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About Page Publishing

Page Publishing, found online at, is a company that says they can help authors transform their book from a rough draft to published hardcopy or eBook with professional help every step of the way. 

How Does It Work?

Interested writers can submit their manuscript directly to them for review. Submitted in almost any digital format is preferable, though they do review traditionally typed and handwritten manuscripts as well. 

Manuscripts that are accepted for publication will then be taken through every aspect of the publishing process, including editing, page design and typesetting, cover design, printing, distribution, copyright registration, press release creation and distribution, book signings and event coordination, and royalty management.

They say this entire process should take no more than six months on average, and your book will be available through the world's largest retail book outlets. 

Cost/Price Plans

The website does not discuss cost directly, choosing instead to say that they provide these services for "a minimal investment." They do however say that they take 20 cents per book for every book sold.      

Refund Policy

This company does not publish and likely does not offer a standard Refund Policy for their services. They may offer a Cancelation Policy for customers who wish to withdraw their book from publication before it gets too far into the process, but writers should discuss this with a representative before committing to the publication.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-204-6099, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to the website. 


There does not seem to be many user reviews available for this company, and though there are some posted reviews from customers who believe this company charges an exorbitant upfront author fee, these reviews have not been verified. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many companies in today's market that offer to help writers publish and self-publish their works, including companies like, Blurb,, and many more.        

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Page Publishing reviews below.

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They promise the moon

June3, 2019

I watched a guy use this company to publish a book of...(drum roll)...really bad poetry. Yes, they not only accepted his compilation of truly horrible 2-line rhymes - they also filled his head with notions of becoming a best-selling author. So, he borrowed the $3000 (while living in a hotel) with dreams of making it big. Last I heard, he was on Facebook begging for someone to buy his book...and homeless still.

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October15, 2018

You have to be kidding me if you think any of the “publishers” mentioned above (including the vultures who are leaving comments to call them) are legitimate. If you are working with and/or paying them any amount of money, you have failed as a writer. Just give up. It’s ok.

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Quality just isn't there. Don't waste you money.

April2, 2018

I am pretty sure that for all their hype they do not do what they say as far as editing is concerned. I Looked at the books they have listed on their website. Their covers are nothing special, any talented amateur Could do as good a job using a cheap android tablet and free apps from playstore. On the other hand when I went to Amazon books and had a peak inside I have to doubt that these books were ever seen by a professional editor. The copyright page on every book is done badly. The proof reader failed miserably, as almost every book has typos and/or other errors on the first page. I suspect that there is no editing done at all. Certainly there can't be anybody proof reading the books before they are published. One book even has typos in the Table of Contents. Absolutely inexcusable and if it was my book I would be demanding proper service or my money back.

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An alternative to page

February11, 2018

I was very disappointed after being told that my book was accepted by Page publishing only to learn that they wanted me to pay over $3,000 to publish my book and told me and that I could pay in increments of 325 or 350 a month when I told them I couldn't afford it. The last thing I need is another bill. I did my research and found the reviews here. Based on what I saw, I decided to avoid page publishing. I was nervous and very lucky because the contract said I had three days to back out and thankfully it was the third day when I realized it was not a good idea to publish with them. Someone here suggested I submitted my book. I spoke to someone named EM who convinced me to start services. There's about a week or two before they get to your book. So I was really nervous at first that something was about to go wrong, but I got my book back. It looked fantastic! But I was told I needed to go in and correct a few writing errors. They also had already corrected all of my typos and misspelled words. I really appreciate that. I revised my book and sent it back to them, and it was ready for print. The book went on sale and I sold 51 copies in two days. Then I found a problem. I left something out of the book and was very upset. I wrote new book authors and they updated my book. No questions asked. After it was already published. They go above and beyond for authors. I just thought I should share that.

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March 17, 2018

I have a book published by Page Publishing. It didn't cost me as much as your review that I read. I was pleased except for the price on both the paper back and the hard cover. The paperback is priced at $22.95, Hardcover $37.95. I think for that reason, being an unknown author, the book hasn't been selling well at all.
Jacquelyn M. Smith

April 01, 2018

These publishing houses actually base their fees on the lengths of the works.

January 09, 2019

The quote I got for my book at Page was exactly as Sandy's experience. I am so glad I did my research and for these comments. I have still to publish my book but will certainly look for alternatives - including Newbookauthors.

Thanks everyone

January 09, 2019

My experience was exactly the same as Sandy's. I am so glad I did further research and grateful for these comments. I will by-pass Page at look at and others.

Thank you

March 23, 2019

Dr. Bonita Evans, Ph.D

I thought it was a bit strange that there were so many services available and when I said I didn't need them, they were not so keen on hearing from me any more. Why would you charge a writer who has graduated with a degree in Writing, from a university taught overseas (Australia) by the British and who also holds a Ph.D. from America. I didn't need anyone to design a cover about Africa, I could do that myself. I had lived in Kenya ten years, Then Namibia Southwest Africa,then Egypt for a year. Who did they think was going to have a better idea of what is an appropriate subject to place on the cover? I have my own person to do this, and he is a genius, when it comes to designing covers. Additionally, I told them that I was interested in choosing my own cover, since the book was About Africa and I had lived there for ten years. Even more importantly, they could not correct the words written in Swahili. I'd had someone do that on an Ebook. I had written Mau Mau, which was the name given to the people who fought for the liberation of Kenya. Well some smarty pants saw the word written twice and removed one of them. Who told him/her they knew enough about Swahili to do that? Page wanted to design my cover for me, and charge me of course. Now how could that ever work out? Most Americans have mystical, mythical ideas about Africa,born of their own ignorance, so I told them I would make my own cover, which I have. I didn't think, I wanted to get screwed around in the planning, so I sent them a finished copy of the first volume of the two volume work. Haha, now all of the emails come back stating that the company cannot be contacted. I'm a New Yorker too, so I'm a little more difficult to convince with a snow job.

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Thank you everyone!!

February6, 2018

My five stars goes to everyone telling it like it is. I'm new to publishing and just got a couple emails from book publishers and page was one of them. I'm SO GRATEFUL that I looked them up first!!

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February 21, 2018

Thank GOD I decided to come here because I've had page one of the publishing company. Good I came here first..

September 05, 2018

Did you find Page Publishers to be a reliable source, easy to work with, trustworthy and helpful? I am a first time author and can't afford mistakes.

October 16, 2018

Freda, I did not find them honest at all. I am still getting spam from page publishing, and it is very annoying. 8 ended up publishing with and was happy with that, and just published my second book. I don't like page iv their sales tactics or the fact that they pretend not to be a real publisher and not a vanity publisher who as accepts everyone. Doing my research really saved my ass because I very nearly paid them to publish my book after seeing the commercials.

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Be Judicious and Do Your Homework

September10, 2017

There are a lot of people jumping on the publishing bandwagon making all sort of claims.
As a publisher for over 25 years, I've heard many sob stories from authors who paid big bucks to get their book published.

Authors, please do your homework before committing your hard-earned cash!

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October 24, 2017

I was recently approved for publication by Page Publishing, but they did not inform me about the initial up front fees until they'd told me the news, and after I had become very excited. It seemed as id they set me up by getting me excited about the prospect of publishing my works.
I feel they should state up front they the up front costs BEFORE they tell you your work has been accepted. Thank you.

December 03, 2017

Thank you Mr. Michael Matthews, for that well-needed piece of advice. See, there are some people out there who are not considerate enough to help the next man/woman who may be in peril when it comes to matters such as these. It's people like ourselves who cares for others that these things matter...THANX AGAIN!!!! I did the same thing on

April 14, 2018

What I find curious are the many publishers out there who won't tell us the "good" literary agents to get to them. Why put everybody through endless nonsense and spend months doing homework? That seems so counter-productive and insane. They put all these companies between them and the authors and say, "Sink or swim!" But WHY?

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1 Review

Much Better Options Available

June11, 2017

Why pay these rip-off Vanity Presses to publish your work. CreateSpace is a great option and costs nothing to follow their simple step-by-step publishing program. If you have questions, please contact me. I have helped over 20 authors become published authors who are extremely happy with the results. I have published 12 books through them and have never paid a dime. I can order one or one-hundred books with books costing an averag$3,00 with shipping. Check the out, what have you got to lose except about $3000/00

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June 12, 2017

This is not helpful if you are here just to plug your own services. Please stop posting SPAM, we are trying to get information about Page publishing, good or bad. You're just here to promote your services. Get lost. This has bad news written all over it.

June 30, 2017

Hello Mac McGovern, I will like to contact you for some advise with respect to publishing a book. my email address is [email protected] Thank you

August 01, 2017

I would like to learn more myself. Please email me, as well, at: [email protected] Thanks.

August 08, 2017


I also, would like to learn more about self publishing. Please ema me at
[email protected]

August 12, 2017

Hi Mac, I'm excited to learn more of create space and I'm happy that I've done my research on this bogus page publishing company. Plz email me: [email protected]
My name is Michael, hope to hear from you soon.

August 17, 2017

I would like to know how to add illustrations for children's books if possible. [email protected]

December 03, 2017

Thanks Mr. McGovern for your helpful review, now I need to know how to get in touch with you, please send me your email address. My address is [email protected], thanks again.

January 31, 2018

Mac McGovern if you can email me at [email protected] I have a few questions about the site you are referencing thanks Thomas....

February 12, 2018

I emailed this guy and he was really shady so I went directly to the web site he suggested and they didn't offer enough information about for people like me, who don't know their way around a computer. But he's right, $3000 is too much and their book covers aren't very good so I'm not sure I can trust the quality of their work. I would prefer to have the help of traditional publisher if I can find one worth working with. I looked Mac McGovern up and he doesn't seem to be selling any books. I need help from someone who can get my book out there. It's a great book if anyone wants to read it!

February 13, 2018

He does not sell books because he does not market them. Sometime, legacy has far greater value than money.

February 13, 2018

I do not sell books because I do not market them. Sometime, legacy is far more important than money. Regardless of how you go, you will have to market your book to sell it. there are many self-publishers who sell a lot of books and some who get contracts with traditional publishers. Either way, if you pay to publish your work it makes no difference how good you think it is, it probably will not sell. Do your homework and when the time is right, I hope you make the right decisions and that you enjoy some degree of success with you book.


September 09, 2018


I would love to get your help on publishing my work. If you could please give me some type of way to contact you.

September 27, 2018

I would also like to know more. If you could leave contact info, that would be great. Congrats on your published works. Would love to know the titles.

September 27, 2018

I would also like to know more. How can I contact you if you are willing to help with my publication

September 27, 2018
September 28, 2018

Quartez, Ella. and Denise,

Contact me at [email protected]

October 15, 2018

If you have to turn to any of these types of “publishers,” you have failed as a writer.

October 16, 2018

I cant believe people are actually contacting this person. I looked him up and he hasn't sold any books. If you are writing a book only family and friends will read you might find the information he provides useful. There are self publishing companies that allow you to DIY but most of those companies can't get your book in physical book stores because they won't accept them. There are a bunch of steps you have to follow first. Most of the DIY self-publishing companies like lulu and even KDP can't guarantee your book will be accepted into bookstores. Createspace was fine but it is defunct and other bookstores refuse to accept books published by Amazon KDP. They hate Anazon. I also read an article that said Amazon is suppressing self-published KDP books to get self-published authors to buy sponsored ads. That's why they moved Createspace to KDP. They can make more money on self published books under KDP. Page publishing is not a good option because of the cost and mediocre books. Even their book covers look amateurish and generic. Find a publisher, and if there's a fee, just make sure they're not charging thousands up front then double-dipping by taking royalties too. I used I paid $550 but they don't collect royalties because everything is covered up front in the $550. That's a small price to pay. I'm selling books and I see my book sales in real time. They also grandfathered my price in for future books.

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1 Review

They Will Never Stop Calling

March4, 2017

My father expressed interest in Page Publishing about a year and a half ago. At the time, he was terminally ill and working on a memoir. He had only a few pages written, but still they called and called, wanting over three grand to get the process started. My father quickly became more interested in other ways to finish out the remainder of his life, and never did much writing. Still, they called, encouraging him to write, to leave something we could remember him by.

When my father died, I expected the calls to our house to stop, but they didn't. I explained that he was dead, but they kept calling once a week or so. They used hard rebuttals for every possible excuse and were sometimes very aggressive. Someone actually said to me, "Would you consider honoring your father's memory by writing a book about your relationship with him?"

Even after I explained to them that I'm not interested, and that the person who expressed interest is now deceased, they still kept calling me, asking if *I* want to write a book and publish with them. It's been over a year since my father's death, and I got another call today. Once they get your number, they will NEVER leave you or your family alone.

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February 21, 2018

I just called the 1-800 number from the commercial on TV. I wanted the free authors submission kit. First they asked for my name and became a little frustrated when I only gave my first initial. I asked them to repeat the name of the company since I didn't catch it from the commercial. I immediately googled them. The next question was for my phone number. I saw the scam alert and stated that I didn't want want phone calls, I just wanted the kit sent to me. The agent said she was unable to proceed w/out my phone number. I politely thanked her and hung up. Thanks for the heads up.

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