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A total scam and will sabotage your computer!
December 24, 2012
I purchased their service for 1 year @ 9.99. Not great but O-K performance. However I refused the 49.99 renewal price and immediately after the subscription expired my computers went haywire! Windows updates don't work, all of my personal log ins were cut off, can't stream media, can't update active X files, Web browser freezes, can't use windows fix or even system restore. In effect, they SABOTAGED my computer(s) because I did not renew their service. Now I have to relay Windows 7 and Vista to get rid of whatever bugs they left since the program uninstall did not totally remove it. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! They are sneaky and underhanded and will DESTROY your computer if you do not renew their pathetic software.

Greg February 10, 2013

Same happened to me but the computer caught fire!

Bruce March 22, 2013

Mine caught a cold!

Trust me, is very simple!!!! This is what you really need to do...
December 10, 2012
Download for free from filehippo CCleaner, SuperAntiSpyware and Avira AntiVirus; all 3 programs are 'really free' and you will not need anything else, better yet, if you use a router you won't even need your firewall on which is a big slowdown for all computers. Religiously run SuperAntiSpyware and CCleaner once or twice a day, both of them only take 1 or 2 minutes, and you will be safe and very happy!!!! trust me, I know what I am doing, I run 4 different businesses on 4 different computers all day long, our actual network actually has about 25 computers, and they all been running smooth for about 8 years, everything else out there is a joke, especially Norton/ McAfee, get rid of it immediately!!!!!

Bill January 02, 2013

Excellent suggestion. I have used CCleaner and Glary Utilities for years. Both are free and do more than PC Matic.

Bob i January 06, 2013

This information is so right on! I use BitDefender insead of Avira but the result is identical. There is a lot of "crapware" out there, some of boarding on malware!

Greg February 10, 2013

I use to use BitDefender and was very pleased of the product. I do not know why I downloaded PC Matic but like all the reviews said, my computer went nuts too. However, the HD started spinning real fast and the laptop caught fire. Lucky I do back-up my stuff. But I think PC Matic is Malware. DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR YOUR COMPUTER WILL BLOW-UP --or-- CATCH ON FIRE LIKE MINE DID!

Judy June 22, 2013

I get the HD fast spin when Mcaffy scans??? I just stop the scan. I pay $49 a year to REGSERVO and clean the computer every few weeks. Get pretty good service, I was just curious about PC Matic.

HJB January 07, 2016

Jacques. I see this review from 2012. Do you have any updated analysis of the same subject?

It does not work and I can't log in now
December 8, 2012
My password and ID no longer work and I do not get reply's from the company. Are they still in business?

Complete lies
December 6, 2012
On the TV advertisement it say's it's free. But it's not. Only the SCAN is free, most PC "repair" corporations will give a free scan, sometimes it will even say you have a ton of problems even though you don't. If you do actrually have a ton of problems it will show you the stactistics and then will say something such as "FIX NOW" but you will always most likely have to pay a fee such as 30.00 $ or 60.00 Euros. I only know of one program that allows a free scan and repair but it's only a 14 day trial, and you will get extremely annoying ads and pop-ups if you don't delete it PROPERLY after you're done with it. It's TuneUp Utilites 2013. I have to say PC Matic is one of the worst PC "repair" product ever. Well that was my review. Thank you.

Lola December 06, 2012

Great review John. I was thinking about buying the product but I wanted to read the reviews before though. Thanks for the great review.

Froze my computer
December 1, 2012
Downloaded the software and it worked fine. The next day, however, I shut my laptop down and took it to the office. It would not allow me to log on, corrupted my profile. I had to send the laptop out to be repaired, have not gotten the bill yet. I called and tried to use their support, they had me do a few things and it just made it worse. Beware!

November 15, 2012
The TV ad states that the program is free. But it's NOT!

Gerald December 17, 2016

Unable to remove what your program found!

November 11, 2012
The tv add implies that it is free. It will scan your computer but if you want it to fix something you have to buy it,

Hans December 18, 2012

the old bait and switch. its free,not.