credit check on a potential tenant.  You may also try to find specific information that you need using state or federal databases.

If you have any experience with PeopleWhiz or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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PeopleWhiz Customer Reviews

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Not a legitimate site or they wouldn't need so many web addresses
May 24, 2024

I have been trying to get my information off this site for several months now. If you send an email to their address it returns. I have called and you get a person who can't take you off or can only take you off of one of their sites. if you try the unsubscribe they want to "verify" its you by you uploading a current identification. here is a list of their websites so it is ridiculous ow much time it takes to call each one with the same 800 number.

Please remove me from :















November 3, 2023

This is a fraudulent organization. Before the end of 5 days trial I canceled my subscription but because my credit card details are with them, they have been stealing $27.99 from me since June 2023. My bank, Ascend FCU notified me on October 27, 2023 when they tried to steal $27.99 two times on the same day. This is when I discovered their nefarious activities since June 2023. THEY ARE OUT TO GET YOUR CARD DETAILS SO THAT THEY CAN CONTINUE TO ROB YOU. BEWARE.

This company is a scam!
September 9, 2023
This company is a rip-off. I paid for a month membership (there was no trial offered), but the only information they give you is what you can find doing any free search. If you want all the information you have to upgrade to a Premium membership, which costs another $69.99. So they promise you all this information for a regular search, but you don't get all the information unless you upgrade. I did a search on myself and much of the information was wrong. This company is a scam, stay away - unless you feel like throwing your money away for very little, inaccurate info. Wish I read the reviews before I signed up!!

Stay Away From People Whiz
September 2, 2023
They are such a rip off. They will sign you up for a plan and charge you for it when you only okay a dollar or 3 for a one time search. They charged me 29.99 and 2.99 and didn't know it until my credit card informed me. They insist I signed up, but I didn't. When I asked for my money back, they would only offer me 50%. This conversation happened today and customer service was not nice!!! A confirmation email was never sent, just an email for the person report I'd already seen online. So, I never knew they'd used my card to sign me up for a plan until today a week or two later. Definitely stay away from this site. Just looking is a disaster in the making.

August 31, 2023

This website is a ripoff, says it's free and then they want to chare you...

August 9, 2023
Just for fun, I entered my own name. It said that I have multiple criminal records which I do NOT. I have never been arrested, and it showed that I did. It also suggested that I had certain relatives which I do NOT have the ones that are mentioned. This site is a SCAM. Don't waste your money.

Not Good Information!
July 30, 2023

Not a good site, does not provide good information. Then when I went to cancel during the trial Period, they only give me 75% of what they charged me. Stay away from this site.

Rip off company
July 21, 2023

I signed for the $14.95 plan. Got very little information and they charged me $89.70. RIP OFF COMPANY!

June 28, 2023
My wife searched one name and they gave no info then charged 27.99 one month then next month then two weeks in to same month! Three times in two months plus a dollar that was supposed to be what it cost me. Totally thieves they need to be prosecuted but will never happen

The truth as to what information the fee provides.
June 12, 2023

It's a scam they give you basic information that's free on the internet . Simple items like a phone number is extra. Not worth the money.

It’s a scam!
June 11, 2023

I signed up and paid the $27.99, wasn’t happy with the information (very basic) and canceled immediately. So far I was charged $27.99, and then again the next month, and again the third month. They wouldn’t refund any of the 3 months even though they agreed I didn’t use their service.

I told them to cancel my account again. They said I would receive an email stating my cancellation, which I still have not received. And the info was very basic as other reviews said. It’s a scam to get as much money from you that they can.

Don't waste your money.
June 6, 2023

What a ripoff! The signup shows all this information that will be checked. Once you pay and your search is displayed it is pretty basic. They require an upgrade to any detailed information. Everything came up with no info on people I checked. Pay another 20.00 for more info.

Big waste of money.

PeopleWhiz Are Corrupt And Thieves: Do Not Use!
June 2, 2023

People Whiz are crooks. I went in and wanted to do a one time search for one person. I am an attorney and I read matters carefully, especially since I have encountered this before. As I read their information, I was going to pay a one time fee. Instead PeopleWhiz nicked me $27.99 and made it a recurring monthly charge. I asked for my money back. I was refunded one month but not the other two. I talked to a snotty personal representative on the telephone who blamed me, as I am sure she was trained to do.

Charles June 11, 2023

The same thing happened to me. I cancelled after using once and was charged $27.99, and then again the next month, and again the third month. They wouldn’t refund any of the 3 months even though they agreed I didn’t use the service. I told them to cancel my account again. They said I would receive an email stating my cancellation, which I still have not received. And the info was very basic as other reviews said. It’s a scam to get as much money from you that they can.

June 2, 2023
This is a scam and yes I fell for it. The information is inaccurate as i ran myself and it had me married twice when it was only once and not to either lady listed. The only thing they had right was my name and address.

Very limited information
May 26, 2023

I wouldn't have given any stars if I could have. People was a joke for my $27 dollars. I was mislead and thought I would be able to see more than I already knew.

The information was very limited..It was a joke! Don't waste your money y'all!


False advertising and poor info
May 13, 2023

I have utilized other such sites, and I tried PeopleWhiz because of its stated claim to provide significant info beyond that of other sites. So I signed up for the most basic offer, 1 month for $27. I received very little info, much less than other sites. I immediately called to cancel because it’s marketing guaranteed satisfaction. The only agreed to refund $20.99, so even that was false. Please do not be deceived by this site with poor info and false cost

Info that they will not stand behind.

May 9, 2023
Does not provide the information as advertised--you have to "upgrade" to get it. Information on criminal background is false. Payment is charged to Chinese company, so not sure it's safe from hacking.

Waste of $
April 25, 2023

Doesn't give info promised. Have to pay for info u can get on your own, then they want more $ for more info.

March 31, 2023
Scam!!! They don’t show you ANYTHING they say they will. Do not waste your money

Pearl April 07, 2023

I agree. For example, I didn't get married, but my husband married me. My neighbor's disabled and severely autistic son (23 years old) was arrested for speeding (he can't even ride a bike, not to mention drive a car). And you can list. I paid the $27.99 but regretted it and canceled the automatic payment the next day. doesn't deliver what it promises.

web cowboy
March 28, 2023
This site claims to be free but it is not. people whiz/free is a scam to get you to sign up for recurring bank drafts!!!!