( 47 reviews ), the online home of Parts Geek, a company that states they offer over 10 million high-quality OEM, aftermarket, and refurbished auto parts and accessories.

How Does it Work?

Online since the year 2002, claims that their online catalog contains over ten million different auto parts – often the same brands and same quality that you will find from your auto dealer or local auto parts store – at up to 80% off the retail price.

They promise to offer new parts, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, performance parts, aftermarket parts, and rebuilt discount auto parts, all from legitimate high quality, well trusted manufacturers.

In addition, they claim that – unlike some of their other online competitors – they constantly update their database for accuracy, so that users know if an item is in stock or will require a waiting period before purchase.

PartsGeek also promise fast shipping, stating that they work hard to ship most orders the same day they are placed.

To find the part you need, simply enter the year of your vehicle, as well as the make and model, and then choose the category of part you need, anything from windshield wipers and floor mats to more complicated engine parts.

If you have any complaints about the product you receive, promises a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you have any experience with Parts Geek or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Buyer Beware
May 4, 2023
Purchased a transfer case $2,700 that arrived with shipping damage and leaking fluid. Called the same day to arrange replacement and return. Sent photos of the box soaked in transfer case oil. (this is a closed/sealed part and leaks are apparently not self-evident damage). Sent more photos and received more pushback. Eventually obtained a return merchandise authorization and paid $200 to send it back. The warehouse denied the refund stating the part was "used". In summation you buy the part, if anything goes wrong YOU pay to ship it back and they keep the part and your money.

Never Use These People Or Their Website!
April 27, 2023

Sent hood struts that website stated "fits your vehicle". Upon snapping them on ,hood would not shut because they were too long. Received RMA and returned parts. Just received email today that stated the parts were used and not resalable. Paid for parts, paid for return, now no parts and no money. NEVER USE THESE PEOPLE OR THEIR WEBSITE.

Stay away from these clowns
April 25, 2023

I ordered a strut/shock absorber kit from these scumbags. The parts arrived, i had my mechanic install them, nothing looked abnormal with the parts, however when my mechanic returned my veh, i took it for a test drive and it now had this very annoying rattle, i took it back to him, we both got underneath it and we were unable to find the rattle?

About a month of driving my veh it seemed like the rattle was getting worse?? I had my wife bounce the rear of the vehicle as i was under it and found that the noise is coming from the rear shocks, come to find out the lower shock mounting eyelet bushings ar the incorrect size (2 large) and that is rattling on the mounting bolts, i call Parts geek and they want my mechanic to uninstall the front struts, sway bar links and rear shocks and return the entire kit, veh would be non drivable for at least 2 weeks, once they receive those parts they would ship a new kit, this all at my cost, mechanic fees twice, shipping fees.

I told them i just wanted to return the rear shocks for a refund because i already bought a replacement set and everything was fine, no more rattle. They would not give any refund or replace the shocks without returning the entire kit, i told them to gfy. I think i'll file a small claims action next.

Horrible Customer service
February 23, 2023

Horrible service. Part failed right out of the box.

AngelaCohen-Green March 08, 2023

I am a 63 year old woman and senior in Texas on a fixed social security income. I tried to order a passenger break light for a 2004 Mercedes since it was not in stock at my local store and was told that this company did not stock just the light for my model car and that I had to buy the whole assembly kit that was $130 instead of less than $10 for a simple light. I later found out that the company does carry the bulb I needed and it was probably a honest mistake on the phone representative's part but I had to pay $40 to return it through FEDEX. I would like to be refunded my $40 since it was the mistake of the employee! Angela Cohen-San Antonio Texas Veteran.

Raven April 22, 2023

I bought front and rear shocks and struts with sway bar linkage kit.. so that's for your steering and suspension... Vital part right.... few months later my brand new tires that I was having rotated where uneven and almost worn through... My van was also steering funny so I had them check and do another alignment (which was done after the parts were put in). After that I almost hit a tree I felt like my van was on ice with no control so I took it back to the shop and they checked their work which was fine but then they showed me the parts that were not even a year old needed to be replaced... AGAIN I shouted.... at that price and for the fact that it is for steering and suspension they should have lasted a hell of a lot longer.... so then I contacted them through Amazon where I shop often with no response!! Now 4 customer service representatives later I am still fighting with them to answer the questions they were asked not for the Ship number and dates which they responded with.... not the response to the questions..... We will bring this bogus business down mark my word!!!!

Parts geek DOES NOT pay return shipping!!!
January 31, 2023
Return policy for parts that dont fit is waaaay deceptive

they will screw you
January 25, 2023

they sent me the wrong parts they had me to send them all back and tried to keep my money and told me my parts was used i told them you cant use wrong parts i had to get my bank to reach out to get my money back . crazy for a million dollar company take from people like us they suck taker is what i call them

Incompetence to make a buck
November 16, 2022

Okay. so, I wanted upper and lower control arms for my truck, ask about the shorter bolts for the arms- rep. says i would have to go to an auto parts store for those bolts. said to rep this is ridiculous, that i may as well go to an auto parts store and get everything- response by rep: no its not ridiculous. well, my thought is: anyone that buys a shirt online must then go to your department store for the buttons.

now like a fool i ordered the arms anyway with the idea that the shorter bolts could be re-used; they did.

well, the arms arrived without the longer bolts, they arrived after i received my truck back from the mechanics- texted rep. about returning the bolts- says i am responsible for shipping.

Wrong parts
November 15, 2022

On hold for 30 minutes trying to get the correct part that I ordered. Shipped wrong part. Was going to be another week or so to return then send another one. Their reviews are fake online.

Do not buy from them!
November 4, 2022

DO NOT give them your business. They have $350 of my money, refusing refund or to provide shipping status. Part was supposed to be delivered today but tracking shows it's never been picked-up by FedEx. PartsGeek is NO help, and no customer service.


Return refund scam
October 29, 2022

I ordered parts that were incorrect for my truck. I contacted them and got a rma number for the return. Shipped it back 5 days after purchased. I checked the tracking number to see that they received it and they did.

23 days later I contacted them about the refund status. They requested the tracking number from return and I no longer have the receipt. Not getting a refund even knowing they got the return . Live and learn and be happy I guess...Its a ripoff at the least!!!

rip off
October 6, 2022

I purchased a starter from parts geek and was very unhappy. they not only sent the wrong part but I had to pay return shipping they tried saying I ordered the wrong part and that wasn't possible because I sent them my vin. no. and they verified fitment I will never purchase from them again.

Very Unsatisfied Customer
October 5, 2022
I ordered my parts on 9/25/22. Today I received a email telling me (refund approved) . I did not request a refund and still need these parts. the refund was 18$ less then what I was charged. I waisted time and money using I was charged 18$ to wait for parts that were never shipped I will make sure everyone I know hears about partsgeek. I will be letting them know partsgeek made it right or not. 18-70631885

September 23, 2022

Do not order from this company. If you order the wrong part, or no longer need the part, you will be charged 3x as much in shipping to send it back.

"Because basically it ain't our fault that you don't need it. If we sent the wrong one, we would pay for the shipping back to us"

This is unacceptable.

The shipping was going to cost me more than the part I ordered.

JamesDonald Tate September 28, 2022

Your shipping costs have driven me away from your company.

JamesWaczkowski October 06, 2022

here here I had the same problem poor company

July 7, 2022
I've used parts geek a number of times but never again! They sent me the wrong part for starters. Then they attempted to say it was my fault; which it wasn't. Then once they approved the return and provided me with a return number and instructions I followed everything to the T and after 3 weeks never recieved a refund. Now they're refusing to give me a refund because I didn't provide them with a tracking number (I was never asked to). On going issue.

JeffreyHeiberger October 29, 2022

I am dealing with same issue with these idiots . Tracking shows they received the return . I discarded the return shipping receipt. after I knew they got it. Now I cant provide the tracking number they want so I get no refund but know they got the return.. What a joke and its on me!!!

Not Good At All
May 20, 2022

Very bad business DO NOT try partsgeek at all, when you order parts they will give you bad or wrong parts and then they won't return or give your money back.

Brake kit poor quality.
May 14, 2022

I purchased brake kit and rotors had wrong size studs that did not fit lug nuts. Resolution was for me to buy another set of rotors. Parts geek did not allow rotors return because it was purchased as a brake kit. I will never buy from them again.

Scammers and time wasters.
April 12, 2022

I would give 0 starts if I could. Ordered 10 lug bolts. They charged me for it, changed my order and sent me one. $42 for one lug bolt when I should have had 10.

Customer support ticket submission didn't even work. Intentionally broken website. Absolute garbage excuse for a business. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

KimSallee April 22, 2022

I’ve been issued a check for return of a part and I cannot even cash the check for it does not even have a return company address on it it is taking forever for anyone to get back with me and this is ridiculous

Very deceptive
March 9, 2022

I ordered what I assumed would be a set of small clips to attach the moulding to an old be bug. The price was $12.95. This is what the average price is for a set of 50 clips . When my order arrived in a rather large box filled with bubble wrap, there was only 1 small clip. Be aware that Parts Geek will do this. Very deceptive...

SvenAnderson April 12, 2022

They did the same thing to me. Ordered 10 lug bolts for a car wheel, received one. Scam "company"

AlphonsoErving June 23, 2022

They sold me a radiator shutter assembly for a ford truck which turned out to be a shell. It came with no hardware and when I contacted the ford Dealer I was told in order to get the hardware I needed to buy a new shutter assembly. $412.00, thank you part,

Overall good company
February 20, 2022

Overall good parts but the shipping charges are terrible. The cheaper priced parts are just that "cheap" but the more high end priced parts are good quality parts. I DO recommend this company.

Cheap and not worth installing
February 10, 2022

If there were a way to leave 0 stars I would....Quality is terrible as well as customer service.

Do not buy - it's not worth putting on your car.