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Paleovalley is a brand of health foods and nutritional supplements with an emphasis on foods adhering to the Paleo Diet.

Paleovalley started with a handful of items, mainly promoting their 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks.

They have since grown to be a large producer of a variety of foods, snacks and supplements.

Products and Ingredients

Paleovalley sells both nutrient-rich products and Paleo meal plans that people can subscribe to.

The key features of some of their top selling products are:

Vitamin C Essential Complex  -  Broad spectrum immune support comes from organic superfoods: Amla berry, Camu Camu berry, and unripe Acerola Cne serving contains 750% daily recommended intake of vitamin C.


Organic Supergreens Powder  -  According to the website this supplement is designed to give you energy and nutrients in a drink form.

It contains 23 different superfoods and no cereal grasses, with high doses of Vitamins A and C, Zinc B vitamins, Iron, and Manganese.


Turmeric Complex  -  The company states that they use all certified organic, whole food ingredients in their Turmeric powder and have included organic coconut oil powder and black pepper to improve bioavailability.


Organic Paleo Superfood Bar  -  Made with certified organic, antioxidant-rich superfoods, free of soy, gluten, added sugar, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.


Naturally Fermented 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks  -  100% grass-fed beef.  Free of soy, sugar and gluten and are a source of Omega 3.


NeuroEffect  -  Mushroom blend containing 8 different types of whole mushrooms, cultivated naturally and organically.  They claim to provide 2,100 mg real mushrooms that are >26% beta glucans in every serving.


Other popular products include: Apple Cider Vinegar Complex, Grass Fed Bone Broth Protein Powder, and Pasture raised Turkey Sticks.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

There are many positive reviews of their products found on their website.  Customers gush over how good the products taste and how much energy they get from them.  

Those following Paleo diets also appreciate having convenient snack options since they can’t eat most snack foods.

However, here and on other independent review sites you’ll find more complaints and negative experiences.  

Some of the more common complaints center around the high cost of the products, while others call out customer support as something that can be improved upon.  

People don’t like that there is no customer service phone number listed on the website and some have expressed having difficulty getting a reply from support after submitting their online forms.

Customer Service

You can contact the company on their web form ( and follow updates on Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram.

The company lists its contact information as:

Phone:  (800) 920-7210.
Email:  [email protected]

The company is headquartered in Boulder, CO.

Paleovalley offers a full 60-Day, no questions asked refund policy on every order and offers free shipping on orders over $75.00.


Cost & Price Plans

The cost of Paleovalley products vary and are set up in a way that rewards you for higher volume orders.  Ordering more products allows you to qualify for free shipping as well.

You can also join their subscribe & save program for an additional 5% savings. However this sets you up for an automated delivery of extra products.


Where to Buy?

You can order all products through the website ( with some of their most popular items like the Beef Sticks being sold through and

Competitors and Alternatives

These days the Paleo Diet has gained enough popularity where you can find many snacks and ready to go meals at health food stores around the country.

Other companies that sell Paleo-friendly snacks include Steve’s Paleo Goods and Primal Kitchen.

Are Paleovalley Products Worth It?

While the prices for their products may be high and they do try to encourage you to sign up for auto shipments the online reviews for their products are positive.  

For instance, the Paleovalley: Essential C Complex is rated as an Amazon's Choice product.

We recommend starting with a small order to see how well you enjoy the snack/supplement flavors and if you’re satisfied with the company’s performance.

If you have any experience with Paleovalley or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Paleovalley Customer Reviews

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Feel so much better.
February 8, 2024

Hopefully this company will get it together with their customer service, but i must say, the organ complex has really made me feel so much better.

Do your products contain erythritol?
February 1, 2024
Emailed many times and also called and left messages asking if they have erythritol in their Monk fruit extract and they will not get back to me. This is crucial to know as erythritol consumption is horrible for our health. I want the answers but nobody will answer me. I’m definitely canceling my subscription now that I did not get any response from this company. This is very disappointing because it seems legit at first. We love their protein shakes. But does it have erythritol?

Auto Ship Orders Nightmare!
January 16, 2024
I tried twice to cancel my auto order by emailing customer service with no avail.; Now I am stuck with over $300 of product. I finally found a link in an original email to go in and cancel the order myself. This company is shady to say the least!

Deplorable service!!
December 20, 2023

There customer service is deplorable. You better like what you got and hope you get what your ordered, because if you lodge a complaint you will never hear from them again!!

November 15, 2023

Nonexistent customer service! No one ever answers your calls, emails or social media direct messages. I was somehow enrolled in auto ship and when I tried to manage the subscription - my account is non existent on their site. How is that even possible? Please do yourself a favor and stay away!

IvanEaston December 18, 2023

A rip off company, stay away

No response when emailing support or even calling their phone
October 31, 2023
If you are dissatisfied with the product or want to arrange for a return and try to contact them, GOOD LUCK. I’ve emailed and called several times with no response. It seems like they just don’t care about their business. I even tried the place an order prompt when calling and it was not available. I will never order from them again!

Horrible customer service
October 18, 2023
This company is horrible. When you look at the website you think it's great. Customer service touts how they check emails every couple hours and you will receive an email back promptly. Such a lie. They never even responded to mine. The prices are outrageous and the food is not good at all and prices are outrageous. This is why they don't allow Google reviews.

Customer Service is Non-Existent
September 12, 2023
I would def give a no stars review if allowed as this Company could care less about you after you buy any of their products and the so called Customer Service is non-existent. GO far away and find a much moer responsive place to buy these products!

Another American Scam Company
August 28, 2023
This is a company that cares nothing for their customers and only focuses on marketing schemes that sell their goods to trusting customers. They bombard you with emails like auto dealer shysters. They have no problem sending these emails but when you need to contact them there is no response. Their customer service is non-existent and there is no phone number on the website which tells me that they have no desire to be accountable to their customers. BEWARE!!! I will never purchase from them again and I'm going to write a letter to Brett Weinstein and Heather Heying and tell them to stop recommending this horrible company.

Very disappointed.
August 17, 2023
I would give them 0 stars if I could. I signed up for subscription and in the 2nd shipment they sent me the wrong item. They do not respond to customer support. I have tried 4 times now without results. Dr Mark Hyman recommended this company on one of his newsletters and I trusted his recommendation.

Beatrice August 31, 2023

I know how you feel. They are evasive and play stupid/ignorant when they finally do contact you IF they do. I also trusted a recommendation from another person and I am going to write them and ask them to stop recommending this horrible company. No honest and transparent company operates the way that this one does. They are frauds in every respect and I doubt their products are as healthful and fantastic as they claim them to be.

I'm being generous giving you 1 star.
August 11, 2023
I placed an order online and was trying to check out when offers kept popping up on the screen, offers like (if I order 3 times as much they'll give me 36% off) I did just that and ordered 3 times my original amount. They charged me more. I tried emailing them no responds. I called them many times, a recording says they get back to me shortly, I have yet to know wheres the order, my money. Terrible online buying experience.

Wildflower August 17, 2023

Agree. I’m having the same issues. Sent me the wrong item and customer support will not respond

Nonexistent customer service and does not stand behind what they say
June 26, 2023
I ordered the turmeric capsules and protein powder and beef organ capsules. I wanted to return the protein powder bc I don’t like it and the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee. I have reached out to them in email 3X and made numerous phone calls and left voicemails and have never heard back. Pretty sure at this point I just got ripped off and out $70 dollars. Buy at your own risk. And I give zero stars to this company.

HeideBrown July 12, 2023

Same issue! Unable to get a response. If they are legit, they need serious help in their customer service. Their email campaign certainly works because I've gotten 4 emails in the past week highlighting their products. Seems they don't know how to check their inbox though!

Beatrice August 31, 2023

Exactly........they are just about marketing to customers and use the typical business model that so many startups today use. Pathetic is what it is. Disingenuous, no accountability.........JUST CASH FLOW. Need I remind them that cash flow can quickly end? Given how poor the economy is, I think I would be doing everything I can to develop and keep a loyal customer base.

They continue to charge you over and over
June 11, 2023
I ordered to try the meat stick out. A couple of months later I received another order (that I didn't not initiate) for $62. I went ahead and paid for the item but I sent a email and canceled all further orders. A couple of months later I received another order for $62 (again, I did not initiate). I called Paleo Valley and told them about the problem but did not receive a phone call from them. I will try and get this order reversed on my credit card but this does take energy and time. I am writing this as a warning for others....Unless you want to pay for never-ending orders, Do Not Order!!

Deb June 22, 2023

The same thing just happened to me. And when you go online to cancel there is no way to delete your credit card. This is really scary.

Unethical Business Practices
May 11, 2023

Their order system has glitches and processed my order before I finished editing it. I messaged their customer service immediately and tried to reach them all day without success.

Only to find out they shipped my order that I didn't want, but had seen my email and said I could send it back if I wanted.

Very unethical company, now I wouldn't trust their products.

Poor customer service
November 11, 2022
I ordered beef sticks on 10/30 and received a tracking # however, when I track the shipment it shows as of 11/11 it hasn't left their facility. I've emailed and called 800-920-7210 with no responses. It would be nice to get some response.

Use Caution
August 15, 2022

The clean "no filler" approach to their supplements is great, but some of the stuff can be too potent, I mean, like several hundred x the normal dose of Vitamin C is way over the top in my opinion, and the use of exotic unusual ingredients like "unripened acerola cherry" or "camu camu berry" can be dangerous to introduce into your system.

When you sweat those things out, it can irritate your skin or even cause an allergic reaction.

Also one thing I've noticed is that when I left positive reviews for paleovalley, they appeared on their site quickly, but when I left critical reviews they never appeared.

Important to know if you have digestive system issues
June 28, 2022

My customer service experience ( Samantha and Zachary) was absolutely great!

I definitely am going to purchase something else from this company because I believe in the good quality of the products they are providing, even though the one I got wasn't exactly for me due to my unfortunate IBS condition.

I think this company is great and healthy, and any digestive system can benefit from "bone broth protein" supplements.

I love their products/Great company
April 5, 2022

I have been buying from Paleovalley for several years. I love their products and I honestly have never had a difficult time getting them to respond from online communication....NEVER.

Even when they had to credit by card on one order...took care of it immediately. These are good people at Paleovalley....and their products are top of the line...

Jalapeño beef sticks
February 21, 2021
I love this flavor and these are the best beef sticks I’ve ever tasted.

Never had a problem
February 15, 2020

I've been enjoying PaleoValley products for about a year now, and have never had a problem, other than an ordering issue one time, which was quickly resolved via email.

Every shipment has been perfect. I love their meat sticks, and also use the organ complex, vitamin C, and turmeric. Great products, great customer service experience.