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( 63 reviews ), the online home of Parts Geek, a company that states they offer over 10 million high-quality OEM, aftermarket, and refurbished auto parts and accessories.

How Does it Work?

Online since the year 2002, claims that their online catalog contains over ten million different auto parts – often the same brands and same quality that you will find from your auto dealer or local auto parts store – at up to 80% off the retail price.

They promise to offer new parts, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, performance parts, aftermarket parts, and rebuilt discount auto parts, all from legitimate high quality, well trusted manufacturers.

In addition, they claim that – unlike some of their other online competitors – they constantly update their database for accuracy, so that users know if an item is in stock or will require a waiting period before purchase.

PartsGeek also promise fast shipping, stating that they work hard to ship most orders the same day they are placed.

To find the part you need, simply enter the year of your vehicle, as well as the make and model, and then choose the category of part you need, anything from windshield wipers and floor mats to more complicated engine parts.

If you have any complaints about the product you receive, promises a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you have any experience with Parts Geek or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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PartsGeek Customer Reviews

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They will scam your $
March 20, 2024

Order #18-111960200

Do not order from Parts Geek. They sent me the wrong part inside the correct part number box and will not refund my order. This is 100% Parts Geek error and it cost me $288.01. They refused to do a refund “because they don’t stock this part that was in the box”. The part was mispackaged by the manufacturer. The correct part number was on the outside of the box but the ger inside the box was incorrect. This is theft from this company! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PARTS GEEK!

Stay away from them.
March 1, 2024
Wrong parts sent to me. Can’t work on my car at all. Returned and I had to pay to return it. Plus charged me for a core after the return. Won’t give the full amount back to me

They send wrong parts and do not replace
February 6, 2024

They are a rip off company! Ordered a set of upper and lower ball joint arms.the top was right but the lower was wrong. My mechanic installed the upper and then realized the lower would not work. Now they will not replace. Had to buy local as I needed my truck plus if mechanic had to put old ones back on labor would have doubled. Part geeks will not replace what they messed up.

Do NOT buy from PartsGeek!!
February 4, 2024

Do not buy from this website! I read so many great reviews about these guys and their prices looked amazing which made me feel comfortable purchasing a Rotor and Brake Pad set from PartsGeek. I had my ASE Mechanic install all four rotors and pads but when he went to test drive my car, he heard a metal on metal scraping noise! He proceeded to uninstall and reinstall these parts 2 more times and the same thing happened each time. He told me the rotors are defective and were too big for my car! I didn't want to believe it because I read such glowing reviews of Partsgeek. My mechanic then went and bought new rotors from his supplier and installed them and test drove my car with absolutely no metal on metal scrapping noise. Everything was perfect.

So, I reached out to Partsgeek and have been giving the run around for over a week now! Their call center asked for pictures would I happily sent them over 15 pictures worth of the rotors and they came back saying they needed more pictures to be sent! You can clearly see where the caliper was hitting the rotor because they are too big for my car. You can't even make out one of the rotors engraved part markings because it scrapped so bad. When I initially purchased this kit, I went with this particular rotor and pad kit because the description stated "Built under strict quality control standards; Tested for impact, wear and fatigue to ensure quality and durability; Manufactured in ISO9002 Certified facility". So when I challenged them on this and asked them 3 different times "Did they even have an inhouse Quality Assurance Dept?", the flat out ignored me and refuses to answer this question! And all they now keep saying is "their waiting to hear back from the warehouse". The crazy part is there is nothing the warehouse can say without having these rotors right in front of them in order to take all measurements required, per the spec. I feel like their just giving me the run around now because they do want to honor their 30 day return policy just so they can keep my $300 I spent with them and wipe their hands clean of it and say "sorry, your past your 30 day mark"!

So, I would highly suggest you just bit the bullet and spend the extra money at AutoZone or any local auto parts store for parts for your car. I was wondering how they could charge so much less for their parts and still make money, well now I have my answer. Because they will just sell you anything and say it fits your car but in reality, they won't and you wind up spending 3x the amount you would have spent at your local auto parts store just to save a little bit of money. I would hate for this to happen to you and something tragic happen like losing a loved one because of a defective part you bought from Partsgeek.

They will not Price Protect.
December 16, 2023

I bought a Hurts Shifter, the lady I talked to said my linkage would work. It did not! I was checking around and found the same Shifter at Holly for $50.00 less and the would NOT MACH THE PRICE !!

They basically said too BAD !!

Bill S

Wrong Parts Sent, I Still Pay for Return Shipping.
November 29, 2023
I ordered a rack and pinion for my 2005 Nissan Titan. The R&P came with a damaged high pressure hose (not damaged during shipping) and the inner tie rods were the wrong size - too short. It was my responsibility to pay for shipping to return Partsgeek's error. Find your parts elsewhere.

partsgeek are a scam.
November 22, 2023

I ordered a part. It was a little more than other online stores. Zoom it arrives. Wrong part. Everything I did was the right part. Every email was the right part. When I called India answers. I was told that's what I ordered. No it wasn't. I want to return. Jump through Our hoops.

Do not recommend this place for Auto Repair Shops
October 13, 2023

Unfortunately, my experience was less than satisfying. The parts arrived and noticed the struts looked to same, so the team proceeded to installing the struts (This took around 3 hours of labor and the shop charges $130 per labor hour). When it came time to install the sway bar links, they were noticeably different.

At the moment we thought no big deal we’ll order the sway bar links from our local commercial vendors and finish up the customer. I was confident that parts geek would provide a partial refund for the unusable sway bar links. So, we proceeded to finishing up the customer and away she went.

I called the parts geek customer service to see about getting a partial refund. I waited on the phone for about an hour. The automated service prompted me to leave my number and a representative would contact me once one became available. I did so and did not get a reply for the remainder of the day. The following day, I repeated the process. Called them once more, unable to get a representative, again no call back. I did notice that I did receive an automated email to begin the return process. Mind you, the system stated I would get a call back. I attempted to fill out the automated return inquiry, but there were no built-in provisions in the system for a partial return.

By this time, I was getting upset with customer support. I called once more and pressed “0” a number of times until I was able to get an actual person that would undoubtedly take care of my problem, I thought. Once I was able to explain my dilemma to the representative, he explained that I had to return the entire kit, struts and sway bar links. This meant I had to remove the newly installed struts to return the entire kit. Three hours were spent installing these struts and now I had to remove them. UNACCEPTABLE!!!! Not to mention the inconvenience to the customer. I asked the representative to forward my call to his manager, I believe his name was Carlos. He was not available so the representative stated that he would call me once he became available. I did receive a call back. I explained my dilemma and he reiterated that the company policy was to return the entire kit. At this point I was livid. I explained that this was unacceptable, and he arrogantly replied that there was nothing he could do.

In closing, I do not recommend parts geek for auto repair shops. It might be okay for weekend DIYers, but not for auto repair shops. Shame on them. They lost my business for life.

Poor service
October 13, 2023

They don't respond to phone calls. They make returns difficult.

Never again PartsGeek
September 11, 2023

I ordered 2 abs sensors through their online chat. I provided my VIN but still received 1 incorrect sensor. I filled out an online return request and heard nothing back for over a week. As I type this, I have been on hold for 37 minutes. I am giving up on returning part and will sell it on ebay. Never again

Hack website
September 3, 2023
I purchased an order online on Wednesday. I paid for second day air delivery. Sunday 4 days later I had no parts. I called customer service to a very unskilled phone answering person. He basically said there was nothing they were able to do for me. Once I received the parts I will be returning them and hopefully able to get a refund do not waste your money and your time on this unprofessional site. I wish I would have known they had a 1.2 review on Google before I gave them my money my fault

My humiliating attempt to deal honestly with this company
August 30, 2023

My person experience with Parts Geek was awful

I ordered and paid for 8 shock absorbers. Only 7 arrived in the package.I imagined that I would call the company and have the 8th sent to me. No! After being on hold of over 1/2 and hour, I finally spoke to a customer service representative who said that I would have to work online. He had no power to help me. I have "chatted" with four different people from customer service , including a supervisor, Daniel,Zoe Porter,Nicoi and finally the supervisor Sara. I talked with Sara for over 45 minutes. All were friendly, but finally Sara said that customer service was unable to send me the 8th shock absorber. Another department would decide on the issue and they required a picture of the mailing label. My daughter was able to provide it. I have no confirmation of the receipt of my material or of the final shock being sent. I have spent hours trying to do a simple transaction. I suspect that the company had only seven of these KRB shocks in the shelves and they sent those seven, claiming there were 8 in the package. Why else not simply send the final shock? My experience has been so frustrating that it motivates me to take the trouble to tell my tale here. It is humiliating to have believed that I could speak honestly and have the situation rectified. How naive of me! I do no recommend patronizing this business!

Slow to ship.
August 23, 2023

Website claims ships in 1-2 business days. 6 days later still hasn't shipped and they wont cancel the order. Worst customer service.

Customer service is horrible
August 17, 2023
The customer service is horrible! Won't send you a return shipping label!

July 13, 2023

I tried to buy a set of replacement tail light lenses for my 2004 Chevy 2500 Silverado Duramax quad cab short box pick up truck. Parts Geeks sent them by UPS. I got them in a reasonable time frame. I tried to install them on my truck and they did not have the correct openings for the wiring and light clips on the truck. I tried to acquire a return label from Parts(criminal)Geeks and I have never experienced a company with less common sense. The amount of info they said they needed for me to receive a return label was ridiculous. I decided at that point to pay for the return shipping myself. USPS was the least expensive option @ $22 usd. The original order was $146.54, so now I have invested $166.54 and don't have what I need. I only received one email from Parts(criminals)Geeks. In this whole process I disputed the charges on my credit card. I have yet to receive a return credit on my CC statement. I ran my own service company for over 35 years and if I ever treated my customers like I have been (pissed off) by these people I would have gone out of business pronto. In the process of this miserable experience I heard disparaging comments from both the shipping company and my cc company regarding PARTS GEEKS return policy.

cstars July 23, 2023

filed complaint with BBB, three attempts to get rma number, when they did I was forced to send each item separately and to Texas , I live in new York and they have a place in Pennsylvania , they are crooks, I believe in the end they will take the parts and refuse to pay me. will never do business with them again, hope other see this!

Don't deal with these clowns.
June 12, 2023

These guys are crooked. I ordered hood struts for my Lexus and they did not fit. The customer service was a joke. They wanted to argue that the parts were correct when they were clearly different from the ones that were removed. Do not deal with this company. They will not back up their product and you will get screwed.

Buyer Beware
May 4, 2023
Purchased a transfer case $2,700 that arrived with shipping damage and leaking fluid. Called the same day to arrange replacement and return. Sent photos of the box soaked in transfer case oil. (this is a closed/sealed part and leaks are apparently not self-evident damage). Sent more photos and received more pushback. Eventually obtained a return merchandise authorization and paid $200 to send it back. The warehouse denied the refund stating the part was "used". In summation you buy the part, if anything goes wrong YOU pay to ship it back and they keep the part and your money.

Never Use These People Or Their Website!
April 27, 2023

Sent hood struts that website stated "fits your vehicle". Upon snapping them on ,hood would not shut because they were too long. Received RMA and returned parts. Just received email today that stated the parts were used and not resalable. Paid for parts, paid for return, now no parts and no money. NEVER USE THESE PEOPLE OR THEIR WEBSITE.

Stay away from these clowns
April 25, 2023

I ordered a strut/shock absorber kit from these scumbags. The parts arrived, i had my mechanic install them, nothing looked abnormal with the parts, however when my mechanic returned my veh, i took it for a test drive and it now had this very annoying rattle, i took it back to him, we both got underneath it and we were unable to find the rattle?

About a month of driving my veh it seemed like the rattle was getting worse?? I had my wife bounce the rear of the vehicle as i was under it and found that the noise is coming from the rear shocks, come to find out the lower shock mounting eyelet bushings ar the incorrect size (2 large) and that is rattling on the mounting bolts, i call Parts geek and they want my mechanic to uninstall the front struts, sway bar links and rear shocks and return the entire kit, veh would be non drivable for at least 2 weeks, once they receive those parts they would ship a new kit, this all at my cost, mechanic fees twice, shipping fees.

I told them i just wanted to return the rear shocks for a refund because i already bought a replacement set and everything was fine, no more rattle. They would not give any refund or replace the shocks without returning the entire kit, i told them to gfy. I think i'll file a small claims action next.

Horrible Customer service
February 23, 2023

Horrible service. Part failed right out of the box.

AngelaCohen-Green March 08, 2023

I am a 63 year old woman and senior in Texas on a fixed social security income. I tried to order a passenger break light for a 2004 Mercedes since it was not in stock at my local store and was told that this company did not stock just the light for my model car and that I had to buy the whole assembly kit that was $130 instead of less than $10 for a simple light. I later found out that the company does carry the bulb I needed and it was probably a honest mistake on the phone representative's part but I had to pay $40 to return it through FEDEX. I would like to be refunded my $40 since it was the mistake of the employee! Angela Cohen-San Antonio Texas Veteran.

Raven April 22, 2023

I bought front and rear shocks and struts with sway bar linkage kit.. so that's for your steering and suspension... Vital part right.... few months later my brand new tires that I was having rotated where uneven and almost worn through... My van was also steering funny so I had them check and do another alignment (which was done after the parts were put in). After that I almost hit a tree I felt like my van was on ice with no control so I took it back to the shop and they checked their work which was fine but then they showed me the parts that were not even a year old needed to be replaced... AGAIN I shouted.... at that price and for the fact that it is for steering and suspension they should have lasted a hell of a lot longer.... so then I contacted them through Amazon where I shop often with no response!! Now 4 customer service representatives later I am still fighting with them to answer the questions they were asked not for the Ship number and dates which they responded with.... not the response to the questions..... We will bring this bogus business down mark my word!!!!