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PC Matic, formerly PC Pitstop, is an online application used to scan your computer for viruses, from where the company states its software will remove any existing viruses and block the threat of new ones.

In addition, it is able to locate updates and apply these updates to programs running on your computer.  PC Matic offers increased security, increased performance, increased speed and stability.

How Does it Work?

PC Matic compiles data generated from scans of all their customers.  This information is gathered and computed in a database called Cloud.  Integrating Cloud into PC Matic’s design allows real-time protection.  

This means that any new viruses or bugs are instantly added to their database and then used to improve the scans on your computer.

A year of service, with a 30-day guarantee, is $49.99, which is a little pricey.  The only requirement for this program is an internet connection.  

PC Matic can also be used on up to 5 computers and updates are automatically downloaded for free.

Another service, included for free, is the availability of scan reports, which can be directly emailed to you.  These reports outline what the program’s scans are finding and where viruses or problems may be coming from.  

It's important to remember there are many viruses that are hard to find and there are constantly new ones being discovered, so any anti-virus software is going to have gaps.

From the PC Matic Website, you can download a free scan check, which is quick and simple.  This scan will detect viruses that may be on your computer.  

If there is a virus, the idea is, you will buy this program to remove the virus.  Is the free scan a real scan or a real scam?

If you have any experience with PC Matic or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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PC Matic lies to its potential buyers
February 12, 2024
PC Matic lies to its potential buyers: antivirus is NOT a Whitelist, which is all PC Matic is. And their rock and roll band is...pathetic. Geeks ain't rockers. Skip PC Matic and get real antivirus software if you need it.

STOP the stupid commercials
December 20, 2023
Here's my review. STOP the stupid LOUD...annoying commercials. Just because you have a "band= Mr Cheng, doesn't qualify you for decent commercial ads. Good GAWD.....deplorable ads. Just STOP

Great Product - Super Investment of Protections
November 3, 2023
Great Protection for personal or business use. I have been using PC Matic for years and it provides piece of mind knowing that its providing the protection you need. Another feature is the cost of the protection for pc's and cell phones. great price for up to 5 units.

August 31, 2023
Utter garbage! Their commercials display false claims of awards. It's not a REAL anti-virus program. It simply allows a program to run that is on their list. If it's not on their list...good luck! Avoid at ALL costs!

Best By Far
June 21, 2023

Had it for years like more than 7 and not one problem. use it and don't believe the bad reviews

MarkM. July 22, 2023

I never had a problem with pc matic . I used it for years and multiple devices . one of the Geek Squad techs at Best Buy sold me Bit Defender , could not see any difference other that the price .

Support...they have none
February 27, 2023

I just installed PC Matic on my desktop. It locked me out of my Dealer Program that I used to operate my business. I have been down since 10 Am this morning 02-28-23 and have been trying to contact them and get some help. I've not received a response yet. I offered for them to keep my money and just fix my computer. It's been 6 hours now and nothing. They deserve a-5 for a review. Jack Dinkins

PInge April 26, 2023

I have had PCmatic on multiple computers for several years but this week suddenly it does not work on any computer. Al saying same files missing so cannot open PCmatic. PCmatic support has been worthless and I cannot find a solution; cannot even delete and re-download

Follow-up on Disappointed in PC Matec
August 18, 2022
Calling the number on the PCMatic website for refund didn't seem to work. But, I started a tech support ticket and listed the reasons I wanted a refund, The $50 refund for a year of PCMatic and $100 for a year of tech support were in my bank in two days. There are some reviews on this site that say the refund was slow, but the dates were at least two years old. My refund was prompt.

Disappointed in PC Matic. Going back to ESET Nod32.
August 16, 2022

I had trouble with ESET Nod32 tech support only allowing "chat" tech support. I hate chat. I decided to try PCMatic that is $50 for 5 machines for a year. Sounded good.

First problem I found is that you can not scan one file. The smallest portion you can scan is a single directory. But Guess what? You can't scan it NOW. You can schedule only on the hour. If you want to scan at 4:10 you must wait until the next hour comes up 50 min later to start.

The manual says that to schedule an event you must have run at least one manual scan, but, as I said before, you CAN'T run a manual scan. I think they are talking about the automatic scan that runs when you install PCMatic.

I paid $100 extra for tech support for a year. Then the first time I called, the tech sent me a link so he could get onto my computer and sent me to chat.

He couldn't talk to me over the phone while he was connected? PC Matic has been a great disappointment. I ran scans starting at 1 hr intervals (the smallest interval available) for 4 hours straight, and did nothing between scans.

Each scan found between 40K and 100K of "junk" that had to be cleaned on each scan. I didn't touch the computer between scans. I chose PCMatic because they claim they scan my anderoid.

When any other device is scanned it sends an email notice. Androids don't send the notice. Is it doing anything? I have since found out that ESET Nod32 has multi-function capabilities.

Come to find out that means they work on Androids as well. Was I supposed to know that multi-function meant Androids as well? ESET Nod 32 is $50 /machine/year.PCMatic is $50/5 machines/year. I'm going back to ESET Nod 32. They charge $20/hr for tech support that is not chat, but the chat problem I had took over an hour to fix. If I had been paying $20/hr, I could have had it fixed in 1/2 hr.

Let me add that I don't know if they charge $20 for an hour or ANY PORTION OF AN HOUR, which means you pay $20 no matter how long it takes and possibly if it takes 70 minutes, you pay $40. I haven't checked on that fine point yet, but even if they do, I'm going back to ESET.

Final point. I called last Friday to get a refund. Received a notice that the refund request had been received. Today is Tuesday and I called again to see where the refund was, and could do nothing but leave another message. If I don't get satisfaction I'm going to call Tech support and ask to talk to Rob Cheng, the founder. They probably won't be able to connect me but I'll start calling every hour if I must. My 30 day trial has another 9 days before the time period for refund is up.

PC Matic
June 25, 2022

I have had a problem with the auto-reboot feature and contacted PC Matic support and have done everything they had suggested including installing a new hard drive and auto-reboot still fails to work. When I emailed support that it failed to work even after installing a new hard drive they became silent. I now question if PC Matic is a scam.

These people are a scam!
December 1, 2021

I know it is an antivirus, but how did it come to the fact that they have a driver for the i7 2600 processor from 2009, how the newest on the Intel website is from 2015 to windows 8? And the fact that windows 10 was released in 2015, I will not even mention. It's a scam...

Very Poor Customer Service.
October 13, 2021

I saw the TV adds for PC Matic so I signed up. It took 3 days before I could sign in to my account. By this time I knew I made a big mistake. Called and 3 times and ask to be taken off as a customer. I got 3 e-mails asking how they were doing? So I answered them and asked to be taken off as a customer.

No reply by phone or e-mail came. On 12 October 2021, I received an e-mail letting me know that I could get PC Matic for free, and it listed ways to do this. I called again and asked to be taken off as a customer on 13 October 2021.

Impossible to Cancel Subscription
July 9, 2021
I am being billed twice on the same day. I want to cancel my subscription. PCMatic makes it impossible to cancel my subscription.

Don't do business with these people.
April 14, 2021
These people were just trying to rip me off by telling me they were going to clean up my PC. This is just a very bad scam in my opinion. They did nothing to fix my PC. The ones that I was talking to on the phone were from India or Pakistan, and I could hardly understand them. What a waste of time and money !!!!

Scam, Fake, Scareware, a LIE!
February 8, 2021

PC Matic is a total scam. I'm an IT professional and gave it a try on my own systems and discovered terribly unethical practices:

Prior to installing PC Matic, I installed and scanned my system with 3 different proven anti-virus / anti-malware software titles; each of which found no viruses/malware. This set the benchmark. After installing PC Matic, I was told that I had several viruses, registry problems and junk on my computer that I could clean to "speed up" my PC. The problem is - the benchmark was already set. My computer is kept clean and in order, but for whatever reason, PC Matic informed me that I was in bad shape and needed to feed it $$$ to remedy the "problems".

Here's what PC Matic is: SCAREWARE. It's a lie to make you think your computer is severely compromised, compelling you to hand over your money for a lie!

Guest February 03, 2022

Could not agree more. Have been programming since 1978 on a IBM 360 my high school shared with Princeton University and moved on from there. They have a "white list" and "black list" and their programming will allow certain things in and not others. It does not do the job of programs like Malware Bytes which is a real security program and no I do not work for them

Waste of Money
April 29, 2019
Cannot scan my computers without PC Matic locking up!! Can not get help from their so called tech support, no telephone # to call Just a rip off!!!!!!!

Unfortunate Buyer
August 1, 2018
I Honestly believe PCMatic is a total scam. I purchased it with the understanding I could load it into 4 or 5 computers and I could only load it into two. It is useable in the two I loaded. When I try to use it a screen comes up asking me to purchase it like it's the first time. It is a scam and a COMPLETE waste of money. I rate it ZERO stars!!!

Kayla - PC Matic Support August 22, 2018

Hello Chuck,

Please be sure you're logged into your PC Matic account when trying to add additional PCs. If you're not logged in, it will ask for a payment, as it does not recognize you're an existing customer. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to our support team at www.pcmatic.com/help

Starlight EntertainmentSLA Luxury transportation January 10, 2019


Thanks, I purchased your product on my computer. I then got a virus that shut down my computer. I lost all my files, pictures, website files!!!!!!!! I call you and you refunded my money,..... geee thanks for your protection and liability!!! I am totally disgusted with your "refund" you are cheats!!! People lose they're life and you refund?

Trust, lose everthing and they refund! Really? What about taking responsibility for lying?

Beware of PC Matic!
November 20, 2016

Beware of PC Matic. It is a scam. After you download their ant-virus program you download a virus that needs another one of their programs that is more money. That will happen several times. Be aware!

Any company that uses such an odd looking guy with his eyes too close together should be a red flag that its not a legitimate company

Very Pleased with 2016 Version
April 13, 2016

I normally do not have problems with my desktop computer. I use Panda, Malware bytes [premium] and have recently installed PC Matic [04/2016]. I have not encountered any of the problems others have had with versions purchased in 2011 thru 2015.

I did have a version I purchased for a laptop [Hp] in 2006 and thought it was inferior to the Norton program I had on my desktop, but I believe the 2016 update is far superior to previous editions. If my opinion changes I will write another review; but, as of now I'm of the opinion that whatever they did for the 2016 version moved the performance to the top of the ladder.

PC Matic Support May 23, 2016

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the kind words. We are constantly working hard at making PC Matic the best computer security product ever. We really appreciate the kind words.


PC Matic Support

CliftonA. Bode March 29, 2018

I have had PC MATIC, for almost a year, I tried to call them today, but guess what ? They do not provide any telephone number whatsoever, What kind of an, "Honest" business does not do that ? Then I wasted a good bit of my, time trying to email them a message, on THEIR, format, but when it came time to Send, the message, I discovered there is no, Send' button whatsoever. As for PC MATIC's service, I can not tell that they do anything for my computer. As of today, my, opinion of PC MATIS is no one cares about the business, beyond taking my, money, they, are a fly by night bunch of Gypsies who want Your, money, then they completely disappear. I am going to try to find the right federal office to report them to, there has to be a federal pen for thieves like this.

Clifton A. Bode

Don't trust
March 28, 2015

They have sucked us dry. Keeps calling and want more and more money. After paying for 5 years for 5 computers, they had the gall to call and charge my son an additional $100 to remove viruses from a computer that we had previously paid for. Keeps calling our home phone and putting pop ups to download additional versions on my pc.

Our credit card was hacked with illegal charges from Jamaica. Can't help but think it was PC Matic which hacked our credit card. Also, can't understand them when they call. Calls are coming from a foreign country. Can't trust them anymore unless they want to refund they money we have already paid. Guard your credit card that you use to pay for any services. Wish I would have never heard from them.

PC Matic Support May 23, 2016

Hi Gretchen,

PC Matic does not call any of it's customers. I believe you may have fallen for a technical support scam, where people pretend to be someone they are not. Our support is done only via online forums or email, and all of our employees reside in the US.


PC Matic Support

Total SCAM
October 25, 2014

It's the worst piece of scam ware/ransomware that's hit the Internet. They've scammed enough people to be able to afford fancy commercials that are total fabrications.

I'm a professional PC/IT person. Want good protection? By either Norton Security, or Norton 360, or BETTER still, get FREE protection with AVG 2015 Anti-Virus Free (www.avg.com), Malwarebytes (www.malwarebytes.org), and Superantispyware (www.superantispyware.com).

Those three combined, IF you regularly update Malwarebytes and Superantispyware, along with AVG will do a great job. Some people like Avast Anti-Virus better, but it's all a matter of personal preference. They're the top two rated free programs. Use ONE anti-virus, plus two good anti-malware/anti-spyware programs.