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Unresponsive...Stay Away...Beware!
June 15, 2022

I had my identity stolen. Numerous accounts created, subscriptions with my credit card info began, and credit cards/inquiries I never applied for!! All companies reversed and refunded my money......except PeopleWhiz.....they won't even respond to my emails!! I bet they try to charge my card again when the time comes...

Sleazy Scam
June 11, 2022

Total scam! For $29, I only received the person’s address, which I already had! It asked for another $20 to get the full set of information. Total BS.

On top of that, it set up an automatic monthly charge without me knowing it. This is the sleaziest outfit that I have ever encountered.

PeopleWhiz should be ashamed of themselves
June 7, 2022

I don't know how the people from People Whiz got my email address. I don't appreciate them emailing me false reports on me. I don't know them.

Easy refunds
May 30, 2022
Disappointed in that it did not reveal anything I didn't already know.

People Whiz is a SCAM - BEWARE
May 28, 2022

I agree with all the comments. I received an email saying my background had been updated. In order to see I paid for it. 90% of it wasn’t even on me but similar names. The small amount that was on me was incorrect. I called and asked for a refund. They refused.

I emailed and asked for a refund and again they refused. I reported it to my credit card and to the BBB. My credit card has already sent them a message requesting the refund and I sent them a copy of my report to BBB. It’s just the fact of them scamming all of us that will keep me going and complaining to whoever I need to. Best of luck to you all

Delena May 31, 2022

Hello all. I just wanted to update all of you. I finally received an email that the scammers are processing my full refund today.

They had sent me a email offering 75% after I sent them the BBB complaint and my credit card reached out to them. I told them absolutely not. I want my 100% and a ear full of what scammers they are.

Keep fighting for yourself. Don’t give up. It comes to the point that it’s not as much about the money as it is that they are getting away with this.

Complain to the BBB. It takes 5 minutes online. Contact you credit card company. Steven W I know yours was your debit card but maybe if the BBB starts getting a number of complaints and you send them your complaint number, you’ll get your refund too.

I don’t know if you can do anything about the overdraft fees but if they don’t have your signature allowing the withdrawal I’d go to the bank and complain. Good luck. I hope everyone gets back their 100% is a Fraudulent Scam!
May 27, 2022
One uses the $1, five-day trail but it doesn't end. It only switches you to a full-paying account. Permission to do so was neither asked for nor was any warning given. I called them by phone, and they were very rude and uncooperative. They charged my debit card, but the account only had a few dollars on it. I was charged an overdraft fee, which was how I found out about it. This review requires me to give them at least one star which I think they don't deserve!

Fake information
May 19, 2022

Totally incorrect data and fake information...

Let's take care of this
May 11, 2022

The information PeopleWiz is reporting on me is so slanderous (sex offenses, DUIs, criminal records, warrants) I'm checking to see if anyone is interested in joining me in starting a CLASS ACTION SUIT against them. We need at least 50 people to sign up to begin. I will retain an attorney. Please let me know at [email protected]

This is a scam
May 7, 2022

No no no, people do not use this website can not get the info you pay for. They charge you, I have bank statements where they take out the charges for the month but offer no info for the charges. Called the number 833-276-9449, no help at all, could not speak good English so I’m calling my bank to cancel my acct...In fact I really want my complete payment returned. So I call this a SCAM.

Do NOT use People Whiz
April 20, 2022

Clearly a SCAM as even the $1 trial sets up expensive recurring monthly payment at their high rate. What little real Info provided by the tool is freely available and typically worthless. Like other such tools it is a time waster.

Peoplewhiz bait and switch scam
February 12, 2022
The Peoplewhiz's Google advertisement promised a free search. Entering all the required text and clicks finally brought up a window to select how much you must pay. A typical bait and switch scam. I took screenshots of the search web page and the payment web page, but there does not seem to be any way to display them.

Sunshine February 16, 2022

I was sent a email stating someone has posted 2 comments about me on people whiz. How do I know how to see this? Please help me.

Missing and or incorrect information, terrible online account management, SCAM
February 17, 2021

This is just another internet, "too good to be true" site. I signed up for free 3 day trial, ran my own name just to see. The information they had was correct, however 75% was completely missing. I, like many others, forgot to cancel. I was charged $27.99 for the 30 day plan on auto bill. I ate that one. I was unable to do any type of cancelation unless I called directly so I complied.

It just happened that the day prior to my 30days I paid for, a situation came up so I attempted a search. Called customer service after several attempts at searching, you go through the entry and waiting accepting privacy policies (plural) only to be led to the payment page.

Unable to process without another 27.99, and unable to access your account. Therefore, are forced to back all the way thru 10 different searching windows only to begin the whole process from the very beginning, Two different customer reps said I can access and use search for the 30 days, but no dice.

I had to call back again to get credited for an accidental report process. Done with Peoplewhiz. This is a complete scam.

Zero stars for these cons, liars, and scammers!
August 31, 2020

I knew it was too good to be true! Searched for myself and multiple criminal records were found! Liars! Why would I want to pay over 20 bucks for some obviously fraudulent information?! Anyone in their right mind is going to see if this search is legit first, before taking whatever it finds for granted, much less paying for it!

Every one of the reviews they post on this site got to be bull crap! I don't understand how something like this could ever be legal! I guess there is no crime in scamming some stupid idiots out of money, if they are willing to get scammed themselves!

Maybe those idiots are scamming someone else to pay these jerks for their false report? Money laundering in plain daylight! Lol! are the criminals! Want a record? should eat crap and die because they are just a bunch of worthless cocksuckers! No need to search! That's a record everyone knows now!

August 7, 2020

PeopleWhiz is a total scam. I ordered a background check on myself - 85% of the information was either incorrect or had nothing to do with me. I cancelled the service once and they continued to charge my credit card. Have called "customer service" twice. No refunds will be made.

You've been warned. Don't do it.

YvetteVartanian August 27, 2021

Call your credit card and ask for a stop payment and get your money back and report then to the BBB!!!!

May 14, 2020
I searched myself as a baseline and the results weren't even close. It had me married to 11 women. The funny thing is it never mentioned my wife of 40 years. It had me wanted in one state and the closest I've been to a court room was to drive by one. Interesting a mere age comparison would show that it could not have been me. Don't waste your money or make decision off of this program.

Google has more information than these people!
April 7, 2020

I ordered this service, and then cancelled it within MINUTES because it has no information other than what you can get for free on line. Trying to get a refund, but they only refund 70% if you looked at a report. Without looking, you don’t find out how pitiful the info is, so you’re basically paying over $8 for nothing.


RE: People Whiz looking to take a whiz on your good name.
January 24, 2020

Just think what a search of honest Abe Lincoln from Hodgenville, Kentucky would bring up. They most likely would have him involved in Pedophilia.

It's possible he might even be listed as I have found, and shown searches of people 130 plus in age. I urge all of you that have been defamed to contact your District Attorney in your area. It's rather hard for me since I live in Ukraine. But regardless if you defame my name there will be a price to pay. It may not be today but I promise to make this issue come to light, and be addressed. Sincerely, Mark Keener.

Liars - Misleading and Fraudulent statements
December 31, 2019

They lead you to believe individual has a criminal record to entice you to pay for report via subscription.

Ran my own name to evaluate process. Found they lead one to believe damming information is eminent on report to entice purchase of membership. Claimed that I have criminal record and other records that they claim is “bad” and as a potential subscriber, I should be prepared for it.

The web site is fraudulent and run by opportunists waiting to collect subscription money.

One is much better off hiring a licensed PI or better yet avoid the person that needs to be research like this.

Consumers Beware
November 12, 2019

Consumers beware! Their website(People whiz) don't say free or a charge for the service! They request your email($$$ to share with their affiliates) and the name your wanting to search. They don't even offer a free trial:(Than the process of collecting all the data is lengthy. And than the most important request!! pick a plan you'd like to BUY$$$!!!to retrieve your information. Transparency is the key to repeat business! I will share my discoveries with family and friends.


Dissatisfied Consumer

MarkKeener January 23, 2020

Check out some of the ages of the people your looking for. I found several that were over 130 years old. Same site is probaly using on voter roles the names of these fake people.

Mark S. Keener convicted felony according to this site. See you in court!

Ridiculously wrong info. Waste of money!
July 5, 2019

The majority of information is wrong. My spouse and I searched ourselves. It’s like they took the information of everyone with a similar or same name and blended it all together. Under licenses, my gun permit didn’t even come up.

They have more disclaimers of why the info isn’t there than info. Where there is a little info, there’s a link to another site where you have to pay more. They have my deceased father-in-law’s social security number in full view, and my mother-in-law’s info, making it easy for someone to steal her id. Horrible site! This should be illegal!!!!!

Moeller'sWorkshop August 02, 2019

The world lacks not for scam sites... those who engineer them know there are those out there who are fragile and in need of information and assurance that everything is okay... Just another wolf in sheep's clothing...

philipleaberry September 15, 2019

Don’t use! Nincompoops. Filled out info and was asked for the exact info all over again called customer service and they started asking for additional info not asked for on them site. I found it to be suspicious.

AmandaKavanagh March 06, 2022

Hence the name?