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Do not buy this product
September 17, 2021
Do NOT go near this!!!!! Customer service non existent and collar doesnt work - look at the reviews on Trustpilot

DO NOT purchase
July 30, 2021

DO NOT Purchase. This collar does not work here in AUSTRALIA. We live in Melbourne, close to the city. No signal. Pawtrack staff do not reply to emails and when we asked for a refund (and returned the product registered post) they said it would take 5 - 8 days. It has still never arrived in our account. This company is promoting a dud product and delivering appalling customer service.

Stand clear. Dodgy.

David December 06, 2021

Not a Scam. Works in Ohio USA except the WiFi connection is not reliable. Most of the time tracker does not connect to WiFi causing battery to drain fast. When tracker does connect to WiFi, system works fine and get a couple days on one battery.

Collar hasn't arrived after a month, customer service unhelpful.
July 13, 2021

The tracker collar still hasn't arrived after ordering a month ago, which is understandable. What isn't acceptable is that customer support took four days to respond to my email and would not confirm whether or not the GPS subscription plan (that I paid for 12 months) starts upon purchase, or upon receipt of the collar.

I asked them (again) to clarify this and still have not heard back. I have since requested that they cancel the order and refund me for the collar and subscription which I hope I will not also have to escalate.

My correspondence started with emailing help @, after which I received 'support' from 'Newton' at support @

This is not a review of the product itself, the GPS collar might work fine, but the customer service has been wack to say the least.

Do not ever buy from these absolute scammers!
July 8, 2021

Hands down the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. It appears that they’re more hungry for $8 here and there than they are to uphold any shred of decent business practice. After waiting several literal months for the product to come, I was promised 3 months free and an extended trial period. Okay, they charged me during all of the months that I hadn’t yet received my product.

Finally, the product arrived and we tried it on my cat. My cat couldn’t stand it. My girlfriend later put it on herself to see and instantly became very very sick. I asked for a return and was very much brushed off but at this point I thought it was very clear that I am done paying monthly fees for a product that does not work. Next month, I’m charged with another $8 fee. I say again, I’ve asked to return the product, STOP charging me!! No response.

Next month, another $8 fee. Once again I remind him that I had asked for a refund MONTHS ago and every month I’ve asked to stop getting charged as I do not want this product! Jeremy says he can cancel my subscription but not refund me for any of the months he’s essentially stolen money from me at this point. This is very intentionally bad business and it’s extremely hard to believe somebody could be so insistent on neglecting a customer’s many requests and continuing to steal from them!

Better options available other than Pawtrack
May 31, 2020

Summary: Pawtrack didn't work that well. We had ours for 18 months. Battery has to be chargered daily (which is why they send 2 batteries). Ours would not connect to the home wifi. We went through 2 collars and both did not have service 70% of the time. They kept breaking at the battery connection point with the collar. We also added reflective strips to ours to make it easier to find the lost collar at night if it came off and also to find the lost cat due to the tracking ability just wasn't that great. We ended up going with the Whistle Explorer Go and wished we had made the decision the first time.

More Detail: We ordered the Pawtrack collar for our daytime outdoor cat. The collar has a great ergonomic design so that the battery stays on the bottom and the antenna stays at the top for optimal signal. The GPS on all of these collars is misleading. It is using the GPS from the cellular network. Meaning, that it has to have access to a network to get the GPS to work. Pawtrack uses the GSM (2G) network of T-Mobile, which is fine because its only pinging the network occasionally and 2G doesn't require a ton of power. I couldn't get the collar to work long enough to ever get it to connect to the wifi network at our house with either collar. It was a super cool design but cheaply made and the tech was half-ass. I'm sure it would've added more weight to up the technology, but the collar was setup to handle the load and distribute the weight evenly without hindering the cats movements. Every time we had an issue they were quick to give up and say sorry the product may not work in our area. I'm a BTS Engineer for T-Mobile so I had a response to this and sent them a screenshot of the actual coverage of the tower to my house and a phone screenshot of G-Net readings on GSM (2G) from my driveway. We have good strong signal here and still the collar was sub-par. When we asked to cancel service there was an email that literally said "cancelled". No retention at all. No one asked why, or how can we do better ir what can we do to keep you as a customer.

We ended up going with the Whistle Explorer Go. 2 of them actually. The device is bigger and a weighs a little more. The monthly cost is about $8 a month if you buy a year service up front. They use the at

Way bad
May 7, 2020
Could never get it to connect to GPS. Piece of crap. Will try to return it.

Scam fraud
October 19, 2019
Hopefully you read this before you purchase. I ordered-two plus weeks went buy and hadn't received my tracker or any word from them. I emailed their support and 15 minutes later received an email receipt for $7.99 and no explanation as to where the collar was. I had to call my financial institution and get the money back. I wouldn't trust any of the positive reviews.

September 5, 2019

I wish I had seen the reviews here before wasting my money on this SCAM. Everything people are saying is true. You’ll wait months to receive product. It DOES NOT WORK IN ANY WAY. “Customer service” is one guy, and guess what? He’s not interested in helping you. After you return it? Surprise! No refund.

Do not give this person a cent!

I wonder how many other people have been ripped off by this company...
February 10, 2019
Following the month-long disappearance of one of our cats, we spent almost £132 on a Pawtrack cat-tracker. The collar constantly fell off and, worse, still, the cat tracker was so imprecise that it couldn't even locate the missing collar. I then tried to exercise my statutory rights by returning the collar and asking for a refund. Pawtrack failed to respond to two letters, one of them registered. I really should have taken legal action against this company. I wonder how many other people have been ripped off by them.

Good idea, terrible execution
February 4, 2019

We'd ordered one collar back in Oct 2017 and started to have issues with it in Jan of 2018. It was determined, after a lengthy back and forth it was related to a design flaw. Fast forward to end of June and we finally received the new version. I'd immediately expressed my concern as the collar was a vastly different design, and much weaker than the previous. I was told it was a 1.5KG break weight, which I felt was too low. Which it was as our cat lost it within some thick overgrowth that was on some private land. Naturally, before I could get access to it, the battery died and though I had a rough last position, was impossible to find.

At this point, given we'd had the product for as long as we had and only had a couple months of use, we determined the product was not fit for purpose, and requested a refund, which was immediately refused and countered with a 12mo extension on the service and a 66% discount. We don't want the service, nor collar, just a refund for a product that doesn't work for us, and was redesigned poorly.

Variations in collars would make more sense. Our cat is 4kg an a 1.5kg collar is insufficient.

I would accept a FREE new collar with the service, but to expect us to pay for a bad design is ridiculous at best and insulting at the very least.

If Pawtrack can work for our extreme cat Rolf, it can work for any cat!
January 7, 2019

We are very pleased with Pawtrack. If someone wanted to take our Pawtrack away, they would have to fight us first.

We live near Warwick University, England and our cat Rolf loves to visit the campus. He used to disappear for four or five days at a time. It was very worrying for us as we didn't know if he was alive or dead. We knew he was on campus as we kept getting phone calls at all hours of the day and night from people on campus asking if we had lost a cat. He often got trapped in university buildings overnight because someone would let him in and he couldn't get out.

We tried two other brands of tracker before we got Pawtrack. Pawtrack is the only tracker that has worked for Rolf.It has made a massive difference to our lives because we know where he is 24 hours a day. Most days we fetch him from campus. It used to take us up to two hours to find him, wandering the campus, shouting his name and shaking his cat treat tin. Since Pawtrack, we nearly always find Rolf in minutes.

There are many benefits to Pawtrack over the other systems we tried.Pawtrack is accurate to within about a metre. When Rolf gets himself locked in university buildings we can go and rescue him. It is very easy to track him via the app on our iPhones. We like the heatmap and path functions so we know where he has been that day.

Pawtrack is specifically designed for cats so the collar is unobtrusive and very comfortable for Rolf unlike the previous system which had a large tracker device attached to his collar. Rolf has been wearing his Pawtrack collar every day for three months now and he has never lost it.

We have found the Pawtrack team to be very helpful, always getting back to us quickly when we have had requests or queries.

We had to wait three months from placing our order to getting the Pawtrack but it was worth it. It was a bit fiddly to set up but one of the students from campus helped us so we were fine. The batteries last a lot longer than the previous systems we tried but we would still like them to last longer as our cat likes to stay out for multiple days. The Pawtrack team have told us that they are working on that. Also, it is very easy to keep looking at where he is at any point in the day and if he is near a main road, it makes me anxious!

I have written this review because a previous reviewer said Pawtrack was a scam. For us Pawtrack has taken so much worry out of our lives and we wouldn't want to be without it.

This is a legitimate and genuine review. You can see photos of Rolf and some of his Pawtrack maps on his social media accounts. He is @rolfatwarwick on both Twitter and Instagram.

FrustratedCatDad September 05, 2019

“This is a legitimate and genuine review. ”

Yeah, that’s not fishy at all.

Don’t believe it people, THIS IS A SCAM.

Leon July 29, 2021

rolfatwarwick does exist, but seems like he is a campus cat and there no heat maps on the instagram and it also seems that he goes for a walk on a leash, no sign of this collar on recent photos and

doesn't work, and they haven't refunded me
December 7, 2018
I bought one and tried it out on my cat. Followed the instructions. It showed a location 50-100 feet away from where my cat was. Repeatedly tried to reset it, the bad behavior never changed. Called the company, they said they'd tried something on there end, but same bad behavior. Called again, they continued to tell me to do things I'd already done. Finally (within the return window time) followed instructions for sending it back for a refund. 4 months later, no still no refund.

JeremyPrice December 28, 2018

Gregg, this is Jeremy from Pawtrack. Can you let me know when you bought the collar as we can't find you using this name. Did someone else buy it? We would have refunded you had you sent the collar back so please do drop an email to [email protected] so we can sort this out.

JeremyPrice December 28, 2018

Gregg, please contact us on [email protected] as you should have received a refund. We can't find you under this name, and that could be the problem. I am not sure when you purchased but our new collar is significantly improved on our older models.

Worked well
December 2, 2018
The tracker worked well. The cat managed to lose it twice (this however happens with all collars on the cat and the cat is faulty in this respect) but we managed to find it each time. The battery last as long as advertised for us - even in cold weather.

Not Recommended
September 15, 2018
After waiting MONTHS to receive the collar after ordering it, we finally received it. The collar rarely connects, most commonly I receive the message "we cannot contact the collar at this time, it may be busy...." After my free year of service is over I will be looking for a better alternative.

SCAM !!!
July 23, 2018

This product does not live up to ANY of the claims. The collar will not give you an accurate reading within 30-40ft and thats if it even connects ! I have had my cat in locations IN OTHER COUNTRIES.

The "support" is useless and will give you all kinds of excuses. The battery life is claimed at up to 4 days, NEVER will you get close to this. I was receiving a 4 hour battery life and after querying his was told to change some settings which in itself was a mission and then I managed to get 6 1/2 hours only ! Now if your cat goes out wondering for the day like mine and only comes back in 8 - 10 hours then this collar is essentially useless as you CAN NOT track like the expectation and my cat just happened to lose the collar and I have NO WAY of locating it because the battery is dead, after querying this with support they sent back a screenshot of a map with hotspots suggesting I look for it there, over three massive properties with thick vegetation ! I mean seriously !?!? Their app is also useless and keeps playing an annoying music so much so that I had to uninstall. They never addressed any of my issues and now refuse to reply to my emails..... STAY FAR AWAY !!!

Monika August 09, 2018

We have had issues with yhe Pawtrack 2018 as well. There seems to be quite a lot of bugs in the app, for example, battery life is shown to be 0% all of the time. We were also unable to set up the collars and create user profiles using the app (this was done through pawtrack personnel after I contacted them about the issue).

The GPS tracking seems to work okay occasionally, showing the location quite accurately (within a 5 to 15 meter radius). However, the GPS signal gets lost quite frequently giving us error messages when we try to locate our cats. This might be due to poor coverage in our neighbourhood for this technology. Lately, we have also noticed that we cannot contact the collars around 1am to 3am when the service seems to be completely unavailable. We have tested this by putting the collars in places where normally we get a good signal, but around 1am we lose the signal, and then suddenly at 3:02am the signal is back on. Really strange.

The pawtrack website and app with its features look great but it doesn't live up to the expectation, and I don't think this product is worth 159 euros.